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Dear Sugars
The universe has good news for the lost, lonely and heartsick. The Sugars are here, speaking straight into your ears. Hosted by the original Sugars, Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond, the podcast fields all your questions — no matter how deep or dark — and offers radical empathy in return. Send your letters to
Dear Sugars
The universe has good news for the lost, lonely and heartsick. The Sugars are here, speaking straight into your ears. Hosted by the original Sugars, Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond, the podcast fields all your questions — no matter how deep or dark — and offers radical empathy in return. Send your letters to
Sugar and Spice
Humor based podcast discussing women's issues and trans-women's issues.
Let’s Talk Sugar
Since launching over a decade ago, has become much more than a unique dating site – it’s a lifestyle. Let’s Talk Sugar is the podcast exploring the world of Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies, giving a voice to the website that optimizes mutually beneficial relationships. They cover all things Sugar, from creating the perfect profile to finding (and keeping) a wealthy benefactor. Dive into the Sugar Bowl with cohosts Brook and Alexis as they dish out the sweetness and prov ...
The Sistahs will discuss latest episodes of Queen Sugar, the OWN original series, theories raised by fans, & give opinions from a Sistah's point of view.
Sugar Daddies
A podcast Of Two Grown Men Reviewing Candy
Sugar High
Sugar High is a podcast where artists discuss what it's like to live a life in music. Subjects are encouraged to discuss their past, fears, achievements, working schedules and more. After spending nearly a decade on the road with bands, tour manager and host Danny Carissimi sits down with them to learn how they tick and why they're successful. Previous episodes include 311, Neon Indian, The Griswolds, Bears Den, Rey Reel, Allday, Walk The Moon, Lucius, Com Truise.
The world's 1st online broadcast network dedicated to African American entertainment!
Welcome to Brad Sugars Master Mentors. A series where Brad Sugars sits down to interview leading authors, business owners, influential decision makers, public speakers, and anyone who's making a major difference in the world today. People we can learn from together. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes Stitcher and Google Play to get more of these great learnings
The Sugar Daddy Formula – SugaInsider Sweet Talk is a podcast created for YOU, the Sugar Baby, women who are wanting MORE out of their relationships to enhance their own lifestyle. Tune in and listen as host Taylor B. Jones (Sugar Baby Expert, Author, Lifestyle dating coach who specializes in helping women understand Sugar Daddies and get what they want) explores topics with today’s top love, sex and relationship experts! The Sugar Daddy Formula gives you your weekly dose of coaching advice. ...
Sugar Soul Show
Blend of new and old soul, each show will include a featured album playing 3 tracks from a classic and a quiet storm section.
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
This is a true story unfolding over one season. What if your best friend – your best, married friend – embraced the sugar baby lifestyle – not by necessity, but by choice? Sara-Mae Tuson’s BFF, Ruby, did just that. Sexy? Scary? Judge for yourself. We follow two years of Ruby's life, so it's important to listen from Episode 1. In the Sugar Baby Confessionals, the girl talk gets candid as Sara-Mae and Ruby talk about love, sex and life as a Sugar Baby.
BSS gives minorities a platform to inspire and promote their talents in an effort to bring conscious conversation to your living room.
Sugar Creek is a church passionate about life change. It happens every day here marriages healed, families revived, love restored, the hurting comforted. It happens not because of the programs we have or the events we put on, but because the spirit of God is at work here. He is the only one who can change a life and He wants to change yours for the better.
Brown Sugar
Podcast by Brown Sugar
Viral Sugar
We talk Video Games
Queen Sugar's Court is the unofficial Queen Sugar internet radio show exclusively on During each episode, the co-hosts are going to recap, review and dissect the latest episode of the hit OWN series.New episodes are available to download on Mondays.
Messages (Sermons) from the Vineyard Church in Stafford/Sugar Land, TX.The Vineyard Church seeks to be a community of God's extravagant love where people are drawn into a thriving relationship with Jesus.We THRIVE by worshipping God, being in community, getting equipped, and doin' the stuff.
