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Sook-Yin Lee and three complete strangers share a hotel room for one night. Each comes with a problem and with Sook-Yin’s help, they spend the next 24 hours exploring what's bothering them and how to make it better.
Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers
Highlighting Films Old (& New) That We Grew Up With & Watched at Weekend Sleepovers!
Super Best Friends Video Game Sleepover
Super Best Friends Video Game Sleepover is a fortnightly show about games, the games industry & three talented, classically handsome nerds who love these things: Adam Redding, Mike Lopez & David Tate.
Marie and Kate invite you to their bedrooms to discuss music, tv and snacks in segments like "tell me about your t-shirt," "raucous caucus" and "local products." If you are really lucky they will also read your their junior high poetry.
Terminal Sleepover
New podcast weblog about being a young married couple.
Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers
Highlighting Films Old (& New) That We Grew Up With & Watched at Weekend Sleepovers!
No More Whoppers
A podcast about two best friends trying to get to sleep at a sleepover.
Gilmore Boys
A Male Voyage to Stars Hollow--for the first 5 minutes. Join us on a gluten free journey into the annals of motherhood and teenage development in a waspy northeastern town. James and Adam, not even close to the target demographic, discovered their secret love for Gilmore Girls, a byproduct of their respective wives. At this point, they've resigned this podcast to be a non-guilt party which allows them to analyze each episode free of judgement and full of bullshit.
A humorous podcast divided into several awesome segments, such as "Sleep Over Questions", "Playground Battles", and more! Give it a listen! Presented by
Genre Culture
Genre Culture is a podcast about horror, sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, etc. entertainment. Current TV shows and movies are discussed, but also nostalgic stories from our childhoods about the indelible effects genre entertainment has had on us. Sleepovers, neighbors with homemade Darth Vader costumes, haunted houses, babysitters straight out of the X-Files. We want your stories every week too. This is a show about what thrills us now, and what thrilled us then.
In The Shwick Of It on KPISS.FM
Comedy talk show podcast featuring interviews with artists and comedians living in and around Bushwick, Brooklyn. In The Schwick of It highlights the struggles of hustling to "make it" in New York, while channelling the vulnerability and silliness reminiscent of middle school sleepovers. Featuring political and pop culture segments, and the iconic Baby of The Week! Hosted by Anya Volz, Jess Reed and Katie Rose Leon (KRL). Episodes recorded live every Sunday at 6pm-7pm EST on Episod ...
Pillow Fight
Become Katie and Taylor's best friend through this hilarious sleepover podcast.
Cousin Power Podcast
Cousins. From pseudo-siblings to garbage pails, everybody’s got ’em—and Elijah Bates and Micah Harvey are glorious cousins indeed.Growing up side by side, the two would talk about movies and roller coasters and video games into the wee hours of the morning… hell, they still do.Only now, they’re bringing those epic sleepover chats directly to you, every other week!
Midnight Nonsense
Mightnight Nonsense is a weekly chat recorded by two friends in the middle of the night because they refuse to go to bed on time. All bets are off as these "idiots with a podcast" open up all kinds of conversational topics in the time old tradition of sleepover banter. New episodes every Sunday.
Bitch Let's Talk
Who doesn’t like to sit around and get the tea from their friends? hmmmm....? I’ll wait. Bitch Let’s talk is a creative space where no topic is off limits, where you can be unapologetically you. We create the atmosphere that it is reminiscent of people having a convo at dinner or adult sleepovers. You will laugh, You will think outside the box, or even adopt some new ideas.
WTFU with Javy
A comedy podcast about breaking down barriers and becoming vulnerable. Join me, Javy (a normal creative musician, writer, and artist) in bed and lets talk about our relationships! I invite my guests over for a sleepover, we have a fun time, and we wake up and talk about relationships and relationshits!
Mom, Can I Spend the Night - We Say Stuff
Three best friends (Jake Wells, Ryan McGirr, and Corey Courrielche) are in search of a new best friend. Every other week Corey throws a sleep over in his mom's basement and the gang interviews a new potential best friend. Come listen as they play games, meet celebrity guests, and argue. Who knows you might make three new best friends along the way.
Russian Man's Tourist Office for Lost Souls
We started off in Kosovo, then we went to Macedonia. Now we're in Bulgaria! A lot has happened - the mysterious theft of a hot dog painting, sleepovers in secret libraries under brutalist Lego sculptures, and an encounter with a three-piece dog rock band. There's no telling where this adventure will take us! Join us! If you like comedy, travel, surreal storytelling, or just a good old fashioned parallel universe, this is the place for you! Take a seat, strap yourself in, it's gonna be a wild ...
