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Stupid Criminal File
Steve & The Magic Man Stupid Criminal File
Vinnie And The Alien
Traveling at redunculous speeds through the galaxy, your hosts MotownVinnie and Alienstone bring you two hours of hilariously bizarre news stories, funny skits and segments and lots more! Segments include The Punchlines with Alienstone, a fun interactive game show called "Onion Or Potato," Shower Thoughts, Totally Absurd Facts and even a little indie rock thrown in just to give your sides a chance to stop aching for a bit. Just remember, resistance is futile and probling is not allowed on th ...
You Big Dummy
Join Khalid Namar as he documents the best of the worst. Stupid criminals, public figures, no one is off limits in the hilarious "You Big Dummy" segment!
News of the Doomed
The internet's most Shadenfreude-iest show is on the air. Comedians Tim Powers and Sax Carr find real news stories from real news outlets about real people doing real stupid things. Comedy Ensues. To join the party, you can read your story on an up coming episode. Just call the hotline: 865-4-TIM-SAX in the United States. You can also find us all the regular social media outlets. If you loved us on Crave Online's "This is Really Happening" you will love NEWS OF THE DOOMED.
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Transcript: Well, welcome to Gender, Sexuality, and the Gospel. We don't have a lot of time, so what I'm going to do is, your notes that you have, I don't know exactly ... I think I know what's in your notes. I don't know if everything's in there that I have or not, but that ... actually, I'll grab one over here. Thank you. The material that yo ...…
Stupid people, doing stupid things. Sean, Rich, and Ted mock them everyday during All Due Respect. Included is a story about a criminal who wouldn't stop farting during a police interrogation.
Alabama Politics for Irish & Scots of Alabama
Can a Democrat Win the Alabama Senate? That's what we're gonna explore in this week's Alabama Politics for the Irish and Scots of Alabama. Before we get started, I feel like I should lay down my political convictions. Sure, you'll figure it out quick enough, but this might save you some time. I consider myself a moderate with liberal leanings, ...…
Weeeeellllcommmme to Meeeeeereeee Rhetoooooric! It’s our annual Halloween episode, which means a little bit of the people, ideas and movements who have shaped rhetorical history, but mostly a ghost story. This year, we’re going with our first not-MR-James story. Don’t worry--there are still intials--but first--to business. If you’re going to ta ...…
We point to others and mock them for their foolish choices. Yet we ignore our own sins and depravity. Find out what warning Paul gives to us.
We point to others and mock them for their foolish choices. Yet we ignore our own sins and depravity. Find out what warning Paul gives to us.
American Conservative University Podcast
Show 1948 Part 1 Dead Wrong with Johan Norberg This ACU show consists of many short videos from Johan Norberg. To watch the playlist of these videos visit- From the Free To Choose Network For their great video archive visit- ...…
Y98 Morning Show
We did Missed Connections, talked about the things we'd change about our significant others, played "Hockey Player Or...", talked about a really scary haunted house, did Entertainment Schmig 2, talked brain stimulation, Hot Nuts, and Stupid Criminals.
