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Developer Tea
Developer Tea exists to help driven developers connect to their ultimate purpose and excel at their work so that they can positively impact the people they influence.With over 7 million downloads to date, Developer Tea is a short podcast hosted by Jonathan Cutrell (@jcutrell), CTO at Whiteboard. We hope you'll take the topics from this podcast and continue the conversation, either online or in person with your peers. Twitter: @developertea :: Email:
Tea or Books?
Simon (Stuck in a Book) and Rachel (Book Snob) debate the difficult decisions of books and reading.
Turkish Tea Time
Join us at Turkish Tea Time ( as we chat about the Turkish language, its grammar, and how it's spoken in every day life. We're Turkish learners, Turkish teachers, and Turkish people ourselves - so we understand what it takes to get a grip on this amazing language. Published daily, each lesson revolves around a dialog that focuses on a single language point. There's something here for every Turkish learner: the difficulty level of each day's lesson rotates between four leve ...
Tea With Alice
Every week Alice Fraser, chronic thinker, comedian, ex lawyer and cambridge graduate drinks tea and solves the world. With a rotating cast of bright and brilliant guests.
Talking Tea
Podcasts exploring tea and tea culture
Brand New ! Listen Now ! Muffin Junkee -Sleepyard ------------------------------------------------------------ Brother's Oliver and Svein Kersbergen from Stavanger Norways Legendary Band ... Sleepyard ...join Muffin Junkee Pod host Jay Daniels for a series of interviews about the incredible music of Sleepyard ! !-----------------------------------------------> You will hear an amazing selection of Sleepyard Songs ..Handpicked by Oliver and Svein ..including to new exclusive tracks from Sleep ...
What's The Tea?
A comedy podcast hosted by two best friends who share a brain, a love of food and all things outrageous.
Tea & Jeopardy
Tea, conversation and mild peril! Join Emma Newman in her secret tea lair as she chats with authors, illustrators and all manner of interesting people. Served by the butler Latimer and serenaded by magical singing chickens, Emma explores the world of geek passions and creativity alongside the serious business of tea and cake.
Tea With BVP
*The* call-in talk show with a touch of comedy for those interested in second language acquisition and language teaching. Hosted by Bill VanPatten.
Tea and Tattle
Tea & Tattle is a lifestyle podcast co-hosted by best friends, Miranda Mills and Sophie Butler. Weekly discussions are held on favourite books, style tips, happiness boosters and more. We love to feature interviews with creative, successful women. Special guests on the podcast include writers, artists, bloggers and makers. Tune in every Tuesday for your regular dose of Tea & Tattle. We can’t wait to have you!
We release weekly interviews with awesome storytellers ranging from novelists to screenwriters to TV producers. Topics cover how-to's, writing advice, craft tips for writers, career nuggets, and the highs and lows of being a storyteller. We are a safe space for listeners to absorb information and learn in a way that'll shake up their creative routine. Our community welcomes each storyteller and writer and aims to make them feel less alone.
Melodic Galoiwin - Pagan Tea Break's recent posts to
Learn a new Russian idiom every week to enrich your Russian language skills. Idiom is a phrase which means something different from its literal meaning, and they are very important part of every language. Russian language is highly idiomatic. Each episode contains a new Russian idiom, its literal translation, explanation and a couple of examples. Improve your Russian language with 'Russian idioms' podcast from 'Learn Russian with Lemon Tea'.
Queen and J. are two funny womanist race nerds from the Bronx talking liberation, politics and pop culture over tea! Dismantling white supremacist patriarchal capitalism one episode at a time. New episode drops every Tuesday! Drink up!
My Japanese Green Tea Podcast consists of interviews with tea companies and other relevant people in the tea industry. Its focus is on Japanese teas. If you are a tea enthusiast, and want to learn more about about Japanese teas such as sencha, matcha and gyokuro, this is the show for you. Plus, you'll get to know more about each tea company and the people behind them.
Two Cups of Tea
Amazing life stories of great old characters. Chris Heath sticks the kettle on and gets to hear the life story of an older legend in their golden years. Full of amazing and compelling characters, heart-warming tales and extraordinary lives. Episodes drop every two weeks. Warning: May contain biscuits. If you know someone who might like to take part, email Chris with some details about them:
Tea Time Teacher
Te damos la bienvenida a la radio de Vaughan. Abre bien los oídos, porque vas a exponerte a una emisión ininterrumpida de contenidos en inglés. Disfruta con nosotros de una variada programación diaria de clases de inglés para todos los gustos, para todos los públicos y para todos los niveles. Con Vaughan Radio, siempre aprendes algo nuevo mientras mejoras tu comprensión auditiva. Vaughan Radio, la radio temática de Grupo Vaughan, donde encontrarás una variada programación con noticias, cultu ...