Time Warp Pizza Party - With Two Brains
As writers, musicians, artists, creators of all sorts, we’ve all got work in our past what we’re ashamed of, work we wouldn’t want anyone to ever see. Maybe it’s in attachments in old emails, maybe it’s in a box at your parent’s house, or a pile of video tapes in the back of your desk drawer, but it’s all somewhere, because despite it representing an immature period of your creativity, it’s still yours and you can’t get rid of it. We want to set it free. Time Warp Pizza Party is a blog and p ...
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Kar Dishin' It : All Things Kardashian
For those of you who missed it in “Life Of Kyle,” we get some Met Ball behind the scenes madness with Kim on this week’s episode, along with a sleepover at Aunt Khloe’s, Kourtney having a hot date, and Kris flaking in the fakest way. We also gab about Bethenny Frankel and Cypress Hill as grade A instgram commenters, Marcy being basically a surg ...…
B98.5 Morning Show Group Therapy
Would you allow your husband to throw an all night, co-ed sleepover party for your kids? Before you say “no,” you might want to hear why Stephen thinks it’s a great idea! You'll decide if Allison & Stephen's 17 year-old twins get to rage or not!
Westwood Radio Podcast
A bumper show to end this term, with 35 minutes of top quality, pupil led broadcasting even when the music has been edited out! A range of topics and features were covered, including our recent sleepover fundraiser for Miranda Meldrum and an interview with Airhead's Phil Dawson. Beautifully hosted by Izzy and Oscar and with the now established ...…
Fellowship Reformed Church of Holland
October 8, 2017 Exodus 33:1-6 Chuck DeGroat A. INTRODUCTION a. Big weekend of football. Sports / movies give us a sense of adventure. i. Big realization for me 20 years ago – the biblical Story is an adventure story, too…one we participate in. ii. I was studying Bible from a distance…analyzing it. iii. He said, “No it’s actually like your story ...…
Welcome back, my dears! A new mystery is discovered, and there are more questions than answers. Featuring: A coffee date! Having a fun sleepover! Upsettingly unnatural beings!
This week we confess to having an abnormally large tea collection, judge people who don’t show up to events on time, discuss which internet creators would make the best siblings, and demonstrate why it really is important to get enough sleep. Did we screw something up? Need clarification on something we said? Email us at midnightnonsensepodcast ...…
We’re late this week. Find out why as we talk about surprises from far away friends, discuss the month long celebration that is Halloween, update you on Ebobby the wood elf, and clarify why it’d be a terrible idea to kidnap us. Spoilers for “The Village” 43:40-47:40 Spooptacular Halloween Playlist: ...…
Sloths! Attention Critter Crew, aka Varminions, time to get your poo dance going on this week’s episode of Varmints! where we talk about those slowpokey okie dokie dudes, the sloths! And now, the news! There’s a Sloth Sanctuary in Oregon! And! It hosts SLEEPOVERS! No talking but perfect if you want to hang around quietly with some sloths! Here’ ...…
Former producer Chris Flannery joins Jared on this week's Tuesday episode of The JTrain Podcast, to read your emails and answer questions about a friends fiancée cheating at a party, hookup sleepover protocol, turning a hookup into something more, and some voicemails from some female listeners about creepy guysCall into the JTrain voicemail lin ...…
My So-Called Whatever: An 80's / 90's / NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) Nostalgia Podcast
This week, we talk sleepovers and slumber parties in the 80’s and 90’s. I know you may have been expecting MSCL - but we decided to take a little break (we’ll get back to that soon). Meanwhile sit back, relax, and listen to Nikki & Brooke as they talk about all the things we miss (and some of the things we don’t *ahem* Ouija Boards *ahem*)…
This week we introduce listeners to a controversial new game called “up your sleeve” and spend a lot of time talking about fictional people we want to keep in our metaphorical pockets. We also continue our gross love affair with The Elder Scroll games by delving into the world of Skyrim and the adventures of Ebobby the Wood Elf. Jen can’t find ...…
Art Smitten - The Podcast
Everyone loves a good ghost story whether to try and debunk the paranormal, persuade a non-believer, or encourage discussion on the afterlife. For me ghost stories take me back to Cub Scout campfires and sleepovers with torches. Phil Spencer's Hooting and Howling captures this essence of story telling in a delightful and highly entertaining man ...…
Men In Scoring Postion
What's going on party people?On this weeks episode (Sep 22, 2017) we bring in host of Calling It Now Fantasy Football Podcast, producer of Boy/Girl Sleepover comedy show, our good friend and hilarious comedian Stephen Hoover!We break down matchups we are excited to see, give our Feelin' Fine and Ridin' the Pine picks along with Bill telling som ...…
This week details the penultimate showdown with the rat that has been terrorizing us all summer, an explanation of small town late night culture, the stereotypes of poetry slams, and how some of us peaked in the early years of academia. Did we screw something up? Need clarification on something we said? Email us at…
