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The Rift Valley Institute is a non-profit research and training organization working with communities and institutions in Eastern and Central Africa. RVI programmes connect local knowledge to global information systems, aiming to modify development practice. They include field-based social research, support for indigenous educational institutions, in-country training courses and a digital library.
Beyond the Rift
A League of Legends Podcast
Each week, journalists and old school friends - Tom Arms and Lockwood Phillips - discuss big news stories around the world from different sides of the pond and very different sides of the political spectrum.
Reza Rifts
Keith Reza is back, with his partner Alan Lee, as they talk to stand up comedians and other celbrities not scripted or planned, they just rift and have fun.Listen Live Tuesdays at 7:00PM (PST) on LA Talk Radio (
Static Rift
Static Rift is a broadcast in the Gag Order Network that talks all things Nerdy, covering topics including Comic books, movies/TV, video games and Pro-Wrestling, complete with the soothing voices of host John Mastrangelo and a rotating rogues gallery of co-hosts.You can catch the show live Thursdays from 7:00-9:00 PM EST on, or listen to the podcast edition of each episode here on iTunes with new episodes posted every Monday.or listen to back episodes here on ITunes T ...
Genesis - The beginning, or the origin. Genesis is the definitive first and last word to all things Rift. With weekly news, player experiences, and special topics, all delivered by an easy-going cast, Genesis is a Rift Podcast For the Masses!Please visit our website at for more information.
Welcome to Rift Tech Radio. A Konflikt 47 Podcast for the excellent weird war 2 game, Konflikt 47 produced by Warlord games and Clockwork Goblin Miniatures.
A podcast for players of Rift covering all facets of the game. A great resource for new players and veterans alike.
RIFT Overcast
Overcast is a podcast that covers all things related to Trion World's mmorpg, RIFT. Your hosts, Matt and Joe, discuss hot topics from forums, the latest patches, raids, dungeons, questing, and anything else that peeks their interest or that of the community.Overcast also has guests come on the show from time to time, for their Community Voice episodes. If you'd like to be a guest on the show, make sure you contact us with some brief info about yourself and your desired topics.
Rift Hunters
Rift Hunters is an Open Legend multi-dimensional live-play podcast. Featuring esteemed players and a GM that still needs to know what "GM" means, Rift Hunters transports listeners to a high-fantasy world that has been transformed by rifts from other dimensions. Expect the unexpected and probable the improbable. Welcome to Hifa.
Welcome to Rift Tech Radio. A Konflikt 47 Podcast for the excellent weird war 2 game, Konflikt 47 produced by Warlord games and Clockwork Goblin Miniatures.
A collection of podcasts exploring the culture in pop culture. Our shows range from the general (flagship show The Chronic Rift) to the specific (The Batcave Podcast). We look at literature (Dead Kitchen Radio), movies (The Weekly Podioplex), family (Generations Geek), gaming (The Cardboard Jungle), and more.
Hi, I'm TheAMO and this is my journey to talk and learn everything LOL!!!!!
The Rift Podcast
The Rift - a podcast all about Trion World's AAA MMO - RIFT. Discussions, debates and interviews with developers and community memebers about the game and the community.
How do you know so much about Palladium Books®? Tell them you heard it as Echoes from the Rifts®.
Josh, Chris, and Trevor discuss all things Rift! Whether its currrent gameplay, upcoming patches, boss mechanics, meta-game and everything in between. Be sure to subscribe for a new episode every week.
Virtual Reality News and Discussion Podcast
RPG Circus
Each episode, we talk and discuss a variety of RPG and RPG related topics.
Hello! And welcome to Uncle Jonny’s Virtual Reality Podcast, where we talk about what’s happening in the emerging VR tech world, and how to develop VR experiences.
Rev VR Podcast
Reverend Kyle discusses current Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology including the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. We also take a look at software and peripherals, and do interviews with gamers, developers, and VR enthusiasts.
Is This Real Life? - A podcast for the virtual reality enthusiast where we discuss the latest games, tech and VR news.
Virtual reality podcast hosted by Matt Carrell AKA Matt Stompz and Brian Bullard AKA Bullardo from the Oculus subreddit. We discuss our experiences and news in the fast growing Virtual Reality universe and our place in it.
