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BBC Radio 5 live’s technology and gaming podcast, discussing the world of video games and games culture. Plus your questions answered in 5 live's tech phone-in.
Let's Drone Out
Let’s Drone Out is a lighthearted chatty drone-focussed podcast.and radio show covering anything and everything drone-related!Recorded live and interactively every Thursday 8-9 pm UK time on Youtube, come join the interactive chat.Jack and his wife Tony, as well as the rest of the LDO crew, are here to bring together everyone from noob FPV’ers to pro commercial aerial photographers; keeping tabs on the latest tech, legal, events and drone news, talking to the people behind the headlines and ...
Let's do some podcasting, shall we?
Half-hour programs heard weekly. The radio outreach of RZIM is a listener-supported ministry that powerfully mixes biblical teaching and Christian apologetics. The programs seek to explore issues such as life's meaning, the credibility of the Christian message and the Bible, the weakness of modern intellectual movements, and the uniqueness of Jesus Christ.
Download Free Italian Lessons
The LTB Network provides a tokenized platform for podcasts, articles, and forums about the ideas, people, and projects building the new digital economy and the future of money.
Tune in twice a week to the long running Let's Talk Bitcoin! show. After almost three years, we're still talking about the Ideas, People and Projects which together comprise the Cryptocurrency Evolution. Tune in for discussion, debates, interviews and more!
Let's Talk About Cars, Yo! is a show where we discuss all things automotive in a personal, fan-engaging way. Get ready for laughs, tears, and many "WTF DID THEY JUST SAY?!" moments!!!
Half-hour programs heard weekly. The radio outreach of RZIM is a listener-supported ministry that powerfully mixes biblical teaching and Christian apologetics. The programs seek to explore issues such as life's meaning, the credibility of the Christian message and the Bible, the weakness of modern intellectual movements, and the uniqueness of Jesus Christ.
Let's Drink About It is a podcast that asks the question, what is the correct beverage to pair with any given moment in your life? Each week, hosts Chris and Ben sit down to discuss the events of their lives and which cocktails to pair with those events. We'll learn about cocktails, the theory and history of the mixed drink, and maybe even a little something about ourselves.
In this podiobook: Macabre fiction. Horror fiction. Dark fiction. Whatever you choose to call it, that is what is contained within this collection of short stories. But other than that, these tales are as varied as can be. Ghost stories... they're in ther
The Let's Master English podcast is for ESL (English as a Second Language) learners! This podcast has many features--news, Q&A, English learning advice and other fun sections. You can join the Let's Master English community on Google+ and see the full transcripts. Transcripts are made by you, the listeners! I hope you enjoy my podcasts and please visit my!
Let's Know Things
Let's Know Things is a show about putting current events into context. Rather than simply discussing the news, in each episode we use a news item as a starting point for a larger discussion about a particular industry, society, ourselves, and the world.
Let's Talk Darts
Welcome to the official audioBoom channel for the Let's Talk Darts Podcast. Chris Murphy is joined by PDC player Paul Nicholson to discuss the world of darts
Let's Talk Tech demystifies the software, systems, and apps needed to launch, run, and grow a profitable business today. Each episode examines a problem entrepreneurs face and discusses the software, system, or app needed to solve the problem. Guests include entrepreneurs who are successfully using a specific technology and experts in a specific tech space. We start with the very basics of getting online and progress to more complex tools.
Let's Fight a Boss
We are a Dublin-based group of animator friends who like to talk openly and casually about video games and the video game industry. Join us as we take on a new adventure each episode and fight that boss!
Let There Be House
'Let There Be House' is the fortnightly podcast presented and mixed by Glen Horsborough. Each week Glen digs out the latest upfront house tracks that are doing the business worldwide! on on on info on LTBH event bookings,
Natural and holistic dentist serving Encinitas, San Diego, and all of North America.
Let's Talk Apple
At the end of every month Bart gathers a panel of smart people from the Apple community together to analyse the month's Apple news. There are lots of great Apple news podcasts tell you what's happening as it happens, but sometimes it's good to take a step back and look at the big picture, and that's where Let's Talk Apple comes in.
Let's Talk iOS
Let's Talk iOS is a weekly podcast about iPhone, iPad, iOS and Apple.
Get straightforward relationship advice, heal from your breakup or divorce, move forward in a positive direction, and get back in the dating saddle!
