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What Bob & Sheri talk about when the mics are off...
What Bob & Sheri talk about when the mics are off...
Pretty Oddcast
It takes weird to know weird. Rhune & Lindsey explore alternative lifestyles and cultures.
Readings of weird fiction and science fiction short stories combined with minimalistic sound design. Do I accept requests? Of course! I am always looking for new short stories to read, so if you have a story you would like designed and read, I will most certainly consider it. Please don't hesitate to request!
From goatman to ghosts. From greys to glitches in the matrix. We discuss it. Dissect it. And, sometimes, throw a few beers at it. So join us, if you will, as we try to figure out just what the hell is going on out there. Welcome, to the Oddly Oddcast. Coming to you from the Far Out studios in the city of the weird, Austin, Texas.
Tina, Sam, Alice, and Chris dissect the strange gaming news of the week, pick through user blogs, read dirty fanfiction, and just generally bring shame and disgrace upon the once hallowed medium of videogame podcasting.
Oddcast Podblast
Oddcast Podblast is a show that discusses the paranormal and encourages listeners to chime in on social media with their experiences and stories, follow the hash tag #OCPB. Send your stories, pictures, videos and more to us, and your story might make the
Podcast by oddmmar
The Oddcast
The OddCast is a podcast that will include interviews, interactive stuff and inter- umm, well I don't know what other inter things there are but I hope you enjoy it!
Generation OddCast
Generation OddCast is a podcast where 3 dudes come together to talk about a variety of things. Usually insulting to someoneThis right here is all about the most random things that pop into our heads. We are just 3 average dudes talking into a mic. Dave L bringing his rants, anger nerdgasms and whatever fun deals he stumbles across on Craigslist. Next up to bat is Chris Raj, pizza making extraordinaire. He seems quiet but get a little Jameson's in him and the kid can ramble with the best of t ...
This features various content that l’m interested in, but that you might find odd. There is no theme. Just my thoughts and guests.
TooFatLardies are the leading independent publisher of wargame rules. The Oddcast take an semi-regular look at what's happening on Lard Island with discussions on the big issues in game design and the hobby generall.
Oddcast Radio Hour
The Oddcast Radio Hour is a bi-weekly music podcast, featuring all vinyl: Some old, some new, Some odd, some true. Broadcast from the basement of the Occidental Hotel & hosted by The Reverend John DeLore.
This is Wicked Shorts. A podcast where I narrate the original horror stories featured on my blog. Thanks for listening! Let's see if I can give you a chill...
Spannered's regular Oddcast feature is produced by editors and friends of the site for your aural delectation! Dig in and give it a go... there's something for everyone. Find out more at
IA Oddcast
A small group of artist located in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia get together to discuss their latest developments, accomplishments, failures, challenges, music, life, and other things. They rap, sing, talk and listen but most of all have fun.
WEvolve Oddcast
Dana Shafir, PhD, LPC and her husband, Dave, talk about life, wellness, health, nutrition, fitness, diet, lifestyle, kids, parenting, eating disorders, psychology, travel, poker, beer...and anything else that strikes their fancy. Please "like," "follow," and "share" as you see fit.
Odd Family Oddcast
We're a family that cusses together, laughs together, and loves to have fun together. Our show is full of fun. You'll find sketch comedy, weird news stories, fun guests, and much much more. Come be a part of this awesome adventure.
Podcast by Oddcast: Students of Humanity
Albuquerque + positive vibes + real life scenarios= ADRI's ODDCAST PODCAST
Come on tour with Oddsocks this summer! Hosted by two Oddsocks actors; Gavin and Becky, the Oddcast will follow the tour, interviewing fellow castmates, audience members, locals and some of your favourite Shakespearian characters whilst having a laugh around the UK. Check out our competitions, games and general oddness every week through the summer!
BoB Constance and Phill Awful share their views on life, movies, games, boobies and more.
The Sports- Centric Podcast that covers most ground.
Hysteria 51
Hysteria 51 is a weekly “odd-cast” that takes an every-man approach to conspiracy theories, mysteries, the unusual, and the unexplained. Hosts John Goforth, Brent Hand, and Conspiracy Bot (a cranky robot bent on world domination who also happens to be the show’s head researcher) examine a different topic each week and generally come to one conclusion…the truth is out there, but you won’t find it here.
POD GOD dammit!