Sophie brings you her selection of the very finest in uplifting and melodic trance each and every month. 'Symphony - Together in Sound'. Enjoy!
No Sugar Added
This podcast consists of two hosts, with two different personalities, that discuss their viewpoints on today’s generations without any sugar-coating on how they feel.
We traveled the depths of the Dagobah system, skipped the yellow brick road to Emerald City & flown through Hogwarts to bring you the Sugar, Salt and Cinema Podcast. 🍬🍿🎥 The Sugar, Salt and Cinema Podcast was created by a couple of film enthusiasts to discuss and dissect some of their favorite films.
Sugar Astronaut
We talk about anything and everything. Science, music, art, gaming, you name it, we'll discuss it eventually. Stick around, give us a listen, you might have fun!
Sugar Crash
Sugar Crash is a podcast about one man changing his relationship with sugar. You'll hear his story about how he came to try to make the change and how it's affecting his life--and health.
Sugar Breaks
”Sugar Breaks” is a weekly podcast hosted by Shane and Shanna. We talk Relationships, pop-culture, internet fails and everything in between. We've got all the sugar you could need for your tea. 🍵 😘
Messages (Sermons) from the Vineyard Church in Stafford/Sugar Land, TX. The Vineyard Church seeks to be a community of God's extravagant love where people are drawn into a thriving relationship with Jesus. We THRIVE by worshipping God, being in community, getting equipped, and doin' the stuff.
Champaign, IL premiere possibly(lol) only urban podcast. Views on current events, music and everything CU.
Join actor and director Damon Gameau for a discussion and Q&A about That Sugar Film. The entertaining and informative documentary captures Gameau's quest to discover the truth about sugar and its effect on our health. His experiment—eating only "healthy" foods that are actually loaded with hidden sugar—reveals some startling truths.
Cream and 2 Sugars
Join Heavy Cream and Budd as they explore drag culture and what it’s like to be a performer in Gainesville, FL with special guests. They'll delight you by sharing their own journey to discovering charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent.
Missed a Sunday? Or want to hear a message again? Christ Church Sugar Land has your back.
Sugar Recordings Radio with Koichi Satowww.sugarrecordings.comBooking
Milk, Two Sugars
Billy and Jon are separated by miles of water, trapped within two different masses of land, but their friendship is held together by stories.These are their phone calls.
Sugar Town Podcast
Sweet talk about baking, travel, and a story or two.
Welcome to the Happy Sugar Levels podcast, where all things Type 1 get discussed 😁
Brown Sugar Ice Tea
Brown Sugar Ice Tea ... Where you can get your Tea served cold
Joseph Gaffney and Justin McConnell host a Serial or Episodic podcast where we discuss, review and theorize about TV shows new and old! Netflix, Amazon Prime, West World, Game of Thrones, and so much more will be discussed on this TV Series focused podcast from Next Level Nerd Podcast Network!
Unfiltered and candid commentary on the world around us from the perspective of young 20-something black women. We’re dissecting politics and pop culture in a humorous & relatable way, while giving you insight on how we navigate life issues.Join us each episode as we side-eye our society and spill the tea about our lives.Follow us on IG, Twitter and Facebook: @brownsugaralchemyCover Art: Lukas Emory
Podcast by Sugar Free Sports Podcast
Sugar Land Skeeters
Catch The Sugar Land Skeeters here! Promoting The Only Perspective That Matters! We Are the Fans of The Sugar Land Skeeters ...We Are #SkeeterNation
House music from West Texas. Funky, Soulful, Techy, Jackin ... it's the Underground.
Sugar City Nerds
No Added Sugar
David and Lola tackle the truths and myths surrounding fitness
Sugar Mama Radio
Motherhood is so sweet!
Sugar Bookie LIVE!
Podcast by Anthony Carabasi
Sugar Rush Radio
Sugar Honey Spiked Tea is a platform for young people to engage in informed conversations that are relevant and often go undiscussed. We're bringing you experts to discuss topics you desire with a spike on the side.
