Best Short Stories podcasts we could find (Updated February 2019)
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This is Wicked Shorts. A podcast where I narrate the original horror stories featured on my blog. Thanks for listening! Let's see if I can give you a chill...
Improvised micro stories covering everything from current events to describing current locations, both real and imaginary. Sex, drugs, murder, mystery...happy and sad anecdotes, are just some of the wild and adventurous topics you will find. Let’s go!
Challenge of the Yukon was a long-running radio series that began on Detroit's station WXYZ (as had The Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet), and an example of a Northern genre story. The series was first heard on February 3, 1938.The program was an adventure series about Sergeant William Preston of the Northwest Mounted Police and his lead sled dog, Yukon King, as they fought evildoers in the Northern wilderness during the Gold Rush of the 1890s. Preston, according to radio historian Jim Harmo ...
Speak Your Strength is a series of conversations with real people, discussing topics a lot of people shy away from.With a heavy focus on mental health, we give people a platform to share their stories to help inspire yours.We dive deep into darker times, but also discuss the recovery and the key lessons learnt throughout.It's time we started a conversation around mental health, and it's time you joined that conversation.About the host: Paul lost his Dad to suicide in 2009. Shortly after he f ...
Nessun Dorma will take you back to the time when football had smaller shorts, diving headers, pitches covered with sand and Elton Welsby on the TV. Come for the nostalgia, stay for the stories and some analysis as well. Featuring journalist and proper old football lovers Rob Smyth (The Guardian) plus plenty of other 80s & 90s tragics. If you're like us then this is pod for you.
Meteor City
Meteor City is an alternate history sci-fi audio drama. In 2008, a freak meteor shower hit Detroit, killing hundreds and displacing thousands. Hundreds of people were quarantined for radiation exposure for days, weeks and months. The unlawfully detained people began to revolt ending with Radiation Riots of 2009, causing further damage to Detroit. Bianca Diaz, a vlogger returns to Detroit, nearly a decade after fleeing with her mother, after the death of her brother and father. Wanting a chan ...
This is adventure. Climbing. Skiing. Hiking. Biking. Travel. Whatever your passion, we are all dirtbags. Outdoor writer Fitz Cahall and his team presents stories about the dreamers, athletes and wanderers.
The typical action hero with a stiff upper lip whose actions speak louder than his words, a mysterious American who lives in dread of being killed, an anarchist plot to destabilize Greece, a deadly German spy network, a notebook entirely written in code, and all this set in the weeks preceding the outbreak of World War I. The Thirty-nine Steps, by John Buchan is a spy classic entirely worthy of its genre and will delight modern day readers with its complicated plot. It is also notable for be ...
Each Wednesday two films that are being released that Friday are screened and discussed. Greg Srisavasdi and Anderson Cowan use passion, insight and access to break these films down and give you the lowdown on what to be excited about. A streaming pick as well as a DVD pick of the week are doled out before the show is done.
The SciFi Podcast
In-depth discussion of all things science fiction
James Kirby and Alan Kohler discuss the biggest news in business, finance, and economics, and what it means for investors. Presented in partnership with The Constant Investor. Title music, Blues for Oliver, by Benny Golbin.
Ripping apart classic, modern and obscure horror films, reviewing one movie each week.
A weekly podcast tracking the transition from fossil fuel transportation to electric and the surrounding clean ecosystems. Hosted by Electrek’s Frederic Lambert and Seth Weintraub.
The VICE Magazine Podcast is your definitive monthly guide to enlightening information. Hosted by Ellis Jones, Editor-in-Chief of VICE Magazine, each episode brings in-depth interviews, sonically rich cultural insights, and offers a rare glimpse into how the magazine is made.
A movie review/discussion podcast from
Ready to grow your wealth through smarter investing decisions? With The Meb Faber Show, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and investment fund manager, Meb Faber, brings you insights on today’s markets and the art of investing. Featuring some of the top investment professionals in the world as his guests, Meb will help you interpret global equity, bond, and commodity markets just like the pros. Whether it’s smart beta, trend following, value investing, or any other timely market topic, each w ...
