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Sonrise Church
Find Hope. Find Purpose.
That the Glory of God would be the glory of this City
Sermons by SonRise Church of the Nazarene
SONrise Church is located in Torrington, WY. Started as a church plant in 2011, SONrise Church exists to make known the LIVING Christ and to LIVE for Him!
Listen to Sunday messages from the Roanoke Campus of Sonrise Church!
Leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ
Listen to the preaching ministry of Pastor Aaron Clark of Desert Sonrise Church
SONrise Church, located in Torrington, WY
Listen to the preaching ministry of Pastor Aaron Clark of Desert Sonrise Church
Weekly Sermons from Son Rise Church and Ministries.
Listen to messages from the Fort Wayne Southwest Campus of Sonrise Church!
Pastor Jeff Clark - Daily in the Word
Weekly Video Podcast from SonRise Refuge Church
Weekly Audio Podcast from SonRise Refuge Church
Audio files of Sermons from Sonrise Baptist Church, Mobile, Alabama
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While pastor Adam was away this week at Together for the Gospel, pastoral apprentice Mike Joas was eager and kind to fill the pulpit this past Sunday evening. He studied Job 6-7 deeply and reaped in the pulpit wonderfully. Give these two chapters and Mike’s thoughts on them your attention, you’ll be blessed if you do.…
While pastor Adam was away this week at Together for the Gospel, elder Chad Clark graciously filled the pulpit this past Sunday morning. He lingered over John 12:27-36a, where we see a continuation of 12:20-26 and receive more on the glorification of Christ. His study has great depth, is faithful to the text, and was … Continue reading Morning ...…
Sermon, "Proclaim His Death Because It Brings Life," by Pastor Tom Townsend during the Sonrise Service on Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018, at Calvary Baptist Church in Battle Creek, Michigan
Well we’ve now come to it. Tonight we begin 34 weeks in the book of Job. Having spent the last few months studying Job myself, I must say I am very excited to begin working through it with you. Speaking of this book the Victorian author Thomas Carlyle said, “Job is the grandest book ever … Continue reading Evening = Job 1:1-5, A Well Run World…
The ancient Roman statesman Cicero once said that with the exception of wisdom, nothing better has been given to man than friendship.[1] Many of us know this to be true as we have enjoyed and experienced the benefit of deep friendships in all seasons of life. But when it comes to Jesus we might wonder. … Continue reading Morning = John 11:1-44, ...…
Before God allowed Satan to bring all kinds of spiritual, emotional, and physical suffering into Job’s life God had said that there was no one as upright and blameless as Job. The floodgate then opened, extreme trials rushed in, Job despaired of life itself, and Job’s friends saw it and told asked him what sin … Continue reading John 10:22-42 – ...…
Associate Pastor Tom Mosley delivers the message from the Lord today, starting in Matthew 6:6.
There have been many great statements made throughout history that we remember with much fondness. For example it was Martin Luther King Jr. told us “I have a dream…” JKF told us, “…ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” Yogi Berra told us, “It … Continue reading John 8:37-59 – The God of Abraham…
Pastor John Aldridge has a message today about fellowship and communion.
Pastor John Aldridge delivers a message on Romans 7 & Romans 8 and Romans 7 Separation.
In his book Heresy: A History of Defending the Truth Alister McGrath opens with the following words: “Never has there been such interest in the idea of heresy. Ancient heresies, seen by earlier generations as obscure and dangerous ideas, have now been sprinkled with stardust. The lure of the religious forbidden never seems to have … Continue re ...…
Associate Pastor Tom Mosley delivers Pt2 of The Pathways Of Health, Disease, and Healing.
Pastor John Aldridge delivers Pt3 of God Is Love.
Here at SonRise it has been our custom to set apart some time each January to examine the nature of the Church. We make time for this each year because we’re not only a church but we are the Church, and we want to do life together as the Church in ways that are biblical … Continue reading 2 John 1-3 – The Elect Lady, part 1…
Associate Pastor Tom Mosley delivers the first of a two-part message today.
Whether you’re brand new to SonRise or have been around SonRise for a while, let me briefly state what we seek to accomplish in this sermon moment each week. During the preaching portion of our Sunday morning gathering we employ and enjoy a style of preaching called expositional preaching. Which means we do not aim … Continue reading John 8:31- ...…
Pastor John Aldridge delivers a message today called God Is Love Pt1.
Jesus challenged the Pharisee’s. He challenged their teaching, that it more reflected their own preferences and customs rather than God’s Law. He challenges their lifestyle, that they were little more than whitewashed tombs, squeaky clean on the outside and dead on the inside. Jesus challenged them so much and in so many various ways that … Con ...…
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