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Sushi Jackknife
A Wildly Successful Podcast.
Two guys podcasting about the obscure side of Japan you haven't heard about but probably should.
Honest, Unscripted, Transparent Reviews of the Latest Tools For Small Business Growth including CRMs, inbound marketing, marketing automation, inbound selling, e-commerce, shopping carts, social media marketing, and email newsletter platforms.
Game Sushi Podcast
Hosts Nobuyoshi and Chris bring to the table discussions and reviews regarding what's new or old in both the video and board game platform.
Japan Eats!
What is Japanese food? Sushi? Ramen? Kaiseki? What about Izakaya? What exactly are they? Akiko Katayama, a Japanese native, New York-based food writer and director of the New York Japanese Culinary Academy, will tell you all about the real Japanese food and food culture. Her guests will range from a sake producer whose family has centuries of sake-making history, to a great American chef who pushes the envelope of Japanese cuisine. Japanese cuisine is demystified here!
This is not your run-of-the-mill "Cool Japan" podcast. I want to explore the side of Japan outside of sushi & sumo ; anime & video games. People from all walks of life living in Japan sharing their stories, their trials and tribulations and their successes. People who are hungry for making it and People who have made it. This podcast is about my conversations with them.
Self Developed Life
SDL Podcast = Personal & Professional Development Interviews & Success Strategies on Fitness, Finance, Faith, Family, Health, Biohacking, Business, Bitcoin, Leadership, Lifestyle Design, Dating, Relationships, Travel, Meditation, Mindset, Minimalism, Money Making Marketing Methods & Much More. SUBSCRIBE! Time To “Level-Up” Your Life?Claim Your FREE 1-on-1 Life / Biz Coaching Call DM "30 min FREE CALL" @QuintonCarlin Insta/FBHost Bio: World Traveler (35+ Countries) TEDx Speaker. University Pr ...
Tea and Sushi
Two brothers; one in the UK, one in Japan talk about whatever takes their fancy. The podcast started as a way to keep in touch, share hobbies, and to make each other laugh.
Wrestling Omakase
Omakase means, literally, "I'll leave it up to you". It's a term primarily used in modern Japanese in sushi restaurants, where you allow the chef to prepare their own personal favorites, leaving your meal completely in their hands. Wrestling Omakase, therefore, is a show where we place each episode into the hands of one or two passionate fans, from all across the wrestling spectrum. Our regular host John Carroll has over 20 years of diverse wrestling fandom to draw upon, and they will be joi ...
Two Sushi Rolls
Two sushi lovers discussing current events,comedy and food while sharing stories and ideals. A buffet for your ears!
Off The Ball's sports breakfast show, every morning from 7.45am, bringing you the sports news, reaction and analysis first along with feature interviews and much more.Watch live on our social channels, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or you can listen live over on every morning like a sports breakfast radio show!
Sushi Sound
a podcast featuring discussions & music
Design Lota
The podcast where we talk about life as Indian Designers. Hosted by Interaction Designer Angeline Bhavya and Industrial Designer Sushmita Charlu. As designers from two different fields, our intention is to be an authentic voice of the everyday designer and to bring the Indian design community closer.
Hosted by Zack & Damon Finos, two gamers living in Japan. This podcast is explicit! A podcast for gaming news, with mild mannered banter about all things videogamey and Japan videogamey related.
Hosted by Zack & Damon Finos, two gamers living in Japan. This podcast is explicit! A podcast for gaming news, with mild mannered banter about all things videogamey and Japan videogamey related.
Akimbo is an ancient word, from the bend in the river or the bend in an archer's bow. It's become a symbol for strength, a posture of possibility, the idea that when we stand tall, arms bent, looking right at it, we can make a difference. Akimbo's a podcast about our culture and about how we can change it. About seeing what's happening and choosing to do something. The culture is real, but it can be changed. You can bend it.
The Raw and Cooked...
Join *Marketing Chick* Carmen Sakurai as she covers current home-biz/Internet marketing news and trends, offers unbiased product and service reviews and case studies, plus other funkalicious groovyness... FREE 24/7!
