Best sprite podcasts we could find (Updated December 2017)
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Sprite Castle
Commodore 64 (C64) Games Review and Discussion
Sprite Castle – Commodore 64/C64 Game Podcast
Sprites Podcast
Sprites Podcast
Sprites and Dice Podcast
The Sprites and Dice crew gather in their corner of the internet to discuss what they love best: video games and tabletop.
A combined RSS feed for all of Rob "Flack" O'Hara's podcasts.
CartoonSmart Tutorials
A humorous video podcast from Topics will include: iOS / tvOS game development with Xcode, Swift and Sprite Kit, plus anything to do with illustration, character design, animation, or Adobe software (Flash / Animate in particular). These are a bit of a spoof on our usual material (okay, very much a spoof), but we dare you NOT to learn at least something in these videos tutorials. Videos range from 30mb to 50mb (relatively small).
Disney Music Block Party Podcast
The Disney Music Block Party audio podcast brings you a series of portable audio episodes featuring some of your favorite family artists such as: Ralph's World, Doodlebops, Imagination Movers, Choo Choo Soul and more. Sign up to get new episodes automatically delivered to your computer, ipod or any other media player. Play them everywhere and enjoy as these fun artists narrate some of their funniest stories and playtheir favorite songs.
Home to Rob "Flack" O'Hara's multiple podcasts. Whether you're interested in old video games, old computers like the Commodore 64 and Apple II, arcade games, technology, or other retro topics, you'll find a show here worth listening to. Shows include the popular You Don't Know Flack, Sprite Castle, Multiple Sadness, and more!
Drinking Drinks
Isaac and Joel drink drinks. It's really not a hard concept.
8bit Ideas
Welcome to 8bit Ideas! Home of the 8bit Warriors, Mark, Christian, and Paul.We call ourselves the 8bit warriors because we were gamers from a simpler time. No 3D graphics or enhanced AI. Sprites ruled our gaming universe and our imaginations were texture. We fought with 2 buttons, sometimes 3. We had a code that changed gaming forever.Now we're pseudo-adults. We long for the things of the 8bit era and have long since carried that simplicity. Next-gen? It's all about last-gen here. And the Sh ...
Inspirational Leaders
Shaun McCambridge is the Managing Director of Stellar Recruitment, a devoted husband and father to four spritely children. Shaun created the Inspirational Leaders series to inspire emerging leaders and to shine a light on what it takes to be an inspirational leader.
Dallas Puck Drop
Formerly of The Spritely Puck, Nikki is a host who loves hockey! Join her for the new Dallas Stars season as she talks about the team, the players, the opponents, and the sport in general! Guest hosting will happen from time to time, as well!
Tempest, The by DRYDEN, John and DAVENANT, William
John Dryden and William D'Avenant's Restoration adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest preserves the main plot and characters of the original. Prospero, the former Duke of Milan, lives on an isolated island with his daughter Miranda, and plans to take revenge on his brother Antonio, who usurped his throne. He is aided by his servant, the airy sprite Ariel, and is hated by his other servant, the monster Caliban. Dryden and D'Avenant added in a number of characters: Dorinda, Prospero's other ...
EDWY: A Poem, in Three Parts by RADCLIFFE, Ann
In Edwy, Ann Radcliffe gives us a delightful piece of poetic moonshine, whose eponymous hero seeks assistance from the world of faerie in order to spy on his girlfriend, Aura, and see if she really loves him. He does this by venturing unseen into Windsor Forest at night to trap the love-fay, Eda, who, once spellbound, must reveal all and let him remotely view Aura's activities by means of a magic mirror cut from crystal. In addition to this early form of cyberstalking, Edwy, on his night-jou ...
