Best rewatch podcasts we could find (Updated June 2018)
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Twin Peaks Rewatch
Join us as we revisit David Lynch and Mark Frost's unsettling murder mystery serial, Twin Peaks. Each week we'll watch and discuss one episode—send questions and comments on the current episode to to be part of the conversation!
The Buffy Rewatch
A spoiler-free retrospective podcast about Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Robin (The TV Critic) and Cordia
LoadingReadyRun's Kathleen De Vere and Graham Stark give the rewatch treatment to a true modern classic, the 1980s action series Magnum, P.I. Adventure, moustaches, Ferraris, gunfights, Vietnam flashbacks, feathered hair? Kathleen and Graham walk you through this cultural touchstone of 1980s television, episode-by-episode.
Podcast dedicated to the show Star Trek Voyager
Over the course of 50 years, Star Trek has brought us 729 adventures from the final frontier. To rewatch them all is a serious undertaking … but that's just what we're doing. To celebrate the golden anniversary of Star Trek, the hosts of are taking you through two installments each day—every day—for a year. These brief capsule reviews of each episode and movie will refresh on half a century of missions, helping you tie all the strings together to enrich your Star Trek experience.
LOST Rewatch
Max Temkin (Cards Against Humanity) and Patrick Klepek (Kotaku) rewatch one episode of LOST each week.
Two 24 podcasts in one! 24 Legacy and an unofficial revisit into the ground breaking television show 24, for people just getting into the show for the first time or long time fans. 24 fan boy Dylan Schuck (@schuckster) has seen the show multiple times, and Justin Moreno (@JustinBMoreno) and Kristina Vanderslice have never seen it. Each week we chronologically watch 2 new episodes and discuss our thoughts and reactions without any future show spoilers. If you have never seen the show, now is ...
Farscape Rewatch
Two friends, CantWearHats and RedNighmare, get shot through a wormhole to 1999 to rewatch the cult classic sci-fi series Farscape. Hats and Red will take you through the cavalcade of weirdness that is Farscape, with muppets, living ships, alternate dimensions and more.
Join three (and sometimes more) people as they re-visit every episode of Digimon in order, one episode at a time.
The Slaycast is a podcast from Gabi & Amy, two friends reliving the joys of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We do not own any material from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
We rewatch Neon Genesis Evangelion and discuss all sorts of things about the show!
Born from the Reddit community, this podcast revisits Game of Thrones one episode per week as we count down to season 8. Join us here or on the usual iTunes/PlayerFM subscriptions - and on our blog, which contains some nifty extra content.
A rewatch podcast of the 90's cartoon Beast Wars! Join the War and Beast Podcast Crew and their guests as they discuss what makes this show so memorable.
Let's Rewatch
Let’s Rewatch is an irreverent comedy movie review show where film industry pros watch those movies that we loved in our youth and find out if they were actually any good. Some of us have seen them, some haven’t, but we’ll always catch you up on what you need to know before we show you how little we know. You can listen straight through, or pause the show and watch along with us if audience participation floats your boat. We won’t be able to hear you yelling about our wrong opinions, but we ...
The Digimon Rewatch
Join us as we discuss Digimon old and new!
Join us as we re-watch 'Psych' and break it down for you.
A podcast exploring science fiction television: past and present
Join us for our 5-Year Mission, as we re-watch the first 50 years of the Star Trek Franchise, in the order in which it originally aired.
Saturday Morning Rewatch: Take a trip down memory lane as Kelly & Jess revisit the best & worst of 90s cartoons. Each month we’ll watch and discuss a different cartoon series. Saturday Morning Rewatch is part of the [Adjective] Sphinx Network. Follow @AdjectiveSphinx on Twitter to join the conversation.
The Rewatch Podcast presents The Sliders Rewatch. Season Three episode discussions feed
A podcast companion to rewatching Star Trek: The Next Generation
What happens when a nostalgic and a skeptic revisit the animated series ReBoot? Only 90's kids will find out!Listen as hosts Jessica (@StirvinoLady) and Ben (@DudWorks) break down every episode, and try to find the Frostiest Moments in each one.
