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Puerto Rico Forward explores the archipelago though it's long colonial history and complicated economic relations, both domestic and international. Hosted by Andrew Mercado-Vázquez of San Juan, and presented by Democracy at Work. Learn more:
Presentando los ultimos descubrimientos cientificos en un lenguaje simple, en "arroz y habichuelas" y con analogias de la vida cotidiana para el disfrute del publico general.Presenting the latest scientific discoveries in easy to understand language and with analogies to every day life, for the enjoyment of the general public.
Town&Country tours Puerto Rico and gets the inside scoop on nightlife, watersports, gastronomy, golf, spas and shopping
Our aim is to inform listeners about Puerto Rico and the island's struggle to achieve full US Statehood, and to combat and dismiss many of the misconceptions disseminated on our national media about the US island territory. Get to know your next State. Support us and subscribe today!
‘Highly Relevant with Jack Rico’ aims to capture the zeitgeist of the changing multicultural entertainment experience in America. From movies to music, television and media, and a little bit of in between, this podcast provides critical analysis of how Latinos and Blacks are influencing and reshaping mainstream pop culture. Join host Jack Rico, founder of and TODAY show contributor, for incisive and insightful commentary, thought-provoking interviews and curated recommendatio ...
Ryan Wofford (aka of @tempoatl and @protonradio Subscribe to my Rico's Café Podcast on iTunes: he is playing mushroom jazzy downtempo, or his unique blend of dreamy electronica and deep, tech house, Inc.'s style is all his own.Ryan's career behind the decks spans two decades and has led him to share bills with some of the world's top DJs, such as: Paul Van Dyk, Danny Howells, Lee Burridge, James Zabiela, Josh Wink, Tyler Stadius, Mazi, Jay Tripwire, Jo ...
This first podcast of Be The Change Puerto Rico is a short introduction to Puerto Rico's struggle for full Statehood. We have used this first podcast as a test. We hope that the more we record our shows, the better we can become at providing quality information. Our aim is to provide the listener with up-to-date information about the island and its Statehood movement and hopefully defeat many of the misconceptions often reported in US mainland media sources and opinion-heads.'s Podcasts from a bed and breakfast deep in the El Yunque rainforest of Puerto Rico. New travel adventures.
Revista informativa sobre vinos, licores y cervezas artesanales
From the pulpit of Trinity Church, an English-speaking PCA church in Puerto Rico.
Jonny Rico
Podcast by Jonny Rico
Aidan Rico
Welcome to the Aidan podcast, where amazing things happen.
Young Rico
Just dating on general info
Rico James
Welcome to Rico James, where amazing things happen.
Rico's Corner
And open forum about everyday life and ways to improve everyday life and ourselves!
Wit-Cast is podcast by Wisdom in Torah Ministries, and hosted by Rico Cortes, who is the lead teacher and founder of Wisdom in Torah Ministries. Our organization follows the Hebraic faith. We believe in the New Testament and the Old Testament, and that Yeshua(Jesus) is the Messiah.
Mind Of Rico
Podcast by Rico Esqueda
For the first episode of the Purple State Paradigm our good friend and Philosophy Professor at the University of North Florida, Kyle Hodge, joins us as we discuss immigration, the Mueller investigation, Puerto Rico, and the NFL.
Scotty and Rico have a lot to talk about. Whether it's music, current events, or whatever is on our mind, we will share our ideas with the world. Friends, local musicians and other guests will be invited to the show. Each podcast will be a different topic discussed and a new episode will be released every other Tuesday.
This is the official CCPR teachings podcast. Here you will find our Sunday, Wednesday and Special Service Teachings.
International DJ, ProducerRico "The Politician" SanchezBookings Contact:LastNightsDJ at
A weekly show that is all about personal growth and how you can make something out of nothing by stopping to appreciate the lessons and help from family, friends and sometimes strangers. I talk about my own experiences as a Puerto Rican growing up in the Bronx. I peel back the layers to see what these experiences taught me. I'll also feature guests ranging from my wife, in-laws, siblings, good friends, former teachers, ex-bosses, mentors, co-workers and some old classmates as well.
Our Latin American edition of Advanced Spanish weekly program will allow you to listen to a normal speed conversation in real everyday Spanish spoken in Latin America. You will not only improve your oral and reading comprehension of the language, you will also be more attuned to the Latin American mind and way of regarding at the news. Each week our engaging hosts will share with you their views on international and Latin American events and help you think and feel as a native Latin American.
