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Love and Luck
A queer, slice of life love story audio drama.
Love and Luck
A queer, slice of life love story audio drama.
Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is as comfortable in the library as he is dodging a pass rush. His love of books even prompted him to start his own book club in 2016, and now the Andrew Luck Book Club has found a home on WFYI Public Radio. Listen in to his podcast on the last Monday night of each month at 9 p.m. on 90.1 FM.
Push Ur Luck Podcast
A podcast where 2 friends from Singapore decided what could be better than gaming, is to talk about it! :)
Roll For Luck
Posting every Monday and every other Thursday, this podcast features actual play of story-based games such as Call of Cthulhu, fiasco, roll for shoes, every one is John and what ever else i can get my grubby hands on. listen to the surpising amount of player death. if you like to listen to players go slightly insane every episode. most of the episodes will be one off's, designated with a ☼. campaings and linked games have a symbol to designate that they belong together, and followed by a num ...
Another great podcast hosted by Libsyn!
Podcast by Just Bad Luck Podcast
Data Luck
Sorry For Your Luck
A podcast for the fancy degenerate.
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Scott Ryan tells 7 minute stories from his life. Topics range from parenting, to working in corporate America, love, marriage, and all around life. Purchase the Book at iTunes
Pot Luck Dinner
Weed, munchies and everything in between!
Rupert Ralestone is officially the Marquess of Lorne--but with no family money or prestige, the title is worthless. He and his younger brother and sister return to the old family homestead--Pirate's Haven. Their only hope is to find the family's talisman, a great sword, and restore it to its proper place.
A podcast about the board game Dominion, by Donald X. Vaccarino. Covers strategy, tactics, and discussion of individual kingdoms with listener feedback each episode.
Lady Luck
Member of the group F.E.M. with Lady Of Rage and Babs Bunny. Recently destroyed VH1s Miss Rap Supreme on Smack World Series Dvd. Featured on Fight Klub DVD in a Lady Luck vs. Remy Martin battle that was the feature battle on the DVD. Has done songs with Method Man, Babs (of Da Band), Pharoahe Monch, Lady of Rage, Freeway, and Redman, Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes among others. Did a video with EPMD's Symphony 2000 at age 18 with Method Man & Redman. Is now directing and editing videos and short ...
Luck out
Luck Out, Hosted by Dewges/Adam is a podcast about anything and everything to do with and my life.
Pop Luck
Podcast by Pop Luck
Good Luck
Good Luck Secret - Attract Good Luck Now By Kris Kourtis
I Lucked Out
A Podcast featuring Harvey Friedman and tales from his wild ride through civil rights, gay rights, and disability rights.
Attract Good Luck
Attract Good Luck by Kris Kourtis
Falling in Luck
A lifestyle podcast about two twentysomethings faking it 'til they make it in New York. Hosted by best friends and "fakers" Madison Moore and Juliana Caligaris. Follow the girls on Instagram @fallinginluck
Bad Luck to Talk
Host Zach Shappley discusses music, film and whatever is on his mind.
Luck Of The Draw
Western Themed D&D 3.5e Campaign based in the 1800's
Tough Luck Radio
Bringing you underground House and Techno from across the world
Chris Luck Live
Hi! I'm Chris Luck and I've been helping people get more customers online since 1999.
Prepared for Luck
I am a citizen of this world prepared for the luck that is about to present to me. I strive to create a dynamic ripple through my human bloodstream with focused intent to participate in the manifestation of a world which is kind.
On a day to day basis not everyone is lucky.
A LIVE podcast for the fancy degenerate.
IFC Films brings star-studded and award-winning films to viewers.
Clint and Ethan are two touring musicians based in Nashville, TN.Ride the lightning with them as they explore all things METALLICA.
Bret Harte (1836 – 1902) was an American author and poet, best remembered for his accounts of pioneering life in California.... He moved to California in 1853, later working there in a number of capacities, including miner, teacher, messenger, and journalist. He spent part of his life in the northern California coastal town of Union (now known as Arcata), a settlement on Humboldt Bay that was established as a provisioning center for mining camps in the interior.... In 1868 he became editor o ...