Rewatch Podcast
The Rewatch Podcast hosts are Cory, Tom and Nathan who revisit past TV shows and movies. Twitter: @RewatchPod Facebook:
The Rewatch Podcast presents The Sliders Rewatch. Season Two episode discussions feed
UnHappy Endings is a rewatch Podcast, hosted by Neil McNeil, devoted to the cancelled-too-soon ABC Sitcom, Happy Endings from creator David Caspe starring Eliza Coupe, Elisha Cuthbert, Zachary Knighton, Adam Pally, Damon Wayans, Jr., Casey Wilson. Each episode, Neil rewatches an episode of Happy Endings with friends, actors, comedians, and other funny people and talks about the show, life, love, and their own personal (and often times tragic) break-up stories.
The Rewatch Podcast presents The Sliders Rewatch. Season One episode discussions feed
The Rewatch Podcast presents the Police Academy Rewatch. For more information visit
The Mr. Robot recap podcast brought to you by a stand-up comedian and a depressive hacker.
Brought to you by The Rewatch Podcast, Cory and Nathan discuss every film in the Star Trek franchise
HPBraincase & JRSkinnyCat sit down and discuss each episode of the DC Animated Universe, in roughly production order.
Does this innovative cartoon from Genndy Tartakovsky stand up to a thematic, historical, and literary deep-dive? We say it does! Join Matt and Andy as they explore Five Seasons of the best damn cartoon on TV in the early 00's!
Anthony and Brian talk about all thinks comic book film from the MCU to the DCEU
Pete Dillon-Trenchard (Den of Geek, The Mostly Made-Up Doctor Who Episode Guide) does what everyone else has already done and watches Doctor Who from the beginning. These are his thoughts.
Our collection of nerdy hosts watch (or rewatch) their way through the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated TV show, discussing each episode along the way. We bring a modern look at the show that's almost a decade old, finding connections to both old Star Wars media and new. New episodes every other Monday!
The slightly below average wrestling podcast! Be sure to rate/review and subscribe to us on iTunes while you join us on this journey!
Join Common Room's rewatch of the ABC hit, Lost. We mean it, hit us up at to be on the show! Listen to more pop culture and f3 (food, fitness, fashion) episodes on our main Common Room feed!
Tara and Sam have started a podcast. Fantastic! We talk about the shows we like, typically ones with fantasy or science fiction, and the history behind them.We release shows every other Wednesday
Raging cinephiles Sean 'n Jon endure watch after rewatch of the good, the bad, and the straight to DVD. It's an irreverent look at pop-cultural re-appreciation full of deep cuts, questionable insights and off-color jokes. WATCH << REWATCH explores the art of the rewatch and what it means to revisit old favorites, new classics and everything inbetween.
A quick (somtimes) podcast about movies that I've seen before and want to watch again.
Dave and Isaac go on a 9 season journey starting in a little place known as Blood Gulch.
Two Whovians and one newbie are rewatching Doctor Who.
She loves superhero movies. He used to. Pat Brown and Sarah Gorr break down the modern superhero canon, week by week. They watch everything so you don't have to.
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Echo makes a final attempt to bring down the Rossum Corporation despite Boyd and Clyde's efforts to further a plan whose end game still appears rather murky. Episode highlights also include Anthony and Priya putting aside their personal aspirations to enter the fray, and Paul Ballard and Mellie enjoying a brief moment together before a jarring ...…
This is the one we’ve been waiting for! In this one, Bob “Drives Angry”, I mean, he’s “Fast & Furious”, no – wait… It’s “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” all over this week’s episode.
Life is like a box of chocolates … especially when The Ringer’s Bill Simmons and Sean Fennessey revisit 1994's seminal classic 'Forrest Gump’, which won six Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Actor (Tom Hanks), and Best Director (Robert Zemeckis).
It's time for a movie about three siblings and their friends and family played by three siblings not playing siblings. That's right, this week we watch one of Wes Anderson's most sad-isfying films, The Royal Tenenbaums. I feel like there's a missing apostrophe in that title somewhere. Starring Nick Brazzi, Ash Blodgett, Bret Eagleston, and Sama ...…
Lights! Camera! Scream! This week Alexandra West joins us to talk about SCREAM 3, a movie she argues takes on a new light following the #MeToo movement and the allegations against Harvey Weinstein (who was a producer on this film, ugh). Starring Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, a magical vocoder, David Arquette and Parker Posey, we thought this mov ...…
It's our penultimate episode of Angel! ALREADY! We chat about 'Time Bomb' and 'The Girl in Question' (spoilers: we liked one of these far more than the other)
S04E07 - Mockingbird, I Will Be Your Champion by The Night's RewatchBy (The Night's Rewatch crew).