The purpose of Intelligent Faith 315 is to give you strong and intelligent reasons, for believing the Christian worldview, and for following Jesus Christ as Lord.
Rates & Lanes
Discuss freight rates and lanes as well as get updates on what is happening with freight volumes and supply and demand in trucking.Rico and Lasanya Muhammad own and operate Crescent Carriers LLC. He has worked in the Transportation industry since 1996. Rico began Crescent Carriers LLC with a desire to take personal responsibility of their future. Soon after delivering his first load under his own authority he realized how little information on freight rates were available and how this put no ...
Latin Jazz Corner
Exploring the crossroad between jazz and Latin music with artist interviews, new music, news, and more!
Welcome to The Dinner Party Download, a fast and funny hour of culture, food and conversation: “public radio’s arts & leisure section.” In every episode you’ll learn a joke; bone up on an odd bit of history and then wash it down with a themed cocktail recipe; meet artists of note; have your burning etiquette questions answered; savor an emerging food trend; and hear your new favorite song. Plus, unconventional wisdom from hosts Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam.
Comedia, Política, Deportes, Música, Cine y todo lo que necesitas para saber que pasó esta semana en Puerto Rico. @achoenserio
Salsa and other latin grooves. They say music makes the world go round. I know that in my world, this definitely holds true. I want to spread salsa and other latin grooves all over the planet. And with a little coaching, maybe we can all sing and dance together. That's why it's time to get with it and PA'ENCIMA !
CCPR Radio Program
Calvary Chapel of Puerto Rico Radio Podcast teachings. A survey trough scripture with Pastor Dan Crespo. You can listen to this content on the local radio station "The Rock Radio 1190AM" on Puerto Rico.
Nivel Escondido
Nivel Escondido surge con la idea de compartir nuestras experiencias y preferencias sobre videojuegos y aspectos relacionados.
Barstool Pick Em
El Pres, Big Cat and Rico Bosco break down the College Football slate from a degenerate gamblers point of view
Tu portal oficial para todo lo relacionado al mundo del cine.
La red de podcasts mas chévere del mundo.
I speak with friends and family who have taught me many difficult lessons in my life, and some new and interesting people doing great things in the world. I am a Lacrosse Coach growing the game in Puerto Rico. See more at
In this apologetics program, Pastor Jason Dennet and Nelis Ebersohn from Calvary Chapel of Puerto Rico answers your tough questions about God, faith, the veracity of the Bible, history, and other issues having to do with proof of the Christian faith. We have a reasonable, intelligent faith – not a blind faith!
Eclectic Showcase
Rico South While most DJ’s focus on one genre in particular, Rico has always had a different mentality: “why focus on one thing if you can have it all”. Anything from Reggae to Hardstyle, or R’n’B to House music; he selects his tracks with careful precision, aiming to please the crowd, creating that ‘wow’ effect.
Check out how the underground can grow through podcasts and open up huge opportunities for committed underground artists. Beyond the scope of most media podcasting is open for free flowin' lyricists to spit and re-establish the power of underground hip hop in its latest form.Nostic is here get the word out for underground rappers and the new era of hip hop styles that wouldn't be played in the media or your typical radio.In the underground we grow in basements continue to flow even if we don ...
The Dinner Party Download is a fast and funny hour of culture, food and conversation -- the arts and leisure section of public radio -- with hosts Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam. Previous guests include Steve Martin, Scarlett Johansson and Kevin Hart. Entertainment Weekly named The Dinner Party Download one of 20 Podcasts You Need to Hear in 2015. Twitter: @dinnerpartydnld.
"Dirty" Dutch Mantell (aka Zeb Colter) has done it all from being a wrestler, WWE manager and a part of creative teams from IMPACT/TNA to Puerto Rico and all points in-between. Now, this wily desperado shares his stories from his 45+ years in pro wrestling along with co-host Matt Farmer.
PR News Roundup
Puerto Rico News Roundup is a podcast that reports and contextualizes Puerto Rico's news.
My Barista Life
Podcast by Rico S.
Truth Talk
"The purpose for "Truth-Talk 832" is taken from the words of the greatest thinker, teacher, and leader that has ever lived, Jesus of Nazareth. In John 8:32Jesus said "And you shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free." "Truth-Talk 832" seeks to spread the Truth of God's Word as found in the Old and New Testament scriptures, in the hopes of setting people free by coming to know the Saviour of the world, Jesus Christ, the God-Man."Truth-Talk 832" is a Bible teaching ministry of Pa ...