Dean Delray's "Let There Be Talk." This original podcast is a unique blend of rock, shock, and comic talk with some of the biggest names in music, comedy and entertainment. There's never a dull moment with your motorcycle riding, joke slinging host Dean Delray. So, strap on your helmets folks and get ready for one helluva ride!
This Come Reason podcast lets you listen to the "Come Let Us Reason" apologetics radio program anytime! Hear Lenny Esposito demonstrate how Christianity is an intelligent and rational faith. Here, we will deal with ethics, religious beliefs, and arguments against the Christian perspective. Listen in to hear how rational faith can be.
Let's Talk Serious Startups is all about the nuts and bolts of what goes into going from an idea to success. We interview angel investors, venture capitalists, startup founders, crowdfunding experts, journalists, and marketing professionals that share their knowledge and experience it what it takes to become a Serious Startup!
Let's Make Mistakes
A podcast about design with your hosts, Mike Monteiro, Liam Campbell, and Steph Monette.
Let's Not Meet is a true horror podcast. These are stories of real encounters with creeps, murderers and psychos. Told in the form of a campfire narrative, Let's Not Meet sets out to prove that real monsters are not that of fiction novels or horror films. The real monsters are the humans that walk among us every day of our lives. The tales told in this podcast are from the Let's Not Meet forum of Look for new episodes every Sunday.
A podcast discussing all things jailbreak, including apps and tweaks, reviews, general Apple news, and tidbits from the previous week. Join your hosts Cody Lee, and Sebastien Page for a feast on all things iPhone, iPad, and iOS.
Endlessly curious author Abby Norman shares daily fascinating factoids to fuel your next trip down a Wikihole. Visit for more.
Let's Talk WWE
We discuss the latest news and topics in WWE. We listen to a growing community and answer your questions and use your topic suggestions when sent in. Join us and Let's Talk WWE.
A podcast about metal detecting and treasure hunting.
Tutto quello che avreste voluto sapere sul sesso, ma non avete mai osato chiedere.. (Woody Allen). A grande richiesta, a *105 Friends* si torna a parlare di sesso.
Let It Be
A weekly show with Kelly Exeter and Brooke McAlary, where we chat about what it means to do less and be more.
The LTB Network provides a tokenized platform for podcasts, articles, and forums about the ideas, people, and projects building the new digital economy and the future of money.
Garrett Weinzierl, Jennie Josephson, and Tom Merritt talk Star Wars theories, predictions, and more!
Fun audio podcast to learn Hungarian with Steve and Györgyi
Amy is a radical for capitalism and free speech, hosting a show discussing News/Politics/Law/Culture from the perspective of Ayn Rand's philosophy, Objectivism
Half-hour programs heard weekly. The radio outreach of RZIM is a listener-supported ministry that powerfully mixes biblical teaching and Christian apologetics. The programs seek to explore issues such as life's meaning, the credibility of the Christian message and the Bible, the weakness of modern intellectual movements, and the uniqueness of Jesus Christ.
Let's Not Panic
Have you ever dreamed about quitting your job, horrifying your family and road tripping for an indeterminate amount of time? Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing. Follow Maggie and Adam as we drive from San Francisco to Tierra Del Fuego, and all our panic attacks along the way.
Lets Vape Podcast
A new vaping podcast featuring Joe Cloudie and vaping v1ck a couple of youtube vape reviews hanging out and chatting all things vape and vaping.
Let's Move
Movement and dance series for children aged 4 - 6, with Cat Sandion and Justin Fletcher.
Yeah, Let's Go There travels around the world to the biggest cities and most remote countrysides, seeking stories we haven't heard before-- stories that shock and inspire-- from travelers and locals alike.
Every week, Brian, Jonah, and Laura create a music based off of titles for songs that you send in. And every week, the song is a chart-topper.
A podcast about real wizardry
Podcast by Let's Talk Documentaries
Here's a show where the sky is the limit no topic is off limits. We discuss / debate Current Events, African American Issue's, and Politics just to name a few of the topics. There is the song of the day which include songs from the 70's to Today's top hits.Listeners can call the show and share their point of view or join us in our Chat Room where the conversation never stops. Come join us daily from 3-5 pm est here on LETS TALK! (347) 838-8622
Trucking Advice and commentary. Business, financial and political talk and advice for the trucking industry. We talk about everything trucking.