Carolla Classics
Producer Chris Laxamana and Superfan Giovanni introduce clips highlighting the most memorable moments from The Adam Carolla Show anthology. Listen back to the podcast's funniest bits and best celebrity interviews with additional insight and commentary.
Power on Podcast
A Podcast for gamers covering a variety of topics
@WillGreenwood and @SkySportsRugby bring you all the latest from the world of rugby union.
Flavor Nuggetz
Where we deliver little nuggets of flavory goodness into your earholes. Discussing everything from coffee to sushi, if this show doesn't make you hungry maybe it will at least make you laugh.
Access Asia
Exclusive reports, features and analysis of political and social events from across the Asian continent. Every Monday at 5.45 pm Paris time.
Each week UJ works with guest DJs including Audio Sushi and The Collection to curate a playlist from chilled out tracks to party anthems.
We review classic movies and the ones you might have missed
Dear Internet
The show where we answer questions that you would only dare ask the internet
Each week Sue Nelson, Author of FoodTech UK, Ollie Lloyd, Founder of Great British Chefs and Holly Shackleton, Editor of Speciality Food Magazine interview the best producers and experts in UK food, finding out how to source the perfect ingredients and make amazing food for family and friends.
I love my husband, my kids, all things magical, three-day weekends, high-heels, reading, writing, running, sushi, wine, long walks on the beach… wait, what?
2 Guys 0 Planners
A bi-weekly podcast about how stationery touches to the everyday lives of two people on opposite sides of the Earth.
The SEPS Paranormal Podcast Join paranormal investigators Paul Cagle, Eric Aldridge and Sushi twice a month, as they discuss their investigations, share interviews and debate theories behind hauntings. You can join them via iTunes or listen directly from the webpage! And if you have any questions or comments, send them to And please visit their blog at to find out what they are up to, what topics are coming up or who they will have on the podca ...
Android and the Tree
Just a pair o' pals doin' a podcast. Podcasting. Noah has a letter from Bill Clinton. Abi likes socks. They like sushi more than expected. Neither have been to Wisconsin.
Australian politics... yeh, we're sorry too
Menu Stories is a multimedia collection of stories about the people and restaurants behind the food we love. Starting with the San Francisco restaurant community, Rebecca Goberstein gets the rare opportunity to interview the chefs, restaurateurs, deli shop owners, and food makers to learn more about who they are, their inspirations, and their motivations. Visit Menu Stories ( to uncover the stories behind these culinary artists and small business owners who feed and nu ...
FOH (front of house) is a weekly podcast about the restaurant industry brought to you by two service industry veterans.Sometimes political, usually dumb, always a good dang laugh!
Lowell was born in Florida, but moved to Chicago at the age of 21 via the U.S. Navy. He got involved in the rave scene and fell in love with house music. He has been spinning records for 10+ years now. Lowell has 50+ mix CD's and has spun at raves, clubs, bars, fashion boutiques, sushi bars, record stores, billiards bars, warehouses, loft parties, basements, living rooms, bedrooms, campouts, indoors, outdoors, small and large (you name it) in places like Chicago, Detroit, Madison,WI and San ...
Yung Daddy
Real. Honest. Raw. Funny. NYC comedian @levfer riffs on dating, sex, life and answers fan questions with special guests! Email:
Raheem Kornegay is a man with a passion for genuine life change and he’s proven he will follow the voice of God to see just that. In 2016, Raheem and his wife relocated to Texas from Oklahoma so he could pursue further education in youth and young adult ministry. After completing a year long internship in Grapevine, Raheem’s desire to see change in the culture and inspire change for the culture only grew stronger. Fast forward to the birth of Reach Over Culture. Reach Over Culture: focused o ...
Calypso TV
Join Robbie Dorman as he and a wide array of guests discuss a wide variety of topics. From cult movies to podcast parodies to pro wrestling, The Serial Fanaticist is the podcast for people who love a lot of different things.
Point vs Point
Evan Mann and Gareth Reynolds host the news show people turn to for intelligent conversation on all the topics you care about.
