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The Pitchfork Podcast
The Pitchfork Podcast features Pitchfork staff and contributors discussing the best new music of today.
Pitchfork Conversations
Pitchfork Conversations features recordings of live chats between Pitchfork staff and notable artists.
Pitchfork Reviews Reviews Podcast
The wonderful work of Pitchfork Reviews Reviews read out loud in german accent.
Farmer to Farmer with Chris Blanchard
The organic and sustainable farming movement has its roots in sharing information about production techniques, marketing, and the rewards and challenges of the farming life. Join veteran farmer, consultant, and farm educator Chris Blanchard for down-to-earth conversations with experienced farmers - and the occasional non-farmer - about everything from soil fertility and record-keeping to getting your crops to market without making yourself crazy. Whether his guests are discussing employment ...
[edit] radio - Weekly New Music Podcasts
A weekly new music podcast with a rotating set of hosts from across the UK!
The Unblinking Ear
A delightfully toxic mix of hilarity, snobbery and insight (though not necessarily in equal proportions) on demi-popular music and other musings.
Stand By Your Band
Tom Thakkar and Tommy McNamara talk about the bands that Pitchfork attacks and your friends make fun of. The comics have on guests who love a band that everyone seems to hate, and together they give that band a fair chance.
JeffMix podcasts
YOU'RE LISTENING TO JEFFMIX / 15 songs / every month / the best in new music. All songs included with the permission of the artists. To buy their music, visit And follow JeffMix podcasts on Facebook and Twitter for more updates / / / Now on to the mix!
Keeping you current and showing appreciation for as much music as we can find at
Rock N Roll Suicide
A music podcast that features in-depth interviews and tracks from badass artists you should be listening to.
T's "You Should Know"
A weekly feature, as found on, where we talk about an essential artist or album.
Labor: A Podcast by The Caribbean (DC)
The Caribbean, a band from Washington, DC, discusses the creative process and making it work with authors, other musicians, and creatives from across the spectrum.
This Is How We Do It
In “This is How We Do It,” Pitchfork sits down with bands and artists to discuss their creative processes. From the materials and gear they use. To their working relationships with artists and designers. To whatever it takes to get from an idea to a finished project.
Minty Fresh Records
Purveyor of left-field pop for the discerning fan of new music. "Cosmopolitan Pop Mecca" -PITCHFORK MEDIA Minty Fresh music is for people who can't imagine experiencing life without songs. If good music helps get you through life like water and air then you will always find a place here. Receive Exclusive tracks and videos from your favorite artists including; Axe Riverboy, Ezra Furman, Firefox AK, Trost, Lindsay Anderson and many more.
Unmanned Mission To The Moon
A music podcast featuring artists we love. Want to discover rad new music? Look no further! We play whatever we want, and that just happens to include music being made by individuals and groups who aren't just 4 dudes jammin out. If you're tired of hearing the same old pitchfork npr av club music festival boys club b.s. and you want something hip and fresh, you've come to the right moon. (Note: explicit language has not been edited and may not be suitable for children.)
Welcome to Please Launch Me Into The Sun!The whole point of this podcast is to share music, to learn something about each other and the world around us. Ultimately it's whoever wants to talk about what music means to them, and how its impacted them throughout their own lives. I do my best not to put music into genres or throw shade, i'm not trying to be "Pitchfork" or "Billboard" or whatever. I'm just trying to meet new people and feel what they feel about music.
Mondo Monthly Mix
Mondo Music is a global leader in soundtrack distribution, fuelling renewed and broader interest in a genre that was long thought of as a specialist haunt. “Jaw dropping attention to detail” (Pitchfork). Since 2010, Mondo & Death Waltz have blazed a trail in the field of music, asserting a position as the market leader in the collectible soundtrack market. Working directly with directors such as David Lynch, Brad Bird and composers as varied as Angelo Badalamenti, Clint Mansell and John Carp ...