VR Enclave
The podcast dedicated to bringing VR news, game reviews and interviews straight to your brain. The early focus of the podcast will be on the Gear VR but we will expand to other platforms as we get those awesome new devices.
Josh, Mike, and Val discuss tabletop gaming, rpg's, and card games.
A twice monthly podcast looking at each and every episode of the classic 60s Batman series with a special guest.
This podcast is the audio extract from the Deep Dive series of videos on the VR Roundtable YouTube channel. In these short episodes, one of the hosts of VR Roundtable picks a Virtual Reality related topic to discuss and share opinions on. You can view the full videos at
Home of the Left-Handed VR Podcast
Is This Real Life? - A podcast for the virtual reality enthusiast where we discuss the latest games, tech and VR news.
It's About Time
From a jealous murder in the 1800s to the family rift that split some of the most famous sisters of the 20th century, the Pankhursts, join Sir Tony Robinson for a new podcast series that brings stories from the past, to life in the present. It’s About Time is brought to you by Ancestry.
High Level Games Podcast, the Industry's First Choice in Taking Your Games to the Next Level! Our podcast discussed gaming products from the perspective of gamers for gamers to enhance the experience of your own games.
Let's Talk About VR Tech, Business, and Development
Coalition Deadboys
The official site of the Coalition Deadboys Podcast. Join us as we discuss all things related to games from the universe of Palladium Books!
Official podcast of the Ephemeral Rift YouTube Channel where I share my thoughts, observations, perspective and personal experiences on a variety of topics ranging from the everyday mundane to politics, and as of November 2017 featuring music from various genres. YouTube: Facebook Page:
Your weekly dose of everything MMO
This podcast is a reflection on my opinions on gaming , and what im doing now . its meant to be funny and entertaining , and insightful when possible . So put on a headset and liten to us talk about MMOs to board games . and thanks for gaming.
This is the official podcasts of Thinkerbox Games; a Third Year Games Development Team from The University of Salford located in Greater Manchester, UK. These podcasts are recorded whenever we have the time during the development of our projects and will discuss mostly anything and totally unedited.
A podcast for lovers of raiding in the world of Rift!
Welcome to Rum Heroes podcasting. Some of our content is intended for mature audiences. Please be advised that we are the HBO late nite comedy hour, if your looking for sitcoms. All our shows are done monthly and bi monthly and will host their own page list on the right.
The official gaming podcast of
Fun Timez Gamcast
The Fun Timez Gamecast is a weekly podcast from the Fun Timez Gaming Community. We cover week by week gaming news and quick reviews on games we have been playing. We are all about the fun timez. Fun Timez are Good Timez! Top Ten Video Game podcast on Podomatic!!!
Weird Studies
Professor Phil Ford and writer/filmmaker J. F. Martel host a series of conversations on art and philosophy, dwelling on ideas that are hard to think and art that opens up rifts in what we are pleased to call "reality."
Here’s our weekly podcast about our progress on the ARC aeon rifts of cronus card game, time flux card game card game.
Three, sometimes four blokes chatting about interacting with digital avatars.
A witty comedy series set in the 1930s at Maudelayne College in Oxbridge, UK where a rift has opened allowing mythological worlds to enter reality. The intrepid trio—Atherton, Westbrook and Worsley must maintain order while battling monsters and visiting legendary heroes.
Arkham Sanitarium
Arkham Sanitarium is the official broadcast of the state-of-the-art health care facility of the same name. On a biweekly basis, Professor Clemmons, overseer of the facility, and members of his staff, provide residents with the latest information and news, mental health discussions and more, with special guests appearing from time to time. This is the official podcast of the fictional home to the various fictional characters that appear on the Ephemeral Rift YouTube channel below. http://www. ...
It's About Time
From a jealous murder in the 1800s to the family rift that split some of the most famous sisters of the 20th century, the Pankhursts, join Sir Tony Robinson for a new podcast series that brings stories from the past, to life in the present. It’s About Time is brought to you by Ancestry.