Join ReWatchable for all our final thoughts about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel as we wrap up our 2 & 1/2 year long vampire slaying marathon. Fun Facts: Mitch is all kinds of thankful for the rain for washing his car. Natalie is rearranging furniture as stress relief. We’ve all been there. Kristen is super excited to see The Incredibles 2 ...…
In this weeks episode of the Quantum Leap Rewatch, Cory and Tom stand in the face of evil and do the can-can as they discuss season 3 episodes 5 and 6, "Boogieman" and "Miss Deep South." Read more... The post RW 199 – Quantum Leap S03E05-06 – Boogie South appeared first on Golden Spiral Media- Entertainment Podcasts, Technology Podcasts & More.…
Pat & Sarah get their first look at a Sam Raimi superhero flick with DARKMAN (1990) in this *very* special episode of Futility Belt. Talking points: a very special episode, The Last Action Hero Show, the worst proposal, Sam Raimi: Post Modernist, homeless hero, knife boot vs. leg gun, Pat makes Darkman sound smart, is Pat winning Futility Belt? ...…
This week we have a Digi Party as we talk about the first episode in the double digits of this season. Digi Hosts: Garrett and Cat Digi Notes Valerian -ium Marvel Multiverse Battle Programmer Shirase SmartPhoneWolf Shin Garrett's Episode Notes 02 Episode 10 Notes Appmon Episode 10 NotesBy (Garrett, SporkyMcforkinspoon).
Fleeing an evil old-timey boat captain, immortal kiddo/murderer Kenny seeks refuge with Dr. Anne Lindsey, who promptly reunites the little monster with Duncan and Kenny's old teacher, Amanda. The Rewatchers try to figure out why Anne is in this episode, why an 800-year-old still wants milk with dinner, and why the relentless darkness of this ep ...…
Our hosts watch Season 1 Episode 10, Lair of Grievous. Zac asks Jess and David to design a house for General Grievous with some hilarious results. None of the hosts can figure out what droids smell like. The hosts discuss what Grievous would do if he quit working for Dooku and whether Nahdar was right or not. And Zac wonders why we didn’t hear, ...…
Through a series of flashbacks, we learn the backstory of Caroline's relationship with Bennett Halverson (Summer Glau), and their attempt to bring down the Dollhouse. However, in arguably the series' biggest reveal, the identity of the "man behind the curtain" finally becomes known. Episode Grade: A
An unofficial revisit into the ground breaking television show 24, for people just getting into the show for the first time or long time fans. 24 fan boy Dylan Schuck (@schuckster) has seen the show multiple times, and Justin Moreno (@JustinBMoreno) and Kristina Vanderslice (@k_vanderslice) have never seen it. Each week we chronologically watch ...…
2 games, 1 cube! When games are slowin’, and leeches are suckin’, Bob pushes a tree, Hack & Slash push a button, and MegaByte pushes Bob. Meanwhile, Ben & Jessica argue about doors.
S04E06 - The Laws of Gods and Men, A Trial by Combat by The Night's RewatchBy (The Night's Rewatch crew).
Hold onto your butts! The Ringer’s Sean Fennessey, David Shoemaker, and Bryan Curtis are taking their helicopter back to 1993's mesmerizing blockbuster ‘Jurassic Park,’ starring Velociraptors, a T-rex, Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern, and Sam Neill, and directed by Steven Spielberg.
Join ReWatchable for a discussion about Buffy the Vampire Slayer the movie, as well as the Buffy and Angel comics. Buffy the Vampire Slayer the movie: -Mitch has no idea what happened in this movie -But that’s okay! Danielle, Caitlin, Maj, and Karen watched it for him. -You can really see the basis of the show in this movie. -But the show was a ...…
Believe it or not, this week we're telling TRUE LIES! It's the 1994 action movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a spy and Jamie Lee Curtis as his wife who doesn't realize he's a spy! Also Tom Arnold is there to remind you how mad you still are about the Roseanne reboot debacle. This movie combines two of Hollywood's favorite things; lying to ...…
In this weeks episode of the Quantum Leap rewatch, Cory and Tom pray they can figure our which is their best side as they discuss season 3 episodes 3 and 4, "Leap of Faith" and "One Strobe Over the Line." Read more... The post RW 198 – Quantum Leap S03E03-04 – Faith Over the Line appeared first on Golden Spiral Media- Entertainment Podcasts, Te ...…
Taylor reminds Andrea in this episode that there are only two more eps of Tiny Fences: Angel after this one! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! We chat about 'Underneath' and 'Origin' in this ep, and we both agree that we far prefer this version of Connor.