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hoganj17 on Narro
xx (album)This article is about the album by the xx. For similarly named albums, see XX .xx" VCR "Released: 25 January 2010xx is the 2009 debut a... indie pop the xx XL Recordings the label's in-house studio Rodaidh McDonald demos Jamie Smith mixed R&B alternative rock electronica post-punk minimalist re ...…
You could pretty much play "kiss, kill, marry" with the beasts in our lineup for this podcast; whether we flirt with danger or run from it, whether we pick up our pitchforks or our binoculars, beasts and monsters have done a lot more for us than jump around corners or haunt dark alleys. Here we discuss ways and means of understanding these arch ...…
CHIRP Radio Podcasts
No one knows what you're capable of but you. Stay true to that. If you feel like you can do it, then you probably can. Features Director Amelia Hruby caught up with Laetitia Tamko aka Vagabon at this year's Pitchfork Music Festival. They chat about how it feels to be in the right place, being hard on yourself, and her advice for budding musicia ...…
Jedi and Sith Today we attempt the impossible... or at the very least quite difficult. We argue that the Prequels to Star Wars aren't bad... I know I know please put your torches and pitchforks down and listen. Mega Hyper Ultrastorm Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommon ...…
A long conversation with current league champion Aaron Lauter. We talk a little about football, but mostly we provide inexpert thoughts about Game of Thrones. Warning! Serious spoilers and speculation contained inside! Here are timestamps to avoid spoilers:0:00:00 - 0:00:50 - Intro0:00:50 - 0:04:38 - LCD Soundsystem at Pitchfork0:04:38 - 0:16:4 ...…
Words With Nerds
This week, sharpen your swords and listen to the boys with the noise as they discuss a dragons and sex, discover the secret sauce that's made #TheStrain succeed, chat about #StarWars needing a new writer for #EpisodeIX, giggle about how some of the pitchfork crowd is getting "Shat" on, figure out how to deal with alternate history, and much, mu ...…
The folks at Pitchfork don't really like Mono. Their silly number grading system indicates as much, the words sometimes say worse. Pitchfork can suck my balls. The Mono catalog is awesome. Full Mono catalog review, in chronological order. Purchase their vinyl at the Temporary Residence webshop
LongBall Presents...
Mitch and Dylan indulge Tom in another round of gum flapping about ol' Howie Pitchfork Lovercraft, AKA HP to his aunts. If you like what's being pumped into your earholes courtesy of LongBall Studios then please rate and review us. Head on over to to download and stream every episode of LongBall Presents... and everythin ...…
WKXL Music and Culture
On this week's Striclty Local, they listen to some Cold Engines, taste some Narragansett Del's Shandy, and talk about what is going on Concord. Presented by Pitchfork Records in Concord, NH.Learn more about the show at
In this episode of the Discourse, we continue our D&D Adventure with Pitchfork Guy! The name of the beat up abandoned town has randomly changed to Besil and Janek... he dead. We discover secrets in far away lands and battle to see who is the real cock of the walk. And everything turns mellow yellow in the end. Enjoy! Subscribe to Us on iTunes! ...…
Light Treason, Pitchfork or Torch?, Aquatic Apes, and yelp reviews of buffets restaurants.
Working Class Audio Session #134 with Andrew Oswald!!! Andrew Oswald is a recording engineer who is based out of Oakland, CA who makes records almost everyday. He co-owns and operates Secret Bathroom, a recording studio in West Oakland, where he also does a monthly live in studio podcast called Live From Secret Bathroom, that features new and u ...…
Ian Cohen is a freelance writer who has been published everywhere from Pitchfork to Spin to Noisey. Here, he joins Dan and David to discuss the role of music criticism in 2017, what it's like to draw flack from the artists you cover, and how music journalism has changed in his two decades in the profession. Strap in, this one gets nerdy.…
Get the pitchforks for this one as Ryan and Keith debate about the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras: Which was objectively better? Website: www.ByteThat.comQuestions or suggestions? Media--Twitter: @ByteThatCastFacebook: ByteThatCastInstagram: ByteThat
Detective and Mystery – Retro Radio Podcast
News alert from the past: The deteriorating political situation in South Korea has troops standing by to move in at a moments notice. LynnRussel is an old flame who needs Phil’s protection from a killer. Rushing to her beauty shop, there’s nothing to learn, but a thump on the head waits for him back at his office. Heading to her bungalow, Marlo ...…
This week I am joined by Storyteller & Director John Flynn! I took a storytelling class at the UCB that John taught and it changed my entire perspective on performing. So much good stuff in this episode! In this conversation John and I talk about: Discovering storytelling Describing California highways New Jersey beach closures Being a showbiz ...…
Celebrate LGBT Pride Month with Scott from THE SATYRSPHERE, Jay from LIFE ON THE SHIT LIST and me as we discuss the gay themed slasher movie, PITCHFORK!By Patrick K Walsh.
Celebrate LGBT Pride Month with Scott from THE SATYRSPHERE, Jay from LIFE ON THE SHIT LIST and me as we discuss the gay themed slasher movie, PITCHFORK!
Celebrate LGBT Pride Month with Scott from THE SATYRSPHERE, Jay from LIFE ON THE SHIT LIST and me as we discuss the gay themed slasher movie, PITCHFORK!
Celebrate LGBT Pride Month with Scott from THE SATYRSPHERE, Jay from LIFE ON THE SHIT LIST and me as we discuss the gay themed slasher movie, PITCHFORK!
