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Each week Padraic Horkan from Horkans Garden Centre joins Deirdre Kelly to look at every aspect of the world of gardening. From answering listeners' queries to explaining the ins and outs of every plant known to man,Padraic has all bases covered when it comes to gardening.
Podcast by Midwest Hunting & Fishing
Cubrimos a los Latinos que decidieron establecerse en el Medio Oeste de Estados Unidos. Aquellos que, for some reason, didn’t end up in New York, Texas or California.The Midwest population is growing with the arrival of thousands of immigrants, becoming part of the heart of the United States. ¿Qué Pasa, Midwest? is a bilingual podcast that creates a sense of community for Midwestern Latinx who are missing an essential piece of their cultural identity.How do they fit in the bigger picture? Ha ...
Midwest Week
A Friday feature at 6:50 PM, during All Things Considered, that reviews the major stories with the reporters who covered them.
Midwest Radio offers a wide range of documentaries and other factual programmes on a regular basis. This podcast offers you the chance to listen again to the Broadcast produced by Midwest radio.
Do you want to learn how to fish and hunt, and find great places to go? Whether you’re just getting started in fishing and hunting, or looking for the latest tips, you’ve got a friend in MidWest Outdoors. Since 1967, we’ve been helping people enjoy the outdoors by following our formula of providing information on “where to go, what to use, and how to use it.” You have more fun if you have more success, and our team of contributors includes the finest teachers in the outdoors. In addition to ...
Midwest Monsters
Three Guys from Indiana talking about all things horror!
Midwest Swing takes a look at baseball from a flyover country perspective. With up-and-coming baseball writer Brandon Warne and a cast of different characters, Midwest Swing will look to keep it light, but still informative and interesting as it pertains to this great game Follow Brandon on Twitter @Brandon_Warne Part of the Cold Omaha Podcast Network Visit for more Minnesota-Centric Sports Audio Goodness.
Each episode of the Midwest Cycling Podcast will showcase the people, places, and events that make cycling in the Midwest so much fun.
This the place to talk about kayak fishing and kayaking in the Midwest (but not always limited to) Missouri, Arkansas, Southern Illinois, OK, and KS. Kind of like that cool conversation you have at the boat launch or boat dock over a cup of coffee or a cold one...enjoy!
Midwest Film Nerds
Film news and reviews from the midwestern U.S.
Midwest Bostonian
I always felt and the listeners have proven to me, that everyone is interview worthy. That everyone has a story to tell. Each episode we interview someone new and interesting. The stories are always fun and intriguing. Our listeners say it is easy and fun to listen to while chilling, at the gym or working. Let me interview you. Become part of the show you listen along with. Enjoy the show, but also contact me at so I can get you on the show. There is no show with ...
WELCOME TO THE PODCAST! The Midwest Millennials Podcast is a show created by Vitaliy and Blake that examines what it means to be a millennial. Vitaliy and Blake started playing (badly) video games together and realized that online video games were a way to just throw ideas back and forth by chatting. After realizing that cutting out video games didn't matter that much the show was born! The show tackles topics that range from the weather outside to hard hitting political idealizations. Let V ...
Midwest Mic’s
Just two guys talking about sports!!
Join former pro wrestling manager, wrestler, and promoter Dave Dynasty and the #MidwestExpress movement and explore Midwest pro wrestling past, present, and future! #BeINDYpendentBe sure to check us out online at and at all our social media outlets:FACEBOOK:
Midwest Nice
Every election cycle all eyes are on the midwest but few microphones. Listen to a slew of hosts working in politics deep in the heart of the rustbelt talk shop on current events, working in the political machine, and what it means to be midwest nice. Keep your accent strong and the ranch dressing close-by.
The Official Podcast for Wardens of the Midwest : Wardens of the Midwest is a group dedicated to the Cincinnati (and surrounding areas) Meta for The Game of Thrones 2.0 LCG.
The Midwest Game Nerds Podcast seeks to discuss the latest trends, news, releases, and more in the video game industry.
A basketball podcast created by coaches, for coaches. Covering basketball coaching strategy, player development, networking, personal development and the life of a coach.
Midwest Mysteries
Podcast by Midwest Mysteries
Midwest Angler Fishing will feature new product reviews as well as bring you the latest in industry news.
The Midwest Game Nerds Podcast seeks to discuss the latest trends, news, releases, and more in the video game industry.
Listen in as Midwest natives Tom, Jeff, and Will sift through extremes of the media to provide you with a middle-of-the-road analysis of current events
The Midwest Electric Pleasure Show was created in the beginning of 2013. It features Curtis Harrington, Mat Boes, and Andrew Mihalevich as they riff and raff through pop culture news, tech, science, politics, and whatever would reasonably qualify as being "in between". Influenced by more popular, successful podcasts like the Ricky Gervais Show, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Nerdist, and You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, this podcast could arguably described as a less organized, counterfeit version o ...
Midwest Mayhem
The Armchair All Americans is an online media publication specializing in the localization of collegiate and professional sports.
Midwest Meeple
Midwest Meeple is a show about people who love to play board, card, dice and other table top games. We love games AND the people who play them!
