Best senior podcasts we could find (Updated May 2018)
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The podcast for rehab clinicians that work with older adults. The Senior Rehab Project is here to help you step up your game. Whether you’re a physical therapist, PT assistant, student, or seasoned veteran, the Senior Rehab Project will prove to be helpful for you in your practice, regardless of setting.
Resources for Family Caregivers of Older Adults
The Seniors Flourish Podcast with Mandy Chamberlain MOTR/L showcases interviews with Occupational Therapy influencers, answers questions and discusses relevant topics for OT practitioners working with older adults. Let's get EXCITED for geriatric OT while getting practical, actionable ideas that listeners can use in their own practice right away. At the Seniors Flourish Podcast, the mission is simple: Helping fellow OT practitioners working with older adults be the best they can be.
Retirement Talk is a weekly podcast intended for seniors, boomers and retirees. We will examine all aspects of retirement: actions, ideas, memories, and plans. We will consider travel, life goals, family, community, exercise, relocating, housing, continuing education, friends, health, and end of life issues.
THE podcast that helps you navigate the world of all things senior fitness
Senior Chemistry
The following videos are based on the Senior Chemistry Unit.
"People don't realize or perhaps don't want to admit when their pets reach the senior stage of their lives. I say embrace it! It's important to know all about your pet and to help him make a smooth transition into their sassy senior years. Our seniors are still very vibrant and fabulous." Sassy Seniors is a show celebrating senior pets. We will talk with celebs who own senior pets, authors, veterinarians, pets who became celebs in their golden years and much more.
Senior Central
Discussions on positive ageing and breaking down stereotypes with Rona Abbott. Every second Tuesday morning at 11:40 and repeating the following Thursday afternoon at 2:40 and Saturday afternoon at 4:40.Here is a website that Rona would like to share. It is well worth visiting and has some great resources
Here is a program about seniors for seniors. It is specifically about inspirational seniors who are doing unique and different things with their lives to make a difference to themselves and others they help. There are a lot of other things Vicki Starfire will will uncover of interest. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions as to what you'd like to hear.
Six CP seniors discussing the nuances of highschool life. Dig in. New Podcasts uploaded every Tuesday.
Senior Moments
Monthly+ insight into the lives of seniors, questions or answers they may have regarding programs, volunteers, recreation and information available to them in the area. Listen to the members from "The Prince George Council of Seniors", as they bring issues, comments, phone in topics, trivia questions for the day and a few jokes along the way. Guest speakers when available. LISTEN LIVE TUESDAYS 1:00pm to 2:00pm on CFIS FM Radio 93.1 in Prince George BC - Community Radio or online at http://www. ...
Talking about aging and how to navigate the process with the right information and planning.
Sixth Year Seniors
College football & college basketball with a little gambling and a lot of pro wrestling. Coming to you August thru April - yes, we take the summers off, too.
Senior Housing Forum is the "go to" resource for senior living professionals.
Senior Care Live
Senior Care Live
Music videos created from senior photo sessions by Jess VanLue, a senior portrait artist located in Mid-Michigan. Real. Modern. You.
Hear practical and creative Bible teaching from Byron Bledsoe, Pastor of C3 Church in Orlando, Florida.
Helping Readers Age Well & Enjoy Themselves While Doing It!
Aging and Senior Health (Audio)
The Senior Living Today with Luther Manor program is broadcast weekly on 620 WTMJ from 5am-5:30am. The show is designed for seniors, about seniors, and those who love them. WTMJ's Libby Collins and Luther Manor experts explore a range of topics that speak to all seniors in various stages of life. Do you have an aging parent and need advice on how to talk to them about continuing care Or are you a senior that is worried about affordability and staying active when you choose to make the transi ...
Breon Senior
Random Ramblings
Senior Dad
Show about parenting Host Senior Dad Stan Goldberg speaks with parents, educators, experts, and professionals offering cutting edge information about how to raise our children to succeed in the modern world. Hear the latest scandals, disputes, best practices, and food choices from the best sources in the world. Visit the Senior Dad Briefing Rooms that are packed with usable knowledge on teaching methods, homework, Autism, and even a special San Francisco Briefing Room. Listen and learn.
Senior (Citizen)
Ever wonder what high school seniors have to say about race, politics, gender, and other important topics of this day and age? Well then Senior (Citizen) is the podcast for you! Senior(Citizen) is hosted by 17 and 1/2 year old Ruby Mendelsund and features some of the most interesting, articulate and intelligent high school seniors in the US of A.
Senior Research
This is my podcast!
The Huntsman World Senior Games Active Life is a weekly 25 minute podcast designed to help listeners get the most out of their life. We tackle all kinds of health and wellness topics including the value of competition as part of overall health and wellness.