Para escuchar un episodio de click a los titulos de los post que anuncien un episodio. Noticias, entrevistas y comentarios acerca de comics, animé, cosplay y ciencia ficción desde Puerto Rico.
Lounge Brasil
Welcome to Lounge Brasil Podcast. On this show you will find in every set list a selection of lounge music spiced with brazilian rhythms. If you are an Itunes listener, very welcome to this new show on iTunes Store.Thanks for listenRicoemail ricogja@gmail.comMake your donation supporting this TWTR.Widget({ version: 2, type: 'profile', rpp: 4, interval: 6000, width: 250, height: 300, theme: { shell: { background: '#333333', color: '#ffffff' }, tweets: { background: '#000000', colo ...
Revolution @ CCPR
Segmentos de Tecnología en Español. Visitanos en
DJ Nelson Torres
Mobile & Club DJ Services
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Jonathan Hay & Mike Smith - Daddy's Little Girl Ft.liana Eve & Inspectah DeckRandolph Bush – Drop It LowCap – OfficialFadi Awad - The KingCollegians – Black MassMatthew Schultz ft. Gyptian & Rico Tayla – All night longDavid Cooler – Dog Huntin ManThe Dream Logic – Without YouMandy Woods – A Mother’s Love…
Indians split Puerto Rico SeriesBrowns draft rumorsMaking fun of "Friend of Dorsey"Impeccable Feeling of the Week
Flashy, grotesque, but tropical and charming. Welcome to Miami, a city like no others where a hooker can be your real estate agent. Built on a narrow coastal ground between the swamps and the Atlantic ocean, Miami barely existed 100 years ago. Its growth has always been fueled by the real estate boom and immigrants looking for sun or fleeing op ...…
-Biggest need for Nationals offense (:18) -Francisco Lindor's memorable night in Puerto Rico (1:28) -How hitters should approach Shohei Ohtani? (2:45) -Pressure on Masahiro Tanaka to turn things around for Yankees (3:43) -Concerns over Yasiel Puig's emotional uncertainty (5:32) -Cape Cod League memories (6:47)…
Today’s show : Special Guest Dan Perkins calls in, Mike Zollo calls in, Moderator of ‘Bikers For Trump’, Steve Emery calls in, James Sharma calls in,Director Gianni Rodriguez-Parris calls in, President Trump dominates the Syrian regime, Mission Accomplished, Chappaquiddick, Trump reports a $10 million first-quarter haul for his 2020 re-election ...…
Karl Rove’s recent book, The Triumph of William McKinley, deals with the election of 1896 and its consequences. His lecture will expand on the results of the 1898 war with Spain: the annexation of the Philippines and Hawaii in the Pacific and Puerto Rico in the Caribbean as well as Cuba as a protectorate of sorts. To what extent did American po ...…
Wellness is a function of total balance - no matter what is going on around you. Refreshingly, this is the belief of Dr. Ivan Figueroa-Otero, an MD in Puerto Rico who is also the author of a series of books. We talk to him about one of them - Spirituality 103: The Forgiveness Code.
«Jau less pli gugent rivar tranter ils diavels ch'en il paradis». Sch'i va per crims, murdraretschs e violenza è el in expert enconuschent e tschertgà: Martin Killias, professer per criminologia e dretg penal. El ha instruì a las universitads da Losanna, Turitg e Son Gagl ed er a l'ester. Sco scienzià ha el deditgà sia vita a retschertgas davar ...…
German Ramirez of HJ Sims talks from Puerto Rico about the situation on the island, and discusses PREPA, the Commonwealth’s fiscal plan, the future of public-private alliances and what it all means for bondholders. Chip Barnett hosts.
Why Tune In? Why should you listen. Quick introduction on why you should tune in. takes a look at all of the crazy things that have happened in the real world, in the past 16-17 months since "Westworld" season 1 finished and now. Below are the notes on the subjects we cover with "Westworld Expert" Andrew Patterson Westworld Season 2 Preview - premiers on April 22nd on HBO Westworld’s first season ende ...…
This month's episode of Kwest On Media podcast delves into the issue of copyright law and ways to pay off the debt of Puerto Rico following the devastating results of Hurricane Maria.
A conversation with Brigette Iarrusso about politics, anger, and love. We talk about her family's experiences since the hurricane in Puerto Rico, being a mom, and lessons learned.