When POD GODS Collide! POD GOD dammit! is a Compilation Podcast when All the Podcasts on The POD GODS network discuss certain Topics and
Shock and Odd
Shock and odd is an oddcast discussing horror, lore and everything in between hosted By Samjamfx and Blake
Ask an American
Pod Therapy A weekly Podcast hosted by Dr. Helen Hopkins and she sits down to answer your emails and give advice to those age old problems. Let Dr Helen Help you through life with her words of wisdom. Written by Adam Barker Performed by Rita Ramnani COMING SOON!
Top of the Morning, Bottom of the Bottle. Every other week, Kat and Chris yuck it up over drinks, discussing everything from pop culture, to politics, to personal triumphs and social faux pas. With ridiculous banter, unexpected guests, poignant insights, and their own amateur libation reviews, you never know where the Wreckless Breakfast "oddcast" will take you. @superkatjones @densonology
The Toad Hop Network proudly presents: The Heidi & Frank Show, The After Hours Show, Nik Richie Radio, Squatcast, The Gina and Randy Show, Intern Trainwreck, Rove's Hollywood Oddcast with Rove McManus, The Joey Medina Show, Manny 2 the Max with Manny Maldonado, 2 Guys and a Mic, The Ian Bagg Show, Let's be Frank, Let's Eat Cake, Huff & Stapes, Poolside with Dean Delray, App Addix, SportsCast with the Sports Guru, and The Crab Feast.
It's NOT Soccer
It's NOT Soccer PodcastThe Comedy Chatty Podcast from the Creator of The ODDcast PODcast UK.Join Adam and Billy as they record a weekly Half hour Show full of Funny stories and hilarious chat to keep you entertained.
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Welcome back to the Oddcast! We have finally started season two with this special episode recorded entirely in one take. Join Gavin with new hosts Dom and Matt, as they talk about the shows, the tour, and everything else in between! Tweet us at @oddcasttweets for shoutouts and email us at with any questions or comments y ...…
Have Tools, Will Travel... (Season 1, Episode 7)Connor gives us his definition of ‘emergency work’. Supernatural clean up, perhaps? You decide. Either way, it’s a handyman’s nightmare.Written and narrated by Avrin Kelly.Read it for yourself on Wicked Shorts: out my blog: out my books on Amaz ...…
New Music Worldwide is a weekly mix series hosted by Thris Tian.This week’s New Music Worldwide comes from the weird and wonderful DJ Bus Replacement Service.Investigating the murkiest corners of the web, DJ Bus Replacement Service can be conceived as one of the deepest diggers out there. The UK artist began her path initially in 2009 as Spanne ...…
Have Tools, Will Travel... (Season 1, Episode 4)Today, the Have Tools, Will Travel crew loses one of their own. Everybody has a breaking point. Some people can’t handle the stress of handyman work, ya know? Written and narrated by Avrin Kelly.Read it for yourself on Wicked Shorts: out my blog: ...…
Gamer's Corner! RPG Systems: Palladium, Dungeons and Dragons, Ars Magica Dungeon/Game Master Styles Game Tropes Dice Types and Shapes Games We've Played: Dead Reign,Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition,D&D 5th Edition,Starfinder/Pathfinder,The Dresden Files,Cyber Generation,Rabbits and Warrens,Robotech,My Little Pony Tails of Equestria Thi ...…
“F. L. I. C. K. S.” EP 53 - EPISODE DESCRIPTION:In this podcast episode I talk about the London Korean Film Festival (LKFF) 2018, the LKFF Teaser Screenings which lead up to it, the forthcoming "Memoir of a Murderer" movie & a little about the recent European Premiere of "Be With You".This podcast, along with a little article will ultimately be ...…
“F. L. I. C. K. S.” EP 55 - EPISODE DESCRIPTION:In this, the second episode of a two-parter, I review and give my take on the popular recent film, "A QUIET PLACE". Check out Part I also.This podcast, along with a little article will ultimately be available on my website Recorded on 15th May 2018. SERIES DESCRIPTION: ...…
Happy Monday! This week's episode features Philadelphia born-and-raised visual artist Jaralmighty. Jaralmighty chilled with Overtime Podcast and explained his journey, one that has led him in many different directions including the military and art school. His journey also includes him opening Odd Jar, a vintage boutique specializing in rare ja ...…
Today’s Oddcast: “The Cleveland Steamer - YIKES” You never know what will happen next!