Let's Weekend
The opposite side of the Day 0 Update coin, Let's Weekend! is an informal hangout for various SmashPad staff, typically recorded on Friday night and posted Saturday. In contrast to SmashPad's flagship podcast, topics on Let's Weekend! include but are by no means limited to gaming, allowing the hosts to discuss their other major interests from literature to sports, from superheroes to music, and all points in between. Just remember, sobriety is optional.
a weekly hangout with friends or people we find interesting. drinking some beers & then maybe a little scotch hopefully turns into "GOOD" conversation. topics include, but are not limited to music, film, literature, god, fart jokes, 1980s television & the meaning of life.
Do you want to be at the cutting edge of charity communications?The CharityComms podcast is here to bring you the highlights from our sell-out events and dive a little deeper into the detail. Hosted by Robyn and Sushi from the CharityComms team, we're combining the compelling subjects you guys are talking about with riveting speakers to share insight and best practice.
Mixes: Jazz
Smoke About It
Just the squad [fun fact: intro songs are original]We're out in the Wet State. WWe work in the cannabis cultivation n' extraction industry ✿ ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ ✿Come with us on this joint adventure ^_^We are a free form talk show experience. That covers alll the things about allll the topics! (-_^) there is a bunch of crazy shit going down on this rock ♁, and we are not afraid to squint @ it -__-We will try to stay on topic, but lets take it One gram at a time!Enjoy!
Art VS entertainment? Style over content? Schindler's List or Weekend at Bernie's?!! Two film fans in Birmingham, England. One is a chin stroker. The other is a punter. Discussion ensues....Leave us feedback at chinstrokervspunter@gmail.comVoicemail (US) 206-350-0293 or (Elsewhere) 001-206-350-0293
Dean Dobbs and Bertie Gilbert love movies, video games and Star Wars. So they decided it was high time to put their late-night, surreal chin-wags into podcast form. Star Wars always finds a way into their conversation, it's almost like an addiction. So if you are a fan of Sci-Fi and geek culture, this is a podcast for you. Dean Dobbs is a YouTuber, writer and comedy performer. Along with his comedy partner Jack Howard, he makes sketches for the Jack & Dean YouTube channel. Dean has presented ...
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show series Hear Jeremy Shapiro's entrepreneurial journey on The Sales Podcast Help desk + messaging platform Inbound emails Inbound SMS Support cases Live chat Email broadcasts Emails coming into your work/personal email is a nightmare You can't scale by forwarding your emails to ...…
This Week: Our lives are strange. Nathan's death sweats. Our eventual tragic Terry Gross interview. What sex position is a Sushi Jackknife exactly? Nathan's balloon-dildo-rama. Pink bibs. 92% discomfort. Justin Hails Satan? The bullshit reason there are Ten Commandments statues all over the country. The charm of voting with the elderly. Shaq At ...…
Welcome to Wednesday's #OTBAM. Adrian Barry is joined by Johnny Ward this morning as we break down last night's Champions League action, speak to former Dublin All-Star Paul Clarke and look ahead to Ireland's Rugby World Cup match with Russia.00:00 #OTBAM is live - The age-debate between cyclists and motorists: Which one is more dangerous?06:00 ...…
This week, the guys try to remember how to podcast. Urban talks about his trip to the Pelikan Hub in Munich, and Yvgenii suddenly gets a craving for sushi and Sailors. If you enjoy 2 Guys 0 Planners, be sure to drop us a comment and a rating on your podcast player of choice! Want to ask a question for future episodes? Join the Discord today! Sp ...…
In this episode, Nobu reviews his experience in the Ghost Recon Breakpoint closed beta while Chris reviews X4 space civilization sim Stellaris on the Xbone. They also review the new Sea of Thieves content Smugglers Fortune and joining The Creators Crew for streaming the game. Also, news talk of what's happening in the gaming world.…
1. Terry calls in about fighting Adam2. Jo Koy and sushi restaurant3. Bary Marder and Beth Kennedy - Letters From a Nut4. Nick Offerman interview5. Super Bowl storyRequest clips:Classics@adamcarolla.comTWITTER: ...…
This episode, we explore the new culinary classics Chef and Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Buck talks about his own adventures in sushi.By guyswholikemovies.
