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Mass and Shred
Podcast For the Fitness Enthusiast
This is the story of a mass-murder that divided a nation - a story that began in a rickety old home on a cold June morning in 1994, where five members of a seemingly ordinary New Zealand family were gunned down. There were two suspects. One lay dead from a single bullet to the head. The other was the only survivor: David Bain. Since then the country has asked: who killed the Bain family? David or his father Robin? In this podcast, Martin van Beynen explores the case from start to finish, pic ...
EWTN, Global Catholic Television Network
Damien Fahy of talks to Andy Leeks about money. Broken down into four easy to digest sections, Damien and Andy discuss the subjects that matter most. Whether it is how to save it, make it or spend it, Damien has the answers to all of the important questions. Contact Damien at if you have any comments on the podcast or any money questions of your own or simply visit to gain access to the best free expert advice on t ...
On Mass
A revolutionary Maoist perspective from a black communist. Supporter of the PCR-RCP.
A daily podcast featuring the Tagalog Mass Readings (Filipino Mass Readings) of the Roman Catholic Church. We aim to give the Internet a soul and bring you the Good News wherever you may be.
University of Washington Professor of Atmospheric Sciences and renowned Seattle weather prognosticator/personality Cliff Mass has joined KNKX’s roster of commentators. "Weather with Cliff Mass", our five-minute feature hosted by KNKX's environment reporter Bellamy Pailthorp, airs every Friday at 9 a.m. following "BirdNote", and repeats twice on Friday afternoons during All Things Considered.
Listen as hosts, Ryan Baxter, Jeordie White, Travis English and Geek Girl Diva discuss a galaxy far, far away. We rant, we rave, we laugh and we cry (mostly from laughter), but above all we do it all without barriers or limits. We worship Star Wars to the fullest, without the fear of judgement or ridicule. Join the cult!
As Commander Shepard awaits to be tried by the Alliance Defense Committee -confidential and covert intel on the rumored sentient species known as the Reapers- makes its way into an unsuspecting soldier’s life. While the rest of the human race is oblivious to the 50,000 year old threat, N6 Operative Flynn Silvers faces the first remnants of an ancient myth come to life. The year is 2186, and London will never be the same again...
Mass Affection
A husband and wife play-through of the Mass Effect games. Laughter, romance, and hijinks ensue. Biweekly episodes discussing plot, character, gameplay—the whole gamut!
The Traditional Latin Mass, also called the Usus Antiquior, the Tridentine or Gregorian Mass, or the Extraordinary Form of the Mass is notable for its antiquity. In this podcast, Michael Sauter and Joseph Anthony discuss its two-millenia long history and examine its prayers and spirituality.
The weekly PM for the Masses Podcast focuses on helping the Project Manager or aspiring Project Manager take their life and career to new levels. The host, Cesar Abeid, interviews Project Managers and other professionals who are doing extraordinary work and as a result are seeing fantastic results that push both their personal and professional life forward. Cesar takes what is working for these professionals and breaks it down into actionable items you can implement right away in your job or ...
Gay Mass
Gay Mass is talk radio for the GLBT community and its friends and allies. The latest gay news, music, happenings, and pop culture. Call in at 214.377.0481 or call in using SKYPE name offlimitsshow.
Join Gonzo as he explores the music of progressive artists that at times flirt with mainstream radio as well as mainstream acts that sometimes delve into progressive territory. Along with rock-oriented current and classic prog, neo-prog with crossover potential is heavily featured, often including bands such as Frost*, Spock.s Beard, Marillion and Porcupine Tree. For those who think prog is nothing but long, boring instrumentals from 1970, Experiments In Mass Appeal is here to expose you to ...
Satanists discuss modern Satanism, its history, left-leaning political activism, and how Satanism relates to current events and pop culture. For anyone who wants to learn more about modern Satanism, whether you're a newbie or already involved in Satanic groups.
Press play at any time to listen live, or hear recorded show from The Critical Mass presenters."It's our time now"
The story of Captain Terran Cronis, his crew, and their fight against the Reapers in New-age Radioplay format.
The Franciscan Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother of Nebraska City gather with a group of parishioners from St. Mary's and St. Benedict's parishes to read, pray, study, and reflect on the meaning of the upcoming Sunday Mass Readings. Through their Catholic Bible Study, they hope to be able to more fruitfully receive our Lord in Holy Communion each Sunday.