Lets Talk Trains
Freight, Passenger, Trolleys, Light Rail, Museums, as long as it is rail/train related, we talk about it!
Lets Talk About Tests, Baby is a fortnightly podcast covering Testing, QA, Scrum, and all other sorts of techy geeky goodness. Lets talk about all the good things, and the bad things that may be, lets talk about tests
Podcast by Carlo V and Dr. Christian Seberino
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Why You Should Use WP Smush on All Your Client Websites What is WP Smush? 00:43 WP Smush is a handy plugin by WPMU Dev that will “smush” the images on your website. This will make your pages load faster 01:34 This will help with SEO because search engines factor site speed into the algorithm. It also saves storage space on your server because t ...…
Welcome to the #1 podcast in iTunes in the category of Fashion and Beauty where you can always count on Danielle, Val, and Ani to be real, raw, and highly entertaining. This week’s conversation of Profit is something many artists feel uncomfortable talking about, saying it’s not about the money, it’s all about the art – yet most artists are lit ...…
Emelie Emanuelsson a true womengineer Emelie is one of two founders of the organization Womengineer. Their goal is that 2030 50% of all graduated engineers in Sweden should be women. They believe in that the reason why women is still a minority at the technical university’s in Sweden is because lack of information to possible girl candidates. E ...…
Do you even wet shave bro? Douglas Smythe from Phoenix Shaving is teaching me why every man - and woman - should ditch multi-blade razors in favor of traditional shaving. Douglas broke down why those multi-blade disposable razors are bad for your skin and how we all got tricked into thinking they were the best thing since sliced bread. We also ...…
The other day, I was uncomfortable… and I’m talking extraordinarily, absolutely, 100% uncomfortable (you guys… I shed tears). And you know what? It was great! Don’t get me wrong. It was hard. But it was great. Here’s the thing, friends: feeling uncomfortable often comes with negative connotations. But in reality, on the other side of uncomforta ...…
Recorded at The Ryman, Genevieve and Marc from Company of Thieves let me invade their green room to talk about their newest projects, and what happened in their 5 year hiatus when things seemed to be going good for the band. Visit for all things of the band. Also, there's a clip of Daniel Ellsworth sharing the deta ...…
Would you think that a podcast about the collisions of heaven and earth would attract paranormal fans? Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast brought us many new listeners, many with Touched by Heaven moments. Sue Baker, Katey Elizabeth, and Nancy Hanson, share their God moments with us. Not only do they share an interest in the paranormal, but also i ...…
In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income—Round Table edition, Mark is joined by: Jeannie Morem Tate Litchfield Scott Todd This week we are going deep into managing our expectations. There is no time limit when it comes to land… it’s not a one size fits all business. You shouldn't base your success on someone else's progress or timeframe. ...…
The season is over, the super pod is done and the transfer window is not yet open. So, it was the perfect time to get the opinions and thoughts from some familiar voices and some new friends on the 2017/2018 season, the manager, where we’re going next and more. The voicemails are raw, the calls are pretty much as I took them, with very little e ...…
How do we stay close to Jesus, even in the midst of our crazy busy lives? How do we keep from forgetting our Abba Father as we blaze through our lists of things that must get done? How do we find the freedom to find God today? Here’s a place to start: let’s remember what […]
In Episode 486 I discuss: *learning to trust *dumping the past into your present, and letting it affect your future *addressing what you need to address in your marriage, and healing what needs to be healed Listen to the latest Women Wanting More episode on iTunes here. MORE TIP What are you holding onto in your life right now that you need to ...…
Wasting time is good for you!The busy modern world makes it seem like you shouldn’t have a chance to get bored. However, there’s no shame in allowing yourself some downtime. Letting your mind roam enables more effective problem solving, creative thinking and productivity. It is imperative to carve out time for personal reflection. Tips for down ...…
Show Notes NBA Playoff stats ( New Orleans Pelicans VS. Golden State Warriors Game 3 Highlights ( Houston Rockets VS. Utah Jazz Game 3 Highlights ( Cleveland Cavaliers VS. Toronto Raptors Game 3 Highlights ( Philadelphia 76ers VS. Boston Celtics Game ...…
We've all heard it. Women are complicated. Men are complicated. Some swear one is more complicated than the other. In this week's episode, Hollie and Logan discuss their thoughts on the topic and society's influence on these gender stereotypes. What do you think? Let us know on Twitter @cutoffpodcastHave a topic idea? We'd love to hear it! Visi ...…
Talk about more Target Pins.The American Adventure Mystery Collection.Run Disney Half Marathon Pins.Lion King Pins.Obi Wan McDonald Pin.New Pixar Dooney coming out.Donald Duck Magnet Locations.Plus More.