Join us as we explore the political rifts in our family with honest dialogue
VRSpies Exposed
Virtual Reality News & Reviews by Youtubers you Know & Trust. Each week we discuss what is new in the world of VR, we talk about Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, OSVR and much more, we also include spots for guest developers to talk about their work and vision for the future of this exciting technology. The VRSpies team are a group of dedicated VR enthusiasts and veterans eager to engage with the community.
We're a blog and podcast exploring the latest in Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus, Google Cardboard and the coming virtual reality revolution.
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Episode 32 – The Parappa Effect This week, the boys kick things off with some not-so-bad bad beers. Lorenzo gets to drink a delicious blueberry flavored breakfast beer from Mudshark Brewery. Rian discovers a stout he doesn’t hate from Sleepy Dog Brewery. Chester, however, fucks himself with a disgusting sour from a brewery that doesn’t deserve ...…
Normally we attempt to make the Triangle Talk Show an audio event. The video we usually make is just talking heads. But this time it's as much show as it is tell, and the video is worth checking out. So we'll paste the viewer in here: The Kīlauea volcano in Hawaii has been continuously erupting since 1983, sending l ...…
On this week's edition of The Weekly Podioplex, Thanos gets turkey status as Infinity War reigns supreme, but this week sees another Josh Brolin baddie in another Marvel release vying for audience wallets with Deadpool 2. Marvel on Marvel, Brolin on Brolin... Deadpool is one happy (and filthy) anti-hero. On the home entertainment front, Marvel ...…
We're getting weird with Fantasy in today's episode. What are the lengths that fantasy is willing to explore? Bug Castles? Living Candy? Entropy!?!?! We're discussing this and more with my special guest Psychotrip.Media Outlets-PschotripYouTube - - ...…
The following podcast is scheduled for Super Junior news, the world's greatest cameo and a rift growing between a father and son! Links Twitter @FightBoyzShow @BlakeATanner @Scottyemo
Jon and Joey discuss the return of The International’s prize pool tracker, esports in the Asian Games, a Sports Emmy for esports, banned jerseys, a new champion heading to the Rift, MSI group stage results, and more on this episode of the LvLUp Podcast! Comments or questions for this podcast? Head on over to Twitter @TheLvLUpPodcast. You can al ...…
East Rift Zone Update; Changes at the Airport; Charter School Evacuation; Mayor Wright Housing RedevelopmentBy (Hawaii Public Radio).
East Rift Zone Update; Animal Victims of Eruption; Charter School Evacuation; Mayor Wright Housing RedevelopmentBy (Hawaii Public Radio).
Boot-stompin' guitarist and songwriter, Rob Leines, joins GuitarCast to talk about his new album, "Bad Seed" out now. Rob and Andy perform two Leines originals, "Heavy Load" and "Train Beat." PLEASE FILL OUT THE OSIRIS LISTENER SURVEY FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A PHISH "RIFT" LP SIGNED BY TOM MARSHALL OR A $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD!!! GuitarCast is a memb ...…
Join Josh and Leah as they try Cherry Cola Oreos and watch The Dark Age. In this episode, Giles turns out to have a past and its convoluted and irritating. His mistakes cause a rift with him and Jenny, and also Giles gets drunk. Listen to find out how to get your free month of Audible, and your free audiobook. Don't forget to come and see us at ...…
This month marks the 124th birthday of radio legend Fred Allen. Though best known for his “feuds” with fellow comedian Jack Benny, Allen had a long and prolific career. We present tonight a classic episode of “The Fred Allen Show.” First, Fred takes us on a walk down Allen’s Alley to meet the colorful characters who live there, then Frank Sinat ...…
It's volcano's and treaties with Iran that is on this the Mothers Day edition of the show. We first talk about what is happening on the Southeast portion of the island of Hawaii where the Kilauea Volcano is putting on quite a show and affecting a lot of people in the process in Leilani Estates and the East Rift Zone. Find out that the activitie ...…
On this week's edition of The Weekly Podioplex, we survived the Infinity War... again. Are you still here, or are you dust? The box office saw a couple more records fall and is eagerly awaiting a few more to shake loose, but the Avengers have to contend with high education comedy as Melissa McCarthy goes back to school as the Life of the Party. ...…
In the 11th episode of the LTN Podcast, your man Louie Tee dives into the topic of if there's a rift, who goes first: coach or star player, next I venture into "Choose Wisely," which then transitions into LTNPod Trivia, before wrapping up the festivities with "In Case You Missed It...." Episode Timestamp (5:24) Droppin' A Gem On Ya Melon: Who G ...…
East Rift Zone Update; Science Behind Volcanoes; Point in Time Count; MVT’s production of Shear MadnessBy (Hawaii Public Radio).