Mass Backwards
Max Schmid presents Mass Backwards Stealth Edition featuring Jean Shepherd on WBAI 99.5FM in New York - Podcast courtesy
An unholy amalgam of politics, historical anecdotes, cocktail recipes, performances by talented people, and interviews with people who are doing interesting things with their lives.
Inspiring interviews with thought leaders and CEOs
Life is a project. You are the manager.
The Movements is a podcast history of the working class, anti-fascists, revolutionaries, women, people of color, and liberation movements. My history shows are narrative driven and audiobook style, with a focus on serious historical and materialist analysis. In between history shows, please enjoy our regular discussion show, “Stallin’ For Time”. Support the show by donating at
Game development interviews, tips and tricks using Unity3D. We focus on indie game development using the Unity3D game engine via interviews and hands on discussions. We will be talking to all types of developers from one man in a basement to small teams. Stay tuned for the best juicy Unity game engine info and insights.
In the year 2186, Commander Sela Shepard activated the Crucible over planet Earth, destroying the Reaper threat to galactic life. Five years of reconstruction later, and a new threat looms on the horizon. Documents detailing the origin of the reapers and citing the technological gains discovered by Cerberus fanatics have gone missing just as a rise in political pressure from a joint alliance of Batarian, Vorcha, and Yahg threatens to disrupt Council programs to reconnect the Mass Relays whic ...
Mass Hypnosis
A Horror Call-In Show!
There is a method to the magic in the way Qool DJ Marv presents and plays music. He tunes into the atmosphere of the venue and the energy of the people, and then he blends what he sees with what he hears. Intertwining many styles for many faces from many places, Qool DJ Marv captivates you with his blend. The fluid flow and continuously ascending momentum of his wide-ranging sets is inviting, hypnotic, and breathtaking. Qool DJ Marv crafts an unforgettable feel good, get down party where eve ...
The Cryptoshow gives you all the insights on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, ICOs, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, decentralization and Co.
Here we talk about drugs and all things addictive
We dive head first into deciphering Digital Disruption and what it means. What does digital mean in general and what is Digital DNA? What is Digital Entitlement and our baseline expectations of digital experiences everywhere. Are companies like Amazon making brick and mortar obsolete or are they forcing companies to change and mordernize? Can big box stores still be relevant? Is it technology, is it timing, is it using the data we already have?
Mass Consumption
I am Joshua Reilly a comic book creator. You can view and purchase my art at and follow me @reillycomics on all social media platforms. The podcast is me talking about my interests which include Comic books, movies, art, sports, science, and because it's mandatory, politics.
Discussion of every angle of the Mass Effect universe.
Mass Moviecide
The epic journey of a couple of film junkies and the movies they watch! Each week we watch/review 2 films. When will it all end? It ends when we've seen all the movies. That's right...all of them.
MISSION: To create a national organ that weaves together the most politically-advanced organizers in the movement against mass incarceration, through which we can explore and unite our strategies, tactics, and histories.
Mass and Shred Podcast is a diverse fitness podcast featuring Tracy, the authority on shredding, and Mike, the authority on adding mass and bodybuilding.
A weekly podcast on the stranger things in life.
Take the Mass Pike
Oneshot and serial dramas all set in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Various genres released on no particular schedule.
no description given
This podcast is a companion to Mass General Cancer Center’s electronic publication, and both are centered around our investigators recent publications in high-profile journals. Each expert will give you insight into who they are and what inspires them to do what they do every day. A deeper dive into their research will better your understanding of where our experts’ ideas come from, where they will go from here, and what the future has in store in their particular field of research.
Bi-Weekly discussions on the darker side of reality, film, and history. Horror movies, ghosts, goblins, witches, warlocks, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night. True crime, the supernatural, the paranormal, and cryptozoology. Dark history, alternate dimensions, and all around high strangeness. We run the gamut on anything, and everything dark, creepy and just plain weird. Join us, and have a laugh or two while we show you What Lurks on Channel X!
What is Wisdom Exchange? Wisdom Exchange is a collection of stories about problem gambling—stories of strength and triumph, stories that share experience, stories that remind us of what’s important and encourage us to persevere. Who can share their story? Anyone who is affected by problem gambling, whether you are experiencing problems gambling, are a loved one of a person experiencing problems with gambling or a professional working in the field. Your stories, your wisdom, and YOU are impor ...
Mass Destructo is non-scripted, fully improvised one-man show presented by Jermaine Fowler (Superior Donuts, Guy Code).
