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Breakfast with Sis
Welcome to "Breakfast With Sis", the breakfast musings of a daddy daughter breakfast tradition. Alli Koch, Aka, SIs, is a successful entrepreneur and author having started AlliKdesign, a visual design company right out of college. Dad, Tony Bridwell, is an author, speaker, executive coach, and SVP, Chief People Officer at RYAN LLC. Together the two have had a standing Saturday breakfast date since Alli was 13. Over the years the two have discussed most every life skill required to thrive in ...
Come On Sis Podcast is a current events and hot topic podcast hosted by the outspoken, yet intelligent, ladies Tee Pride & Shaela Michelle. They are going to be a voice to black women and give that raw comedic perspective on the world of entertainment, music, beauty & fashion.
Sisters in Spirit (SIS) is a nurturing environment for women that:- inspires harmony in everyday living - shares resources that empower- Offers information and support that nourishes the soul; - balances our mental and physical well being; and- promotes inner peace and heightened spirituality.Our vision is world in which women live consciously, harmoniously, and spiritually to positively impact our lives and the lives of those with whom we come in contact. Join us as we live life with style, ...
Speak Sis
Welcome to the Speak, Sis podcast where we speak in boldness and support each other in love. We’re simply conversationalist, not experts. We enjoy conversing on topics that sparks our interest and triggers our words to action.
Big Sis Pod
Big Sis is a movement empowering females to know their worth in relationships, career and self.It’s time for change so let’s start thinking outside the box when it comes to what’s becoming society’s norm.We feature some remarkable survivor stories as well as showcasing experts in fields that you may not know too much about, but you are definitely going to want to find out a whole lot more!It’s all about the SISTERHOOD, so if you idolise the Kardashians or thought Hugh Heffner was a really gr ...
Speak It Sis
A podcast created by three goal-oriented women who aspire to empower and speak life into others. Your three host will discuss numerous topics that will have you feeling blessed, crying, inspired, and lots of laughs along the way.
Hey SIS is a station geared towards women to empower and inspire them to be their best most confident selves💋
Raw, real, hilarious, and insightful conversations by women of color for women of color to educate, inform, affirm, celebrate, aspire, inspire, and empower eachother.
Podcast by Eunoia Studios
Bro Sis Time
A brother and a sister talking about movies, books, TV and whatever we want :) BRO SIS TIME!
Take some time to join Sis. Tii as she discusses a variety of topics from a Christian perspective.
Take some time to join Sis. Tii as she discusses a variety of topics from a Christian perspective.
“Talkin’ Faith with Catholic Sis” is a future youth minister and young lady who’s on fire for God!
Wherein your favorite neighbors discuss television, movies, music, celebrities and anything else that crosses their funny little minds.
A podcast about mysteries, the paranormal, urban legends & folklore. But ya know, keeping it light. From bro & sis @HauntedSponge & @ChillinKristen 💀✨
Welcome to DJ YOSHI's NonStop HIP HOP/R&B/REGGAE DJ's Mix Show.リーク曲、新譜、旧譜をノンストップミックスで配信!-Info-DJ YOSHI is G-F-S member.G-F-S is a Japanese Hip-hop duo from Adachi in Tokyo. =Smash Hit Song=タネウマ☆feat,Teeda(BACK-ON),Kenji03(BACK-ON)Mr,Blistah(Clench&Blistah),マシューバロンContact twitter@djyoshigfs
Are you single and saved? Want to know how to date as a single Christian while still enjoying a loving, romantic relationship that leads to the altar before the bedroom? Then tune in to national bestselling author and licensed minister, Kim Brooks' show based off the title of her newest book, "How to Date and Stay Saved." This show shares free tips from her book and interviews singles experts and well-known personalities about Christian Singles issues, Christian Dating and today's single Chr ...
How to do Your 20's is a podcast about learning how to optimize and squeeze every last drop of awesomeness out of your 20's. We explore diverse topics that such as traveling, dating, life hacking and how to optimize just about every aspect of life that a 20 something would be interested in improving.
All my podcasts in SIS!