This is what happens when two girls get together and attempt a podcast (and not bother to edit half of it). One sounds like an utter idiot and makes a fool of herself and the other talks too much.
Two black millennial girls who talk about culture, lifestyle, & share their raw opinions about everything!
Just giving you the breakdown on the best boxing manga/anime around!
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Cassie Kanable is the certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner behind The North + West Kitchen, a 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach, Educator + Senior Director with Beautycounter, and Her mission to empower you to design a life & body that you love through nourishing food + non-toxic beauty + clean living. In this episode of Rebel Heart Radio, Genevie ...…
Simple ways to cut your sugar intake and why fruit is ok! Let's make healthy living simple :)
Vic, Manchester and HW discuss day 3 of Broncos OTA's & we get our morning Sugar Fix with Dan Tanner.
The Wrestling Estate's David Gibb and Juice Make Sugar's Nick Bond are here with their off-cycle supplement to the pleasantly in-depth discussion on what makes professional wrestling, well, professional wrestling (and, at least every other week) what that means for the world. This week, we talk about Big Van Vader, the second entry to our wrest ...…
In this week's esports round-up we discuss the incredible prize pool up for grabs in Fortnite, the results from this year's eClub World Cup, and a number of other tournament results including Team Liquid's latest success. Of course we've also got another Gear Grind and an exclusive interview, so sit back and enjoy the show!…
politics piss you off. Fans of ‘News and Politics from Jazz Joy and Roy’ hosted by celebrity global mobile DJ Roy O’Dell Gray Sr are experiencing a 15 second delay when loading episodes, because our esteemed broadcast partners are generating more website traffi ...…
On this episode, we welcome Jordan Bubin a.k.a. Naughty A Mouse. He is a poet and teacher from Phoenix, Arizona. He hops on the microphone as Naughty Mouse to educate, as well as entertain. As a graduate of both Princeton and USC Law, he never let his schooling get in the way of his education, and his passion is making knowledge accessible and ...…
Estrogen is a sex hormone that, where there is too much of it, can cause a myriad of health issues including breast and ovarian cancers, autoimmune diseases, irregular periods, weight gain, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, PMS symptoms, early puberty bloating and so much more! Estrogen is an important hormone for your menstrual cycle and fertil ...…
Mike and Mike talk harness every Thursday morning in the BetAmerica Radio Network. This week featured Wendy Ross, Rob Pennington, Caroline Vazquez, Pete Medhurst, and Sugar Doyle.
Hey folks, I just flew back from my trip to the Bahamas and man are my arms are tired. Yes that joke is as old as I am!This episode will cover the drink Bahama Mama and a few others from the great Bahamas. There are 700 islands in the Bahamas are we talk about at least three. One, owned by Eddie Murphy (you got not ice cream!) and one by the pi ...…
Did you know that the thin walled produce you eat can be some of the most concerning foods in your diet. From everything we think we know - that just seems counterintuitive. How can Fruit & Veg possibly worse than processed food, high fructose sugar, feedlot beef? Well, that may come down to the eye of the beholder. Concerns with neurotoxins an ...…
Episode 21 of This Cold Rhymes Podcast, with Mister, Height Keech and Ialive. This week’s tunes…Darko The Super - What's Your Favorite Color? Tank - Rap Is Like Gang Life - Beautiful ft. Eddie ...…
politics piss you off. Fans of ‘News and Politics from Jazz Joy and Roy’ hosted by celebrity global mobile DJ Roy O’Dell Gray Sr are experiencing a 15 second delay when loading episodes, because our esteemed broadcast partners are generating more ...…
Today we answer a listener's email questions about health beyond food and our spiritual perspectives on birth control. Once again, we have Brian to thank for our title and actually do cover what the heck are shit snake moon cycles and how raspberries and beaver butts are related. It's never a dull moment on this show! We also get into the impor ...…
Is "sugar" heroin or sex or quarters for the peep show window? Erin Whitehead (Wild Horses) joins to help Miel and Demi figure it out and leaves with a new a capella improv duo. This episode is brought to you by Quip! UNPUNCHABLE JAMS: "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan, "Alone" by Heart, "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips…
Character and the Crown *New Study* of Samuel. #2 Recognizing and Responding to God's Voice.. the story of Samuel and Eli.Panel consists of: Michael Cropper, Attorney ("The Judge"), Robert Cocheu, Trainer ("The Professor"), Rinde “Amos” Gbenro, Coach (“The Counselor”), Kyle Trahan Insurance ("The Deacon") and Bill Cox, Salesman ("The Director") ...…
The implementation of the sugar tax in the UK earlier this year has failed to sour results from Britvic, with demand for the company's Robinsons brand surging after it released drinks targeting adults.