Ray Rico Publisher of the very Popular Focus MidSouth Magazine and Ray Rico Freelance. Ray is shining his light and the light of the magazine on those heroes that had the courage to stand out but did not necessarily get the recognition that they rightfully deserved. He is living out his purpose in ways that would totally blow you away. Listen a ...…
Ed Morales and Ian Seda-Irizarry discuss developments in Puerto Rico's economy as harsh austerity measures are targeted for implementation by the island's government and Fiscal Oversight and Management Board.
In this episode the boys talk about sex and the progression of culture. McLuvin’ confesses his guilty middle school pleasure of Color Me Badd and Rico quickly ruins the 80s and 90s “Game” by sharing of the present sex culture of high school and college students. The boys challenge the prevailing norms and discuss topics such as censorship of se ...…
Lots of singing on this, the second Stitch Gang grab bag; you have to wait till the end to hear Tyrone sing though. Listen to the tracks on our Youtube playlist. [ 3:30 ] // "Trust Issues" - Rico Nasty p. Kenny Beats [ 10:45 ] // "BBC" -Bbymutha p. Rock Floyd [ 15:50 ] // "Juice & Gin" - Valee p. Rio Mac + "Dim Sum" - Valee and Vic Mensa p. Ape ...…
Many wealthy investers and entrepreneurs are moving to Puerto Rico to avoid taxes but they are missing a massive opportunity to demonstrate the value of Blockchain technology if they don't do more to help rebuild this beautiful island.
This episode is with the Tanner Lovelace about his race day down in Puerto Rico. He goes into some details of how he could have had a better race due to some things he did the day prior. He also mentions why he uses 60mm deep wheels vs 80mm deep wheels. He traveled from the U.S. in North Carolina down to Puerto Rico on Friday and talks about ho ...…
This week Sullivan King joins us for a bass head's dream mix that's a perfect blend between heavy metal, dubstep and electro! Subscribe to Kannibalen Radio: Tracklist Lektrique 00:22 - Sam Lamar - Reason [Unreleased] 01:52 - Apashe - Majesty [Kannibalen] 03:26 - Bensley - Ascension [RAM Recs] 04:54 - 1991 - Dun Know [199 ...…
This week I called my cousin Glorimar, who is currently living in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Her and I talked about how our family managed during the worst storm that Puerto Rico has seen, how puerto ricans have coped with the aftermath and the future of the island. What can I do to help? Sponsor a family. Most monetary fundraisers such as ones run ...…
Episode 10 - BGG top 20 games not played part 1 Introduction: Zany Banter!!! News: 3:00 to 15:00 Deca Slayer: The 10 Trials Hisashi Hiyashi (Yokohama, Trains and Sail to India) and Seiji Kanai (Love Letter, Lost Legacy, Mai Star and Unicornus Knights) Games played this week Jason - ShogunJoel - Bunny KingdomJason - Kingdom BuilderJoel - Clans o ...…
Today's guest on I Am Refocused Podcast is John Philip!BioMotivated by the move of God, John Philip Stevens has been operating in the gifts of music since the age of 5. Even as a youth, he knew that music would become a major part of his life. Witnessing his mother playing and directing, and his father preaching, he developed a passionate inter ...…
On today's episode of Loud & Clear, Walter Smolarek (sitting in for Brian Becker) and John Kiriakou are joined by Alexander Mercouris, the editor in chief of The Duran, and Daniel Lazare, a journalist and author of “The Frozen Republic,” “The Velvet Coup,” and “America's Undeclared War.”Russia has closed a US consulate and expelled 60 US diplom ...…
On today's episode of Loud & Clear, Walter Smolarek (sitting in for Brian Becker) and John Kiriakou are joined by Alexander Mercouris, the editor in chief of The Duran, and Daniel Lazare, a journalist and author of “The Frozen Republic,” “The Velvet Coup,” and “America's Undeclared War.”Russia has closed a US consulate and expelled 60 US diplom ...…
Lars Watson is a mediator and peace-maker who travels to disaster areas to help the teams engaged in disaster response and recovery. Lars just spent two months in Puerto Rico where the damage of Hurricanes Irma and Maria remain widespread.
Javier Rivera y Daniel Portela comentan sobre la lesión de Shane McMahon y su estatus camino a WM, ¿donde está el Undertaker? Y mucho más. Video Original Aqui ==================== Sintoniza Sin Descalificacion EN VIVO donde puedes ser parte de la conversación, interactuar y hacer preguntas cada Miercoles a las 8pm tiempo Puerto Rico, 9pm EST po ...…
Jonathan Bernstein on the Trump administration's botched response to the hurricane that ravaged Puerto Rico. It's another example of a rudderless executive branch. This commentary aired on Bloomberg Radio.