Black Girl Brunch
Tune in as the best friend duo, Iman and Sabria, talk their trash about celebrities, culture, health, dating, politics and navigating through life as black girls. Join them to find out who's in the Sunken Place each week and for their Common Sense Sis conversation, where they spit some truth on a array of subjects. So pull up a seat to the most guilt-free brunch around!
A brother and a sis discussing movies, books, TV shows, whatever else we want! :)
BroCode By BRichie
BroCode Is A Weekly Podcast Hosted By BRichie. Full Of Everything Relevant From Poppin' Topics To Celebri-Tea! Even Tho Its Called BroCode, Its For Us Sis!
The Play Therapy Institute of Colorado’s “Lessons From the Playroom” Podcasts are a series of recorded podcasts designed to help therapists understand the little lessons that kids teach us that make a big difference in the play therapy process. Our podcast host, Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S, is an innovative and inspiring teacher and pioneer in play therapy. She founded and is the CEO of the Play Therapy Institute of Colorado and the creator of Synergetic Play Therapy, a cutting-edge model of play ...
We Came From The 80's! is a podcast where we talk about movies we thought were cool. We're children of the 1980's, and these are the films we grew up with. We watch a film, and then immediately record the podcast. What we talk about is as much about ourselves and how the movie moved us, as it is about the film itself.
Angry Broads
Angry Broads, the silent killer, the man your mother warned you about. Not much is known about this particular individual, except that his penchant for airtight mixing on Technic 1200′s is unmatched, and his selection of upfront drum & bass and hip hop music is unrivaled through out the lands.
SIS Radio is brought to you by Paranormal Author Robb Hawkins, and members of his Paranormal Investigation Team Spirit Investigation Services
Welcome to B1 Gang Podcast! The book series we've known and love during the 90's is now on podcast! Listen and enjoy coming back to the adventures of Gino, Jo, Kiko and Boging as they travel to different parts of the country to solve mysteries.
Crawling from the rubble of financial ruin, and creating a brand new and highly successful career in your 60’s is not easy! But in doing just that, Geraldine Teggelove has become an expert in guiding others through the process of Redefining, Reinventing and Rebuilding a happy and successful life. How does she do this? By helping you to grow your Spiritual Fitness so that you can achieve great results every time - all the time! Geraldine believes that it does not matter where you are right no ...
Talks @ TBG+S
TBG+S is a contemporary art gallery and artists' studios complex located in Dublin city centre and the Temple Bar cultural quarter.
King’s is an informal, multicultural church in High Wycombe, made up of all types of people from all kinds of backgrounds. We are one of several Christian churches in the High Wycombe area seeking to serve and enrich our community. King’s is a member of the Newfrontiers family of churches. We are also members of the Evangelical Alliance and subscribe to their Basis of Faith.
PresHER Podcast
Listen in as two 30 somethings take the filters off life and expose the truths about themselves and their peers....”We don’t all have it together sis!... And that’s ok”. They hysterically and candidly address the pressures, the struggles and unexpected shit that pops up while trying to navigate life in their 30's in this social media filtered world. Welcome to PresHER Podcast.
Poditics is a hard hitting podcast about politics. Tim S is your host --and your guide-- through the jungle of American politics! Host: Tim S.Audio Consultant/Producer: Matt MacfarlaneReport from Up Nort: Greg Perryman
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Kelly Rennie, Number 1 Trainer to Busy Mums chats about the alarming stats of postnatal depression and gives us some easy tips to get you feeling great again! She’s offering you a FREE 14 day Challenge! To get started simply visit: And if you’re concerned about Postnatal Depression please contact: Beyondblue Sup ...…
Stephen compares A Quiet Place to Mars Attacks! and then we complain about The Ambulance and Hardware but celebrate Bag Boy Lover Boy. There are also some hot takes at the end, Tanner’s is especially bad.