XTRAFIT Clubbing Ep.014 01 : JARED MARSTON & SWOOP -Them Good Old Days (Angelo Ferreri Remix) 02 : EDDIE THONEICK - Adamu 03 : FRANKY RIZARDO - Revoke 04 : ANGELO FERRERI - I’m Talking To You 05 : ROMAIN PELLEGRIN - Thinking About Ya (Peter Brown Remix) 06 : PIEM - Love Commandments (Alaia & Gallo Remix) 07 : ANGELO FERRERI - Funky Trumpy 08 : ...…
Covering the artists that were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year! The Cars, The Moody Blues, Bon Jovi, Nina Simone, Sister Rosetta Thorpe and Dire Straits! Brought to you by Soundrop Music Distribution – the safe & simple way for cover song musicians to get their music on Spotify, Apple and other top music platforms. Licens ...…
High energy must listen show! Boy Scouts are now handing out condoms at convention. So sad. Is the USA really running out of bombs? Do students give up their first amendment rights? Fosomax has misleading claims. What happens when a doctor wakes up? Would a doctor knowingly prescribe cancer drugs to a patient with no cancer for profit? Yup it h ...…
32 oz glasses Describing the Power Hour Taking meetings you shouldn't The Spirit of Karaoke Go to gay bars Nothing like a doctor to make you feel like an alcoholic What aspect of your job would you do at home for fun? What are we drinking? Doc: Jim Beam and Maker's Mark Key: Seagram's Dry with Orange sugar free Powerade Ceej: Diet Squirt, shots ...…
The balance between the LDS Church’s operation of its non-profit and for-profit endeavors has always come with both benefits and repercussions. Historian Matthew C. Godfrey discusses with Laura Harris Hales some of the challenges that face the church when it becomes involved in business.
Compassionate or Sugar, which word would you choose? In this episode of 1 Word Show, Jason and Sarah discuss a wide range of topics including: is being Compassionate hard, loosing your train of thought, TV baking shows, being addicted to sugar, giving someone 'sugar', saying 'hey sugar' to someone, sugar daddies, sugar daddy dating websites, th ...…
HW and Vic span the globe, Dan Tanner gives us our sugar fix and we call Kyle Keefe to discuss game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals tonight between Tampa Bay and Washington.