Lory Gil and Mikah Sargent share their impressions of Oculus Go. Even though it doesn't quite compete with high end VR devices like HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, it has proven to be addictively fun. Lory also supplies a boots on the ground report from Google I/O 2018. One highlight at the conference was a demo of Google Duplex. In the technolog ...…
East Rift Zone Eruptions; Ala Moana Railing Lawsuit; Medical Aid in Dying; Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe at DKIST ; Military Joint ConcertBy (Hawaii Public Radio).
"Population: Zero" Airdate: January 18, 2018 Written by Elroy Schwartz Directed by Jeannot Szwarc Synopsis: Steve investigates a small town that appears to have had its entire population killed. But when he discovers the real secret and the threat behind it, he must act fast to stop a full scale slaughter. John is joined by artist and longtime ...…
Episode 47—Part of the Family Science fiction writer Scott Pearson and his daughter, Ella, dive into Alien 3 (1992) as they continue their epic review of the entire Alien movie series. They’ve said it before and they’ll say it again, always listen to Ripley! Segments Intro :28 Sequel Overview :50 You Waited Six Years for This? 2:03 On Seeing it ...…
Obadiah has been waiting and waiting… but its finally here! Beat Saber on Oculus Rift! Think Dance Dance Revolution with a light saber and you’ve got it. Check the ObadiahPlays video now at!
Today we sat down to talk about the triple whammy hitting Hawaii Island that consists of lava spewing from below, several earthquakes and noxious fumes in the air . This is the strongest series of events to hit Hawaii in more than forty years. We sat down with seismologist Lucy Jones, U.S. Geological Survey research geophysicist Weston Thelen, ...…
An Enchanted Evening (with Phil DeLuca) Thanks Mike Condon for the music and editing and pyrotechnics Special Thanks Phil DeLuca (@ketjak) from @commanderinmtg Halleck - Needle scratch audio clip Tiffany for the logo/icon Ep 46 Community Spotlight: @Copain26 - 00:02:12, 00:24:02 @ghirapurigears ...…
The week that was (TWTW) takes a look back at the week’s most prominent tech stories from around the world. Video versions of TWTW appear on our website as well as our YouTube channel and Facebook page. For those that prefer an audio only version, you can subscribe to the TWTW podcast feed on iTunes or by add this feed ( ...…
We're here again for an all new Monthly Theme! We're doing fantasy! So let's talk about Modern Magic. Why do we hide it? We have a special surprise for you today, TWO GUESTS!
On this week's edition of The Weekly Podioplex, we survived the Inifnity War. Did you? The box office was rattled as several records (and hearts) were broken. This week, remakes, comedies, and a Time Lord gone bad will do their best as two Marvel movies continue to dominate the top five. On the home entertainment front, things are picking up as ...…
The band Loftän speaks to the boys from the Pacific Northwest! Day drinking, great music, discussing Delilah the bus, and Team Epiphone Membership causes a rift in the whisky-time continuum, shrinking the boys into teeny tiny speakers! Also - Moral Conundrums! "What would you do?" Who was Jim Morrissey? Chris judges a movie by the title alone! ...…
The investigations in Atroprague and Qybryte continue as our characters fall further down the wormhole of the Rift occurrences. With Moeraes fully fallen to Lachard forces, the Cothein characters take shelter where they can to rekindle their efforts and decide what fate lie ahead.