Midwest Binge
Based in Des Moines, Iowa, Katie and Emily discuss news, pop culture, and life in the midwest.
Midwest Travel
All Things Midwest Travel
MidWest Digest
Disrupt Midwest
Aleckson Nyamwaya conversates with various technology leaders of the Midwest to give you, a raw view of the world of entrepreneurship as it stands in the midwest. Learn what it takes to build a team, launch, fund a company and successfully become a power house in the Midwest. Your journey begins here.
The "Voice of Midwest All Pro" Chris Tubbs and Andrew Soucek from talk all things MAP and professional wrestling
West x Midwest
A coupla pieces of shit on the internet.
Digging deep into the in's & out's of social technology: how to leverage your digital network to build a brand behind your business, growthhacking your professional digital reputation, driving consumer interest both online & off... Next generation business tips, tricks, and techniques for real world people. This isn't your average tech talk... we're cutting the BS & getting right down to business about what’s really going on out here, because we’re more than a flyover zone! Welcome to the Mi ...
Midwest and Friendless
Midwest Coast Bias
Podcasting about things we find interesting: Sports, News, Entertainment, Technology, Parenting, and Your Mother.
Podcast by Scout: Midwest/Big Ten
The podcast for TMA's Chicago-Midwest Chapter!
Join Midwest Matt as he discusses his life. He may talk about over-priced Cubs crap or deep dish pizza. Listen in and find out!
Midwest Gamers is a podcast about all things gaming. Put on by 6 average guys, who play video games like they are average guys. We aren't the best, but we are certainly opinionated.
Welcome to N.F.G Midwest Radio. We talk uncensored/unedited about sports, life events, etc. Give us a listen, share and subscribe.
On Midwest Magic, Chris Kuhlow and Kyle Lewis discuss living the Magic: The Gathering lifestyle in the Midwestern US. We have both been playing competitive Magic in Cleveland for over fifteen years. Once a week, we meet up to talk local events, current news, spoilers, metagame, and Bowman stories. Join us for in-depth discussion, local guests, and good laughs.
midwest vegan radio
Just two guy who love movies, live in the MIdwest, and want to talk all about it!!
These are the podcasts recorded live at Midwest Bible Church located in Chicago, Illinois.
These podcasts feature lectures and presentations from the annual Midwest Preacher's Retreat held at Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp (Fallhall Glen) in Black River, Falls, Wisconsin. Recordings have been preserved through the efforts of those in attendance. Special thanks to Kevin Rayner, who excelled at this task for many years. Our recording equipment sometimes does not record the question and answer portions well. It is our hope that these recordings prove a worthwhile resource to those wh ...
Podcast by Midwest PBIS Network
Podcast by Midwest Electric Radio
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Asha Mirelle Indigo joins the show from London, England. This head turning model is also a professional fire eater. She explains how dance influences her ability to eat fire. Asha has a very strong warrior spirit. She explains how she was able to form and build upon this amazing personality. This is a not miss episode!…
This week’s show features Sean Heckman, co-host of Dinner with Racers and the Underbird: Discovering Alan Kulwicki podcasts. Dean Strom has the short track report. We're talking IRA Sprints with Steve Sinclair, wingless with Derek and Nathan Crane and Midwest Trucks with John Wood and Todd Kluever.
Markets ended the day up again today…Toys R Us turns aside an 890 Million Dollar bid for their stories. We’ll also share with you that the Starbucks CEO met today with the two men who were arrested inside a Philly Starbucks last week… Bon Ton liquidation moving forward…do we say goodbye to Younkers? Iowa Secretary of State failed to disclose a ...…
While at PAX East 2018, Alex got to play a brief demo of Underworld Ascendant! This sequel to the Ultima Underworld games is currently in development by OtherSide Entertainment under producer Paul Neurath who you may know from Ultima Underworld, System Shock 2, or Thief fame among many other games. In this bonus episode, Alex recaps the brief d ...…
This morning on the Midwest Outdoors show, hosts Fred Ramsay and Mark Tobin share some tips about hunting to ensure your's and others safety while hunting this turkey season. Theresa Maybrier, author of "Morel Hunting", joins the show to get you ready for Morel hunting season.
I absolutely love where I work here at Gravitate Studios, which is the premier co-working space in all of the Midwest. Different companies, Freelancers & creatives all working in one space creating beautiful harmony on a daily basis. I bring in my friends Hannah Vollmar, Kyle Lewis, Colleen Kinsey & Caitlyn Zimmerman who are all working here in ...…
My first guest is the inimitable LOLA! We talk about her background as a Nigerian-American, growing up in the Midwest, hair stories, and why this pod should be sponsored by Talkspace.