"Speaking of Psychology" is an audio podcast series highlighting some of the latest, most important and relevant psychological research being conducted today. Produced by the American Psychological Association, these podcasts will help listeners apply the science of psychology to their everyday lives.
We love Seniors and meet their needs! Call us for a FREE consultation (386) 299-5838
The Senior Care Growth Show is a set of interviews with Senior Care marketing and sales professionals sharing their tips on how you can improve your growth strategy.
Jon Senior's funky thinkers is on a quest to interview interesting and innovative business people from around the world. Our aim is to give you a platform to show WHO you are rather than just WHAT you know.
View some of the coolest slideshows on the planet-share with your friends on itunes, myspace, facebook etc. -Seniors of 2010 podcasts visit on-line @ call 804-747-8902 for additional info
The end of teenage life as documented by those who fight it. Live vicariously again.
High School Senior Photography that Rocks
Caring for Seniors
Podcast by Samantha Bowen and Li Xia
Senior Graphic Design Major at Texas Tech University trying to make it through the last 7 months of my college career. 🌸
Senior Market Sales, Inc. (SMS) is a full-service insurance marketing organization (IMO) dedicated to helping independent insurance agents leverage time, make more money and put their business in a position of distinction.
Sixth Year Seniors
Alan Capps and Mike Watson talk college football and college hoops, with an undercurrent of gambling and professional wrestling.
Senior Talk Radio
Joey Coker of Home Aid Caregivers offers insight and information into the specialized needs of our senior citizens as well as helpful advice for their caregivers, their children.
Covering the most interesting content in Aging Services with a focus on new technology, underserved niche communities, and innovative business models
THE podcast that helps you navigate the world of all things senior fitness
Podcast by Senior Living podcast by Americare Senior Living
Get up to speed on parenting and education issues in the Senior Dad Briefing Room. How do parents today handle the stress of earning a living and raising children? How can our schools teach our children better? Should parents donate more to the schools or should government raise funding?
The Jarryd Senior podcast is an extremely entertaining podcast that revolves around the topics of business, entrepreneurship, music and personal development.
The podcast for agents in the senior market.
6th Year Seniors
Breaking down Penn State football, the Big Ten and the rest of college football, each and every week.
Videos of the 2015 Commencement activities from Asbury University
Aging and Senior Health (Video)
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Dispute Resolution Center has been providing affordable, high-quality dispute resolution services and training to the Montgomery County area for 30 years. Meals on Wheels of Montgomery County needs additional volunteers to serve their clients nutritional meals. Since 1 in 4 seniors li ...…
Senior Pastor John Robertson speaks into repentance and confession as a spiritual discipline. For this fifth episode in our spiritual disciplines series, we discuss why careful examination of our everyday practices is a vital part of our growth as Christians. The idea of confessing sin in community is discussed, as well as how confession seems ...…
On this week’s If Then, Will Oremus and April Glaser talk about about a privacy invasion that’s arguably scarier than Cambridge Analytica, and why it’s not getting nearly the same amount of attention. It involves your cellphone, and its ability to track where you are at all times. The hosts are then joined by Luther Lowe, the senior VP of publi ...…
Ari Vared, Senior Director of Product Development at San Francisco-based CyberPolicy and CoverHound joins Enterprise Radio to discuss the biggest cyber threat and security trend to SMBs. This episode of Enterprise Radio is working in association with the Cyber Security Channel. Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Ari Vared discuss the following: Wh ...…
Like many of the things born in Silicon Valley, you might say Strava, the favorite app of millions of athletes, is a happy accident. Strava’s co-founder Mark Gainey, set to run cross-country as a freshman at Harvard in 1986, was sidelined by an injury. This led him to the crew team, where a junior rower named Michael Horvath took him under his ...…
The future of all communications is at stake, explains Tim Karr, Senior Director of Strategy and Communications for Free Press. On May 15 the Senate voted to restore Net Neutrality by overturning the FCC’s decision to undo the 2015 Open Internet order. Now the fight turns to the House. While victory is uncertain, Karr says […] The post Podcast ...…
The future of all communications is at stake, explains Tim Karr, Senior Director of Strategy and Communications for Free Press. On May 15 the Senate voted to restore Net Neutrality by overturning the FCC’s decision to undo the 2015 Open Internet order. Now the fight turns to the House. While victory is uncertain, Karr says […] The post Podcast ...…
Let's take a look at this 2016 indie film that focuses on 2 girls discovering love in their senior year of high school. Enjoy!
Today’s podcast was also produced on video. Please tell us what you think! Guests: Michael Smalanskas, recent Theology & Philosophy graduate (Magna Cum Laude) and former Resident Advisor at Providence College; Catholic author, speaker, and gay outreach evangelist Joseph Sciambra. Description: Michael Smalanskas, a senior at the Dominican-run Pr ...…
Musicologist and senior lecturer in the Department of Music at the University of Otago, Graeme Downes, plays songs from Willie Nelson's album Last Man Standing. He says the 85 year old singer songwriter is "more or less doomed to contemplate mortality and the irony of existence".
