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This show is dedicated to discussing the hot topics in our society and challenges men grow up and go threw in life whether it be finances, relationships, and leading your homes with God at the forefront.
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An amazing interview with Guest Reneldo Randall and his tribe of Bridge Builders whose chapter is paving a way for not just themselves but for future generations to come. Tune in as we peel back the layers to this incredibles mans journey as we discuss how to make a difference in his local community. Also, if you would like to donate to his wor ...…
Today we interview our very specail guest the CEO and Founder of AC Customzz. Take a walk with us as she shares what she does, and more importantly, how she does it! It must be easy to be a business owner right?.....Tune in and find out!By Marcus Norman-Gentleman Style Podcast Host, Director, CEO and Founder.
Wanted to check in and check on how my men are doing. I know I have been away for some time but want you all to know that I'm out here hustling just as much as you are and chasing after my dreams so that my future can be brighter. Stay encouraged, stay motivated and stay close to God. I love you all.…
As we prepare our homes and hearts for the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share this short story with my gentleman out there who may be away from friends and family and close relatives. Remember to show appreciation and be grateful for whats most important to you! HAPPY HOLIDAYSBy Marcus Norman-Podcast Host, Director, Financial specialist, Director, writer, Voice over.
Learning to forgive the way God forgives us. I want to share with you, I think, this very crucial life lesson that we all should work to develop. I hope it encourages you and touches you the way that it has touched me. CNN News Article: https://www.cnn.com/2017/11/08/us/family-forgives-convict-pizza-delivery-driver-death-trnd/index.html…
Today's Episode we will be interviewing a Long time experienced Real Estate Broker and getting some useful tips and "need-to-knows" on buying your First Home. As most of you can imagine buying your first home is no small tasks but I hope this episode adds value and incite to the bigger pieces of what you should prepare for in buying that first ...…
Today's Show we dive in as I share some interesting points of information that I have gathered for you that I thought would add value to you. Tune in for some tips that I've learned over the past few months in negotiating that first home purchase! Leave comments below and feedback is greatly appreciated.…
The 2018 blockbuster film "The Black Panther" took the world by storm and Forbes Magazines Contributor, Mark Hughes, states that it is on track to gross over "1 Billion Dollars at the global box office".By Marcus Norman-Podcast Host.
Today we take a deep dive into taking care of ones relationships and the value and level of importance one should place this category in his own life. Please feel free to write a review and comments and feedback are greatly appreciated as well.By Marcus Norman: Podcast Host email: marcusnorman737@gmail.com.
My Prayers go out to your family, friends and loved ones during these hard times. Hurricane Maria, Irma, forest fires in california, and flooding in Texas leaves nothing but calamity in their wake.By Marcus Norman(Podcast Host): I can be reached at marcusnorman737@gmail.com or instagram @marcusenterprise.
Many people have emailed me at marcusnorman737@gmail.com and asked what is FDIC insurance and do they have enough protection? Today, we answer that question with my show. Do you have enough FDIC insurance during these unscertain economic times. Tune in or subscribe to the show on iTunes.By Marcus Norman-Podcast host, marcusnorman737@gmail.com.
Food or thought on this special occasion. Fourth of July by Frederick Douglas! If you are interested in this episode or would like to know more, please consider subscribing to our show on iTunes, Youtube, or even facebook.
Tonight I share some scripture and some useful tips that have served me well in the realm of dating! Check this out
What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and what are the positive and negatives to filing? If you found value in today's content, please subscribe to my podcast on iTunes or like us on Youtube. Feedback/comments are always appreciated.
Whats is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and how does it affect you? This show is dedicated to the mentoring and coaching of young men through education, and with God at the forefront of everything. Subscribe to us on iTunes.
Today we dive in and discuss the benefits of working hard as I share several biblical truths as to why you as a man should be diligently working as it is pleasing in the eyes of the lord.
Cherish and Love on her! From my home to yours, wishing you all a Happy Mothers Day!
This episode I will be sharing my experience and research with you on How to prepare and conduct yourself for an interview so that you can increase your odds at landing that great career. Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. You can subscribe to this show on iTunes.
Purchasing your first home can be quite the endeavor and even overwhelming if not properly planned for. Lets dive in to some of the hidden costs, that you should know about, when buying a home for the first time. If you found value in this content, plus to subscribe to this podcast on iTunes and leave a review. Feedback is always appreciated.…
What is a Single Premium Immediate Annuity? Listen in as a discuss the benefits and the power behind considering adding this to your investment portfolio. Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated and subscribe to us on iTunes.
What is a Certificate of Deposit and how can they benefit your home and your family as you lead the charge in your families financial future. Please subscribe to my show on iTunes and leave a comment/feedback. If you found value in today's content, please give us a rating and review.
How to protect yourself from the various types of Fraud in the world. Today we will be discussing the different types out there and how to protect yourself and your family from fraud.
Listen in on this Bonus episode as we further explore some more opportunities that I have found that generate extra income. Please subscribe to this Podcast On iTunes and leave a comment/feedback which is always appreciated.
Are you strapped for cash. Are you looking for a few ways to create some extra income? Tune in, and check us out on iTunes, as I share some ideas on how to generate some quick cash and add dollars to your pocket. Leave a comment and any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.
What is the difference between these types of savings accounts within your High deductible plans? Lets dive in and uncover the difference as I explain all three so that you can make an informed decision for yourself and your family. Please feel free to leave your feedback/comments which are always appreciated.…
Is chivalry dead, or is it just a dying art that needs a breathe of fresh air. Please feel free to leave feedback and rating/review us on iTunes.
Today we will be discussing the difference between online and Offline dating. Some of the unique pro's and con's between the two with some inspiration data collected by the worlds foremost expert on dating Julie Spira. Please complete this one-page survey and feedback/comments are encouraged.
Today I will be sharing some short passages from the bible on how God and finances are actually universally linked! These passages are meant to provide incite and shine a light on some of the things we should be thinking about when handling money. We as men and people of faith should seek out the specific context that actually discuss how God w ...…
Today I will be giving a brief overview of the two core types of life insurance as you plan for your families financial well-being in case of a unexpected death. The need for life insurance has been something that has been lacking, in my opinion, in the households of many American's and it is the responsibility of our men to deeply consider the ...…
In this chapter I will be commenting on a great book I had the pleasure of reading. It is called " Where will you be five years from today"- Dan Zadra. I hope you enjoy and please leave review on Itunes.
This chapter I will be giving you a brief overview of the name of the show and a quick introduction of the reasoning behind my podcast. I hope you enjoy this episode and stay tuned.
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