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Scientific Healing with Dr. Anastasia Chopelas
On this broadcast co-hosted by Gwen Lepard, you are going to hear about how to balance hormones naturally without the need for hormonal supplements, chemical or naturally compounded. You’ll discover * the common symptoms of hormonal imbalances, some may surprise you. * the three steps to healing your body naturally from this problem. This inclu ...…
You Can Read the Bible: Bible Only Version
Over the next few days you’ll notice a resemblance to Numbers, with lists of conquered cities and boundary markers. While this might seem tedious to us – and it’s certainly tempting to skim – the meaning for this generation, and future generations, cannot be overstated. Since in Numbers 36 the LORD commanded that “the inheritance of the people ...…
Tim and Tom talk to Anthony Sharkbait Gutierrez, local MMA fighter and professional wrestler, about his upcoming fight for the Kansas City Fighting Alliance, and his new career in professional wrestling for local company the National Wrasslin' Alliance. Tim and Tom also talk about what they did for Thanksgiving, one-year-olds drinking Sprite, r ...…
Monster in My Podcast
Oh, how the children danced.By
This week the Girlfriends are talking Urban Legends! They start ​​with stories of tainted Halloween candy and the horrific true crime tale of The Man who Killed Halloween, aka The Candyman, from Pasadena, Texas. Next stop is Westfield, New Jersey and the creepy saga of The Watcher house. Then it's back home for the legend of the Michigan Dogman ...…
The Pitch-off Project
In our Hallow-scream Filmtacular, Grace And Scott pitch horror movies with iconic villains to rival Freddie and Jason. Grace learns you can’t make a fetish without breaking a few eggs. Scott rounds out the culinary experience with snails. As always, the contestants have to market their movies on barely-related criteria.…
Mage The Hero Described
In this recap and review of Issue #2 of Mage, The Hero Denied we discuss families and superheroes, the power of Excalibur, how kids hear everything, naming choices for villain's headquarters, the fisher king, sexual innuendo, and much more. Visit the official podcast site at In this episode: 0:00 Introduction ...…
The BEST Independent Music from around the world; EDM, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, R & B, Rap, Reggae, Jazz & more...Hosted by DTongAdvertising & Sponsorship: Song Play & Promotion: TO YOU BY:The Corporate Plan by Miho Slavco ...…
NFL, College Football, MLB Playoffs, & The BEST Independent Music from around the world...Hosted by DTongAdvertising & Sponsorship: Song Play & Promotion: TO YOU BY:The Atavist by Cameo Wood Your World by Mary Lee ...…
Nate and Brian are both in Portland and decided to record a podcast about it. One or more of them may have been slightly, incredibly stoned in the "studio" (hotel room) and totally whacked out on goofballs. And Sprite Zero.
*New mix as aired on @ghettohouseradio with a nice blend of house, edm, & some pop/dance/mainstream remixes/bootlegs:1. The Fever - Bassjackers, Breathe Carolina, Apek2. Scream - Tiesto & John Christian3. Darker Than The Light That Never Bleeds (Steve Aoki Remix) - Linkin Park & Steve Aoki4. Friends (Blaze U Remix) - Justin Bieber & Bloodpop5. ...…
One woman gives her first hand account of the night she met a creature from another realm. Music: "the center of it all" by transient CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US Music: "spooky outro" by transient CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US This episode ("Sprites") is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.…
🎧 Free Download & Stream :🎙 Submit a Soundbite:🎹 Tracklist 00:00:42 Zero Hero - Bass Drop00:03:53 Pegboard Nerds & Quiet Disorder - Go Berzerk (Gammer Remix)00:06:53 Darren Styles - Us Against the World 00:11:03 Jay Cosmic - Ascend00:15:20 Kayzo - This Time00:18:07 Kayzo & Gammer ...…
🎧 Support on all platforms:▼ Follow MonstercatSpotify: Music: http:/ ...…
This podcast features Anthony Yap, Managing Director at Good Price Pharmacy Franchising. At 23 years old he saved up $50,000 between three jobs and raised enough capital to buy his first pharmacy. He worked across all roles in the business from pharmacy assistant, warehouse coordinator, stock controller, manager, the pharmacist in charge, and e ...…
🎧 Free Download & Stream :🎙 Submit a Soundbite:🎹 Tracklist 00:00:41 Stonebank - Droppin’ Low00:04:06 Botnek & I See Monstas - Deeper Love (Duko Remix)00:07:51 PIXL - Buzz Kill [Monstercat Throwback]00:12:30 Bad Computer - New Dawn00:16:53 Noisestorm - This Feeling00:21:14 Soupand ...…
Macintosh & Maud: A My Little Pony Podcast
No joke: if parasprites showed up at our door, we'd probably keep one too. They're that adorable. At least, until they start barfing out new sprites. Guess we'll need Pinkie Pie to come with her arsenal of instruments to save us. In the meantime, keep an eye on your belongings while Mac & Maud talk about how a banjo just might be the answer to ...…
A recap and review of Issue #1 of Mage, The Hero Denied. followed by a review of issue #0 of the Hero Denied. Visit the official podcast site at In this episode: 0:00 Introduction 0:36 Spoiler Warning - Entire Series To Date 1:14 Recap Intro - Issue #1 1:51 The Cover 3:08 The Creative Team 4:42 What's So Funn ...…
A recap and review of Issue #1 of Mage, The Hero Denied. followed by a review of issue #0 of the Hero Denied. Visit the official podcast site at In this episode: 0:00 Introduction 0:36 Spoiler Warning - Entire Series To Date 1:14 Recap Intro - Issue #1 1:51 The Cover 3:08 The Creative Team 4:42 What's So Funn ...…
aarontra radio 📻
Welcome to Scari radio 📻 • Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites • Scary • Kill Everybody • Your own personal Horror Scope! • Scari hid a package 📦 but A A Ron found it • Creating a Rogue • Adventure Tim...