This week 02 is really dark and in Appmon the AI creator teaches kids that AIs are a-okay and nothing to worry about at all. Digi Hosts: Garrett and Cat Digi Notes Grey Karuta, the Card Game from the Appmon episode Shin Garrett's Episode Notes 02 Episode 09 Notes Appmon Episode 09 NotesBy (Garrett, SporkyMcforkinspoon).
In the next installment of the Adrian Tapes, Highlander’s most fabled cassettes, we get some AP History with AP himself. Tune in to hear about Christopher Lambert fearing the mighty blows of Richard Moll, the perils of fighting on train tracks, and shooting with a real knife FOR SOME CRAZY REASON.
Join ReWatchable for the final recap episode of the Buffy/Angel era, with Angel 5×21, “Power Play,” and 5×22, “Not Fade Away.” Superfan: Caitlin Newbies: Mitch and Brittany Fun Facts: Mitch went to a wedding in his apartment’s backyard. Brittany went to a wedding where someone yelled “BINGO” in the middle of her speech. And Caitlin finally saw ...…
The telepath situation charges toward a muddled and violent conclusion under Byron's misguided leadership, as he stands before the ISA and demands a planet for his people, or else he will publicly reveal everyone's porn search history! Meanwhile, Londo and G'Kar face even more layers of treachery and conspiracy on Centauri Prime, when a familia ...…
From BATMAN to B-movies, this week it's time to celebrate the buns, guns, and fun of 1989's THE PUNISHER starring Dolph Lundgren. Not Jon Bernthal. Or Tom Jayne. Topics Covered: Painted-on beards, Dolph’s buns, Tom Jayne is not fictional, mini reviews and a marriage proposal, the podcast’s conceit is failing, The Punisher as a character, underm ...…
Watch your necks, them frisbees are dangerous! No other movie will give you more cringes as it does laughs as the so-bad-it's-good, "Hard Ticket to Hawaii" and Cory and Nathan's rewatch may be around the same level... Read more... The post RW 197 – Hard Ticket to Hawaii appeared first on Golden Spiral Media- Entertainment Podcasts, Technology P ...…
We finally learn the truth about what really goes on in The Attic, and it's up to Echo figure out how to bring down the Rossum Corporation's mainframe computer that runs on human brain power. Glimpses of the apocalyptic future shown in "Epitaph One" appear, and one of Rossum's founders works with Echo and the others to prevent that future from ...…
An unofficial revisit into the ground breaking television show 24, for people just getting into the show for the first time or long time fans. 24 fan boy Dylan Schuck (@schuckster) has seen the show multiple times, and Justin Moreno (@JustinBMoreno) and Kristina Vanderslice (@k_vanderslice) have never seen it. Each week we chronologically watch ...…
In this episode, The Bug With No Name starts attacking Mainframe. Bob steals a tie, Dot wants a ride, and MegaByte gets a booty-call, while Enzo does some Bat-Breaking & Bat-Entering. Meanwhile, Jessica goes deep on Western lore, and Ben dives into thirst traps.
S04E05 - First of His Name, Your Nightmare by The Night's RewatchBy (The Night's Rewatch crew).
The Ringer’s own Rat Pack is back together. Chris Ryan, Juliet Litman, Sean Fennessey, and Amanda Dobbins head to Vegas to take on a job—to rewatch and celebrate 2001's 'Ocean’s 11,' starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and Matt Damon and directed by Steven Soderbergh.
In anticipation of Ocean's 8, the spin-off now hitting theaters, we harken back to where it all began (again) with OCEAN'S ELEVEN! This 1999 Steven Soderbergh heist flick, a remake of the 1960 Rat Pack picture, was a real hit with audiences for its one-two combo of charming movie stars and grand larceny. Featuring Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Bern ...…
We're hurtling towards the end of Angel here folks! Andrea and Taylor chat about 'A Hole in the World' and 'Shells' in today's podcast, about the things that worked and the things that didn't. We also have a little section at the end where we recommend a whole bunch of stuff to read, watch, or listen to, and here's a list! Critically Touched re ...…
In this weeks Quantum Leap Rewatch, Cory and Tom gather around the table for Mom's home cooking and find themselves hiding for their lives as they discuss season 3 episodes 1 and 2 "The Leap Home" and "The Leap Home Part 2- Vietnam." Read more... The post RW 196 – Quantum Leap S03E01-02 – The Leap Home appeared first on Golden Spiral Media- Ent ...…
This week, this episode is cursed, internet breaking, audio echos, everything. It's cursed, and this was the second try! Digi Hosts: Garrett, Cat, Chris, and Rachel Digi Notes Nope, cursed episode don't get notes. Shin Garrett's Episode Notes 02 Episode 08 Notes Appmon Episode 08 NotesBy (Garrett, SporkyMcforkinspoon).