Tanya Basu -- Senior Editor, Science -- The DAILY BEAST, talks to WDEL's Allan Loudell from New York
Can the data that brands use to discover new customers and drive growth be used to accurately predict where travelers are heading on vacation this summer? Alyssa Bianco, Data Analyst and Peter Lenz, Senior Geospatial Analyst, join Caroline Allen for a conversation on summer travel trends and the differences in the personas of travelers who are ...…
Andrew Soergel -- Senior Reporter -- U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT, talks to WDEL's Allan Loudell from Washington
Leonid Ryzhyk is a senior researcher in the VMware Research Group. The main theme of his work is applying formal methods to build better operating systems and networks. Before joining VMware, Leonid received his PhD from University of New South Wales and NICTA. Leonid has also worked as a researcher at NICTA, as a postdoc at University of Toron ...…
Dr. Steven A. Cook discusses Turkey's pivotal regional role at the Council of American Ambassadors' Spring conference, "Global Tour d'Horizon." Dr. Cook is the Eni Enrico Mattei Senior Fellow for Middle East and Africa Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. The presentation was moderated by Ambassador William C. Eacho and followed with a ...…
A unique Movie Discussion show as while Mark Talks about the new Horror movie "Truth or Dare" (spoilers may and most likely will be mentioned), we go back in time to the Big Apple Con where our senior Correspondent Charlie Saladino interviews Musician CJ Ramone and Actor Sherilyn Fenn, and Pronto Comics' Dominc Sparano interviews Artist/Writer ...…
Retailers need to use science to engage specific audiences and to better understand their customers, says Matt Sargent, senior vice president of Magid, in this podcast with Store Brands Editor-in-Chief Lawrence Aylward.
With autonomous cars creating historic disruption in the automotive industry, some countries are reassessing regulations while trying to seize market leadership. Policymakers and industry players in the U.S. are collaborating to design rules that support the advancement of better transportation environments, while regulators in Europe are pushi ...…
You may want to start looking at housing for the future. Laura Tamblyn Watts, National Director of Law, Policy and Research at the Canadian Association of Retired Persons.
Confedertaion park has a senior ballet class. Joyce Reddy is a ballet teacher and discusses how this style of dance can help.
Welcome to TURNING A NEW LEAF, the podcast that discusses all things related to the legalization and regulation of recreational marijuana in Canada. From doctors and filmmakers to growers and lawyers - we look at all perspectives and opinions as we await July 1, 2018.On this episode, Shawn King hosts the Senior Vice President and Chief Operatin ...…
Today's show will go ober ballet for seniors, housing, and whether or not the struggles of millenials today can really be pinned on the baby boomers
What is title insurance and why do you need it when buying a home? We’re answering both of those questions today. Today I’m excited to be joined by Jim Hughes, senior shareholder of Salzmann & Hughes and PA Real Estate Settlement Services, to answer the question: “What is title insurance and why do we need it?”The main reason that you need titl ...…
Movie Menu Reviews: Your Derivative Podcast! Episode #187: Deadpool 2 Hosted by Dan "The Man" Muñoz Co-Host/Sound Guy: Mike Stand Co-Host/Senior Panelist: Alexander Z Special Guest: Justin Rettke Movie News Bohemian Rhapsody Trailer: Asia Argento Gives Powerful Speech at Cannes https://www.washingtonp ...…
Movie Menu Reviews: Your Derivative Podcast! Episode #187: Deadpool 2 Hosted by Dan "The Man" Muñoz Co-Host/Sound Guy: Mike Stand Co-Host/Senior Panelist: Alexander Z Special Guest: Justin Rettke Movie News Bohemian Rhapsody Trailer: Asia Argento Gives Powerful Speech at Cannes https://www.washingtonp ...…
Digitally-native consumers have raised the stakes on how retailers connect and engage with them. Is email or social the most effective way to reach them? And what tactics make those strategies work? No one knows this more than dorm décor brand Dormify. After all, their consumers are digital-native Gen Zers.In this episode of The Commerce Market ...…
This Powerful Message was preached at RESTORATION HOUR by Rev. Prophet Alex Owusu, the Senior Pastor of Breakthrough Prayer Chapel Int. May God impact into your life as you listen to this powerful message from the man of God. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!