For Photographers - on their tea break!
Tea With Tami
Tea With Tami is a sometimes weekly podcast show hosted by @TheTamiJ about everything black, hip hop, trending, tea & more. WOULD YOU LIKE A SIP?
Meditational music for grabbing some moments of serenity throughout your day.
Herbal Tea
Podcast by Herbal Tea
A Cup of Gay Tea
Podcast by A Cup of Gay Tea
Two translators share their manga translation woes and triumphs as they continue to grow in the manga industry.
Chamomile Tea
Darling, this is Chamomile Tea, a podcast hosted by Ton Do-Nguyen, the baddest bitch from the Philly suburbs, and Angie Jones, an icon in the making from A-Town, as they discuss their opinions and misadventures about culture, life, love, and their absolute admiration with the Knowles-Carter family. Enter the world of these two aspiring artists as they create, debate, and comment on the world around them. Get your big gulp cup ready, and enjoy a piping hot serving of Chamomile Tea.
Not My Cup of Tea is like sitting around the back porch with your fav aunties having a good ol' chat over a cuppa. Or a cheap, but decent, Sav Blanc. It can be whinging about trivial stuff, having a laugh or having a D&M about life. Listen live Mondays 8PM (AEST) on JOY 94.9 Melbourne or stream online at
Tea Life Audio is a podcast about the Japanese Way of Tea and related arts. It is a round table discussion about various topics related to the way of tea, Chado.
Tea for Teaching
Informal discussions of effective practices in teaching and learning.
Pop Tea Podcast
Spill the tea with Cheri and friends as they discuss the latest in pop culture, music, celebrities and movies!
Triforce Tea Time is a podcast where Bill & Savy just pretty much talk about whatever they feel like. Listen to it!... or don't!
Tea Party Radio
The official radio network of the Tea Party Patriots, TPP radio broadcasts a variety of programs that cover everything from in-depth analysis of the progressive agenda to the tea party perspective on today's news.
Adult Tea
After realizing adulting ain't easy, we decided to attempt to be more adult-like by talking about adult things. Listen each week as we discuss the wonders and blunders of our adult world and more. We hope you enjoy the tea!
Timey-Wimey Tea Time is where friends gather to share their love for Doctor Who in a casual, warm tone. We discuss sci-fi, fantasy, zombies, beauty, poetry, creative writing, and other geeky ponderings. You can interact with us live at http://twitch.TV/geekyantics Saturdays at noon Eastern (5pm in London) or by leaving us VM/SMS at (646) 801-2149. Message us @GeekyAntics or - we love our fellow Whovians! | TWTT is hosted by Yomar Lopez @Yogizilla alongside recurring and ...
The Book of Tea was written by Okakura Kakuzo in the early 20th century. It was first published in 1906, and has since been republished many times. - In the book, Kakuzo introduces the term Teaism and how Tea has affected nearly every aspect of Japanese culture, thought, and life. The book is noted to be accessibile to Western audiences because though Kakuzo was born and raised Japanese, he was trained from a young age to speak English; and would speak it all his life, becoming proficient at ...
Teen Mom recaps and the latest tea with Stevie Ryan
Find out what the herbal revolution can do for you!
Tea & Biscuits is a 2x award nominated podcast that shares news, views, entertainment and everything in between.Hosted by Sherryl Blu and Janice Miss Mad News, expect raw but candid conversation from two Black British ladies that have a lot to say about everything!
The Cult of Tea and Dice for when you just have to drink tea and play RPG's. Wherein a number of British people review and play Roleplaying, video and board games and also drink tea!
Delicious Food. Smart Medicine.
A podcast all about being a wife, mother, woman, military spouse - addicted to true crime and Dr. Pepper.
Reading the Cup is essentially a domestic form of Fortune-telling to be practiced at home, and with success by anyone who will take the trouble to master the simple rules laid down in these pages: and it is in the hope that it will provide a basis for much innocent and inexpensive amusement and recreation round the tea-table at home, as well as for a more serious study of an interesting subject, that this little guide-book to the science is confidently offered to the public. - Summary by Mar ...
From crazy adventures into the eccentric world of tea culture to intriguing interviews with our favorite "tea people," Loose Leaf brings you stories that go beyond the cup. Hosted by Kalen Bergado and brought to you by Tea People.