Spring Fever! Start Name Artist Album Year Comments New Sun In The Sky Jelani Eddington A Change of Seasons [JATOE Rialtofest 13 / 2009] 2009 4-27 Barton, Rialto Square Theatre, Joliet, IL 2:30 Spring Is Here Bob Wyatt The Happy Organ of Bob Wyatt [Forum SF 9023] 1959 4-36 Wurlitzer, Paramount Theatre, New York – NOT 4-21 Wurlitzer, Paramount S ...…
After getting cut off last week Ron and Boomer are back with the Hot topics of the weekend. Will be broadcasting live at the end of the NCAA men's Championship with their input of the game. Ron the Staten Island man brings his sports takes to Boomer in the midwest. Talk about the new Tiger Woods news to come about. A unique opinion can't find a ...…
Sam Harris got into an internet tizzy with Ezra Klein and we're here to talk about it. If you don't know who those people are, we will explain.
Steve has been on the West Coast for all of a couple months and he thinks the East Coast needs to CHILL OUT. The Midwest simply says, “meh.” Also, the guys talk about why you want a strict dress code when it comes to your accountant. Finally, Jason is trying to eat healthier. He thinks this means he should eat more cheese. Steve tells him why t ...…
Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes | Android | Stitcher | RSS feed Show Notes & Resources Mentioned: Pythium Fusarium Crown Rot (pdf) Western Wheat Quality Lab Cereal Cyst Nematode Washington Grain Commission Advances in Dryland Cropping Systems (pdf) Blackleg in Canola Oilseed webpage Contact Information: Contact Dr. Tim Paulitz by email at t ...…
Annie Wallis and Sandra Nohemi Martinez talk to us about the Parkinson's foundation in Ohio and their efforts to bring awareness to the Latino/a population. Studies have found that Parkinson’s Disease is more common in the Midwest and the Northeast than in any other area in the U.S. and it is twice as likely to affect Whites and Latinas/os than ...…
Tune in this week on MWM as cohost’s Molly and Anna discuss the stalking Black Eyed Children. Which, contrary to popular belief, is not the Black Eyed Peas cover band that played at your uncle's wedding.
In this second episode of the Modern Carnivore podcast I sit down with Robyn Migliorini who is a vegan turned hunter. Robyn and her husband Nick were strict vegetarians, and then vegans, until their bodies started giving feedback indicating that they weren’t getting all the nutrients they needed in their diet. However, considering the idea of b ...…
Dr. Rashid A. Buttar hosts "Advanced Medicine" once a week with Robert Scott Bell on the Robert Scott Bell Show. Dealing with everyday health issues from the Advanced Medicine healthcare perspective, Dr. Buttar and Robert tackle the tough issues and empower you to achieve autonomy and maintain your health freedom. SHOW TOPICS: Ebola danger in A ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Christmas Storm to Dump Heavy Snow, Blizzards in West, PlainsAuthor: Doug StanglinNarrator: Paige McKinneyFormat: Original RecordingLength: 1 minLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 12-25-16Publisher: USA TodayGenres: Newspapers & Magazines, News & CultureP ...…
Heartworms kill a great number of dogs every year in the U.S., and 2018 is shaping up to be one of the most active infestations of the disease in years. The American Heartworm Society reports that more than one million dogs in the United States currently have heartworm disease, and the disease is now a serious canine health problem that threate ...…
Earlier this week, the Trump administration announced that the 2020 Census would include a question about U.S. citizenship. The news generated immediate and widespread blowback, including the filing of lawsuits by at least 2 states’ attorneys general who argue the change violates the law. Rebecca sits down with Corrine Yu, managing policy direc ...…
Joe and Andy open the show with comedian Andy Lazarus to discuss Chris Mack leaving Xavier and preview the Final Four. Next Andy and Joe interview former Philadelphia Eagle turned business entrepreneur Dennis Franks. They discuss Dennis' football career, post NFL business career and his new book "Last Laugh: Vision to Victory." They wrap up the ...…
Tyler sits down with Seattle legend Derek Sheen as he swings through Milwaukee on his most recent midwest tour.Follow Derek on Twitter@DerekSheen
This week we talk The Virgin Suicides (which technically aren't even murders, but it's fine) as well as John Carpenter's 1978 Halloween! Spoopy times.
Final four predictions and NFL news/Royals Baseball!!
Comedians Robert Jenkins and Isiah Gray do a podcast with me before their show at the Tiger Room. We have a great conversation about doing comedy in the Midwest, Lansing's comedy scene, developing strong material, being a lawyer for the government, not giving a fuck about people's perceptions of you, and so much more! Robert Jenkins is very fun ...…
Drag racing is cool! Motorcycle drag racing! insane cool! Come on a ride with Whitney as we discuss this incredible sport. Along the way we learn about the equally incredible spirit that makes Whitney a winner in the sport of life.
Yoooooooo you are now rocking with one of the best podcast in the mid-west! Thanks for downloading/streaming the latest episode of " Dude Thats Not What I Meant" Podcast! On episode 75 Adrienne and Rodescu invite the Nate Gallaway, also known as Saaaaaaag Nasty! Nate is a comedian based out of Chicago but is originally from Saginaw, Michigan. T ...…
"I literally have a megaphone." Rhea talks to baseball teammate and fellow comedian Alice Wetterlund (Treks and the City podcast) about playing together and not apologizing for being competitive. Plus mean coaches, Minnesota, and Joc Pederson. And a new edition of ROSIN BAG! Rhea answers your Twitter questions on gendered hats, team names, adva ...…
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