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J Sov
Welcome to the J Sov podcast, a testing ground for the platform.
Science Solved It
A deep dive into the world's greatest mysteries that were solved by science. Brought to you by Motherboard and staff writer Kaleigh Rogers.
POV Podcasts | PBS
PBS's award-winning documentary film series. POV brings a collection of documentary filmmakers, writers, historians, and others together for conversations about themes and topics relevant to POV's non-fiction films in our weekly podcasts. Find out more about PBS's award-winning documentary film series at
Every month, CHR and Doug discuss four heavy metal albums: two newer releases, one indie/small label band, and one classic album. Their different ages, backgrounds, and tastes make for some interesting takes on a wide variety of music.
The War Is Over
MP3 Audio Teaching by Andrew Wommack.
At SGCT we open the Bible week-by-week and receive teaching from its precious pages, Our teaching style is expository and expositional (simply meaning that we let the Bible speak for itself by teaching it as it is written, verse-by-verse and book-by-book.) Join us in this journey as we focus on the gospel and how it impacts our daily life.
Pods & Sods with Craig Smith and Eric Miller. A podcast for the musically obsessed, Pods & Sods features interviews, analysis, and critical looks at many musical works, both new and old. From KISS to The Beatles to Debbie Gibson to Ween and beyond. Broadcasting between one and three times a week, every episode is sure to bring a laugh or two.
The Audio Experience of eavesdropping on the most interesting conversation in the personal and professional leadership world! This is the World-wide #1 Fortune 500 Podcast, and Inc Magazine Top Podcast for Next-Gen Leadership and Business Families! Dov Baron's Leadership and Loyalty Show focuses on inspiring those who lead to live deeply meaningful, purpose driven lives that are heart, soul and mind aligned. So that you can have not only the success, but also the fulfilment that allows you t ...
Sunday Podcasts from Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, ECLA, in Beaverton, Oregon. Includes weekly Sunday services, sermons, choir hymns, and special messages.
The third and final novel in John Lenahan's Shadowmagic Series.
A podcast about Love, Relationships and Mystery Science Theater 3000!
Insights for results-focused public leaders
Audio podcasts of public lectures, seminars and events from the SOAS Department of Economics. The SOAS Department of Economics is a leading centre for economic research. We have a vibrant research culture driven by staff working on a plethora of issues, but we specialise in the study of developing and emerging economies and our work covers an unparalleled range of countries and regions.
Solve It
A Podcast About Puzzles. Ciphers, and the History of Encryption
Garden podcast. Weekly, all good podcast stores and - Hosted by horticulturist Peter Donegan
Three fangirls, Tricia Barr, Teresa Delgado and Sarah Woloski, join forces to talk Star Wars from their own point of view. From fashion to fandom, characters to story, we discuss everything. We also specialize in conversations with the women and men behind Star Wars. #fangirlflail!
Soc Takes
Home to the Soc Takes Podcast and The Weekly Rondo Podcast
Garden podcast. Weekly, all good podcast stores and - Hosted by horticulturist Peter Donegan
SOAS Radio is an online radio station and production company based at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.
A father and his grade school son get together once a week and talk about comic books. While enhancing his son’s critical reading and thinking skills, Dad hopes to learn more about what inspires and excites the imagination of a grade-schooler. Visit for past episodes!
SGV Connect
SGV Connect is Streetsblog Los Angeles' podcast that explores the people, places, projects and events that make up the changing face of transportation in the San Gabriel Valley. SGV Connect is hosted by Damien Newton and includes interviews by Brian Velez. This feed also hosts SGV Connect's predecessor podcast, #DamienTalks.
Gov Actually
Podcast by FedScoop Radio
Solving Systems
Calculus teacher Jacob Johnson and former student Nikhil Marda talk about various problems and their potential solutions.
Welcome to Paladins of Voltron an unofficial podcast about the Netflix original series Voltron Legendary Defender
Change Your POV Podcast Network is comprised of veterans and veteran advocate’s hell bent on providing as much value as possible to service members, those in transition, veterans and their families! We have multiple shows per week starting off with “Motivation Monday”. This is a quick weekly quote read by a member of the network and what that quote means to them. Tuesday is a show about veteran mental health hosted by Duane France called “Head Space And Timing”. This show will kick typical m ...
Certain POV
Ben and Addy discuss nerd pop culture news and movies.
Welcome to Son of a Preacher Man with Jonathan Martin, a new podcast that’s all about finding beauty in brokenness, grace in grit, and God in the ambiguity of the in-between. Spirituality isn’t sanitized here, because your life isn’t. Like and LP, each episode is divided into side A and Side B. Side A could be a sermon, a conversation with a guest, but will always introduce some idea. Side B will always be a creative exploration of that idea, through music, Q and A with listeners, or quirky ...