Gather 'round kiddies, cause Katie Van Patten is back with another Pillow Fight, this time with artist Lydia Cheshewalla (@rootsandash and @goodwithcoffee on Instagram) and musician Kalyn Fay ( ). We've got stories about first crushes, embarrassing moments, sleepover memories, and the scariest damn story about Santa Claus you'll ev ...…
This week we create a new term for social advantages, spend too much time talking about Taylor Swift, get intimate about the realities of depression, and discuss the why phone calls, moving, and drive-thrus can cause personal stress. Trigger warning for talk of depression: 24:25- 38:26 Need to talk to someone about things going on in your life ...…
Our first late night chat covers a litany of harrowing experiences, including what happens when one is diagnosed with body lice, why prescription meds can be both funny and dangerous, why we won’t adopt a rat and how coyotes have earned a spot in our nightmares. Trigger warning for body horror and body lice: 0:00-16:00 (ish) Did we screw someth ...…
Our very first episode! Carey and Marie, your hosts, jump feet first into a magical Chicago full of friendship, yarn, serendipity and queer subtext. How much did we all love knitting? Is Chicago just that magical? And what are the parents of the Chicks with Sticks getting up to during the Sacred Sisterhood Sleepovers? All this and more in Episo ...…
Excuse My African
In This Episode: When my kids were much younger, we had this on going battle about sleepovers. They always got invited to different people’s houses for sleepovers, but I wasn’t a fan of the idea. Especially if I didn’t know a lot about the person's family. To many, I was being overprotective, but to me, I was doing what I felt was right. I’m go ...…
Iris Muscarella shares insights on solo and egalitarian polyamory Download the episode directly Under 18? Stop listening now and visit Scarleteen 1:30 Poly in the news Professor Marsten and the Wonder Women, the bio pic about William Moulton Marsten, the polyamorous creator of Wonder Woman, comes out October 13 It’s time for the church to talk ...…
Iris Muscarella, burlesque performer, jazz singer and new poly educator, shares insights on solo and egalitarian polyamory. 0:00 Introduction and host chat Under 18? Stop listening now and visit 1:30 Poly in the news Professor Marsten and the Wonder Women, the bio pic about William Moulton Marsten, the polyamorous crea ...…
Rosie and Jessica's Day of Fun
In episode 100, Rosie and Jessica take to the stage for their first ever live show! Recorded live in London on August 6th 2017, Rosie and Jessica catch you up on the Young Adult Literature Conference and sleepovers before revisiting their first ever Top 5 with their favourite films of the last five years. Plus an audience Q&A! You can listen to ...…
Sex With Rubi
In this episode, we discuss how sex can just be an awkward thing, vibes and different wavelengths, fraternity boys, sex with roommates, sexy pictures, Dylan, hating sleepovers, tinder, snapchat, New York, how sex is shamed, how foreplay is important, slapping, and my time in Florence, Italy.
Playlist Not just money by Frank Ocean on Frank Ocean (Frank Ocean) The cycle of nature by Akira Kosmura on Akira Kosmura (Akira Kosmura ) Just a thought by Cross Country on Cross Country (Cross Country ) Door to the cosmos by Sun Ra on Sun Ra (Sun Ra) Shine in Exhile by Beat the Devil on Beat the Devil (Beat the Devil ) Who do you think you ar ...…
Friends! How many of us have them? Friends! Ones we can depend on? Friends! Before we go any further, let’s be Friends! Aaron and Jason dig deep about friendship - do you remember your childhood friends? How important are your high school friends? Also: frats, backyard wrestling, sleepovers, playing release, childhood girlfriends and NEXT WEEK ...…
Your Inner Child Is An Idiot
Physically unappealing characters plod through a washed-out apocalyptic wasteland in The Land Before Time, the movie that you watched at numerous sleepovers at that one really religious friend's house. Thank you to our Patrons, including Larissa Maestro, Dan McIntyre, Ghost in the Burbs, Joshua Nicholson and Jonathan Day for supporting us. If y ...…
Dana welcomes her "first friend", international traveling comedian Jessica Michelle Singleton. They talk about their co-dependent sleepovers, superfan "Al Barney", and how they tried to go 100mph in a car to take a pic of the speedometer. Dana tells the story of how she met a serial killer on Tinder and hung out in his car. Plus... "That vagina ...…
Bonnie is good at school; Matt is bad. Haschak 4 life. sick sleepover fireplace caught being good ice cream lunch ticket lunch box school lunch cafeteria youtube jojo haschak sisters dance matty b gossip girl i wanna dance Drop us a line at Watch all of our cinematic 1-minute videos at Thanks for l ...…
Motivation/Inspiration /Entrepreneur Billy Plybon
Opinions are not absolute truths. Learn to take them with a grain of salt, and don’t lose sleep over the harmful words of others. ... Wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep, because they are strong and know their virtues and strengths. #LONEWOLF
In this episode we visit our favorite neighborhood toy store, Villa Vilakulla to play and chat with owner, Theresa Duncan. Named for the beloved landmark on the island, Pippi Longstocking’s house, this store offers fun for every age-from stuffed animal sleepovers to toys from your childhood. Enjoy!