Check it to Pancakes
A show about the Indianapolis Colts, brought to you by the writers at If you don't listen, Andrew Luck will shave his neck beard.
Hoodoo before the 1920's
D. J Lucky's Podcast
House Series
All kids make dumb mistakes. But depending on your zip code, race, or just bad luck, those mistakes can have a lasting impact. Mass incarceration starts young. In Caught: The Lives of Juvenile Justice, hear from kids about the moment they collided with law and order, and how it changed them forever. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts including Freakonomics Radio, Snap Judgment, Death, Sex & Money, On the Media and many others.
Join Master Intuitive Life Coach & Spiritual Healer, Tammy Adams, as she guides you to your spiritual awakening! The time is now to discover who you truly are and what the universe is truly about. Every day we hear about all sorts of things happening in this world, but have you ever wondered what role you play in it? It’s time to learn the true meaning of your life and get unprecedented insight into the spiritual realm. There’s so much more to this life than meets the eye and Tammy Adams is ...
Carolyn Wilman (aka @ContestQueen) has been a marketer for over two decades. She combined her business savvy along with her hobby and helped others win over $1,000,000 in prizes by teaching the best entry methodologies in her first book You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter and in her workshop The Secrets to Winning. Carolyn also works with companies to create, and viral market, winning promotions maximizing ROI and loyal customers. Her efforts as a Digital Marketing Strategist and Sweepstakes Sp ...
Bad Luck And Trouble and The Hard Way, two new Jack Reacher bestsellers from Lee Child, are available NOW!
The State of Games
A board game podcast with a little something different. Sure, we talk about games we've played and games you should play, but we also chat about offbeat gaming topics like race, gender, violence and naked people. Presented by the website - the board game blog with worse luck than you.
The English Fluency Now Podcast offers interesting, engaging, relevant and timely content for English as a Second Language (ESL) learners and ESL teachers throughout the world. Listening to the podcast on a regular basis is an excellent way to improve your English listening and speaking skills. My name is Lisa Biskup and I am an experienced ESL teacher and language learner myself. I create content that will help you build your understanding of a wide-variety of topics, introducing you to imp ...
We pick apart why and how The Beatles phenomenon occurred. On 'Ken Dashow's Beatles Revolution' we'll get into the combination of talent, hard work and luck that changed everything!
Kristian Manietta shows you that you don't need talent or luck to succeed in Ironman Triathlon & Endurance Sports. You just need to DECIDE then follow a proven blueprint that's not following the same old dogma and outdated training models. Our driving focus is the minimal effective dose for the greatest possible outcome. The Fat Black podcast covers the Who, What and Why of Endurance Sports. We are highly performance orientated but we'll show you how to fall in love with the process and get ...
Uttabull: is a "Pub chat" Talk show that discusses a variety of topics as you would when your sat in the pub with your buddies. Hosted by Liam, Jason, Becky and Chris. The Next Level Podcast: TNL Podcast saw the coming together of two guys who are into fitness. Liam the Podcast Host, and Geoff, a Beach Body Coach and LesMillsBodyPump Instructor.They Discuss all things fitness, They both know what its like to start from the very beginning, and are here to help you on your journey.Web. http:// ...
We all want to advance our careers and grow our businesses and that takes increasing your value in the marketplace. It requires keeping up with the needs of employers and clients alike. It takes the ability to spot opportunity, create opportunity and then know how you can capitalize on it. It takes mastering and practicing Personal EntrepreneurshipTM. Tune in and learn what you need to know, what skills you need to have, how you need to be to Up Your Value in the Marketplace. Whether you own ...
Game of Chance
Game of Chance is a weekly podcast about baseball stats, history, and culture which puts current events in a historical context and constantly questions what we think we know about the national pastime.