Two know-nothings with too many old, unplayed videogames. Each episode we set each other gaming 'homework' in an attempt to slowly work through our piles of shame.
The CONAN Podcast
Give your eyes a rest and consume CONAN in audio-form! The CONAN Podcast features weekly highlights from monologues, comedy sketches, celebrity interviews, and stand-up sets. PLUS: Podcast-exclusives featuring Conan, Andy and more of your favorite CONAN staffers.
A podcast about expanding nerd horizons.
Over and Back tells stories about NBA, ABA & pro basketball history. Hosted by Jason Mann and Rich Kraetsch. Part of The Step Back NBA Podcast Network, powered by Fansided.
Formerly known as The Night Vale Recap, we now present The Binary System Podcast. Twins Kathryn Adams and Elizabeth Wallace bring you recaps of Welcome To Night Vale, and geek out about any shiny thing that distracts them.
A comedy podcast exploring quirky characters and their fascinating lives—and that's just the hosts. Reminiscent of NPR programs such as This American Life, Snap Judgment and Invisibilia, except those are real and this isn't. Part scripted and part improvised, BTADS brings you out-there stories, unknown history lessons, and a few ads for products you never knew you didn't need.
Join the CISN morning team, Chris, Jack, and Matt daily as they deliver news that matters to Edmonton. Interviews with exciting musical guests, weekly stunts and, exclusive performances with tons of laughs.
Interviews with Scholars of Sport about their New Books
LikeFolio uses social-data from consumers to help investors predict stock movements.
The Pixar Podcast
Going behind the scenes of Pixar Animation Studios through audio documentaries and conversations.
Do We Love It
For starters, pour yourself a cold Water with Lemon (WwL)Each episode we will discuss a random assortment of topics which tickle OUR brain, including a weekly segment of Filosofy Friday, with the ultimate goal of discovering Do We Love It?Hang out on our couch
Carnivore Theology
Passionately dedicated to helping you find the tools and inspiration you need to pursue a deeper, consistent and more meaningful relationship with God.
Science fiction and fantasy podcasting at its finest!
Inside Music
Have you ever wanted to work in music? Presented by Haulix, the leading promotional distribution platform in entertainment, Inside Music offers listeners one of a kind access to the realities of the industry through interviews with the people in the thick of it. Artists, publicists, managers and more speak with host James Shotwell about their lives and careers, as well as the state of music today.
After Dark with Julian Clark at The Second City Hollywood is a clip-centric late night experience complete with digital shorts, up-and-coming comedians and celebrity guests from television and film. This is the next-generation take on the late night talk show format, built by LA’s underground comedy scene and catering to an internet audience.If you enjoy what you hear, you’ll also enjoy what you see. See all our content at:
Just 2 opinionated guys talking about stuff who want to hear other people's perspectives on the same things...
Angel Repair Juice
The Niche of all Niches, a Podcast about Anime From a Lutheran Perspective. We talk to Christians about Anime because it's not bad to like it. We talk about Anime News, Streaming services, Dvds, blu rays, Anime Movie releases, and the theology behind some of your favorite shows.
WNHH Arts Mix
Podcast by WNHH Community Radio
Elite Online Publishing presents Elite Expert Insider podcast. Educate, inspire and motivate entrepreneurs, innovators and growth seekers. Hosts Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster, owners of Elite Online Publishing, will bring you conversations from business, personal development to health and fitness. They will chat with special guests, industry leaders, authors, business and marketing experts and just darn interesting people. It’s the show that will up your game!
Slate critics Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Julia Turner discuss the new HBO series "Girls", the Farrelly brothers's remake of the Three Stooges, and the online phenomenon of recapping TV shows.
Midnight Horror
Midnight Horror is a series of short scary stories created and narrated by Rachel Craig. New epsiodes monthly.
Producer Curtis Fox explores the diverse world of contemporary American poetry with readings by poets, interviews with critics, and short poetry documentaries. Nothing is off limits, and nobody is taken too seriously.