(SPECIAL VIDEO EPISODE) In a special Highlander Worldwide Gathering convention episode, the Rewatchers chat with Grant Kempster, founder of the storied Highlander fanclub Highlander Heart. The gang chats about the founding of the original fan-zine, Peter Wingfield's coat catching fire on the set of Endgame, marrying Dracula in a Highlander fan ...…
Our hosts watch Season 1 Episode 9, Cloak of Darkness. Zac asks Jess and David who would win in a fight against Ventress. Jess and David are excited to talk about ridiculous haircuts and haircut regulations. All the hosts are very into Ventress’s grenade powered exit and they discuss whether Ventress is actually unrefined. Zac thinks that Rokar ...…
This week Anthony & Brian discuss one of their favorite Marvel movies of all time as they dig into the United X-Men and THAT WHITE HOUSE SCENE in X2 starring Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman and Ian McKellenBy (Infinity Box Rewatch).
Pat and Sarah travel back to a wildly different era--when Batman movies were both dark *and* fun, when Batman and his foes were kinda kinky, and when Warners could at least pretend like they knew what they were doing with the character. It's Batman '89! Topics Covered: you are my number one guy, Batman on VHS, Sarah's couch and the movie sprite ...…
How many times do you think they tried this thing, grabbing the chosen one from the Matrix? Every time, I bet Morpheus was like, "This is the one, I know it. He will be the one to save us all." and then they'd take the blue pill because, you know, that whole situation is just toooooo much. I mean, by like the third time, Morpheus would go "This ...…
Wayne and Dave take a look at one of the most intriguing scifi television shows to come along in quite a while. BBC America's Orphan Black starring Tatiana Maslany explores the practical and ethical considerations surrounding human cloning. Who's your favorite clone? Oh right. First rule of clone club; you don't use the C word.…
It's the end of a rewatch but we're not going to cry to mummy about it! Cory and Nathan are actually laughing more than ever as they discuss "Abbott & Costello Meet The Mummy." Read more... The post RW 195 – Abbott & Costello Meet The Mummy appeared first on Golden Spiral Media- Entertainment Podcasts, Technology Podcasts & More.…
We’re back at it again with Season 2! In this episode, MegaByte hides inside a jar, Phong calls a fax line, and Bob and Dot give some helpful exposition re: danger. Plus, Jessica takes a deep dive into computer hardware of the 90’s!
The Ringer’s Bill Simmons, Chris Ryan, Sean Fennessey, and Shea Serrano “didn’t know you liked to get wet,” but they did know you liked to rewatch the 2001 crime thriller ‘Training Day,’ directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Denzel Washington in an Oscar-winning performance for the ages and Ethan Hawke.…
Jenna, Shawn, and Russ talk about the eleventh episode of Psych's first season, titled "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Oops He's Dead." Yes, Russ knows that he mispronounced Kirsten Nelson's name like 8 times. You can contribute to keep the show going at You can also check out our Redbubble store at redbub ...…
Join ReWatchable as we get closer to the end with our discussion of Angel 5×19, “Time Bomb,” and 5×20, “The Girl in Question.” Superfan: Karen and Natalie Newbies: Ariana and Kristen Fun Facts: Kristen binged The Bold Type this week and blew up Karen’s Twitter mentions. Natalie enjoyed “The Girl in Question” more than ever due to her having act ...…
"A 1999 thriller starring Ashley Judd predicated on a law stating a person may not be charged with the same crime twice." "What is DOUBLE JEOPARDY?" "That is correct. You have the board." "I'll take movies that are a Rip-Off of The Fugitive for $200." "This actor just can't help himself from helping people wrongfully accused of murder." "Who is ...…
Time for our re-do episode! Our SD card ate our last ep, so we chat about "Why We Fight" and "Smile Time" AGAIN.
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