The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) is the nation's leading organization working to end the war on drugs. We focus on legalizing marijuana; criminal justice reform and ending draconian prison sentences for drugs; harm reduction policies that prevent overdoses and save lives; and we educate the public about drugs while dispelling popular myths and misinformation. Our host, Tommy McDonald, has been on DPA’s media team for 12 years and worked in journalism and radio before coming to DPA, and he’ll b ...
Through sales training, business coaching, or executive coaching Rock Solid Business & Sales Training specializes in developing sales people, leaders, and managers to improve bottom-line and/or top line results while living a great life. While we are headquartered in Milford, Connecticut our client base is comprised of solopreneurs through Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States.
Mass Musings
MASS MUSINGS - LIFESTYLE + MUSIC COLLECTIVEKayte Demont - Founder*For inquiries about Mass Musings features and interviews, please email*
Mass + Volume
Exploring themes of cultural identity and social dynamics.
Mysteries of the Mass: Reflections on the Sacred Liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church - Join host, Fr. Bill Holtzinger, as he offers reflections, teachings, interviews, and more about the Mass.
Mass Consumption
I am Joshua Reilly a comic book creator. You can view and purchase my art at and follow me @reillycomics on all social media platforms. The podcast is me talking about my interests which include Comic books, movies, art, sports, science, and because it's mandatory, politics.
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Guest Host: Chris Hinkley, RBN host of Road Warrior Radio | MILITARY, GOVERNMENT Memorial Day – Wikipedia Republic Broadcasting Netwo ...…
This week i ramble about what fingers guy can wear rings on, sending more than one text to say something, and people who send mass snapchats.
Guest Host: Chris Hinkley, RBN host of Road Warrior Radio | WAR, SOCIETY CLIP:
Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium is continuing forward in acquiring Wrangell’s hospital. The Native nonprofit plans to build and operate a new hospital in the island town within the next three years. Listen now A contract isn’t set in stone between SEARHC and the City of Wrangell. But both parties are eager to strike a deal. Last mon ...…
Heart to Heart with Mother Miriam *Three Persons, One God! *Should there be women deacons? *How did Mother Miriam found her order? *Is holding hands during the Our Father at mass a liturgical abuse?
恭讀聖若望福音 11:17-27耶穌一到伯達尼,得知拉匝祿在墳墓裏已經四天了。伯達尼靠近耶路撒冷,相距約十五「斯塔狄」,因而有許多猶太人來到瑪爾大和瑪利亞那裏,為她們兄弟的死安慰她們。瑪爾大一聽說耶穌來了,便去迎接他;瑪利亞仍坐在家裏。瑪爾大對耶穌說:「若是你在這裏,我的兄弟決不會死!就是現在,我也知道: 你無論向天主求什麼,天主必要賜給你。」就是現在,我也知道: 你無論向天主求什麼,天主必要賜給你。」瑪爾大說:「我知道在末日復活時,他必要復活。」耶穌對她說:「我就是復活,就是生命;信從我的,即使死了,仍要活著;凡活著而信從我的人,必永遠不死。你信麼?」她回答說:「是的,主,我信你是默西亞,天主子,要來到世界上的那一位。」—上主的話。Requiem Mass (May 25, 201 ...…
Through his obedience to God’s will, Zechariah’s mouth was freed to proclaim the truth that God is faithful to his promise to save his people.
Sara sits in for Doc The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 Trump is no longer sitting with Kim Jung-Un… Trump agrees with the NFL’s decision on National Anthem Policy… Oklahoma City shooting stopped by an armed civilian… The University of Mass. – Amherst offers “feminist critique of masculinity” class. Hour 2 We speak with Jason Hagg, CEO of Leashes ...…
Smells like pizza… tastes like ass. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey Getting a second season! Star Wars news Australian Mass Shooting Alert Page Biocow named this week’s episode! We record this show live every Thursday at 7pm Pacific on and Check out our dctvPedia page (special thanks to j0atm0n) Next week: Lis ...…
Here are the links to the stories mentioned in today’s podcast. Can’t read them? Subscribe to today. CLICK HERE Families from Texas’ most recent mass shootings come together Texas gas prices top $3 a gallon in some ...…
Welcome to Part Two: Let’s look at these claims: Means of production owned by the public or state This removed property rights – Which is the foundation of wealth accumulation Think of a group assignment – social loafing Property rights lead to incentives Zimbabwe – Took property rights away – expropriated land and property rights China – Intro ...…
As we all know there's a mass awakening going on and everyone has their 2 cents to add to the abundance of hidden information that is starting to be revealed. My question is where is your information coming from? Is it productive to the growth of our ppl and if not.... who the fuk sent you!!!!