“F. L. I. C. K. S.” EP 52: EPISODE DESCRIPTION:In this "on the fly" & 'just for fun' podcast episode I briefly review the show "SOAP", which is currently on as part of the UnderBelly Festival on the Southbank, London.This podcast, along with a little article will ultimately be available on my website Recorded on 12t ...…
“F. L. I. C. K. S.” EP 54 - EPISODE DESCRIPTION:In this, the first episode of a two-parter, I review and give my take on the popular recent film, "A QUIET PLACE". Look out for Part II.This podcast, along with a little article will ultimately be available on my website Recorded on 9th May 2018. SERIES DESCRIPTION:"F. ...…
Have Tools, Will Travel... (Season 1, Episode 2)Connor recounts an unexplainable occurrence that destroyed a customer’s roof during his first year at Have Tools, Will Travel. Written and narrated by Avrin Kelly.Read it for yourself on Wicked Shorts: out my blog: out my books on Amazon: https ...…
EPISODE DESCRIPTION:This episode is an overview over the current "Lexi Film School" film season at the Lexi Cinema in Kensal Rise, London. Simply put, this already socially responsible and quaint cinema adds another worthwhile cause to its bow. Further info: This podcast, along with a little article ...…
Join The Elist Culture Snobs Out of Touch with the Common Man as they discuss Avengers Infinity War. They’re an odd cast broadcasting from Boston to California. It’s Odd Cast Coast 2 Coast
Paul Foot and Tom Mayhew talk about how they plan to heal the world, udders, and their new laws. #PaulFootPodcast bookings or a general
Paul Foot and Tom Mayhew talk about pets, the futility of life and WAP. bookings or a general
Paul Foot and Tom Mayhew talk about passive aggresive people, Grindr, and super powers. bookings or a general
Today's Oddcast - You know you want to give it to me. Find out what happens when Sheri has to donate to Bob!
God as your Assistant, How to be Happy in 1820, Working no to Work, Interior Design, Being Wrong, I Told You So, Brant and Lebron, Anxiety and Depression, Being Stressed Out, The Mt. Everest Workout, Low Level Guilt, BONUS CONTENT: Setting up the perfect society; Quotes: “We tend to treat God like he’s our personal assistant.” “Avoiding your jo ...…
There have been some odd casting choices for movies in the past, but Damian Lewis being chosen to play Rob Ford... that's got to be at the top of the list. Mark Zuckerberg was at Capitol Hill testifying and we got some great sound bites out of it -- these senators don't know how Facebook works. Would you want to live to the age of 112? And Derr ...…
The Elitist Culture Snobs Out of Touch With Common Man, take a closer look at the Steven Spielberg directed movie, Ready Player One. Was it good? Was it bad? Do you care about our opinions on nerd culture? We hope you do if you listening to this podcast Intro and outro music : Outer Orbit by Revolution Void…
Today’s Oddcast: “Bob Shouts Out Facebook - and a bonus listener TFB” Get out of the way!
Today’s Oddcast: “Powder Up Them Jugs, Meemaw!” Not for the faint at heart!
Today’s Oddcast: “Powder Up Them Jugs, Meemaw!” Not for the faint at heart!
Acting the News, Mind Your Business, Did I Blow It?, Good Friday, Saying I Don’t Know, When Texts Don’t Go Through, Put God in Charge, Breaking Animal News, Eating the Same Thing, BONUS MATERIAL: Picking the Quiet Guy; Quotes: “Eating pizza everyday won’t help you in the long run but it may help you in the medium run.” “Start the day by acknowl ...…
Work doesn't always have to be work. Sometimes you get to have a job with your BFF and it feels more like play! In this episode, Maggie & Jason talk about jobs they worked with their best friends. They also revisit a favorite segment: "Oddcasting"! Be a friend... listen!By Jason Dick.
Brant Hansen is an Nationally syndicated radio personality and author. He can be heard on the WAY-FM radio network and was previously heard on Air1 Christian radio network. He's won multiple "personality of the year" awards for his work on his offbeat and quirky radio show. He also currently co-hosts a podcast with Sherri Lynn entitled, Brant a ...…
What makes one own and run an oddities shop? Well... wacky religious parents at least make you appreciate death.
Class is back in session and today Tyler and Mike are discussing a very interesting movie just released on Netflix that you may have missed called Before I Wake. We are doing a deep dive into exactly how dreams are used as a narrative device in the film and more generally how they are used in fiction. Before I Wake is directed by Mike Flanagan ...…
Oddcast: “From The Cone Of Safety - with a bonus TFB” There's no judging on what we're about to say.....