Quayde hops on over to share a cowboy cold beer with Ryan Wilcox & The Sunday Shakes (Josh Banks and Ricky Harris) at the Red Roof Inn in Lubbock. We discuss joining on with RiFT Music Group and playing shows with the management team’s other hard hitters, like Copper Chief and Shea Abshier. Ryan tells us the story about how his name ended up on ...…
"CORPSE OF THE YEAR" AIRED: JANUARY 13 & 27, 1967 A two-part story brings us a cast of characters and a murder mysterywhere the Hornet is the prime suspect. This story has a lot going for it, but it also has a number of clumsy elements including a duplicate Hornet and Black Beauty which appears to have no real purpose to the plot other than it ...…
Bipartisanship agreements, rifts within the parties, and the difficulties of running independent in a "two party" system. This and more on this episode with Republican candidate for California congressional district 37, Ron Bassilian. Remember #DoYourHomework #VoteResponsibly and vote for Micheál O'Leary, your candidate for Board of Equalizatio ...…
Recorded on Facebook Live April 29, 2018 Forty years ago, the BBC premiered a new science fiction show by Terry Nation, the creator of the Daleks. Nation had quite the record of well received scripts to various television shows and had created and written the previous Survivors. But then along came Blake's 7. This dystopian drama dealt with a t ...…
On this week's edition of The Weekly Podioplex, audiences escaped the Rampage and sought solace in A Quiet Place. The victory for the silent horror will be short-lived because this week marks the arrival of Thanos and Avengers: Infinity War. There's nothing else going on at the box office. Everyone else gave Marvel the floor. On the home entert ...…
Sponsored by Element Games Don't call it a comeback, but.... WE'RE BACK!! In this episode after an extended hiatus we have a lot to catch-up on, not least of all a host change. Tom Hewitt will be replacing Chris Tomlin as a regular host on the show going forward. I'm sure you'll all join me in thanking Chris for being on the show up until this ...…
Sponsored by Element Games Don't call it a comeback, but.... WE'RE BACK!! In this episode after an extended hiatus we have a lot to catch-up on, not least of all a host change. Tom Hewitt will be replacing Chris Tomlin as a regular host on the show going forward. I'm sure you'll all join me in thanking Chris for being on the show up until this ...…
“Void Season” is a digital fashion design project.Part dreamlike theatre, part lateral cargo cult hustle, a succession of bold garment designs acts as an ersatz runway show. In a minimal set of solid backdrops, radiant colors and oblique choreography second the exquisite design of costumes that have been entirely artificially generated.A wealth ...…
Stephen is in Chris' custody in this episode where they get their hands dirty with advice for tough questions like how to get your family to stop burping at the dinner table and how to get your coworkers to stop talking about their grandchildren. To ask the brothers a question, email us at or Tweet @hyperbrolepod. Lo ...…
The Krew meets up for a late night recording session to bring you the latest in all comic book updates with changes coming to the DC Universe. With a new creative team behind Justice Leauge, we're getting some new teams, as Justice Leauge Dark is coming back, Martian Manhunter joining the team, and another team being formed with Darkseid. That' ...…
Mike and Rich dabble in the medical among other things . We babble on: Sweat based Diagnostic devices Viewmaster is back! De-icing Concrete Android/Google creator Andy Rubin wants to give you a free Dashcam Using Cancer to reverse MS Oculus Rift games ALS gets stopped by copper? Screen Protector that you paint on your screen to avoid bubbles…
Mixed and curated by Seán Savage, The Mix Sessions is a global gathering of music fans every week bringing you the best underground electronic music around including Electronica, Trip Hop, Drum & Bass and Deep House. 01. Free At Last – Blue Hawaii 02. Bleeding Ink – Loscil 03. Don’t Think About It – Bernice 04. Exotic Realms – White Poppy 05. 4 ...…
01. Rae Morris – Someone Out There (Kat Krazy Extended Mix) 02. Tom & Jame vs We AM – Zone (DJ Edit) [Fonk] 03. Oliver Heldens – King Kong (HI-LO Touch) (Extended Mix) [Heldeep] 04. Gorgon City – Motorola (Extended Mix) 05. Axollo – Nights (feat. Ralph Larenzo) (DJ Edit) [Heldeep] 06. Sam Bruno – So What feat. Rockie Fresh (Miss Tara Festival E ...…
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