SOAS Radio is an online radio station and production company based at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.
Wildmatt and Stiner talk gaming such as the news, new releases, what we've played and take callers in this weekly live podcast. You can tune in at our site Wednesdays @ 7pm EDT, 23:00 GMT.
A show that explores society's points of view on a variety of relevant topics. Hosted by Kai Lovel. Made by you.
Gov 2.0 Radio
The voices of connected govt - e-Gov / Gov 2.0 / Open Gov for Fed, State & Local public sectors, tech leaders + civic innovators. *Hosts: Allison Hornery & John Wells *Producers: Cofluence
Our editors chat and listen to the best new music in the Punktastic POV Podcast. In each episode the team showcase full tracks of our favourite new songs and discuss what's going on in the scene. Punktastic was created over fourteen years ago, and has become one of the largest independently owned alternative music websites in the UK. Elsewhere on our SoundCloud we stream content from new and established bands every week.
Review podcast for the 2016 AP Government exam.
Bola Sol
Podcast by Bola Sol
All-Star Video
All-Star Video's podcast is bringing insight into films that may otherwise be ignored, misunderstood, or forgotten. It is also about bringing attention to those that are bringing it to you through interviews with directors, distributors and innovators.
Mo vs The World
Mo Mandel (Chelsea Lately, Comedy Knockout, CONAN) goes through the most challenging and divisive issues of the day with a rotating pool of guests. He also complains a lot about his own life.
Im just a Søjourner passing through.
A gypsy of a strange and distant time. Traveling in panic all direction blind. Aching for the warmth of a burning sun. Freezing in the emptiness of where he'd come from. Left without a hope of coming home. Speeding through a shadow of a million years. Darkness is the only sound to reach his ears. Frightening him with the visions of eternity. Screaming for a future that can never be. Left without a hope of coming home
Holistic Practitioner, Victoria Smith interviews health experts and
Solve the World Moments offers further tales and insights from the completed Solve the World audio drama.
On the POV Podcast, I sit down and talk with my friends/ guests about different topics that we can unapologetically go on and on about. Listen as these millennials enlighten your every Monday!
Sons Of Liberty
The Sons of Liberty is a Right Wing comedy Podcast starring guys that talk about the state of the internet, nerd culture and funny third thing
Savio Cajetan DSouza presents 'A State Of Sav' - Episode 15Release Date: 06 February 2016 Serving the best in Ambient, Lounge & ChillOut every week. Music for the Morning after the Night before.
Join bishops, catechists and prominent Catholics in Our Sunday Visitor's fascinating in-depth journey exploring how to build strong families and a more loving world through the teachings of Pope Francis in The Joy of Love.
Local Gov Life
Podcast by ICMA
Ant to Sol
A five minute nature-connecting podcast to help alleviate some of the pain caused by what is happening to our planet-a light, enjoyable antidote to 'solastalgia'. *Solastalgia exists when there is recognition that the place where one resides and that one loves is under assault (physical desolation)." Professor Glenn Albrecht
My son takes me on crazy adventures in D&D and I foil his every attempt to take it seriously. This podcast contains descriptions of blood and gore because we are killing imaginary orcs... duh. But there is no profanity so it is appropriate for D&D lovers of all ages. We recommend you start with the first episode.