Paradigm Shift Radio - An interactive community show to help assist in the evolution of consciousness. LIVE Sundays at 9pm -11pm EST All Past Episodes available on youtube at
Cockney comedian Micky Flanagan's debut radio show charts the ups and downs of his life, from Billingsgate fish porter to successful stand-up comic and from Sunblest to panini, tabloids to broadsheets and the street party to the dinner party. Each episode focuses on a different decade of Micky's life, and he regales us with autobiographical stories told through stand-up comedy. In between the laughs, the programme goes behind the scenes with short interviews that give an insight into Micky t ...
AIME Radio
The AIME Squadcast: bringing stories from around the world that inspire, educate and move us to build a better tomorrow. Co-hosted by Jake Trindorfer and Sam Perry, each short episode aims to enrich the mentor experience by connecting our mentors and friends with fresh ideas, knowledge and conversations.
Tune in to what you need to know, when you need to know on the Need to Know podcast hosted by Savon, Alex and Steph. They discuss current events in pop culture, dating as a millennial, and weekly events. Also interview upcoming creatives in music, comedy, art, journalism and more! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Bigfoot Outlaw Radio has returned to Blog Talk! The Outlaws tackle the questions surrounding the mystery of bigfoot, as we share our knowledge from our many years of experience chasing down these creatures all over the United States. We'll also feature some of the best bigfooters in the field, and discuss some of their very own sasquatch experiences.
Crime Time is a weekly podcast discussing all things crime fiction!Join us, Lee and Eddie, as we try to solve mysteries, share our favourite detection selections, and guess along as we try to answer the age old question: “Whodunnit?”
Producer Curtis Fox explores the diverse world of contemporary American poetry with readings by poets, interviews with critics, and short poetry documentaries. Nothing is off limits, and nobody is taken too seriously.
These aren't the stories your mother used to tell you ... no, these are The Other Stories. The Other Stories is a weekly short story podcast. A modern take on The Twilight Zone, Tales From The Crypt, or The Outer Limits. Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, WTF stories delivered right to your podcast feed every Monday morning.
Becky Lang is a Minneapolis-based writer, ad creative and podcaster. She's the host of Writingness, and the co-host of My Super Sweet Obsession and The Rosé Ceremony.
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show series
This week on the Electrek Podcast, we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy, including Tesla releasing several software updates like Sentry Mode and Dog Mode, Porsche Taycan sightings, and more. Support our show! The Electrek Podcast is me, Fred Lambert, editor-in-chief of Electrek, and Seth Weintraub, f ...…
From Russia With Love Two women, a tiny boat, the wide open ocean...and kismet. Elena has written a book about their adventure, called Talking to the Moon. You can read the story on the couple’s website, You can learn more about Elena and Meg’s journey at their other website, anticruise ...…
What's the longest line you've waited in? We find out how the date with Jason, Chris, & Karen went at Buffet Royale. Kelsey leads the way with the greatest extension cord fail ever.
It’s a new year, and we have a lot of new and exciting SF in translation coming out. Chinese fantasy, Czech space opera, Argentine surrealism…Daniel and I tell you all about it. We also take a look back at November and December and briefly summarize what you might have missed when our beloved podcast took a brief wintry haitus. Daniel also talk ...…
On this episode of INSIDE MUSIC, host James Shotwell chats with Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter about his band's upcoming 2-album release. Demon Hunter has been a force unlike any other in the world of metal for nearly two decades and the band has only gotten better with time. Ryan tells James how the band manages to stay engaged with their fans wit ...…
Part 1: Zach, Lydia, Andrew and Nathan discuss movies they saw this week, including: High Flying Bird, Horror Noire and Hellbound Train. Part 2 (37:06) : The group begins their new series, a retrospective of the career of Pam Grier, with a look at her 1973 feature, Black Mama, White Mama. See movies discussed in this episode here. Listen to epi ...…
Director, artist, writer, and exhibition curator Aaron Rose joins the show to talk about how he found himself in the midst of an amazing group of artists in the early 90s in New York and formed what would become the famed Alleged Gallery in the lower east side, how he set about capturing that era in the documentary film "Beautiful Losers", and ...…
On this episode of Inside Music, host James Shotwell sits down with Patty Walters of As It Is to discuss mental health, creativity, and the realities of working in music. Due to an issue with our recorder, the audio in this episode has crackles and pops we did not anticipate. Our apologies for the inconvenience.…
Guest host John Darnielle presents two of his favorite weird stories. In Amparo Davila’s “Moses and Gaspar,” a grieving man has inherited two—creatures—from his dead brother. But what in the world are they? Peter Jay Fernandez reads. A slick salesman has a little something extra up his sleeve in Dennis Etchison’s “The Pitch,” read by Michael Sh ...…
What's traditionally unromantic, romantic thing your partner does? It took you how long to walk naked in front of your partner? We find the luck person who's going to be going on a "date" with Chris & his wife. And what's the best thing about being single?