Welcome Welcome its great to be back this week with packed full episode with 2 amazing guest this week the ever fabulous January D Winters and the captivating Mc Cookie!!! With a double dose today we better get it going, so turn up the volume and lets get laughing.*Week Recap: Not too much going on*News: Santa Fe Shootings, Donald trump and Dan ...…
This week, we sit down with our old friend KC Mack of Mack Provisions to discuss business, baseball, and life in Juneau, AK. This is a new format that we will be using for guests where we sit down at a local restaurant, the Rustic Goat, and discuss anything and everything. Let us know how you like this format. Hosted by Kyle Reading & Steven Co ...…
Voice of reason says… Follow me 1:13 My views, my viewpoint? 1:37 Something happened… 1:54 Trust better judgement… 2:40 Going by gut instinct… 3:30 Avoid confrontation? 4:05 Game off the charts… 5:18 Let the chips fall… 6:47 I report, you decide… 7:11 At the game… 8:25 I inform… 9:58 I see your soul… 11:07 I am the voice of reason… 12:23 My spi ...…
It amazes me when conservatives discuss the African American voters not voting Republican and feel the need to run off a set of facts that for some reason they feel African Americans don't know.
This week we celebrate God: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Our God who is a Trinity of persons yet One. This is a mystery that cannot be solved, yet when we let the mystery encounter us through love we become known and that is enough. This week Peter Raia shares with us a wonderful reflection which invites us deeper into the mystery ...…
Episode 9 - Lets be happy
This VERY SPECIAL EDITION of Everything Organic is simple. Anthony Greg and Audri sit down to debate the latest social media question dividing the sexes... Should men be expected to ALWAYS pay for the first date? Lets us know in the comments how you feel...should men always pay? Should there be new rules? Audri : xoxo_audri Gregory - hattorihan ...…
By (Gifted Sounds Network).
By Lance Smith, Editor Wednesday night, on the last day of the regular season, Russell Westbrook needed 16 rebounds to average a triple double on the season. He ended up with 20, completing a late season mad-dash to get his rebounding numbers up so he could achieve the feat ...…
Thank you for all your feedback on the last show and our interview with Brand expert David Mitchell, hopefully you will find this show just as interesting. Our guest on this show is a man who has to be one of Australia’s greatest athletes of the modern era, former Kookaburras captain Mark Knowles who retired after the Gold Coast Commonwealth Ga ...…
Remixed Positive Hits & Hip Hop from BOOST 101.9. Mixed By Mike Couchman, Hosted By JBo. This Set Includes: Family Force 5 Out of This World The Walls Group My Life New Respects Future Hollyn Love With Your Life (Couchmash 2.0) Gawvi Like We Belong Lecrae Broke (Couchmash) Hillsong Young and Free Love Won’t Let Me Down Family Force 5 Cray Butto ...…
A look at how the Law and the Gospel of Scripture should be used in raising children in the Lord.
Remixed Positive Hits & Hip Hop from BOOST 101.9. Mixed By Mike Couchman, Hosted By JBo. This Set Includes: Andy Mineo Paganini (DJ Official remix) KJ 52 Time Alone Lecrae I’ll Find You ft. Tori Kelly Skillet Monster (DJ Brixx mashup) KB Monster ft. Aha Gazelle (Couchmash) Pro 116 ft. KB 116 Clique Light Work NF Let You Down Gawvi God Speed ft. ...…
In this episode we discuss encounters that we've had with cops, and then once again find ourselves discussing robots and what that means for the lower portion of society. If you enjoyed, let us know!