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Steven joins the LifeForce Mentors Podcast to discuss the importance of Mentors in Bio Technology. Rebel Bio are now receiving applications for their Autumn program in The Imperial College London. Rebel Bio is part of the SOSV family of Accelerators. Steven also known as @thelovelysteve shares a number of secrets with the LifeForce Mentors, the ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Hidden Hills Sov. Grace Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The Signs of Leprosy Subtitle: Leviticus Series Speaker: Craig Thurman Broadcaster: Hidden Hills Sov. Grace Baptist Church Event: Midweek Service Date: 5/2/2018 Bible: Leviticus 13:1-59 Length: 56 min.…
Although “intellectual capital may trump financial capital,” SOSV provides both! In today’s episode, we hear market insights from William Bao Bean, the fourth most active seed investor in the world. As General Partner at SOV, Managing Director at MOX, and Managing Director at Chinaccelerator, William understands what is driving the blockchain m ...…
We’re honoured to get a visit from our good friend, Matt Schofield. Matt is an astonishingly good blues-based player from the UK who we’ve known for many years. This first aired as a video on our YouTube Channel, July 14 2017. These days Matt spends most of his time in the US, never ceasing to astound fans and audie ...…
In our thrilling seventy-sixth episode Fox and Conrad continue their journey through the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic with Progs 245-249 of 2000 AD, covering January of 1982. Join us as Ace Garp loses his ship, Torquemada gets lost in space, Rogue Trooper goes high tech, the Slayers go to Reading, and the goddang Sov-Blocks strike! Thrills … Continu ...…
It’s NO-BUDGET NIGHTMARES: THE NEXT GENERATION! After crossing the 100th episode threshold, we’re back with 1991’s EXCEEDINGLY GORY SOV possession movie SOUL OF THE DEMON! Despite an interminable 45 minutes of set-up, there’s head slicing, crotch slicing, stomach slicing.. ALL THE SLICING A PERSON CAN HANDLE! Time to BOLDLY GO WHERE NO-ONE HAS ...…
As one of the fastest growing cities in America, transportation is quickly becoming a major initiative for Seattle companies in the battle to recruit and retain talent. At Microsoft’s corporate headquarters in suburban Redmond, the company has proactively sought ways to mitigate traffic congestion and support both the mobility (and sanity) of i ...…
Richard is joined once again by Ed Jowett to chat about his latest campaign for his Era The Consortium universe. We talk about the Era series of games, how Ed brings science into his games, what his thoughts are on Babylon 5 and where Turok the dinosaur hunter can fit into an RPG. Ed is a great guest and well worth a listen, even if you aren't ...…
Ironically, the horrific bubonic plagues in 14th-century Europe produced societal shifts that led to a resplendent era in food. In today’s podcast we’re going to look at the influence of three seminal Gothic era cookbooks and the craze for spices and sugar in the flourishing of “Gothic” cuisine. We’re going to study specific recipes, take a loo ...…
Intro: “IT” Show, Horrorphilia Top Ten, IT vs IT Poll, Full Moon vs Troma, Adam Wingard on Death Note, Source Material/Adaptation, Rating a Film, Misleading [...] The post Episode 113: – SOV Vol.1 The Burning Moon (1992)/Dark Harvest (1992) – 22 Shots Of Moodz And Horror appeared first on Horrorphilia.…
Gospel singer/songwriter/producer Tõnya Lewis-Taylor released “I’ve Got To Win 2.0” an updated, re-mastered, release of her successful EP, worldwide, on August 24, 2017. This amazing artist and minister stopped by OTR to talk music, ministry and so much more! Check out our show with Mrs. Tonya Lewis - Taylor.Music in this episode:Vincent Bohano ...…
To start our next 100 Episodes, Richard is joined by Ed Jowett from Shades of Vengence to chat about his latest Kickstarter campaign - Era Balam, which takes to Era System into space and allows you you become a pilot, forging your path through the galaxy. Ed, as always, is great fun to have on the show and fear not, while this visit is short an ...…
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011) IMDB Rating: 4.3 Why is Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance rated almost a full point below is predecessor? For that matter, why is the first Ghost Rider rated so low at a 5.2? Tonight we take a look at Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and offer up some scenes and behind the scenes that may be cause for a li ...…
Welcome to another BIG episode of Signal of Doom! This week Stew and Dave discuss Judge Dredd: Apocalypse War, the mighty 1980's 2000 AD story which saw Mega City One laid low by Sov bombs! ITS APOCALYPTIC. Also, the boys discuss in detail the Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League trailers that showed at Comic Con, we break down Batfleck's commitme ...…
The speed chess championships are in full effect and Danny is all in, while Motz is aimlessly walking around trying to catch Pokémon in Pokémon Go! We tackle awesome listener feedback and chit chat about trying to find a home and the TI-83+ calculator Danny purchased for his kids as they prepare to head back to school. Follow Us Danny: Twitter, ...…
Poleti leta 2000 so v mestu postavili so več odrov, na katerih so potekali različni dogodki. Rodil se je prvi festival Exit. Zakaj Exit? Zaradi gesla: "Exit out of ten years of madness", kar pomeni izhod iz desetletja norosti. Torej predvsem izhod iz obdobja, ki mu je vladal Slobodan Milošević.Festival je trajal kar sto dni. Nastopile so domače ...…
Čeprav je večina otrok komaj dočakala šolske počitnice kot čas veselja in brezskrbnosti, pa je to hkrati tudi čas, ko bodo nekateri med njimi pogrešali dejstvo, da so v času pouka zagotovljeni tudi vsi obroki ...
Welcome back to SHOT ON VIDEO HORROR!!!! This time we cover the greatest SOV horror series of all time, Tim Ritter’s immortal TRUTH OR DARE series. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN TO THE EPISODE CONTACT AND FOLLOW ASTRO RADIO Z: Contact: Website: Tumblr: Twitter: @AstroRa ...…
Anarko-Fascism av Jonas Nilsson: Jättebrand i London i natt: Inte ett enda sexbrott anmält på Sweden Rock: ...…
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