No Tea for the Fever
The podcast that celebrates, elevates, and occasionally side-eyes some of the world’s most captivating films by and about black women.
Gemini Tea
Join best friends Leka and Jo weekly as they talk about life, celebs, regular folks and everything black. These two will give you tea from a Gemini's perspective. Born and raised in the Midwest, these private school girls will shade anyone that doesn't know the difference between there, their and they're.
As The Tea Steeps
It started as a hobby in the basement of the White Hart Inn in Salisbury, Connecticut and was shared only with inn guests. Now, over 30 years later, their 90,000 square foot facility in Millerton, New York ships to fans across the globe. Join us as we spill the tea on one of the country’s most influential families, the Harneys, and the story behind their tea empire. The origins of how John and Elyse Harney gave birth to five children, a tea company, and a real estate business makes for funny ...
In these podcasts we discuss the benefits of drinking herbal tea as well as how to recipes on harvesting, growing, and making your own herbal tea.
'Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things'A podcast run by & @AamirmusicSend any questions to TheTeaPartyPodcast@gmail.comPart of the @repost NetworkApply here
Sleepy Tea Time
Podcast by Amber Discko
Tea For Two
Every episode Toks Olagundoye has a different friend over for tea and a chat about their success in the entertainment industry. Featuring people from both sides of the camera, each tea time chat focuses on the guest's experience in the industry in an attempt to create a full picture of what Hollywood is really like.
Welcome to LGB(tea), the podcast where we talk about homos, heteros, and everything in between. We're just a few high school students who want to talk about how we see things - which may or may not be heavily biased. We love, we dislike, we laugh we cry- but most of all, we throw shade. Break out your mugs girls, it's time to spill some LGB(tea).
Sipping Tea
Tumi brings her life experiences to the mic to provide you with an hour-long chat around some of the biggest topics affecting the modern day woman.
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Paul Haddad is an accomplished writer, novelist, TV showrunner, and currently AMC Network Executive. He's also who I refer to as an ambassador of Los Angeles. He loves L.A.! You've probably read some of his books (check them out here). After graduating from USC and wanting to be a documentarian, Paul began traveling the world with the E! show " ...…
Mitchell's drunken error, Talecia struggling since moving out & Aishlin's traumatic experience with burger rings. Yes, seriously... Plus plenty more! Follow our Insta & Twitter (@NMCOTshow) and Facebook Page: search Not My Cup of Tea.
The only tea that we're sipping in this episode is the calming, jasmine, herbal type. And yes, I do hate tea, but we're shoving it down our throats today because it's time to self discover and become the beautiful humans we were meant to be.
In this very special episode of the Wedding Confessionals Podcast, we throw our normal format out the window and just obsess over the Royal Wedding! Brittany Welsh - previously a guest on Episode 14 - joins Brooke and Pam to watch and chat about the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Topics include: celebrity sightings, Meghan's veil an ...…
The real thing you need to focus on
**FIRST AND FOREMOST, WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE AUDIO QUALITY OF THIS WEEK'S EPISODE. WE DID AS BEST AS WE COULD POST-PRODUCTION. THE FIRE CONTENT WILL MAKE UP FOR THE AUDIO QUALITY**The Kings of Dope Criticism, Pharaohs of Prolific Opinion, and Emperors of Elevated Thought are back at it again. In this episode, JustShola & your boy Harris dive into ...…
We are all learning and finding out ways to deal with patterns that we have picked up This week I look at how to deal with anger This comes from a personal experience and how I worked through it Anger is a way of limiting ourself to a concentrated form of energy that hurts the body and constricts the flow of who we are It is also a tool that ca ...…
Jana Riley: mother, wife, published writer for three magazines, vegan, intellectual and hilarious individual takes us on a journey of non stop conversation. Brian and I were so deep in conversation we almost forgot to open a beer! We talk about free Harvard classes, her cat Tofu, Azalea Magazine, Palmetto Magazine, The New Augustan Magazine and ...…
Maybe it's our fascination with the Brits and their Royals, or maybe it's our commitment to bettering our health, whatever, tea is making a big splash in America. In this episode, Rolonda chats with American Tea Room CEO David Barenholtz about some of the 2000 different kinds of teas worldwide and their tremendous health benefits, from preventi ...…
This episode is hot! This episode is so hot, it has cicadas. "Ladies of the evening" are hot, and thats why they can't be in the daylight. "Ladies of the night" was a much much nicer way to call a woman a "W" word that rhymes with "boar". Tiny hats and tea talk about midway. Coffee shop hallways and recycling chicken wings. I didn't realize how ...…
Your hosts, Oombi from the pole and Queen Bestia from the block drink tea and discuss royal hats, shootings, and pride.