This week Savon, Alex & Steph are joined by Raphie for another topic filled week! Is it possible for your spouse to have a platonic friendship with the opposite sex? Gucci made headlines this week for their controversial Blackface designs, the crew give their input on the situation. The Need to Know Crew also highlights the importance of entrep ...…
Technically this podcast is about websites that help you watch movies, but aside from the RunPee app (and what a glorious invention that is) it’s mostly about sites that can give you a heads up about triggers in movies. Here at Binary System we’ve never been sure what to think of trigger warnings, but we’re fascinated by websites that categoriz ...…
It's Valentine's day! Rachel, Ashley, and Natalie watch Down, the Hulu original movie. 2 Young people get trapped on an elevator on Valentine's Day but one of them is harboring a dark secret!By Rachel Craig.
This week in The Money Café, James Kirby and Alan Kohler question whether there’s still a need for mortgage brokers, wonder whether Andy Penn from Telstra can turn the company around, and ponder a strange listener question…investing in Lego.
This week, a hail mary pass to Katey for a Russian Doll segment gets blown up by a fussy baby, and David is in Berlin, so it's up to Da7e and Patches to not cancal the podcast this time – they have a 50-50 track record so far. In this normally strucutred episode, Da7e tries to get Patches to catch up on The Expanse now that it's all streaming o ...…
"Shrimp Togan" from was assembled into the "Challenge of the Yukon" podcast by Fourble.Episode 143 of 609.
Kate finally talks to that cute guy at the bowling alley, and he even asks her out on a date. It’s just like a movie romance until something unexpected happens… Written by Becca Schall. Performed by Ariel Gitlin, Amy Lynne Berger, Billy Bob Thompson, Jimmy O’Connell, Susan Jacks, Meredith Burns, Davy Gardner, Taylor Curtis, Mary McDonnell, and ...…
In episode 142 we welcome Ryan Ansin. Ryan begins by discussing how his introduction into the cannabis industry started with thoughtful conversations at home, focused on the social justice perspective. He started investing in the industry over 4 years ago, then had an opportunity to purchase a factory in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. What started o ...…
Peter's Drive In is coming to Edmonton, what do you want to see come to town? We finally find out the winner of the Battle of the Breeds. Chris and Karen are going to make sure everyone has a great Valentine's Day.
In today’s episode of Signal Boost, Paul talks to T. Frohock about her new Los Nefilim series novella, Where Oblivion Lives. T. treats us to a glimpse of what life was like just prior to the Spanish Civil War, how she deals with the trauma of World War I, the queer relationship between Diego and Miguel, the villainy of humanity, and more! T. is ...…
In this hour, stories of mistakes, perseverance, and lessons learned, often the hard way. Alice Schaffer, a preacher's daughter, grows up in fear of the lessons learned in Sunday school. Dawn Ross tries to adjust to life in rural Arkansas. D. Parvaz, a journalist covering the uprising in Syria, is arrested and imprisoned. Leland Melvin suffers ...…
Battle of the breeds continues, this time with the small dogs. What's the proper Valentine's Day protocol? Did you pet run away and come back?
February is once again our Month of Sequels again this year. We already did the David Cronenberg version of The Fly and gave it high marks, so we thought we’d give the sequel a spin.
