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Q'd Up Sports The OAM Network
Sports through the eyes of Q. Sports talk and debate.
Garage Athletes The OAM Network
Garage Athletes is a podcast about health, fitness and how to be a badass on a budget.
Off The Record The OAM Network
Off the Record with The New Southern is a weekly podcast, hosted by Alexandra Pusateri and Taylor Smith, about Memphis news miscellany, including poking fun at local media and filling you in on big stories in the Bluff City.
Spillit The OAM Network
Everyone has a story. Are you ready to Spillit? Spillit is true, unscripted stories told in front of a live audience.
Experience Pints The OAM Network
Experience Pints is a nerd-cast with a focus on something that binds most of us together even tighter than our nerd-ventures - beer - and lots of it.
OAM Presents The OAM Network
Randomness from OAM!
Pop A Pastie The OAM Network
Pop A Pastie is a weekly podcast hosted by Cherie Cheezcake featuring discussions about burlesque, pin-up, LGBTQIA issues, and more from a feminine POV.
Behind Bluff City The OAM Network
C.S Lewis once said that friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another "What! You too?” This perfectly sums up the dynamic duo that is behind the Behind the Bluff City podcast. Kate Friedel and Scovia Wilson had the same “Ah ha” moment when they realized that they both want to make Memphis better by simply uncovering the amazing people behind the Bluff City. Enter in the Behind Bluff City podcast.
You Look Like A Comedy Show The OAM Network
A tournament of roasting where the best comedians in Memphis and abroad go head to head in a battle of insults. Co-Hosted by Memphis Comedy King Katrina Coleman and the Handsome Hair of Tommy Oler.
You & Me The OAM Network
A podcast series about real kids and the parents that raise them.
It Only Gets Worse The OAM Network
A podcast based on the roleplaying game Fiasco!
Memphis Is Funny The OAM Network
Memphis comedy gets a closer look every week with Carlie Lawerence and Doug Gillon from Hear a recap of the previous week’s funny business, a preview of upcoming shows and events, and special insight into local comedy from a new featured guest each episode.
Q and J The OAM Network
Two best friends, male and female, married and single, kids and no kids, with completely different points of view on world news, pop culture and life!
The Game Show Podcast
The Game Show is a podcast featuring interesting people playing board games over adult beverages for your amusement. Recorded LIVE every Thursday @ 6:30PM on &
Memphis Room Music Show The OAM Network
Memphis Room Music Show is a podcast exloring the music that lives in The Memphis and Shelby County Room inside the Memphis Public Library.
Stop The Damn Podcast! The OAM Network
Two mics and a fighting chance... Hosted by Garrett Metts and Taylor James
One Missed Call The OAM Network
Local comedian Katrina Coleman doesn't have time for a podcast, so she leaves Executive Producer Gil Worth voicemails... when she gets around to it.
Deg and the Big Dog The OAM Network
Deg and the Big Dog discuss Life, History, Science, Culture, Mistakes and give Completely Unqualified Advice.
For The Love Of God The OAM Network
For the Love of God is a podcast focused on the joys and frustrations of religion, and how religion affects our everyday lives.
Australian Internet Broadcasting Service is a Podcast platform managed by Bob Padula OAM
Webinar with focus on small cells, what they are and why would operators want to use them. Typical deployment scenarios and requirements for such deployment both on the technical and commercial aspect of them, as well as the challenges they create.
Executive Career success
Executive recruiters Carol Rosati from Harvey Nash’s CFO recruitment practice and Clive Sexton from our interim management division, Impact Executives, debate with OAM editor Rob Grimsey the essentials of Executive Career Management.
Dr. Heckle
Dr Heckle is a science communication/ comedy podcast produced by The OAM Network in Memphis, TN, that is designed at teaching a guest of note the details of a complex scientific paper in a 30-35 minute episode. Hosted by a scientist from University College London, England, the aim is to take the guest and audience further down the rabbit hole of a particular subject than conventional popular science shows. No prior knowledge of science is required by the guest, the challenge lies in the adap ...
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Spillit The OAM Network
This episode features stories told from Spillit "Roots" help July 30, 2017 at Amurica.