Podcast #17 Summertime Essentials Summertime is here! Let’s talk about a few ways we can be prepared this summer. Quick notes: You can take essential oils in your carry on as long as they fit in the standard quart size baggie It is safe for them to go through x-ray Apply your oils before you get on the plane, train, or whatever. Make an essenti ...…
This week, we share some quality time with Dr. Vijay Kanagala, recognize Dr. Susana Muñoz as our Scholar of the Week, discuss the policing of Black bodies, and politic about hoteps! #ImBlackYall
Most of the activity this week was on General Hospital, where we see the apex in three different stories, the upshot of which is that several people might really wish to leave town. We’ll see if they can do it! EastEnders shows people running towards danger rather than away from it (Screechy Stacey), Emmerdale’s Lochlan might soon be looking fo ...…
In this weeks episode, the fellas hit a bunch of topics, starting with the Royal Wedding, Tekashi 6ix 9ine vs His Jewler (11:13), White Guy calls ICE on spanish speaking workers (28:47), Starbucks In The News.. again (31:30), Drake & The Migos Announce Their Tour (47:09), Yanni or Laurel (50:36), Would You Date Someone With a Samsung? (56:45), ...…
As if the entrepreneur journey isn't already lonely it can seem lonelier when left out the "in" crowd. In this episode Ayanna (@the_aya_brand) and Delaila (@missdelailac) discuss the "You can't sit with us" mentality that some fellow women in rising often feel. And we are not hear for it. Everyone has to start somewhere and we respect your jour ...…
This week, I am featuring Nicole Bathurst, an Australian Dietitian talking about eating less sugar and not feeling hungry. We go over how to break that sugar addiction that might be holding you down. Nicole Bathurst is a Dietitian with a difference. She has a unique blend of expertise and experience which helps facilitate practical, lifestyle c ...…
The next chapter of our in-depth study brings us to Fantasyland. Well, the "old" half of it anyway. We go from It's a Small World all the way to the Mad Tea Party. Come along! --- Looking to travel? Contact CJ at From ZADD Crew merch to theme park gear, visit…
Welcome to Short Stories: A Podcast on Mommyhood Matters, by The Shortest Tallman! Here, I'll chat with some real moms doing amazing things, and together we'll talk about their families, work/life balance, self-care, and their passions. Each one of these amazing moms has an area of specialty to share with us, so I hope you'll tune in and maybe ...…
This week Katie and Chelsea talk about two of their favorite actresses growing up....and that is Mary-Kate & Ashley! The Olsen twins had quite the career before they made it in high fashion and we talk about all of their movies and tv shows. Are you a Mary-Kate? Or an Ashley? Find out who we are in this episode. Please rate, review, and subscri ...…
It's like drinking a fine ass glass of wine except for one thing... it's not wine, it's chocolate! Drink Cacoco honors the ancient tradition of preparing cacao as a molten chocolate vitality elixir with wholesome herbs and spices. So, gather your friends and raise your cup to chocolate as it’s meant to be experienced! Rather than the standard p ...…
This episode we are talking about the major pop culture event that occurred over the past weekend and how digital marketing plays a role in it. I try to wrap my head around the monetary effect of the wedding and how Meghan Markle's influence makes small brands have to build new factories due insane demand. I also may or may not be drinking high ...…
Our Amateurs hit an all time high (this James Bond reference is one episode too early) as they don't have a guest! Not only that, but practically every game this week either got postponed or the stream dissapeared! Our Amateurs did their best to achieve anyway, and to assure you wonderful listeners they will do better from here on out. Thanks t ...…
Join Ishmam, Anika, and Chet as they break down the assault allegations against the former NY State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, a Kent State Student's relish for rifles, recent updates from the Gaza protests, and Pakistan's progressive Transgender rights law. These Non-Brits then pour themselves a cuppa of Royal Wedding tea.…
The Royal Wedding has been and gone, and many Brits and even more Americans had a wonderful time. However, after an unfortunate revelation of Meghan's direct involvement in the Boston Tea Party, poor Prince Harry's going to have to marry someone else. But who? Enter three bachelors provided by the OP crew! See who's been selected as Harry's new ...…
Kate and Betsy celebrate their tenth episode with a Dinner Party episode. We'll cook up a celebratory roast chicken and make some party quesadillas. Don't forget dessert! We're rounding out our dinner party with a flavorful, simple, and one-bowl cake that pairs excellently with a nice after dinner cup of coffee, the last glass of wine, or with ...…
This first episode features a budding R&B pop singer from the Bronx named Val. Her songs are rooted in experience and feel like love, empowerment and party. She talks about her reasons for making music, her musical influences and her next steps in the industry. Find her on Instagram @vals_music.