Presenting material delivered by AJ Miller and Mary Luck
Hit Parade
What makes a song a smash? Talent? Luck? Timing? All that—and more. Chris Molanphy, pop-chart analyst and author of Slate’s “Why Is This Song No. 1?” series, tells tales from a half-century of chart history. Through storytelling, trivia and song snippets, Chris dissects how that song you love—or hate—dominated the airwaves, made its way to the top of the charts and shaped your memories forever.
Jaws of Defeat
Exploring the strategy, tactics, leadership, and luck behind history's upset victories
A fortnightly podcast reviewing three classic films plus news, views and some other stuff thrown in for good luck
Live A Balanced Life While Achieving Your Dreams
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What's the forecast for today's game in Chicago, is Doug working on a big piece of journalism for sweeps, discussing Allie LaForce's post-game interview with LeBron, debating Allie's approach for the question, the response on Twitter was fascinating, anonymity continues to be an issue on social media, do message boards still exist, discussing a ...…
Hey there, remember us? Yeah, we know. We thought we were done with the hiccups in the schedule, but this thing called February happened. Things didn’t get better in March. And April was not shaping up to be any kind of improvement. Sure, we had content in the hopper, we had stuff we wanted to talk about, and we wanted to talk to you all. Probl ...…
Hey everyone! My name is Alex E Kheyson, and I want to welcome you to the Heart & Mind of a Leader podcast, wish you the best of luck and determination on your exciting and often challenging personal development and professional growth journey. Can I ask you for a big favor? Could you please leave your honest feedback about the topic, content, ...…
Taking place on December 5, 2008, "Wrestling at the Gateway" marked Ring of Honor's debut in the St. Louis area. It's loaded with tag team bouts, and features absolutely no title matches (as a matter of fact, the tag team champions Kevin Steen & El Generico are not even on this card); so how this one fall as a featured show? Luck of the draw, J ...…
Don't get trapped in the mundanes of life. Find value in your day when it's running you. Life is crazy no matter how great it is. But there are often things that don't go your way. Desire to be supported and encourage by other like-minded women? Join us at Women of IMPACT. Sometimes we need a reminder ...…
Ahead of the release of Super Troopers 2, director and star Jay Chandrasekhar sits down with us to talk about his debut in an arguably Indian take on BRIGADOON; how marijuana helps him write better; the way he gets in focus mode for better writing; cultural appropriation; turning down $2 million and Ben Affleck; lessons on directing; dealing wi ...…
Business is all about trying to find that niche market, supplying when there is demand to make the big bucks. Probably. And there are plenty of opportunities to sell products from the fictional world in our drab world to improve it/make boatloads of cash, so which fictional product would the OP crew import to our world? Luck feels the crunch, N ...…
Are you one of those people who gets pertrified with fear on Friday the 13th? Well, George Elliott isn't, but he feels for you. In this episode, he takes a look at some strange facts about this 'bad luck' day.
Friday the 13th. A time of bad luck, the occult, and magic. Magic numbers! With the reboot having triggers that both give more power and have more guard, combined with new units having more power than their predecessors, the game is changing. The guys take a look at how a slight uptick and numbers can affect a game like Vanguard. Also, Root Bee ...…
We are late in putting out the podcast this week. And for a good reason! If you've not been following the drama that has unfolded in the Champions League and EPL over the last few days, well tough luck then! This week we talk about the horrible week City have had, crazy Roma win over Barca and we do it while watching the Madrid - Juve match liv ...…
From Turnstile, this is Football in Five, presented by FotMob. Today, Liverpool progress to the Champions League Semi Finals following a 2-1 win over Manchester City, FIFA President Gianni Infantino entertains the idea of selling tournament rights to investors and the French government approves a trial for safe standing. Today’s stories: • Live ...…