I absolutely love where I work here at Gravitate Studios, which is the premier co-working space in all of the Midwest. Different companies, Freelancers & creatives all working in one space creating beautiful harmony on a daily basis. I bring in my friends Hannah Vollmar, Kyle Lewis, Colleen Kinsey & Caitlyn Zimmerman who are all working here in ...…
Well slap us around and call us Susan, GTTP has finally tackled Blankman! One of the most criminally underrated comedies of the 90's is finally given it's due by two guys on the internet. Is this Damon Wayans best role in a movie? Is there a movie that can more consistently make a person laugh? Who inspired who, Jason Alexander or Al Pacino? Wo ...…
Laugh Mob! Join Me & Special Guest Dominique Bercy(@beastmode_berc) as we chuckle in a 2 Part Segment about the "whats happenings" this week: Tiffany Haddish You Play to Much Sis, Black Chyna Goes Mortal Kombat at 6 Flags, Women of Reality TV, Trump and the Empty White House, Teyana Taylor & Iman, RHOA Reunion Props & More. --Be Sure to Check O ...…
This week on Bad at Sports Center, Gabe Holcombe of Lillerne Tapes joins Brian Andrews, Dana Bassett and special guest host, smaller Dana (aka Alexis Bassett aka DJ Lil Sis), to discuss ten years of cassette releases and what types of audio are, and are not, allowed in prison. Enjoy some smooth jams as Holcombe previews the latest Lillerne rele ...…
Little Caesar's is making good on their promise to offer free pizza to customers. Also, what are some misconceptions of working out? Plus, a 94-year-old woman ran a half marathon. What's your excuse?
What's the worst advice you've received? What's the worst advice you've given.... It's time to set the record straight on some of this BS that is being told to our future generation.... it's also important to remember that TIMES HAVE CHANGED and some advice that we were given in the 90's is no longer of value in 2018 and beyond thanks to digita ...…
You need a sales champion. You need someone on the inside of the prospective organization who can help you gain influence; someone who understands your goals and believes in your cause. Without a champion to help you influence the decision-makers, you’re fighting blind. #SalesInfluenceClick To Tweet Find the right sales champion Not everyone qu ...…
Despite negotiating a trade deal with South Korea, President Trump has said he will wait to see what North Korea can offer.Dan Ikenson, director of the Center for Trade Policy Studies at the Cato Institute in Washington DC considers these tactics. Also on the programme, we hear from Egypt following the Presidential election that put Abdel Fatta ...…
It's season 10, buttheads! We chat about the peaks, valleys, and plateaus of this crop of hos, discover Josh's absurd salad habit, and ruminate on Beyonce's choice brand of torture. Buckle up, sis, we're about to get siiiiiick-10-inggggggggggggggggggggggggg
In this episode of Aesthetic Express, Nurse Practitioner Dr. Kyle Farr, DNP, NP-C goes over what to look for when choosing an aesthetic provider. Hopefully your relationship with your aesthetic provider will be a long term one; so Kyle reviews some important key topics to consider when choosing a provider. Deciding who will perform your aesthet ...…
Episode 5 | Juni & Tiayra discuss arguments, how they argue, how often they argue and if they get along with their in-laws. They also go in depth on their pottery date night and rant on people who think getting married in their 20's is a bad thing. Tiayra moarns the divorce of Logic and Jess while Juni doubts the hype of Cardi B's new album "In ...…
You asked for it and the ladies delivered! Here is part two to The Question Box series where the ladies answers random questions about various topics. If you are interested in sending in any questions, just send an email to or slide in the DM on IG or Twitter at @SpeakSis!
Become proactive rather then reactive.
Sisters Alison Goldstein Lebovitz and Amanda Goldstein Marks are hosts of Sis & Tell, one of my favorite podcasts. They also happen to be dedicated moms, accomplished media professionals, and two of the funniest Southern ladies I know. On this week’s episode of Women on the Rise, Alison, Amanda, and I talk finding exercise you love, staying mot ...…
The ladies discuss what it means to support black business, they share experiences, how support can reflect the community as a whole, and more!
An international law expert says New Zealand's on the wrong side of the tide of countries expelling Russian diplomats.Seventeen countries have expelled 107 diplomats following the Salisbury nerve agent attack.Australia has now joined the party, ordering two to leave the country.But Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says New Zealand isn't expelling ...…
The end game is to have lived such a life that, at the end of it, you’ve emptied your cup completely.