I am excited to have Jessica Watson on today’s show. Jessica became the youngest person to sail solo nonstop around the world. She was named Young Australian of the year in 2011 and received an OAM (Order of Australia Medal). She is co-founder of the marine startup Deckee and Youth Ambassador for The United Nations World Food Programme. She is ...…
This September Maitland Mayor Peter Blackmore is retiring after more than two decades of public service. The well-known Hunter identity and OAM recipient sits down with NBN’s Tyson Cottrill and Colin Baldwin, to chat about the highs and lows of his political career.
Leslie J. Bonci, MPH, RD, CSSD, is the owner of Active Eating Advice – Be fit, fed and fearless! – a nutrition consulting company. She is a nutrition consultant for individuals as well as sports teams and industry clients. She was the sports dietitian for the Pittsburgh Steelers for 24 years, and has also worked with the Pittsburgh Penguins, th ...…
Gary has had a memorable and extensive career as a Christian in Emergency Services. He started as an Ambulance Officer before joining the NSW Police Force, serving 34 years in many high profile and specialist roles. He currently works in suicide prevention and provides Human Crisis consultancy and serves as a Chaplain to the Police Post Trauma ...…
Gary has had a memorable and extensive career as a Christian in Emergency Services. He started as an Ambulance Officer before joining the NSW Police Force, serving 34 years in many high profile and specialist roles. He currently works in suicide prevention and provides Human Crisis consultancy and serves as a Chaplain to the Police Post Trauma ...…
Gary has had a memorable and extensive career as a Christian in Emergency Services. He started as an Ambulance Officer before joining the NSW Police Force, serving 34 years in many high profile and specialist roles. He currently works in suicide prevention and provides Human Crisis consultancy and serves as a Chaplain to the Police Post Trauma ...…
Gary has had a memorable and extensive career as a Christian in Emergency Services. He started as an Ambulance Officer before joining the NSW Police Force, serving 34 years in many high profile and specialist roles. He currently works in suicide prevention and provides Human Crisis consultancy and serves as a Chaplain to the Police Post Trauma ...…
This week we discuss 'Spider-Man: Homecoming;' Elon Musk is either Tony Stark or Howard Hughes; Black Bolt breaks out of prison; and an act of benevolence on behalf of an NBA player turns out to be a hoax.
Q talks ZBO and the impact & value of players to their sport!
This podcast features Spillit Slam winners from 2016! For more info go to
We are back with special co-host Josh McLane. Recorded live Feburary 2017 @ the P&H Cafe.
This week, we discuss Amazon buying Whole Foods; Sam Wilson rejects his title; and our outrage over the lack of justice for Philando Castille. Finally, snubbing the President after an NBA win earns the Golden State Warriors a #Zellie.
This week, friend of the show, Sky, returns and we all geek out over the new 'Black Panther' trailer. Apple previews new goodie at WWDC; Luke Cage's solo series is coming along; and things get heavy on 'Steven Universe.'
Featuring stories from Katie Martin (recorded Jan. 9, 2016 @ Seize The Day), Evan Katz (recorded Mar. 5, 2016 @ Witness), and Tom Simmermaker (recorded May 22, 2016 @ Firsts).
Welcome back Nerds, Geeks, and Ziglets for another episode of the Zigbits Network Design Podcast (ZNDP), where Zigabytes are faster than Gigabytes. As always our goal is to provide you with real world context around technology. I’m Michael Zsiga, also known as Zig, and I am your host. We have an awesome show for you today, fully packed with a t ...…
This week, Sara and Kyle are joined by LA-based Areli Morales and Rachel Horn of Sustainable Cycles, a non-profit working to promote global health by providing bicycling and menstruation education. Through extensive bicycle touring across the U.S. and Mexico, groups of female-bodied bicyclists lead workshops and events designed to raise awarene ...…
Federal member for Fowler; Chris Hayes speaking to Mrs El Dana OAM about the defeated proposed legislative changes to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act which were led by the conservative wing of the Liberal Party; the arguments raised against s18C and the position of the Labor Party with regards to the proposed changes.…
Kicking off our new theme - Beyond Bikes - are father/daughter duo, Lyle and Allison Udell, participants in the Memphis-based Urban Bicycle Food Ministries (UBFM). Each week, dozens of people in Memphis mount up on their bikes and hand-deliver around 300 burritos and 100 hotdogs to people experiencing homelessness. Lyle and Allison began riding ...…
We are back with special co-host Kate Mauldin. Recorded live January 2017 @ the P&H Cafe.