This episode is with the Felix about his race day down in Puerto Rico. He says he isn’t the fastest, but he has the most fun out there. The drive behind his reason to do triathlon is because his mom passed away due to health complications. He’s done a full ironman before in Louisville in 2015. He talks highly of his coach Raul Cardenas. He has ...…
In which Jay and Brian discuss only the hottest news in comics: - DC announce Justice League Dark and Justice League Odyssey - Frank Miller signs a five-book deal with DC - DC and Somos team up for Ricanstruction They then announce a new giveaway before moving on to this week's featured book, Lucy Dreaming #1, from Max Bemis, Michael Dialynas, ...…
SoCal's water district may pay upfront for a second water tunnel, Dodgers come together to help Puerto Rico, LA's forgotten environmentalist.
La detención de Puigdemont devuelve el conflicto catalán a las portadas de los periódicos La historia detrás de la detención de un barco de rescate en el Mediterráneo Disturbios en Lavapiés: el origen del malestar El misterio del asesino de las bombas de Texas El rey del textil, Amancio Ortega, cada vez más rico mientras empeoran las condicione ...…
Gabby Diaz stops by and tells Dreena about her eventful visit to a local Starbucks, plus our take on the #WhoBitBeyonce mystery! Follow Dreena on Twitter:@dreenagonzalezFollow Gabby Diaz on Twitter:@itsgabbydiaz_Follow Producer Rico:@ricardodeltoroFor all these stories and more go to
The world tells us to work hard so we can be rich and comfortable. God’s Word tells us to work hard to help the needy. Razón por la cual debemos trabajar duro El mundo nos dice que trabajemos duro para ser ricos y tener comodidades. La palabra de Dios nos dice que trabajemos duro para ayudar […]
Pina Colada!! Pina Colada!!So good news, Cam is back!!WE discuss today about the cool refreshing summer drink: Pina Colada. The creation has two stories from pirates (yes my favorite subject) or a bartender in Puerto Rico at the Beachcomber Bar. we also talk about spin offs of this great drink from my version to St. Maarten version: Guavaberry ...…
Hump day! Another episode of World Hip ­Hop. Provided by me and! April is a couple of days away. Shout out to everybody making their Easter plans and spring break getaways. I'm getting away, too. I'll be doing my Latin Hip­ Hop show straight outta Tampa which is my second home. Saturday I'm in Miami hanging with my peeps Smif & Wes ...…
This week we have a mini episode where we remember some of the Eurovision national final entries that won't be making the trip to Lisbon. We also take a moment to remember Lys Assia, the original ESC chanteuse. Episode Summary Remembering Lys Assia (2:56) Scandilove (Norway) (7:05) Í Stormi (Iceland) (11:31) Sunset (Latvia) (14:52) Леля (Lelya) ...…
Executive Producer Dennis Belen-Morales speaks with Hofstra University Professor Dr. Alan Singer about the debate happening in America right now surrounding statues commemorating Confederate soldiers. Then, Executive Producer Ben Abrams brings us a first hand account of his experience visiting Puerto Rico during a service trip in response to Hu ...…
Today's guest on I Am Refocused Podcast Special Edition is Avraham Azrieli The Book: “Deborah Calling” (HarperCollins, 2017)Description: “Deborah Calling” is the second novel in the “Deborah Rising” series, an inspiring historical adventure about the first woman to lead a nation in human history. (Cover image provided separately)In the traditio ...…
Hosted by Teknician and Cali The Vlogger Special Host: Lei & Yvonne Episode 26 Topics: Crazy Storms in New York CityAkon Offers help to Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria, and the puertorican government says no. Guess they don’t want people digging in their pockets.Rick Ross recovers from heart failure and an embarrassing 911 call.When that one ...…
Nomiki Konst (@NomikiKonst) joins us to discuss recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. On today's show: Andrew Cuomo is trying to quell voting rights in New York. Ben Shapiro criticizes David Hogg's speech using his trademark sophistry and MTV camera work. Nomiki Konst (@NomikiKonst), investigative reporter for The Young Turks, joins us to talk NY st ...…
In our season 1 finale, Thom & Elliott discuss the murder of trans woman of colour Naomi, Marlon Bundo, the movie 'Love, Simon', the history of Oscar Wilde, and Doug Ford. Special guest Jezebel Bardot talks the Toronto drag scene, her origins, influences, and winning Miss El Convento Rico. See you in season 2!…
Today’s top stories: stocks return to green, Puerto Rico bonds rally, and Carlyle Group goes shopping.
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