Did you know that every person on the planet has both masculine and feminine qualities? No matter what your sex or your sexual preference, we all need to understand how to stabilize the two in harmony so that we can become the very best versions of ourselves. This week's expert, Jenna Ward, explains when to tap into both tendencies; and discove ...…
On this episode we interview Dan Kanivas, Managing Partner and Co-founder of Triple Summit Advisors. Dan's personal journey took him from high student at Westchester to Wealth Manager in San Francisco. He discusses his background and how that got him to Harvard, and eventually into the Army. Dan was an Army Artillery officer, a process which ta ...…
In this bonus episode titled, "Hella Random with Charli, Kay and Phoneix", we continue the conversation from episode three about relationships, riding for our friends, forgiveness, checking on your loved ones, too-tight Timberland boots, and more.
Performed by Sis. Priscilla Andrews
It's conspiracy theory time! Sis. This episode we talk about Beyoncé pregnancy theories and the mysterious death of the beloved actress Brittany Murphy. Also, clock the new jingle! What's the tea bitch? Email us at Snatch a shirt at
Check out our segment: SHOOTING YOUR SHOT! Does approaching the opposite sex/crush lead to satisfying results? What can you do to shoot your shot?
So Episode 1 didn't kick off the way that I expected. I had a pretty good topic, I had potential guests but in the end nobody came through. I was texting people down to the last hour but couldn't confirm anybody so I ended up going to go pick up my big sis Dominique and we just kinda talked about random stuff honestly. It still came out funny b ...…
Performed By Bro. Elijah J. and Sis. Hannah B.
This episode is long as hell y'all. Lol. We're not sorry tho cuz the content is dope!Special shout out to Ashley Comans and Summer Lee for coming thru!Check them out online!Ashley Comans:@ashleycomans_wsbb @reneearoundthewaySummer Lee:Summerforpa.com_sojourner2_ - -all campaign handles…
Bryce Lee, Director of Product Management at Strategic Insurance Software (SIS or Sisware), and Marc Jorrens, Founder and Solutions Architect with Outbound Software, talk about why they chose to invest in embedded ad hoc business intelligence software and what impact that has had on their end users.
Our regular podcasting schedule was interrupted by Winter Storm Toby this week. Please enjoy this rebroadcast of our conversation with Lindsay Rodman on national security in the Arctic.The black letter law discussed in this episode is:The Antarctic Treaty Convention on the Law of the Seahttp://www.u ...…
On this weeks episode my lovely sister joins us! We talk about everythingggg, from her noise phobia, shows, music (if you can even call it that), new couples, what trend my sis pretty much created, how we feel about the Baby Girl on the way, and a gorgeous singing session including some hiiiiigh notes, honey. AND THAT'S JUST THE HALF OF IT! We ...…
Spring break is over.... now BACK TO LIIIIFEEEE, BACK TO REALITYYY. On this week's podcast, Nexi & Queso recap how their spring break went, and talk about the importance of traveling in your 20s. Do you. Stay True. Be you. We do not own any of the rights to the music played during this podcast.
The ladies take a trip down memory lane by discussing their challenges with eating and how it caused many ups and downs with their weight loss. They reminisce on their Whole 30 experience, who inspires them, and how accountability helped reached their goal.
While you’re hoping for a miracle, all you really need is to make a choice! 🤔
BIO & Links My name is Shelsie a.k.a SIS and I'm from Trenton, NJ. On March 31, 2018 I am releasing an EP entitled "Girl #3". I have one single, "BITE (Intro)" out now (Produced by Gold Haze). It was released October 7, 2017. Right now it has about 2.200 plays on SoundCloud. BITE represents individuality and independence as does the title of th ...…
Don’t let your past hold you back from fulfilling your Godly purpose. In the message Sis Marie explore the life of Rahab; a prostitute whom God used for His purpose. Hits: 3
Figure out why you can’t seem to get to the top so you can get to the top, boo!
What's more deranged than a TV sitcom set in a Nazi prisoner of war camp? How about a drummer, radio personality and TV star who likes to feature himself in dirty home movies and gets himself bludgeoned to death in his Phoenix apartment? Hah? HAH?! And that's just the outline of this bizarre tale of Bob Crane, star of the hit TV series "Hogan's ...…
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