Late Night Double Feature Picture Show
Well folks, we did it. We have returned for another episode of LNDFPS. You're welcome. This week, your choice is simple. An escape to the roof, or a rescue mission for your brother. A little cocaine to feel more aggressive, or some acid in a Sprite bottle. One singular take, or an unending string of bad things happening to bad people. Choose wi ...…
Cajun California
…because if it ain’t Sprite, it ain’t right. This week on @CajunCaliPod, we’re talking this week’s black ass TV lineup, hip hop, the state of R&B, and much more!
Summer Blockbuster!?!
On this week’s episode, we head back to the movie theater for 2017’s GOOD TIME, starring Robert Pattinson as a low-level criminal who will do anything to save his incarcerated younger brother. Underage make-out sessions, Sprite bottles of acid, bags of money, and BDSM-inspired amusement park rides all play crucial roles in the most realistic an ...…
Serious Talk. Seriously.
Not only is this the 150th episode of the show, it is also the Season 4 Finale. I am closing out the season with Buck Busfield, the Co-Founder and Producing Artistic Director for B Street Theatre. Buck Busfield and I chat about why you don’t mess with Oreos while playing poker; how our current President’s policies may impact the Arts; why theat ...…
With Sonic Mania newly released, all of us old, weird, rabid fans of the blue hedgehog are coming out of the woodwork to discuss games, cartoons, and fan-made sprite comics of our Sonic Original Characters™. Do Not Steal. Starring Bobby, Sara, and Miguel. Enjoy!
Kryspi Dozen. Johnny Carson’s Boat. Attenborough’s Sprite. Dustin My Eyes. Ethel Merman’s Show Piss-ness. Sweet Corn & Tuna. Akbar the Niblet Napper --- Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe @ Like what you hear? Try Skull Juice @ Have a sec? Check out our survey @…
The Caribbean Rum Club
Episode 19 of the The Rum Club's Podcast. In this week's episode Giz, Vals and Dubz speak about Watson Duke, Honey Bee, Notting Hill Carnival. Special guests Matthew and Paige of Z People. Drink of Choice White (White Oak) and Sprite. Big tune Marzville - Give it to Ya.
CoCoTALK #17 July 15, 2017 Episode 17 - The World Premiere of Rick Adams' Bomb Threat! The game that almost wasn't now is, and Rick Adams will talk about the history of this game, and how it's finally seeing the light of day! Behold, for the first time ever, Bomb Threat for the Tandy Color Computer, originally created in 1984, lost in the sands ...…
In today's episode, we get really serious about roofing, we pop off about Things We Don't Like, and drink twice the amount of sprite we can handle. Follow us on twitter here for updates!
Serious Talk. Seriously.
Bree Aea (pronounced Eye-uh), the who helped create the Sacramento Game Developers, stopped by for Episode 148. Bree and I chat about moving around as a military brat; how she came to be involved with the Sacramento chapter of the International Game Developers; why she considers herself a casual gamer; the growing community of independent game ...…
This podcast features Richard ‘Richie’ McCaw, former New Zealand Rugby Union player and 2-time world cup winning captain of the All Blacks. From being approached at school about one day playing for the New Zealand Rugby team to then being highlighted as an All Black Great, Richie makes it really clear that hard work, perseverance, and dedicatio ...…
Today's Theme: PartiesDiscussed:–What are we like at parties–What's the worst party you've been to–Ideas for the best parties* * *iTunes: ...…
Bro, Did You See This?