politics piss you off. Fans of ‘News and Politics from Jazz Joy and Roy’ hosted by celebrity global mobile DJ Roy O’Dell Gray Sr are experiencing a 15 second delay when loading episodes, because our esteemed broadcast partners are generating more website traff ...…
Episode 20 WHAT'S UP GUYS! On this week's show: We have our Deadpool 2 review, also we talk about video game addiction, and Queen is finally getting a biopic! Plus, DUMB S*** OF THE WEEK! TOPICS Mowgli Video Game Addiction Bohemian Rhapsody Morena Baccarin Catwoman Deadpool 2 Review DUMB S*** OF THE WEEK Fasting & Brown Sugar On Frosted Flakes ...…
Welcome to the 29th episode of Splash Damage Radio! (No Wilford Brimleys were harmed in the making of this podcast) Your hosts ImTheBlueRanger, ShadowCawn, and CyborgSasquatch return and Blue is at risk for Diabetes. -Sippin gets the respect it deserves -We talk about our weird lucid dreaming experiences -Diabeetus. -Why are kids so creepy?? -M ...…
Various Benefits of The Ketogenic Diet:- Weight Loss- Anti-Inflammatory- Increase Muscle Mass- Reduces Appetite- Lowers Insulin Levels- May help lower your risk of cancerPut Away These Foods Before Going on a Ketogenic Diet:- Remove Sugars- Remove Starches- Remove Packaged and Processed Foods from your Diet- Avoid Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (C ...…
This week in updates, we discuss our recent journey in learning languages: Chinese and French. We recap our favorite celebrity interviews this week, and the black-ity moments at the royal wedding. We also discuss peak caucasity: wypipo police calls on black people for being black.Rundown: -Dear White People Season 2 recap.-The Obamas + Netflix ...…
The NSNG diet works, but the government’s food pyramid is a borderline religious symbol. I lost 35 pounds with better information, and some still won’t listen to me. Plus, sports betting, SWAT teams, and what the heck is going on with WWE stock?
Hormone imbalance due to perimenopause comes with a long list of physical and emotional ailments. Some more embarrassing than others. If you’re dealing with constipation, diarrhea, bloating and excessive belching, you may be wondering: “Can hormone imbalance cause digestive problems?” The answer is, yes. Fluctuating hormones due to perimenopaus ...…
Leonid Ryzhyk is a senior researcher in the VMware Research Group. The main theme of his work is applying formal methods to build better operating systems and networks. Before joining VMware, Leonid received his PhD from University of New South Wales and NICTA. Leonid has also worked as a researcher at NICTA, as a postdoc at University of Toron ...…
Sugar or sweeteners?! Which is better for weight loss and health?!
In today's episode Harmony is chatting all about dietary challenges. Specifically she dives into when they can be helpful and effective, as well as when they might be best to skip. Are you into cleanses?Links:It Starts With Food: 30 Book: 30 Day by Day Guide: ...…
What do Daphni, Fall Out Boy, William Onyeabar, and The Who have in common with D'Angelo and Bright Eyes? Listen to episode 5 of Connecting The Classics to find out. This is the podcast where Lee and Will both pick classic albums, and connect them with tangential song references, Kevin Bacon style.It's also a serious competition, so let us know ...…
Marissa McClellan is a master of canning pickled and fermented goods in addition to sweet jams and jellies. She resides in Philadelphia, PA where she teaches classes about canning. She has authored several books and hosts a podcast of her own called, "Local Mouthful." Learn what inspired her to pick up canning, how to make jams/jellies with alt ...…
In this very special episode of the Wedding Confessionals Podcast, we throw our normal format out the window and just obsess over the Royal Wedding! Brittany Welsh - previously a guest on Episode 14 - joins Brooke and Pam to watch and chat about the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Topics include: celebrity sightings, Meghan's veil an ...…
Sugar Free 02 | Olivia Eckart | guest speaker, kcc student ministries | first aired on 05.13.18
We're back! And we seem to have a bit of an obsession with really specific scenes... Subscribe and Rate our show!
politics piss you off. Fans of ‘News and Politics from Jazz Joy and Roy’ hosted by celebrity global mobile DJ Roy O’Dell Gray Sr are experiencing a 15 second delay when loading episodes, because our esteemed broadcast partners are generating more JazzJoyand ...…
Welcome to the Wake Up Late with Dougie Show Join Dougie & today's co-hosts, Ciro Dobric & Ethan Moore, as they welcome special guest to Danger Studios, Nadeem Awad. Listen in as they Open the Show discussing such things as; US, China agree to abandon trade war, John Brennan Fires Warning Shot to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell After Trump Orders ...…
Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes | Android | Stitcher | RSS feed Show Notes & Resources Mentioned: Pink Snow Mold Destruction Discovered in Area Wheat Fields Concern Over Snow Mold of Wheat in Eastern Washington Contact Information: Contact Erika Kruse via email at View Arron Carter’s contact page. What is a podcast? For ...…
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