Sabrina The Teenage Watch
Sabrina invites Jenny round for sleepover, however she stumbles into the linen closet and into the other realm. The guys also discus the differences between Lint Gremlins and Vagina Gremlins, with Donald Trump too weighing in on the discussion.
Cobie (3:20), Elise (4:28), Elora (6:29), HMDTDC: The Sleepover Date? (10:54), FLO (13:10), Jen (15:02), Laura (16:32), Lisa (18:59), Michelle (20:36), Simone (22:00), Tara (23:24), HIT THE ROAD! (25:20), HMDTDC: The Wake-Boarding Date? (31:18), Bonus: Who Should Go? (33:48).
Aileen s guests on this edition of Out to Lunch are in the same business grooming. There is, however, one significant difference between their two businesses. They serve different species. One is for human beings. The other is for dogs. Renee Ezell is the owner of the human oriented business, The Refinery Downtown. At The Refinery they speciali ...…
We’re not gonna mince words. This week’s episode is a doozy. We just got back from a very Joni Mitchell-inspired vacation in Maine and we are rejuved, repurposed, and rebornt. This week we have a good old fashioned sleepover with Ryan O’Connor (co-host of the greatest lady-podcast of all time: “LadyWatch with Ryan & Jason”) and lady-in-waiting: ...…
After a week off the boys are back discussing Shaner's backyard wrestling career, Six watching fat guys fail at parties, and awkward boners at sleepovers.
Hey there, it's me, Ju. I'm listening to smooth Jazz as I write this description because I needed something soothing to come down from editing this fiery episode all about anger. Don't worry though, there's still at least one mention of butts, as usual. We even sprinkle in some deep quotes and fun Wayne's World trivia. We are multi-layered bein ...…
Two Girls One Ghost
In the very first episode of Two Girls One Ghost, Corinne and Sabrina discuss Haunted Hotels including two of their favorites: The Sise Inn and The Stanley Hotel. Click here to listen
Myopia: Defend Your Childhood - A Nostalgic Movies Podcast
We did it, finally. We got to the movie that made me realize there were bad movies in the world. I was at a sleepover in 6th grade and thought this would be scary, but not only was it not scary, I laughed at the terribleness. Strange days. Anyway, this week we watched Anaconda, which, since it had Jennifer Lopez in it, the anaconda did want som ...…
Steve Coogan is fantastic in Oren Moverman's "The Dinner" (2017). Seriously, he's great. Of course, his being fantastic doesn't necessarily mean that everyone should run right out and see it. Do not get us wrong. Josh highly recommends the movie, and lost some sleep over Coogan's performance, but not everything is for everyone and we're going t ...…
This week on Pillow Fight, Katie Van Patten invites artist Jenna Buschmann to have a sleepover. It's business as usual as we get to Jenna's first crush and most embarrassing moments. From there we mix things up a bit with a new installment of "Spooky Tales to Tell With The Lights Off". Don't forget to rate and review our show on iTunes!! Sleep ...…
What gets inside the head of a young girl who almost starves herself to death because when she looks into a mirror she sees a fat, ugly, lonely girl? In this special interview, Rose (not her real name) takes us inside the heart of a girl who “cannot remember a time when I wasn’t overweight and looked different from my thin and pretty friends. I ...…
In a world full of stainless steel, just a handful of the world’s most iconic cheeses: Pamiggiano Reggiano in Italy, Emmental, Raclette and Gruyere in Switzerland, as well as French Comte, are all crafted in cheese vats made from copper. What difference does copper make in these cheeses? To find out, we tracked down one of the only American che ...…
.ads_top_disp{} .ads_top_corner_disp{ float:left; margin:0px 10px 10px 0px; } .ads_first_p_disp{} .ads_bottom_disp{} Hello my lovely #YounovationFamily. This is another interesting episode of your motivational Personal Innovation Podcast featuring; Philomena Esinam Afi Antonio. She is a Model/ TV Show Producer/ Presenter and actress. She is als ...…
In this episode, we do a "State of the Pod" summary, as well as talk about random stuff - from Zach meeting Glen Sather recently to microbrews, we've got it all covered on this podcast. We also have a special guest, Megan our server from the playoff run, and Pete's son calls in to ask if he can go to a sleepover at his friend's house. We also d ...…
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