A gaggle of Pikachu. The Food Politics of Pokemon. The greatest Mascots of the 1990s. A crepe catastrophe. A CSI: Cyber episode come to life. Bro, did you see this? Show notes: ‘Dunkirk (2017, dir. Christopher Nolan)’ 'Great Detective Pikachu' Live-Action Pokémon Film Primed For Success The Food Politics of Pokemon Any guesses as to what this c ...…
There’s a leak on the ship known as the NPD! We get some early hardware and software numbers for the month of July. Which system and game came out on top? Listen to find out! Gamescom is looming on the horizon and Microsoft outlines their lineup. Meanwhile, Blizzard is releasing a deathmatch mode in Overwatch soon. Lastly, we all got Sonic Mani ...…
The Side Quest Games Club podcast is based on a simple concept. The group picks a video game, plays it, then gets together to talk about it. Think "book club for games"! Spoiler alert on all content related to the game being discussed in this episode! We'll play anything from mobile games, console games (everything from NES, SNES, N64, PSX, PS2 ...…
Vriska get debriefed on what happened in the dream world. Tavros actually does something. Jasprose goes on a date until Davesprite fucks it up like a piece of shit. Dave and Dirk talk about each others past and telling friends things. Jane learns about star stuff. John gives one last big speech. Terezei remembers.…
Serious Talk. Seriously.
Daniel Humbarger stopped by for Episode 147! This interview is part of my month of interviews with comedians. Daniel and I chat about why he loves pun jokes; the love/hate relationship you have with your work as a comedian; getting left behind in Iceland; why he was an asshole even as a kid; his experience trying out for Last Comic Standing aft ...…
Episode 08: 05-13-2017 CoCo Sprites, Embarrassing moments, has hardware gone too far? We are back for the 8th CoCo TALK featuring a bunch of old guys talking about an old computer, what's more exciting than that? This week we'll talk about some topics that have been around the web, between the CoCo mailing list and the CoCo Facebook group, ther ...…
This week I am joined by script editor and development whizz Jamie Hewitt. He's been all over the shop and has worked as a script editor and in acquisitions/development for BBC Drama, Channel 4, and various other film and TV production companies. We met on 4Screenwriting and have gotten drunk together several times since. On a warm Friday eveni ...…
Dr Wilko's Campaign For Better Beverages
Welcome to the bar... Dr Wilko welcomes you to a Game of Thrones theme evening at the bar. He mixes house cocktails for some of the houses in Westeros. Ingredients Fire and Blood: grenadine, double of white rum, a splash of your prefered spirit. Growing Strong: mint, basil, sugar, lime juice, double of gin, tonic. Family, Duty, Honour:single of ...…
Tearing into the forefront with the Filth Friends squad, INFKTIOUS has made his debut on Joy 94.9, a week a head of the Your Shot 2017 Melbourne finals, as a Counter Cultured Special […] Podcast: Play in new ...…
Tearing into the forefront with the Filth Friends squad, INFKTIOUS has made his debut on Joy 94.9, a week a head of the Your Shot 2017 Melbourne finals, as a Counter Cultured Special Guest DJ. Melbourne’s dubstep boi INFFKTIOUS Being taken under the wing of Counter Cultured fam favourite, MVGE, as well as making it into the Melbourne finals for ...…
Dhjami në zonën e barkut është një problem për shumicën e femrave sot. Por shumë dhjam (ose trupi në formën e mollës) shton rrezikun për shumë probleme shëndetësore si diabet, sëmundje zemre, tension të lartë gjaku, madje dhe disa tipe kanceresh. Dhjami në zonën rreth barkut mund të jetë genetike, ose të vijë si pasojë e jetës së pashëndetshme ...…
What About Your Friends
We're about to witness the birth of DJ Frankie, Charneil clarifies his comments on Lena Dunham from episode 43, Aaron Carter comes out as queer, and Lil Duval won't go the hell away. We Part Two it again and talk about the detachment from our families we spoke a bit about last week. This episode is brought to you by Three Olives and cherry Spri ...…
Serious Talk. Seriously.
Today I am chatting with comedian Becky Lynn for Episode 146. This interview is part of my month of interviews with comedians. In this episode Becky Lynn and I chat about the worst cat ever; an impression of a mutual friend; horse tumors and cow windows; why she moved to Chico; why you do not name a rat “Janine”; the sad but badass motorcycle g ...…
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