Starling Tribune - Season 6 Edition – The Thanatos Guild (A CW Network Arrow Television Show Fan Podcast) ST191 The Official Arrow and Green Arrow Podcast of the Gonna Geek Network Covering DC Comics and CW Based DC Comic TV Shows Episode: “The Thanatos Guild” [Season 5 Episode 16] Air Date: Thursday, March 29, 2018 Director: Joel Novoa http:// ...…
On episode 73 sponsored by Frounfelter Dental Clinic, we recap The Masters: (3:08) Cubs: (19:11) MLB: (26:30) NBA: (36:00) Andrew Luck's Health: (41:20)Other News/Notes: (44:05) Birdie or Bogey: (47:28)(Image: David Cannon/Getty)
Whether you are a coach, consultant or professional service business, getting referrals and creating word of mouth opportunities should be the lifeline to your business. In this 'Get More Referrals Today' podcast we look at the 3 biggest mistakes that businesses make when creating their referral marketing plan. 97% of people use the 'Hope & Luc ...…
Season 2 Episode 7 of Rated Ark SHOW NOTES Welcome survivors new and old to Episode 7 of Rated Ark: Pix Ark Edition ! Today is April 6, 2018 We are a CRR Gaming Group hosted podcast ! We have many ways you can contact us to share feedback, tips, or adventures! You can reach the show by emailed You can tweet the show @RatedArk ...…
We're mixing things up this week and doing a short episode each day for the Get It Done Challenge. It's Day 5 of the Challenge and you have a chance to win a free 2019 Life & Law Planner. If you participate every day, you'll be eligible to win the Grand Prize – a free trip (hotel + airfare + registration) to the Live & Law LIVE event at The Cam ...…
Social Immune Systems The Hidden Psychology of High-Stakes Organizational Decisions Some of the very best critical thinking research in the world has been done with flight crews and medical teams. There is an almost endless number of fascinating cases to explore. There’s one, though, that I’ve become more obsessed with than others. It happened ...…
Hey Geeks! Creator Christy Karacas chats about his new Adult Swim gig, Ballmastrz 9009. It’s a crazy mix of anime, Bad News Bears and Roller Ball. Make sure to give it some love! About Ballmastrz: 9009 The year is 9009. Ballmastrz: 9009 follows washed up superstar and notorious party gal Gaz Digzy, who after a spiral of destructive antics is de ...…
He'd been carrying the object for luck, with no idea that two men in Istanbul were wheels up and on their way to kill him for it.By (Robert Bruce).
Becoming a Professional Weightlifter Believing in Your Crazy Dreams & How to Stop at Nothing with Brandon Wakeling RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 26 If you follow Brandon on Instagram you’ll see a professional athlete that is crazy strong and seems to train his Abs an inordinate amount. The truth however is that Brandon is just a regular dude ...…
Repeal the Second Amendment? Good luck with that...
When things feel out of control, it can undermine you, sending you spiraling. You may find yourself in a pit of anxiety, despair, anger, etc. because you realize your control was an illusion. Maybe you wake up one morning and something sets you off, like an annoying email or text. Then you get a flat tire, making you late for a meeting, and thi ...…
Famous disc jockey, Eddie Winters crawls back to the storage space to bring you another exciting episode of The Rock and Roll Coup Dètat! This week, Eddie takes you back in time with “This Day in Rock” which will give you just enough knowledge to impress your co-workers and get that raise you deserve! You will be climbing the charts with “Real ...…
Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes | Android | Stitcher | RSS feed Show Notes & Resources Mentioned: Pythium Fusarium Crown Rot (pdf) Western Wheat Quality Lab Cereal Cyst Nematode Washington Grain Commission Advances in Dryland Cropping Systems (pdf) Blackleg in Canola Oilseed webpage Contact Information: Contact Dr. Tim Paulitz by email at t ...…
Wow what a show and what a HUGE turnout on social media! Happy Monday! Show starts off recapping the Easter Weekend and the DASH4CASH. Where is the cash is the question on everyone’s mind right now! Thanks to Rusty Miller for providing the biscuits and tomatoe gravy and the boiled crawfish, potatoe’s, corn and sausage that we chow’d down in thi ...…