Evan Carmichael is one of the biggest influencers in the world. He teaches entrepreneurs how to build businesses and brands. (he also gave me some life advise what I should do next in my life / career) 🚀 #Entrepreneur taking on the world's biggest problem ▶️ #YouTuber: 2M Subs 📖 #Author: ...…
Wednesday's #OTBAM is here, we failed to qualify for the Euros last night, we're picking through the Swiss defeat - but we've still got a chance, right?00:00 - Switzerland 2-0 Ireland - reaction | 21:00 - Sports Pages | 31:40 - Football with Damien Delaney | 55:30 - Justin Marshall on the All-Blacks | 1:19:45 - Mike McCarthy talks the RWC | 1:3 ...…
Welcome to Tuesday's #OTBAM - plenty happening for you this morning in the world of sport, from Tokyo to Geneva, as we build-up to the New Zealand and Switzerland games!00:00 | Mick McCarthy's decisions | 05:00 | Cian Healy live at the Irish Rugby press conference | 18:oo | Sports Pages | 35:00 | Rugby with Louise Galvin and Eoin Sheahan | 1:10 ...…
This week on Wrestling Omakase it's time for King of Pro Wrestling! John is joined by first time guest Hayley (@choerrycoloured) to help break down NJPW's biggest show of the fall. But before we get into KOPW Hayley talks about how she got into wrestling in general and NJPW specifically (which coincidentally involves John and they had no idea) ...…
Our guest is Shuzo Nishiyama, the 6th generation president of Nishiyama Shuzojo in Tamba, Hyogo Prefecture. After working at a major TV production company in Tokyo, Shuzo returned to succeed his family business. Now the 170-year old award-winning sake brewery is known for its innovative culture. In this episode, Shuzo will discuss his various e ...…
On this episode, Warren and Buck talk about all the things they love about the horror genre, including some scary stories that have happened in the past.By guyswholikemovies.
This week Will Greenwood & Rupert Cox are re-united back at Sky HQ to round up the pool stages, played out in the shadow of Typhoon Hagibis. They look ahead to the quarter-finals, hear from Jamie George and we check if Will's been paying attention with a 'group stages' quiz!By Sky Sports.
Monday's #OTBAM podcast is here - talking the All-Blacks, Irish Football, Rugby mind games and much more too!We're bringing you from Fukuoka to Digges Lane, and Geneva to Nagasaki with a stopover in New Zealand thrown in!We're talking negativity around Ireland, Rugby mind games, the story with the All-Blacks and Japan. Football-wise, should Aar ...…
Lev welcomes @andrewtcollin on to talk in depth about dicks, growing up and going through puberty and dive deep into the secrets of what it's really like for men in relationships. If you're enjoying the episode be sure to share it on your social media and send in your questions to Support the show and get a premium episo ...…
In which we discuss Extinction Rebellion and who we would like to use as speed bumps for our steam roller. #Auspol #ExtinctionrebellionBy donttellthepilot.
100th Episdode Request Bird’s nest in Lawson’s sign Special Segment – Columbo Books Review Tourism getting out of hand? Song … More japan2point0.wordpress.comBy David and Matt.