Family, bagels, and toe-shoes, oh my! Our first 2019 episode of At the Movies is basically Becca, Alex, Julia, and Stephen doing a lot of squeeing, shedding a few tears, but mostly just the squealing. I’m pretty sure Alex actually squeaks with joy at one point. That’s how much they loved Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. And despite trying rea ...…
Mother in laws and the weird stuff they've done to you. The Westminster dog show got us going on the best dog breeds, so we bring back the bracket challenge. Matt sees how many coffees it takes to get a roll up the rim winner.
In which two very similar games are discussed and dissected. After hearing an extensive list of things Tom doesn’t like about DOOM, learn why Paul feels that, for all its exciting gunplay, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as punching a demon in the face. Next up, after a very brief and exceedingly polite disagreement over whether the Yoku’s ...…
A couple of old Uni mates have a chance encounter with a Big Issue seller presenting them with a dilemma that may just change their lives, world view, and very existence. Forever. Written by Michael David Wilson Narrated by Persephone Rose Edited by Karl Hughes With music by Myu and Thom Robson Michael David Wilson is a professional writer, edi ...…
Love makes us do crazy things. But usually not this crazy. This week for Valentine's Day we have stories of people going to extremes to find and pursue their one true love.
Patrick's gone this week, so Drew and Myles have a general Talk Nerdy to Me conversation where the discuss current video games and movie trailers.
This week Savon, Alex, & Steph are back to tackle a ton of topics! Chris Brown & Offset got into it this week due to 21 Savage’s shocking arrest, the 3 share their thoughts on the situation. Is it okay to have sex with someone who is toxic for you? The Need to Know Podcast is looking to visit a few cities, where should we go? Let us know! Unpop ...…
"Eskimo Justice" from was assembled into the "Challenge of the Yukon" podcast by Fourble.Episode 142 of 609.
This week on the Electrek Podcast, we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy, including Tesla buying a new battery technology, Model 3 price reduction, the Model 3 European launch, and more. Support our show! The Electrek Podcast is me, Fred Lambert, editor-in-chief of Electrek, and Seth Weintraub, founde ...…
Angry unions, shifty colonialism, and Vorlon jokes, oh my! The Babylon 5 re-watch finally returns with Season 3! Shaun, Mike, and Paul talk about the first four episodes of the season, tackling the way this new season brings back to familiar ground, the continuing mysteries and unveiling of the Shadows, the strangeness of Vorlons, the delightfu ...…
A computer hacker tries to make his way home through two countries, a dense jungle and a seemingly endless string of technical challenges.
Men see a pretty lady and crave meat and your weird cravings. do your manners fly out the window with the cold? The craziest story about ducks that you'll ever hear. coldest city in Alberta for Little Big Town tickets!
Part 1: Zach, Lydia, Dylan and Nathan discuss movies they saw this week, including: Velvet Buzzsaw, Birds of Passage, Mikey and Nicky and Ishtar. Part 2 (30:05) : The group concludes their new series, a retrospective of the career of Jackie Chan, with a look at his 2017 feature, Kung Fu Yoga. See movies discussed in this episode here. Listen to ...…
After a childhood of moving from one suburban neighborhood to the next, Jonathon Stalls felt starved for connection--to anything or anyone. In a quest to find community, he set out with nothing but his own two feet to carry him from Delaware to California. The awkward, exhilarating, and at times terrifying challenges he faced over the next 8 mo ...…
On this episode of Inside Music, host James Shotwell calls Kelc Galluzzo from the band Jetty Bones to discuss her group's upcoming EP. Jetty Bones has been a rising talent in the alternative underground for the past several years, but their upcoming release has the band poised to breakthrough to the mainstream with heart and hooks to spare. Kel ...…
On this episode of the podcast I catch up with celebrity & advertising photographer and Leica Ambassador Mark Mann in the midst of an insane travel schedule of shooting. We talk about how a chance encounter with a beautiful girl on a train when he was a teenager would make him decide to study photography, what it's like to sit face to face with ...…
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