Haven't Liked us on Facebook yet? Show some love This is going to be a bit of a longer episode in order to unpack this topic fully… You’re probably going to need to relisten Book – Utopia Wishful thinking – the story described perfect, imaginary world. A complex, self-contained community set on an island, in which people share a common culture ...…
Am I allowed to work on a holy day of obligation?, When did the Catholic Church decide that artificial contraception was wrong?, Where does the idea of holy water come from?, How is the Novus Ordo Mass licit?, and more on today's Open Line Friday with Colin Donovan!
Out-group versus in-group strife is fundamental to human history. It is the plague that has never been cured. Despite advances in science, it has not provided any practical help to polarization and tension between ideological groups. The problem can bring such a sense of dispair and hopelessness that only reasonable way to deal with it while ma ...…
Two of the 80s biggest movie icons are back, Sex and the City gets too big for HBO, Killer Klowns come to earth, Larry Sanders calls it quits, Mass Effect is freed from Xbox, Hope Floats, Lightning Crashes, and get... Read moreBy C.Ant.
Always an awesome time chatting with my friend, Ryan Carter! We met when Friedland needed IT work done, and Ryan came highly recommended from McPhee Electric. Ryan is one of those people who leave you amazed after a conversation. His ability to explain complex topics to the masses, like how to avoid phishing attacks, the latest news in cyber se ...…
SCOTUS rules against workers. Workers must abide by forced arbitration clauses. Welcome to the privatization of our court system. Justice Neil “Elections-have-consequences” Gorsuch wrote for the majority. The ruling has potentially significant implications for #MeToo movement. The highlight of the ruling was Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s blistering dis ...…
Had one of my best friends, Patrick Rosenthal, to get technical on how technology works, solar flares, and mass producing graphene. SUPPORT ME ON PATREON ︎ ︎ ITUNES︎ ︎… FOLLOW ME ︎ ︎ YOUTUBE: TWITTER: ...…
Bobbie Carlton, founder of Carlton PR & Marketing, Innovation Nights and Innovation Women, is an award-winning marketing, PR and social media professional. In 2008, she started her own company…the first one. Carlton PR & Marketing is a boutique agency servicing a wide variety of technology startups and small companies. Innovation Women is an on ...…
In memory of my homie a TRU SOUL-JAH "MESSIYAH" is the BLU LIGHT SPECIAL for THROWDOWN THURSDAYS... check out this truly fire but missed by the mass media REGGAE...this should help you start your weekend right!!! Produced by DREAD BEATS
Jerry Recco was missed at Boomer & Gio’s softball team’s season opener, but he was in his update seat Thursday morning, providing the masses with the update goodness they crave.
In this episode, Ben delivered a keynote speech to over 500 real estate audience about strategy, branding, and marketing. In this talk, he injected the Business from Within Concept and tackled real estate from a different angle. He risked talking about how personal story, authenticity, personality, and beliefs affect the success of a business. ...…
Elon Musk has voiced concerns about the way Tesla has been covered in the media recently, questioning the legitimacy of the media’s ethics and connection with the truth. Here’s some of that inconvenient reporting from the past year. Consumer Reports reports “big flaws” in the Model 3 Tesla fires factory workers suspected of unionization activit ...…
The U.S./North Korea meeting is in jeopardy, Trump calls immigrants "animals," another tragic mass shooting occurs, and one GOP congressman comes up with a ludicrous way to discredit climate science. Music: Ryan Little - "Amusement Park" (CC BY-SA 4.0), Ryan Little - "Dawn" (CC BY-SA 4.0), Ryan Little - "West Coast" (CC BY 4.0), Broke For Free ...…
Episode 87: Ben and Cole sit down with Mike Smith of Organ Thieves and Summer Hero to discuss Deadpool 2!
Parker's Party Games :: Venezuela Elections Results :: Sanctions vs Diplomatic :: Voting Dilemma :: Hungry People Can't Protest :: Mass. Cannabis Legalization Hoops :: Public vs Private Consumption :: Safari Helicopter :: Trucker's Code :: Rolling Road Block :: FBI Untrustworthy :: Amazon Crackdown on Serial Returners :: Edgington Post - Sevan ...…
Parker's Party Games :: Venezuela Elections Results :: Sanctions vs Diplomatic :: Voting Dilemma :: Hungry People Can't Protest :: Mass. Cannabis Legalization Hoops :: Public vs Private Consumption :: Safari Helicopter :: Trucker's Code :: Rolling Road Block :: FBI Untrustworthy :: Amazon Crackdown on Serial Returners :: Edgington Post - Sevan ...…
In this episode I talk about social media addiction, how mass school shootings only happen in suburban predominantly white areas, why the shooters always get detained unharmed, and why we should call this what it really is...white on white crime!