Matt chats with New Zealand artist Kane Strang ('Strang has a gift for pulling diamonds from the rough' - Pitchfork) about his upcoming album 'Two Hearts and No Brain'. Kane also plays some of his favourite tracks.See more
Rosecrans Radio has another outstanding show for you all. This week we had the honor of sitting down with acclaimed writer Jeff Weiss of LA Weekly,, Pitchfork, and more. We spoke about Jeff's background in music, his thoughts on the 2pac movie and Prodigy's passing. We also created our own 2017 Top 10 West Coast Freshman List l ...…
Claude and Mo continue with the final five songs from their 2Pac lists before sharing their feelings and reservations about Jay-Z's new album releasing on Friday. Claude ends his 2Pac list with some unorthodox picks that delve into Pac's view of God while Mo caps his off with a iconic song from Pac's Death Row era. Use the hashtag #brlpodcast t ...…
International Mo comes through to reflect on the complex legacy of Tupac Shakur. Claude and Mo share their ten favorite Pac songs and discuss the complicated and conflicting driving themes of his music: fatalism, the fear of death, faith, social activism, and, of course, thug life. Often imitated but never duplicated, Tupac remains one of the g ...…
Radishes, ferns, and overalls oh my! That's right No Ordinary Nerd is packing up and moving this podcast to the country life. We are talking all things Stardew Valley. The widely popular video game that is not only a place you can get rejected when asking someone to dance but you can harvest almost anything vegetable wise. So grab your pitchfor ...…
Have you ever found yourself neck deep in a passionate debate about creation vs. evolution, the age of the earth, or the origins of the universe? If you've spent any time on the internet, I bet the answer to that question is "yes." Well, what if I told you that the ancient text that sits at the center of that debate (The Book of Genesis) was ne ...… Have you ever found yourself neck deep in a passionate debate about creation vs. evolution, the age of the earth, or the origins of the universe? If you’ve spent any time on the internet, I bet the answer to that question is “yes.” Well, what if I told you that the ancient text that sits at the center ...…
This week, we discuss and review the new record from Hundredth, entitled Rare. In the news, we listen to new music from LIGHTS and Fallout Boy before covering the recent debacle between Corey Taylor and Chad Kroeger. Enjoy! -Braden #Hundredth #Rare #Hardcore #Vertigo #Hitchcock #Hitch #Cock #Srs #LIGHTS #FalloutBoy #melodic #Hardcore #Metal #Po ...…
(An excerpt from The Strangest Secret Library available on Amazon) Chapter 11 Twelve Disciplines ONE THERE are dozens of small ways by which we can make our minds both keener and more flexible – two qualities peculiarly necessary for those who intend to live successfully. We all succumb too easily to the temptation to find a routine which works ...…
Beers Beats and Battlestar Galactica
Episode Six of the soon to be acclaimed podcast; Beers, Beats and Battlestar Galactica featuring Leesa 'Hotdog' Charlotte and Melia Rayner.BYO Torches & Pitchforks.Twitter/Instagram
The announcement that Amazon is buying Whole Foods for over $13 billion (!!!) is some of the biggest news of the week, so the gang is talking about the ultimate goal for the online-retail giant. As always, Pierce apologizes for something. And Sean has FINALLY started watching Game of Thrones, so he's got an update on that. MUSIC "Home Studio (B ...…
Learn To Take A Joke Cast
Please put down the torches and pitchforks, I know I am behind on my uploads. But this episode will surely make up for it! Very happy to have had the opportunity to sit down with Boston's Dylan Uscher to record episode 53! This recording was in affiliation with the 2017 Women in Comedy Festival where Dylan's new podcast, "Yes Homo" premiered! H ...…
its that time of week again the time of the week when wee all get to gether and talk all abouts films and wotnot and i show everypne how much i know about films and stuff like that and danni and kris are always very impressd wiv me and my no ledge becose i am SIMON the Tangentially Sophisticated (i got a thesawrus for my 82nd burfday the other ...…
The Wayne County Sheriff's Office
Seven year old boy injured by pitchfork.
We kick-off today's episode with a little bit of California dreamin' before diving into our topic... You won't want to miss this one. It'll be relevant to all of our listeners - believers and skeptics alike! Have you ever found yourself neck deep in a passionate debate about creation vs. evolution, the age of the earth, or the origins of the un ...…
Will wants to cut bait on the season, but Jay isn't giving up, especially with the return of Cespedes, Matz and Lugo. An outfielder joins the Clash on stage, Friedman units are discussed, and a new sponsor provides a unique Mets-themed dining experience. Links: The Clash: Live at Shea Stadium | Pitchfork The Clash-Ghetto Defendant (Extended Ver ...…
The Future Is A Mixtape
On this episode, Jesse makes the case that the third point of “The Poison Pyramid,” which should be readily designated for the dumpster, is the worship of the Celebrity. Matthew makes the case that this is just a shiny, distracting feather to something that rides upon a much larger, deeper and more worrisome creature. Mentioned In This Episode: ...…
Gryffindor. Hufflepuff. Slytherin. Ravenclaw. The names are iconic and the series already hailed as a classic. These days, it’s hard to believe anyone hasn’t read about the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter. Except there is a traitor hiding among the ranks of Lit & Liquor. Our very own Sam has never read nor seen any Harry Potter. Hold ...…
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