If you are still stuck on how to find clients you need to check on this new episode on the #NekaSaid podcast!I went straight to the marketing guru herself, Chrissy Gray to get all of her secret strategies to finding clients!Chrissy spilled it all! I was even taking notes💫 But first let me tell you all about Chrissy! 💫Chrissy Gray is a marketing ...…
Ideal circumstances are hard to find. Anticipating unexpected barriers to pop up between us & our goals & refusing the momentary comfort of procrastination can circumvent anxiety. It can be tempting to stay under the covers when the weight of responsibilities start to stack up on top of us. Instead of getting caught up in emotion, let’s look at ...…
Where does Thanos rank among the MCU baddies and antagonists? Today we discuss the bad, the bad, and the ugly of Marvel Villainy. Spoilers ALL MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE FILMS AND TV SHOWSIf you disagree with our picks for best and worst villain, you can let us know on twitter @talkingtropes and if you want us to make better content and access e ...…
WE HIT THE GOLDEN HOUR! We can now confidently say you are getting the best NRL SuperCoach related info in the least time. Join us for a solid wrap and look forward... After the first published prediction of Damien Cook's 100 hit the airwaves last week, lets see if the boys can do it again. And get word on an up ad coming guy so deep on waivers ...…
What you can do when you realize that you are caught in fear and how it prevents you from being able to do what is needed in the present moment. Tune in!
Cap – PsychoShaQ:Muzik - Let Me In Your Heart AgainSojo Mojo - Something To Smile AboutMarc White – RiseRandolph Bush – Drop It LowJonathan Hay & Mike Smith - Daddy's Little Girl Ft.liana Eve & Inspectah DeckThe Bleeding Rose – She’s My HeroGianluca Amore, Paola Casula, Sandro Saccocci, Piero Olmeda (feat. Marco Strano, Alessandro Mozzi) – Ti A ...…
Sunday morning sermon, May 20, 2018, "Patience: Holding On When You Want to Let Go"1 Peter 2:18-25
F! This Bitch! Angry dad podcast can be found on Facebook Twitter Snapchat Tumblr @b2the4thpower You can email angry dad podcast at if you want my advice or thoughts and opinions on the subject situations or on what’s just going on let me know. I’ll read them on thi ...…
Something very different is where I attack the current real estate market giving you the intel that is primarily holding back real estate sellers from having their homes placed onto the current market to be sold. It's a two fold problem and is address in the audio portion of our YouTube Channel SCVmoves - Thanks for taking the time and I will l ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Changed By Grace is now available on with the following details: Title: 01 Sola Scriptura Subtitle: Clouds Without Water Speaker: Justin Peters Broadcaster: Changed By Grace Event: Sunday Service Date: 5/20/2018 Bible: Luke 16:19-31 Length: 57 min. Overview: Luke 16-19-31 -NASB- 19 -Now there was a rich man ...…
The Jones: (noun) 1. A current fad that every one is following 2. A person or group of people who seem to have their lives togetherLet's face it in today's society it's easy to get caught up in what The Jones' are doing but exactly who are The Jones'? Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE,RATE,& REVIEW the podcast.FOLLOW! FOLLOW! FOLLOW!Facebook: Facebook. ...…
from The Morgan Report David Morgan‘s weekly perspective for May 18th, 2018… Today’s monetary system is based upon a lie. The lie is that you can get something for nothing, or perhaps more simply stated, wealth can be printed. History has shown throughout 5000 years that whenever a country has tried to maintain this illusion (lie), failure has ...…
Hey guys! It was a student vs teachers volleyball game at my local high school! You guys are my everything let’s keep working!
Compassion, tolerance, awareness-In this episode I invite you to lose the vocabulary and consider what "connection" means, how do you receive messages? Where do I get my messages from? Let's help our children stay open to their unique ways of receiving information. There is no one right way!I'd like to take this opportunity to support some wort ...…
This week we continue in our series on the hard sayings of Jesus. People often come to Jesus wanting to know what they have to give up for the gospel. Others are more interested in letting people know just how much they've given up for the gospel. But what is the gospel really about. Our culture often rewards those with power, influence and tal ...…
The date is set for June 12. And there’s already an advance team on the ground in Singapore making final preparations for a historic summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. That is, if the meeting actually takes place. The World spoke on Monday with Victor Cha, a former top adviser on North Korea to President ...…
On this episode, Lisa tell her experience of coming into her sexuality. She also gives tips on what to expect when you finally let others into your life.
In this episode of the Apartment 59 Podcast we discuss some creepy urban legends that you could play yourself if you have the guts. The Elevator Game, One Man Hide and Seek and The Hooded Man. Have you heard of these before? Have you played them? Would you? Let us know!
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