1. Alternative Lifestyle Droopy Dog with Jay Mohr2. Al Madrigal calls in3. Jason Calacanis interview4. Sarah Tiana on true crimeHosted by Chris Laxamana and Giovanni GiorgioRequest clips:Classics@adamcarolla.comTWITTER: ...… Have a CRM that your salespeople want to use and are not nagged to use and update that actually helps them sell First CRM made by salespeople for salespeople Customizable pipeline stages Integrates with e-commerce Integrates with quoting tools Can be used as a project ...…
1. Pregnant Teresa2. 'Ode From The Aspect' with Jo Koy3. Halloween 20134. Cheryl Hines and The Ugly Truth5. John Popper improves I'm In Love With A StripperHosted by Chris Laxamana and Giovanni GiorgioRequest clips:Classics@adamcarolla.comTWITTER: ...…
On this week’s episode of Let’s Weekend: We check in on the ongoing potential impeachment of Donald Trump. The clash betwen China and Hong Kong is starting to effect american business. Jupiter is the King of Moons. Plus, a John Wick spinoff is in the works. 10/11/2019 Show Notes Intro What Are We Up To? F: Aurora, Mr Robot. P: Aging, comics T: ...…
Friday's #OTBAM podcast has landed with Stephen Hunt and Adrian Barry in the studio, as Keith Andrews, Alan Quinlan and more stop by!07:00 - Sports Pages (Hunt vs. Dunphy) | 23:00 - Eoin Sheahan on Irish Rugby latest in Fukuoka | 42:00 - Alan Quinlan talks the RWC | 60:00 - Irish Football with Richie McCormack in Tbilisi | 1:12:00 - Keith Andre ...…
OOOOOOOOOO ghosts n scary stuffs 0_0no intro music for this episode. we had to skip a week because of VAPE GATE 2019and at the top of the episode we go into our thoughts about the Flavored Vape Ban in WA STATE here. but then as the THC do our tangents -__-its 100 perfect fall and y'all betta strip up for this one…
Should kids be allowed in fancy restaurants? What is a parent's responsibility if things head south? Do you want a bathroom attendant to slap you?By FOH.
Bringing back superfoods of old and cracking the foodie market. Hands up if you had a granny who made the most incredible soup that could cure any childhood ailment? Recipes and delicacies from days gone by tend to get left behind as food trends and technology surge forward. But there’s a lot to be gained from looking at the time-honoured knowl ...…
Thursday's #OTBAM podcast, with Ger Gilroy in studio as the news breaks that the Rugby Typhoon has forced World Rugby to cancel a number of RWC games.Eoin Sheahan is with us from Japan, Ciara Mageean will be in studio for a chat about her 10th place finish in Doha and doping in the sport, and Keith Wood joining us a little later to go through t ...…
TIM ANDERSON from the FLORIDA FILM FESTIVAL comes in & day drinks with me. we cover this stuff: being too old to riot & stage dive. dancing with debbie harry. heath ledger as the joker in batman is tom waits. apparently anger is an energy. greased lightning is a super dirty song. when everyone thinks your gay. no one misses cassette singles. 80 ...…
Звучит в ночи осенний джаз.....Надеюсь, не в последний раз!? =)Откровенно говоря, совместные работы с Владимиром доставляют мне огромное удовольствие. Это кайфовый процесс, начиная с идеи, чаще всего рождающейся в процессе совместного подбора материала, и далее, выстраивания всей последовательности компиляции, ну и, конечно же, заканчивая публи ...…
Dear Internet, On this weeks show we discuss shitty gummy bears, lighting toilet paper on fire, and needing to find your muse. We are a new show, and would greatly appreciate if you could leave us a 5-star review on your podcast app of choice! If you want more Dear Internet, please consider supporting us on patreon through Cast of Thrones. Sinc ...…
Welcome to Wednesday's #OTBAM - a cracking show in store with musician, podcaster and former Leinster Rugby star Bressie in studio with Ger.00:00 - OTB AM is live with Niall Breslin (Bressie)13:00 - Dispatch from Japan with Eoin Sheahan20:00 - The Sports Pages35:00 - Leinster, Ireland u21s and Westmeath Football with Bressie50:00 - Football: Ir ...…
Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg has inspired students all around the world to call on leaders to do more to fight climate change. In Thailand, she's had a major influence on a 12-year-old girl named Lilly. Every Friday, instead of going to class, Lilly paddles down a dirty Bangkok canal, fishing out rubbish and plastic bags. We tell you more.…
Tuesday's #OTBAM is in town - the latest from the Irish Rugby camp as Joey Carbery is in front of the media, plus Mick McCarthy's options are up for discussion with Ger and Johnny.We're bringing you the sports pages, the verdict on the Irish WNT, Tom English on Scottish Rugby and ESPN College GameDay.ESPN's Senior Vice-President and General Man ...…
The Guys dive into Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland. The Guys discuss the cultural differences between the UK and the US, seatbelts during the apocalypse, and the importance of stretching.By guyswholikemovies.