Brant and Sherri talk with author Dorena Williamson about her book ColorFull (available 5/1/18). Subscribe and Review! Easily subscribe and receive the latest episode on your device: RSS feed for your favorite RSS Podcast Player.
Brant and Sherri continue talking with Barry Cooper about his book “Can I Really Trust the Bible.” Subscribe and Review! Easily subscribe and receive the latest episode on your device: RSS feed for your favorite RSS Podcast Player.
Breaking Animal News, National Days, Jesus Communicating Styles, Being a Skeptic, Song of Advice, Brant Hansen Master Chef, Self-Doubt/Billy Graham, KFC Scarcity Scam, Anger and Bad News, Tesla in Space, Bonus Material: A Letter from Frederick Douglas; Quotes: “One of the things about Jesus’ communication style is he kept things short.” “Jesus ...…
EPISODE DESCRIPTION:This film review episode is one concerning Zhang Yimou’s “The Road Home”. This podcast, along with a little article will ultimately be available on my website Recorded on 28th February 2018. SERIES DESCRIPTION:"F. L. I. C. K. S." is a podcast by filmmaker and journalist Jason Verney, in collabora ...…
Joining today: Two-thirds of The Brothers Herman and Geekly Oddcast hosts, Stephen and Dave What can I say? We sang a lot of Joni Mitchell and Jefferson Airplane when I was a child (I believe White Rabbit was my favorite). And yes, that is a title shout to some antesocial programming language. Sadly, the time lapse of our terrestrial efforts pe ...…
Joining today: my longtime friends and two-thirds of our gaming group, David Herman (of The Geekly Oddcast and @BrothersHerman) and Pablo DiFerrari We were rather punchy when we started this (12am) and supremely so by the end (at 2am). Nevertheless, we prevailed and had ourselves a grand old time by a coffee table with the ends of my world, a g ...…
Today’s Oddcast: “If You’re Gonna Be Wrong, Be Strong” "I'll take a whole case!"
EPISODE DESCRIPTION:This PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED podcast is from 2016 and it’s one recorded ‘on the go’ during my first visit to the city of GWANGJU, South Korea. There are 3 short podcasts - this is PART 3. NOTE: Please excuse any quality or sound issues, as this was in the ‘early days’ of my “F. L. I. C. K. S.” podcast series. This podcast, alo ...…
Today's Oddcast: We Validate Bob’s Crazy.... Anchors away on the SS Go F$%& Yourself!
Today's Oddcast: We Validate Bob’s Crazy.... Anchors away on the SS Go F$%& Yourself!
Happy MLK Day! The Oddcast will return with a brand new episode on Wednesday. In the meantime, if you’ve never checked the Oddcast out, it’s our podcast where anything and everything goes. No rules, no restrictions. Here’s one of our fave episodes:
EPISODE DESCRIPTION:This episode is all Films, Festive, Fun, Family & Fondness. Fond memories & nostalgia and movies, and was recorded on a certain special day when I caught the documentary, “Jane”, the film “Stronger” and revisited the smash hit from all those years ago, “Home Alone” - and all at the Genesis Cinema, in Stepney Green, London. A ...…
Today's Oddcast... Bob get caught up in a Christmas group text.
Today's Oddcast... Bob get caught up in a Christmas group text.
Today’s Oddcast: Manson Family Member Dianne Lake Speaks
In this episode, Dana, shares some of the general food shopping tips she employs when going to get groceries. Also, things to look out for when selecting foods, and what to avoid. Share, Like, and Comment as you see fit. Thanks for listening!
God Knows What You’re Thinking, None of Us Are Good, Candy Corn Craze, Being Childlike, Can’t Say Hi, Introvert CEO, Video Games and the Olympics, Brant’s Joke, The Bible Is Not a Myth, Marrying Forrest Gump, Breaking Animal News, Falling Asleep While Praying; Quotes: “No one gets out of this looking good but Jesus.” “Our culture is incredibly ...…
Today’s Oddcast: The Uber comic,the bad landlord, and what were we talking about?
In this podcast, we discuss some of the common barriers to success when it comes to making meaningful lifestyle changes. Does any of this speak to you? Like, Share, or Comment as you see fit.
Today’s Oddcast: Bob & Sheri tell their real-life love stories...
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