Join your hosts, Shado "Da Villain" and VO Sensei for the perfect way to kick off your Memorial Day Weekend! Sit back and relax as they discuss the rise of mass shootings in America, what they would do to stop it, what happens when you need consent to change a baby's diaper, why the royal wedding is important (or not), and how many point's Shad ...…
SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS TWITTER FACEBOOK TELEGRAM MINDS STEEMIT CONTACT E-mail with business or event enquiries. DISCLAIMER Everything expressed here i ...…
Covering the artists that were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year! The Cars, The Moody Blues, Bon Jovi, Nina Simone, Sister Rosetta Thorpe and Dire Straits! Brought to you by Soundrop Music Distribution – the safe & simple way for cover song musicians to get their music on Spotify, Apple and other top music platforms. Licens ...…
SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS TWITTER FACEBOOK TELEGRAM MINDS STEEMIT CONTACT E-mail with business or event enquiries. DISCLAIMER Everything expressed here i ...…
The birthday of Saint John the Baptist falls on Sunday this year. We celebrate his Vigil Mass with great joy!
On this episode of Nothing To Be Said Here, J-Wash give his take on...Questioning advice and feedback..His HBCU experience at Central State..Mental illnesses and police brutalities...The freedom of women and "Thirsties"...& and this n*gga R. Kelly...Music- "Mass" Travis StrangerDawson's Creek Theme Song"Not Gonna Be Able To Do It" Double XX Pos ...…
"Imagine that? God, imagine being forced to leave your home like that? Even if it’s flawed, even if you didn’t love it, it was home, maybe the only one you’ve ever known. And then not only are you leaving, but once you’re gone, they’re literally wiping it off the face of the earth. There’s no turning back, there’s no making things right." Belch ...…
SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS TWITTER FACEBOOK TELEGRAM MINDS STEEMIT CONTACT E-mail with business or event enquiries. DISCLAIMER Everything expressed here i ...…
There’s currently an invisible, supernatural pandemic affecting the world, or so claims HBM host Jeff Emtman. What else could explain the wide-ranging malaise of our current times? He thinks that the most logical conclusion is that astral energy vampires are draining humans of their lifeforce en masse. Jeff’s never encountered one of these beas ...…
I discuss the NBA playoffs, Marvel's newest character Snowguard, and about the process of making my comicbook Omega Strike.
On this edition of Good Morning Orlando Bud, Deb, and Yaffee talk about the latest news! President Trump says that the Summit with North Korea might be delayed. AND Trump not happy about reports that there were FBI informants in his campaign. He says it would be one of the biggest political scandals ever! ALSO Senator Marco Rubio back Colin Kae ...…
Learn how Hydrogen cars function and the issues faced when coming to mass market. Do you think Hydrogen cars are the way of the future or just a crazy experimental vehicle? Make your decision after listening to this student episode presented by Arsh.
Efficient and effective SaaS MVP development takes imagination, discipline, process, and above all, customer feedback. I recently met with a company that demoed what they were calling an MVP-stage product. In reality, it was a wireframe-stage product developed in a vacuum from actual, potential customers. They’d been at it for years, had yet to ...…
Just your average week.....Mass School Shooting, Royal Weddings, J.Cole & Thug on tour, Interracial Relationships, Lebron James absolutely demolishing the Eastern know average shit.
On Episode 04 of Boston Music Explorer, we host singer-songwriter, producer, and youth mentor Adam Sickler. As one of the most active members of the Boston music scene, Adam hosts the Sunday open mic night at Article 24 in Brighton. His latest single, The Cure can be heard on Spotify, and iTunes. The video, which has gathered 500k views on face ...…
This week on the NOFA/Mass podcast we are feeling the summertime vibes folks! I’m talking sunglasses, bare feet, swimming holes, singing around bonfires and of course the best part of summer that encompasses all these things AND is all about Organic Farming and sustainable living...what's that you ask? It’s the 44th NOFA Summer Conference!! Bec ...…
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