Our guest is Arisa Forbes, a specialty cake designer and cookbook author based in NYC. Cakes are often the highlight of important events, including weddings, birthdays and other celebrations, and designing specialty cakes can be as challenging as designing a dress or making a sculpture. Arisa was born and raised in Japan but her passion and har ...…
We head around the globe on this week's Will Greenwood Podcast. Rupert Cox, Dan Lyle & Brian Hightower dial-in from NBC HQ in Connecticut while Will gives us his top five talking points from Hong Kong. We also hear from Jonny May who's with Gail Davis at England's base in Tokyo.By Sky Sports.
Welcome to Monday's #OTBAM - the sports breakfast show from Off The Ball - Johnny Ward and guests with you this morning to guide you through a cracking sports weekend!00:00 - OTB AM is live!00:30 - Irish Rugby latest - Andy Farrell09:00 - Sports Pages - Man Utd mess and Ciara Mageean22:00 - Irish Rugby latest - Gary Ringrose, Jordi Murphy32:00 ...…
Lev rants about everything from bees to TV shows to the Joker movie and setting goals. If you're enjoying the episode be sure to share it on your social media and send in your questions to Support the show and get a premium episode every week on Music by Engelwood…
This week, Urban thins out his collection, Yvgenii partially eats his words when it comes to the Pelikan M205 Star Ruby, and a listener question causes the guys to derail into a bit of a musical interlude of sorts. If you enjoy 2 Guys 0 Planners, be sure to drop us a comment and a rating on your podcast player of choice! Want to ask a question ...…
What’s it like to be “Living the Dream” in Japan? I often receive this hypothetical question (as with many of my foreigner peers who have weathered many cherry blossoms on these shores) and there is never an accurate answer. Some say it’s living a life of self reliance among the communal pressure or others can argue its to be fully assimilated ...…
This week we discuss the merits of a bunch of recent watches including Rambo Last Blood, Batman Year One, Red Sonja, The Dead Don't Die, Clash of the Titans, Silverado, Harry Potter, Crawl, Alligator and many more. Feedback appreciated at and hang with us on facebook at ...…
1. Greg Fitzsimmons and military caller2. Matt Silverstein and Dave Jesser in studio3. Andy Capp comics4. Glenn Phillips plays "Walk on the Ocean"Hosted by Chris Laxamana and Giovanni GiorgioRequest clips:Classics@adamcarolla.comTWITTER: ...…
This week on Wrestling Omakase it's once again time for Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame talk! John is joined by the CAPTAIN Rich Kraetsch of the Voices of Wrestling flagship (@voiceswrestling) to once again break down every candidate in the Modern US/Canada and Japan categories. It's quite the dichotomy, as first we try our best to make a case ...…
Highlights from the history of The Adam Carolla Show:1. "Hell is for Children" with Greg Fitzsimmons2. Jo Koy and Adam see Kong Skull Island3. Glenn Phillips plays "Drive By"4. Jonathan Kite impressions5. Virtual Alison6. Glenn Phillips plays "Rings"By Chris Laxamana, Superfan Giovanni, and Adam Carolla.
On this episode of Let’s Weekend: Nickelback is back in the spotlight for a ridiculous reason. Trump continues to rack up Impeachable offenses. Mark Zuckerberg is afraid of Sen. Warren. Microsoft has an event full of Surface goodness. Plus,, a whole lot more. 10/4/2019 Show Notes Intro What Are We Up To F: PC Building Sim, waiting on Mr. Robot. ...…
Welcome to Friday's #OTBAM - Adrian Barry with you this morning to guide you through to the sports weekend, with a host of guests! We're talking Ireland's stuttering win against Russia in the Rugby World Cup with Alan Quinlan at 8am. Simon Zebo has been left at home (in France) but he's in Dublin this week and sat down with Adrian for a chat ab ...…
БЕЗ ДЖИНГЛОВ!Третья часть серии миксов "COVER COCKTAIL"! Микс получился такой же яркий и интересный, как и предыдущие две части. На очереди четвертый микс, который выйдет в ближайшее время. Следите за новостями, друзья!By DJ ILYA LAVROV.
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