Assoc Prof Dianne Stephens tells the story of how she moved to Darwin, a remote part of Australia, immediately after completing her intensive care training, as a solo intensivist and Director of the Intensive Care Unit. And by working hard, respecting and valuing everyone in the team and by communicating well, she led the development of a posit ...…
Australian Politics Nerdjacking
In this episode I’m joined by Kate as we discuss today’s public holiday, the Queen’s Birthday. Why is it in June? Why do we celebrate it? Listen to find out! Stuff that we discussed: All the details of the Order of Australia can be found here. The highest honour is called the Companion of the Order of […]…
Former Newman resident and BHP worker, Kelvin Portland, received an OAM in the General Division in the 2017 Queen's Birthday Honours. Breaky With Ecky caught up with him this monring.
This week, Richard and Markus discover their D&D alignments and recap their time at Momocon. We discuss the movie "Wonder Woman;" Luke Cage #1; and romance novels with narrative identity crisis. Finally, give a child a "Most likely to blend in with white people award" sho'nuff earns you a #Westie.
Sara and Kyle sit down for a Bike-Nerds-Only episode to recap the past six weeks talking about bike history. Both Sara and Kyle share their favorite moments from the interviews featuring the history of bikes and give their thoughts on the current state of bike advocacy using this historical context. Kyle uses a lot of metaphors while Sara tries ...…
On a cold night, a couple of days out from the beginning of Winter, Julie Kerr gathered four impressive music makers. All Australian, all women, and all under 30. One jazz singer, one composer, and two indie/pop artists, to talk all things music. What is like to independently build up your music business as an artist? Social media, marketing, a ...…
Sara and Kyle talk this week with Anthony Taylor, a stalwart in the national bike advocacy movement. Anthony is a founding member of the Major Taylor Bicycling Club of Minnesota and The National Brotherhood of Cyclists. Anthony shares a brief history of 1890’s international cycling champion, Marshall “Major” Taylor, the origins of cycling clubs ...…
Kyle flies solo this week to talk with Christine Bachman-Sanders, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Minnesota and an accomplished touring cyclist, having ridden across America and through a big chunk of Europe. Christine's research examines the relationship between the "new woman," American imperialism, and the bicycle craze of the 1890s. ...…
Jessie Cunniffe is a music reviewer who has been providing album reviews for five years for the Sydney Morning Herald, and more recently, Rolling Stone Australia. Jess is from the Blue Mountains, NSW and one day when she was 19 years old and at the University of Western Sydney, she attended a lecture with Bernard Zuel who is the music editor fo ...…
This week we welcome the creative team behind Kamikaze's newest wall tale, Jamel Jones, Hank Jones, and Malissa White. We discuss their personal touches to the Kamikaze-verse. And earning your bachelor's degree before your high school diploma definitely earns you a #Zillie.
LEO Training: Strength & Conditioning | Endurance | Health | Performance | Injury Prevention | Joe DeLeo
LT 072 | Drew Ginn - Will it make the boat go faster? Subscribe & Review : iTunes | Stitcher This week my guest is Drew Ginn. Drew Ginn is a legend in the sport of rowing and I am absolutely honored to have had the opportunity to sit down and speak with him. Here is what prompted this interview. I had recently read the book "The Kiwi Pair: The ...…
Kevin De Liban is a legal aid attorney devoted to the idea that the amount of money you have should not determine how much justice you get. Working at a non-profit legal aid organization, he helps low-income individuals with issues involving health, employment, disability rights, education, and domestic violence. Before becoming an attorney, Ke ...…
Continuing our discussion of bicycles and history, this week the Bike Nerds welcome back friend of the podcast, Anthony Siracusa. In addition to serving as the president of BikeWalk TN, Anthony is also pursuing a doctorate in history from Vanderbilt University studying the growth, proliferation, and misconceptions of non-violent protest during ...…
This week we discuss 'Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2; Scientology; Black Bolt becomes a prisoner; and we are introduced to writer Chuck Tingle. Finally, we discuss the details surrounding the death of Jordan Edwards.
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