Who knew there was more than one Warmachine game? For those that were hoping for an episode dedicated to one of Bryan "Xtreme" Mitchell's favorite games, Warmachine by Privateer Press, you are in luck! This is it. Grab some popcorn and listen to Jonny P ask questions and Xtreme answer them. Hear of his journey much like a young Daniel LaRusso, ...…
Episode 2 We continue with our nonsense and have fun doing it. Getting into the upcoming AV "Combat Chuck Photo Contest" and some other upcoming projects. Like and subscribe for more nonsense and tomfoolery. Make sure you check out: All Skill No Luck and Applied Violence on IG Music by: alasen - abyss…
March was a great month for compilation albums, with a brand new major Ponies At Dawn album, a new volume of Horse Music Central music, and a winter-themed EP curated by Cider Party. With so many single releases from other artists too, we've had a great variety to choose from this month!00:25 PegasYs - Trixie Cannon04:45 Viricide Filly - Nightm ...…
Rob looks forward to New Japan Pro Wrestling's big springtime show, Sakura Genesis 2018. Cody and Kenny come face to face once more as Cody and Hangman Page take on the Golden Lovers, Bullet Club nears full Civil War as The Young Bucks take on stable mates Yujiro and Chase Owens, while the 6-Man Tag Team Champs - Bad Luck Fale and The Guerillas ...…
Chuck Edwards - "Downtown Soulville" - 45 Music behind DJ: Tiny Fuller and His Combo - "Shock" - 45 Willie Wright & His Sparklers - "Got a Feelin'" - 45 Freddy Butler With Roosevelt Fountain Pens of Rhythm - "Pitter Patter" - 45 Freddy King - "Now I've Got a Woman" - 45 Lou Gossett - "See See Rider" - 45 Count Ferrell - "Wizard of Ah's" - 45 Mu ...…
The guys take a look at luck in gaming, and come to the conclusion that it isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, they both kind of like it, except in certain kinds of games when they don’t, except when they do…. Skill vs. chance, is luck the great equalizer? Who knows? Flip a coin! Go? Featured games this month: Edge of Darkness Batman Gotham City ...…
A Brace from Aaron McEneff 10' & 73' gave Derry City there 3rd Home win in a row. At times the Candystripes rode their luck against a good St Pats side. It was the Candytripes who came out in top and sent the Brandywell faithful home in good voice.
Removing the negative/positive connation of luck.
Rowan Petty is a conman down on his luck. He's flat broke, living out of cheap hotels, and wondering how it all went wrong. His car quits on him in Reno, and he takes a job there on the bottom rung of a lousy phone scam. When he's not swindling lonely widows, he tries to turn nickels into dimes at the poker table. One snowy night, he crosses pa ...…
It comes a time when you have to put on your big girl undies or briefs and learn to deal with life, on shall I say 'a more positive note'. Life is throwing curve balls everyday, and whether you are ready or not you are sure to strike out, and probably throw out a shoulder if you aren't ready. I know we all wish that everyone in the world were w ...…
Speaker: Dan Bennett Date: 03-04-2018 Passage: Matthew 7:7-11
Welcome to LETTERS READ, sixth in the series of live events in which local artists interpret personal letters written by culturally vital individuals from various times and New Orleans communities presented by stationer Nancy Sharon Collins and Antenna.Thanks to New Orleans Tennessee Williams Literary Festival and especially to Susan Larson who ...…
There are sound-effects galore in today's skill. We've got them coming out of our ears there are so many. Atually no - make that going into your ears. Good luck identifying the oh-so-many mystery sounds - and suggestions re #9 using #DTDPod please.
- Cyndi Doyle, law enforcement officer’s wife and licensed professional counselor, is joined by her Darling Husband again to discuss Col. Jeff Cooper’s Awareness Color Code and how that pertains to first responders and also their spouses. - Intro and Outro music by Big State “Bad Timing / Bad Luck” - Col. Jeff Cooper’s Colors: https://www.bsr-i ...…
We know what you're thinking. This is an episode where Bev and Sam get drunk and giggle about animal private parts. WRONG. We have a very dignified discussion about male pigs, and some unfortunate side effects that occur when they are sexually maturing.....while living in your house. They also discuss planting blueberry bushes, their favorite c ...…
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