In this episode, Glen and Mike discuss the launch of State of Decay 2 and whether charging extra for early access is a good thing or a bad thing. They also discuss Nintendo Online and is it competitive when compared to other platforms, the rising evil of Steam censorship, and is PlayStation as great as everyone thinks it is? And for pudding, he ...…
Doug Kaye introduces two hours of the best in contemporary jazz. This month he features the music of female vocalists and there he continues the A-Z of Blues with the letter B. Hey Bellboy - Gloria Woods From Monday On - Duke Robillard ft Sunny Crownover Extraordinary - Fiona Apple Blacksmith Blues - Ella Mae Morse Misty - Sarah Vaughan The Phy ...…
Our sixth episode of the podcast goes out to the sixth in line to the throne and the Duchess of Sussex. While we celebrate their betrothment, Sharpey and Gleeson take on the role of 14-year-olds and list their attributes of their dream girls. This episode's tea is the unequivocally regal Dilma from the Dimbula region of Sri Lanka via Waitrose ( ...…
Hi Guys, Looks like summer has finally landed in the UK and so has the May Edition of Buttnaked. This week show is a 50/50 mix of Brand new tracks and modern classics and I have to say the quality I have found over the last few weeks is quite outstanding, I’m sure you will agree..Enjoy… Mature music for mature ears …Soulful House. Tracklist 01. ...…
This weeks episode is shining a light on friendships .We've all had people in our lives that we thought would be there forever but things happened. Are you willing to restore that person or keep it the grave? Telly Mo and Moonie Holmes talk about their experiences and how it worked out for them.
Back to work Sunday! Which means we play "Who's Your Daddy & What Does He Do?" Easily our fave game. We find out what you bought mistake. Priceys Scandal and YOU join us on-air for Royal Tea Time!
So chuffed to voice over this compelling documentary about Larry Grayson – I remember tea time with him on TV – a rare household name with a funny bone we all covet!
The ladies discuss Azealia Banks vs. Cardi B, Spotify's hateful conduct policy, TI's arrest and more
We're back from our week off and we have a lot to pray and laugh about. For the Sick and Shut In List, we have as many praise reports as we do prayer requests. Daniel joins us once again to give a male perspective during Shadee Opinions, and it randomly leads to a discussion on sexual preferences and time limits. Later, Relli joins us during Pr ...…
Heeeeeey Queens1 Before I start introducing you to these dope women, who have started over successfully, I need to introduce you to this process, and girl, it is real! And I am spilling some personal tea on those tricky rebounds!
This is episode 18 of the Get in My Garden Podcast. Today we meet Bradley Babb, permaculture expert, consultant to natural farmers and to New Mexican medicinal cannabis growers through his business called Earthtone Permaculture. He consults with businesses and individuals about water catchment, soil building and erosion management but is focuss ...…
May 19, 2018 . Part of the select series.
Alternative Methods of Treating Cognitive Health Issues, Part 2 of 3 “Connecting To Your Akashic Records To Relieve Stress & Anxiety” "There is a power inside of you just waiting to be heard. I believe the gift you have can save yourself and many other lives along the way. Learn to connect with your intuition, increase your intuition, so you ca ...…
James is a Reading University Student and son of Louis Counter whom Janet has known for a very, very long time. James is a Climbing Chemist, Christian Union member Motor Racing fan...
Bonus outtake 'episode'!What happens behind the camera, when the secret mic is rolling and the tea is forgottenFollowing on from the intro of this weeks 'Simons Sports' episode, when the tea was forgotten, this is what happens when Ralph leaves the room to makes tea (and sings football songs in the kitchen) whilst Luke keeps himself occupied an ...…
It's only the bloody end of the season, we've done a massive sort of round up about it. We slowly, there is a lot of laughing breaks, i mean a lot, slowly make our way through the league from the bottom to the top. We get distracted a fair bit, and forget to make tea. We also talk about some of our favourite olden days players from the past. On ...…
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