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Morse Code
The only podcast in the world that is broadcast in Morse Code. Each episode needs to be decoded by the listener to reveal the encoded message.
Chuck Morse Speaks
Award-winning veteran radio host and author Chuck Morse discusses issues with news makers, authors, media and cultural personalities.
Child Life in Colonial Days by EARLE, Alice Morse
The accounts of oldtime child life gathered for this book are wholly unconscious and full of honesty and simplicity, not only from the attitude of the child, but from that of his parents, guardians, and friends. The records have been made from affectionate interest, not from scientific interest; no profound search has been made for motives or significance, but the proof they give of tenderness and affection in the family are beautiful to read and to know. - Summary taken from Foreword of book.
John Quincy Adams by MORSE, John T.
This biography contains three main sections. the first covers Adams's early years and his time as a diplomat--both in America and overseas. The second tells of his two careers as Secretary of State and President. The last involves his years in the House of Representatives. (Summary by Bill Boerst)
Gary Morse Prophetic Ministries
Gary Morse is a modern day New Testament Prophet.
Titus: a comrade of the cross by KINGSLEY, Florence Morse
Titus: A Comrade of the cross is a book full of suspense and drama, but more importantly truth. It is about Titus, a young man living in the time of Christ. He is a part of the lowest class of society, his father is a thief, and Titus' brother, whom He is very attached to, is a cripple. Titus and his brother, Stephen, abhor the life of their father, yet Titus has no choice but to join him and the rest of the group of law breakers and thieves occasionally. He yearns for somthing better. One d ...
Bertie Morse & Claire Fox mix sessions
And So They Were Married by KINGSLEY, Florence Morse
This is the story of Elizabeth North, a young woman who becomes engaged and with the aid of a social climbing friend begins to plan her wedding beyond what she can afford. Her friend Evelyn Tripp convinces Elizabeth that she “simply can’t afford” not to live a fashionable and expensive lifestyle. However, her husband and her grandma help her to see sense and pull herself out of the debt she has got herself into. (Summary by Michele Eaton)
Home Life in Colonial Days by EARLE, Alice Morse
CHAPTER IHOMES OF THE COLONISTSWhen the first settlers landed on American shores, the difficulties in finding or making shelter must have seemed ironical as well as almost unbearable. The colonists found a land magnificent with forest trees of every size and variety, but they had no sawmills, and few saws to cut boards; there was plenty of clay and ample limestone on every side, yet they could have no brick and no mortar; grand boulders of granite and rock were everywhere, yet there was not ...
SmokeOrDie Radio
Welcome the the only PodCast you will ever need to hear.. The content provided on the show are from you the fans and the hard work of the crew.. This PodCast is made by gamers for gamers and no fan boys welcome..There are a ton of other subjects we cover besides gaming and because of that we will become better then those other PodCast you hear on the net. No Drama , NO BS... Our goal is to provide your rich content. The only time you hear us mention other sites or podcast is when we feel you ...
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Quotes for Sat, 22 Jul 2017 in Morse Code at 30 words per minute.
Quotes for Sat, 22 Jul 2017 in Morse Code at 12 words per minute.
Lyft wants to make its own autonomous car parts, Verizon gets caught throttling video, and an Indian company revolutionizing robots in warehouses. With Shannon Morse, Tom Merritt and Len Peralta. MP3 Using a Screen Reader? Click here Multiple versions (ogg, video etc.) from Please SUBSCRIBE HERE. Follow us on Soundcloud. A special ...…
Drew and Mike Podcast
Mr. Tom Mazawey (@TomMazawey) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) today! Which middle name should Drew go with? Flashback to the workout the megaphone got calling “India” on yesterday’s show. Michelle isn’t the only one getting confronted by clown punchin’. Mark Mothersbaugh on Maron’s podcast. What was the demise of Devo? Kiss gets into “Rock And B ...…
Drew and Mike Podcast
Mr. Tom Mazawey (@TomMazawey) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) today! Which middle name should Drew go with? Flashback to the workout the megaphone got calling “India” on yesterday’s show. Michelle isn’t the only one getting confronted by clown punchin’. Mark Mothersbaugh on Maron’s podcast. What was the demise of Devo? Kiss gets into “Rock And B ...…
Istanbul, onsdag. Det låter säkert som en underbar idyll, att mannen på gatan nedanför varje morgon passerar med sin vagn och ropar ut att han säljer färskt bröd. Och först var det ganska charmigt, men efter flera morgnar av att ha försökt göra nyhetsinslag men fått ta om och ta om på grund av ropen har det börjat gå mig på nerverna. "Kan du in ...…
Video Game News | Reviews | History | Culture | Music - 1P vs. 2P Podcast
This week, we’re celebrating the golden age of 16-bit gaming with a Super Nintendo music playlist episode! The new SNES Classic Edition, out later this year, includes games with some of our all-time favorite soundtracks. In this episode, you’ll hear 11 amazing remixes of the 21 games announced for the SNES Classic. Links to all artists' tracks ...…
Curt Morse of the DIB joins the show to discuss the finance committee and the Downtown Pensacola Alliance.By Andrew McKay.
Warning: this episode is haunted. Music: Anxiety Remains by Ars Sonor, She Wolf in My heart by Sergey Cheresmisinov, Fater Lee by Black Ant, Moonlight Sonata Reimagined by All Shall Be Well (and All Shall Be Well and All Manner of Things Shall Be Well), Black Swan by Janneh, Eidolons by Deathbird Stories, Aspirato by Kai Engel and M, Volume II ...…
In this episode, we talk to Jessica Morse, who is running for Congress in California's 4th District! We discuss her career as as public servant and national security strategist, and how her experience abroad has prepared her to serve her community at home. We chat about job creation, environmental protection, and how you can get involved in the ...…
The Hand of Breakthrough
The Hand of Breakthrough Part 2
Self Defense Gun Stories
Rob- Introduction- I’m Rob Morse and welcome to episode 69 of Self-Defense Gun Stories. This podcast is for people who think they might want a firearm.. and those who already have one. We’re joined this week by self-defense instructor Amanda Suffecool. Hi, Amanda. How have you been? Amanda- Hi, Rob. This is my first visit to Self-Defense Gun St ...…
Tom Merritt and Shannon Morse discuss today’s tech headlines. Recorded July 14, 2017 To read the show notes in a separate page click here. If you are willing to support the show or give as little as 5 cents a day on Patreon. Thank you! MP3
The internet five years from now could look a lot different than what it is today. Building an online business might be harder than ever thanks to the FCC throwing out the rules surrounding Net Neutrality -- the premise that all data on the net should be treated equally regardless of origin or destination. Without Net Neutrality, providers woul ...…
A group of dedicated maritime radio volunteers at Point Reyes are keeping the tradition of morse code radio stations alive. Point Reyes National Seashore is home to one of the most historic morse code radio stations in the U-S. In 1999, it became the last commercial station to send and receive morse code messages. But a group of dedicated volun ...…
Chuck Morse Speaks
WMFO Radio host and author Chuck Morse discusses a book he is presently writing about the history of assassination in America.
Episode 51, one more than 50cent? Or Eazy E album name. Anyway. We finally crown the first Sleep Times Over Wrestling Quiz Champion! Who will win? DJ Zack Morse vs. Jesse the HellaGuapo. Also more bander and rants from these 2 knuckleheads.
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