Jerry Lewis stiffs his children! * Bill Clinton writing for Showtime? * Loneliness is as bad as smoking! * Email-gate for Trump now? * Earth swallows entire home! * And MORE in this DAILY DOSE OF WEIRD NEWS! #DDWNThis episode is brought to you by the audiobook, “Could It Be True: Volume 1, Urban Legends" by Cindy Parmiter, narrated by Darren Ma ...…
Panelists: Coraline Ada Ehmke | Astrid Countee | Janelle Klein Guest Starring: Aria Stewart: @aredridel Show Notes: 00:16 – Welcome to “The World is Upside Down. Can DevOps save us?” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!” 01:07 – Background and Superpowers 09:22 – Diagnostic Troubleshooting: “Expert Intuition Effect” 14:23 – Understanding Entire System ...…
Cryptoknights: Top podcast on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain, Crypto, CryptoCurrencies
We have brought back one of our favourite guests for this episode.Hit play and listen to Paul Walsh from MetaCert, who talks about how important it is to stay safe in the crypto communities on various platforms and how you can take measures to prevent attacks! ABOUT THE GUESTOn today’s episode, we have one of our previous guests, Paul walsh who ...…
Americans respond to Harvey. Florida next-Wanna buy Zip’s Bucs tickets? Sex Witch starts Aussie Biz. Rahu changes everything about eclipses. Plus really stupid criminals! The OTHR Pod: !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js. ...…
Warren gets a deep tissue rub. Anastasia gives someone a Facebook snub. Stupid criminals try to rob a pub. Plus: Do you prefer to text or call? Do people look different to their phone voice? […] Podcast: Play in ne ...…
Are you in deep trouble with your people, because your economy is disintegrating and criminal violence is amok on your streets and your clumsy political manipulations are as stupidly obvious as they are anti-democratic? Want fast relief? Get Donald Trump to threaten you and become a global martyr in waiting. AP Andean bureau chief Joshua Goodma ...…
Inside Daily Brief Newsletter
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said the U.S. military is prepared to intercept any missile that North Korea may launch toward the country. He said that it would be up to President Trump to decide whether a missile aimed at waters near Guam needs to be intercepted. North Korea last week threatened to fire four missiles near Guam, but on Tuesday, s ...…
MAKTAC - Mike and Kyle talk about COPS
In the twentieth (backlogged) episode of MAKTAC, we talk about S03E09 of COPS. A multi-named Alaskan drunk struggles with being arrested, a pair of 86'd women shriek at officers before blowing their second chance, and a stolen "radio phone" is tracked down. We also talk about wedding registries, a stupid injury, and wet our whistles with an exp ...…
The Podcast Discovery Show
The PDS crew discusses stupid criminals, vlogging, ASMR videos, clowns being creepy and more.
All WNY Radio Podcasts
Cory Comments on stupid criminals ...
Dana shares a story and defines treason correctly. Did Donald Trump Jr actually commit a crime? Deray Mckesson thinks the new Planet of the Apes movie is racist. Cosmopolitan says you shouldn’t celebrate your baby’s gender. RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel joins to talk about Trump Jr’s emails and the health care bill. Dana explains what “cousin ...…
Phillips & Company Morning Show
We talked about some Stupid Criminals, Jen's broken toe, an oBITCHuary, American foods that the Irish HATE, Entertainment Schmig 2, Our 5 Photos online, a double lottery winner, an some clean up stories.
Brought to you by Bill Severson with US Lending Corp – NMLS 267968 Like all the Podcasts 3 segments with 10 to 20 minutes each Segment 1: What do you do when your wife has some free time and is #HungOver still from the weekend? #Podcast. How many Weiner’s can you fit in your mouth? Do you believe in Soulmates? Love at F ...…
In this week’s show, NASA asks French televangelists to pray for the lift-off of it’s newest cola powered rocket, La Fausse Mouche! Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Proteus (Greek Old Man of the Sea) hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying his patience! Shea’s Life Lesson This week I learned that it's not P ...…
Phillips & Company Morning Show
We talked vacations, a kid enjoying a TRASH birthday, stupid criminals, Facebook pictures, Entertainment Schmig 1, "friends" coffee consumption, and a great beer cooling tip.
Jun 22, 2017 Ep 116 Cattle will eat your weeds, Jaxx wallet & ICO Cattle eat weeds, why not try it and check out this massive list of weeds you can easily train your cows to eat. JAXX is a great wallet for beginners, take a look for yourself. FBI is cracking down on crypto, don’t be dumb and be a criminal, but also pay your taxes so ...…
This week on Bag Ladies we start by remembering the victims of the Pulse Massacre after the one year anniversary of the tragedy. On Currento Eventos we’re focusing on incidents of police brutality in Omaha, NE where the police chief actually WANTS to FIRE 2 officers involved in a tasing murder incident and we once again lament the lack of justi ...…
On this episode we discuss Gene Simmons' latest money maker, stupid criminals steal tracking devices, a guy buys a guitar online and gets a rock, a huge pizza, Vitamin Pasta, and so much more! Weird is the podcast that brings you the BEST in Weird News Coverage! Always family friendly, always fun!…
Podcast – Mark Dawson's Self Publishing Formula
Lawyer and traditionally published author, Steve Cavanagh, talks to SPF about the joy of creating US-based legal thrillers and his own route to getting published and achieving bestseller status. This week’s key highlights: The numerous rejections Steve received before finding a publisher The genesis of ideas for Steve’s books Working with an ag ...…
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