This episode, MAD Magazine Senior Editor Emeritus and Lion's Roar's Rod Meade Sperry are talking about the elephants in the room: Guns. Trump. And, you know, a pervading sense of despair. But don’t despair too much. Thanks to Joe, there’s plenty of laughter soon enough — and some wisdom about staying sane when there's so, so, SO much to be angr ...…
Why scheduling equals freedom, prepping food for meal planning, immersion blenders, self care, leading as an executive who is a mother, and — are play dates a bad idea? Cassandra Jones, Senior Vice President of Fashion & Digital Strategy for Macy’s, on routines and relationships, with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @cassandrajones). ...…
22 May 2018: Helen Farmer welcomes into the studio Rashid Al Tamimi, Senior Presenter at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, and Dr. Farhana Bin Lootah, Consultant of Internal Medicine, Imperial College London Diabetes Centre. They discuss all the things you need to know about fasting this Ramadan, from being exempt to how to ...…
WWJ's Greg Bowman - Community Choice Credit Union providing scholarships for graduating high school seniors.
Lisa Wagner-Carollo is an agent of social change. Through theater, social justice, and spirituality, for almost 30 years she has been making an effort to reach marginalized communities through art. As founding director of the Still Point Theater Collective, Ms. Wagner-Carollo works with adults with developmental disabilities, currently and form ...…
How do you as a ministry leader transition from you doing the ministry to leading a team that does the ministry? It’s hard because we go into ministry because we like doing the ministry. But if things are to grow, we need to step back and empower and encourage others in these roles. This is true in kids ministry, but it’s true across the church ...…
This is The Digital Story Podcast #636, May 22, 2018. Today's theme is "The True Summer Advantage" I'm Derrick Story. Opening Monologue Summer is the season of family vacations, solo adventure, BBQing, baseball games, picnics, and bare feet. But for photographers, there's another benefit that might not be immediately apparent, but can be wildly ...…
Ever wonder what it takes to produce a live internet radio show. We're going "behind the scenes" with Senior Executive Producer at VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network, Robert Ciolino. We'll be coming to you LIVE from the Digital Hollywood Event in Los Angeles, a trade conference that covers the fields of film, television, music, home, video, cable, ...…
We all dread the unexpected - we worry, plan, and avoid it at all costs. In the first episode of this series, we are talking to Malaya Bizaillion about life after the unexpected happens. At just 9 years old, Malaya lost her mom, Jenny Ross Bizaillion, following an unexpected illness that took her life only 19 days after going to the hospital. N ...…
Monte Larrick and Dave Smith sat down with Reverend Dr. Joey Krol, Dr. Krol is an author and the senior pastor of Galilee Baptist Church in Decatur. He is also the morning host at WLUJ, a christian radio station in Springfield. They discuss pastors getting their churches to speak up and get involved in politics, the role prayer plays in our nat ...…
Max Boot is a historian, best-selling author, and foreign-policy analyst who has been called one of the “world’s leading authorities on armed conflict” by the International Institute for Strategic Studies. He is the Jeane J. Kirkpatrick senior fellow in national security studies at the Council on Foreign Relations and a national-security column ...…
Moderator:Alex Reiss, Director – Stifel Panelists:Barry Nelson, Partner – Advent Capital Management, LLC Presentation/PDFEvan Serton, Senior Vice President – Cohen & SteersKen Fincher, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager – First TrustMike Taggart, Vice President, Director of Closed-End Fund Research – Nuveen Investments This audio podcast ...…
Moderator:Mariana F. Bush, CFA, CEF & ETP Research - Wells Fargo Investment Institute Panelists:Rennie McConnochie, Global Head of Banks – Aberdeen Standard Investments Douglas Bond, Executive Vice President – Cohen & SteersJeff Margolin, Senior Vice President – First Trust Portfolios This audio podcast was recorded on Thursday, May 17, 2018 at ...…
Dr. Zeller and Dr. Marcia Brand discuss where they believe dentistry is going, and how that will look entirely different than many expect. They also discuss the utility in an integrated healthcare model and those that supporters and hinder that change. Finally, Dr. Brand describes how the dental community can best advocate for oral health to th ...…
Murray Jones from 4CA speaks with Senior Constable Russell Parker from the Cairns District Crime Prevention office about the rule of keeping left unless overtaking on our local highways #MurrayJones #4CA #RussellParker #SeniorConstable #QPS #QueenslandPoliceService #Police #road #rules #law #highway #CaptainCook #left #lane #dualcarriageway #ov ...…
Matt Morgan and Cooper O'Neal share their thoughts on their high school careers.
Welcome to Mockingbirds and Mariners… A podcast where stories aren’t just found in a good book, they’re hidden behind the eyes of the person right in front of you. They have flesh, they have feelings, and they have a name. But are we willing to listen? On this podcast you will hear from Chuck DeGroat. Chuck serves as Professor of Counseling and ...…
5-20-2018 Compelled by Love: 2 Corinthians 5:11-21Part 3 of a 4 part series: Evangelism: We’ve Got Good News!by Nathan Parker, Senior PastorWoodmont Baptist Church
May 20, 2018: Message by Dr. Matthew Mitchell, Senior Minister.
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