Best murderfist podcasts we could find (Updated October 2017)
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The Roundtable of Gentlemen
The Roundtable of Gentlemen is a weekly podcast that discusses in illuminating detail the events of our time. TRTG are Ed Larson, Kevin Barnett, Jackie Zebrowski, Holden McNeely, and Ben Kissel with newsman Marcus Parks. Tune in every week to hear what The Roundtable of Gentlemen are stinking on!
The Brighter Side
The Brighter Side finds the positive light in this horror show we call Earth, a cynic's look at optimism. So put down the gun, stay outta that church, and spark up a joint, because everything is going to be alright. We promise. For real. Just chill. Theme song by the Cowmen, logo by Dave Koehler.
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We're taking things to the fictional town of Derry, Maine for this episode of Horrorfied! This week, we're joined by Andrew Parker and Brandon Cahela from the upcoming animated series "Crypta" to talk about the Stephen King sci-fi slugfest, "Dreamcatcher"; the film that stops making sense about 15 minutes in. As always, we tear apart the plot o ...…
I dunno what to even say about this live episode beyond that it was taped on March 22nd, 2016 and that it was just an outright delight. We had Henry Zebrowski (Netflix Presents: The Characters, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, Heroes Reborn), Jackie Zebrowski (Murderfist), Mike Scollins (Late Night with Seth Meyers), Lauren Adams (Unbreakable ...…
3...2...1...Happy Rad Year! This week Kyle, Matthew and Producer Natalie ring in the New Year by taking a look back at their favorite rad things from 2015. From Tangerine to Tomb Raider, Mad Max to METZ, and Rocket League to Review, no movie, show, album, podcast or video game is left unturned! Things also get a little intense at the end when t ...…
Ramsey don't look so hot because he's dying from some disease or something, but regardless, we can still pull off a fun ep, even if he is shuffling off this mortal coil as we speak. And to distract us from Ramsey's debilitating disease, we have two wonderful people from the world of New York sketch comedy: Ed Larson and Julie Rosing. Ed is a me ...…
Mike & Jake are joined by Holden McNeely to talk the unfinished business of gaming - Dark Souls, Mega Man, and more. Also: more J.K. Simmons.By (Cave Comedy Radio).
Unlimited Lives
Jason Saenz and Producer Marcus are joined by Holden McNeely (The Roundtable of Gentlemen, Murderfist, The Cowmen) to discuss your creepy uncle's Atari sex games such as: Custard's Revenge, Leisure Suit Larry, Beat 'Em and Eat 'Em. Plus, bipolar Moms, Hitler's Revenge, hand me down Playboys, Holden's favorite games on Nintendo's 3DS and why the ...…
My Dumb Friends
Founding members of epic sketch group, Murderfist, Holden McNeely and Ed Larson, join My Dumb Friends to talk about: lowest points ever in relationships; Dan's proclivity to date and alienate baristas; Ed's arsenal during his drug-dealing days and why he left "the life"; and, horrifically, Murderfist's worst gig ever and the porn that was shown ...…
We ring in the New Year right, with fabulous NYC-based comedian, Miss Amber Nelson! This timeless Southern broad rides the mechanical bull that is "the lovers" and doesn't get off till the end!Diana fracks for beer, Murf finally brings racial tensions to an end with the Malt Liquor connection, and Amber goes method for a saucy role.Don't miss t ...…
Boo! That's right, it's spooky time. On this very special Halloween episode, we are joined in the sex dungeon by legendary ghoulish pervert, Mr. Henry Zebrowski. Henry invites Diana & Murf onto his casting couch as they pound Budweiser tallboys, the gang takes a trip through a naked haunted house, and then everyone masturbates to a Spice Girls ...…
Henry Zebrowski (Murderfist), David Young (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) and Connor Ratliff (The Stepfathers) join Craig live on stage at The UCBEast Theatre. Learn about Connor getting fired by Tom Hanks from "Band of Brothers," meet the love of Henry's life from "The Bad Girls Club," listen as David and Craig give director's commentary from t ...…
Henry Zebrowski (Murderfist, Girls) stops by to watch an episode of the classic dinosaur puppet sitcom "Dinosaurs." Henry and Craig learn why you shouldn't abuse steroids to pick up jurassic chicks and try to figure out if dinosaurs have genitalia.
On today’s show Danny Lobell and Chris Iacono were joined by Jessimae Peluso. The three of them jumped right into talking about Jessimae’s love for tranny porn. Then their dear old friend Brian McGuiness joined the show where he shared an old memory where he and Danny went shopping at Footlocker and Danny’s credit card was declined. This spiral ...…
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