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News - Avoiding The Puddle
The Avoiding the Puddle podcast exists to help improve your skills in competitive fighting games. The hosts, Aris and MYK, are both very experienced tournament players of multiple fighting games and in every episode they bring you strategies, opinions, reviews and interviews. The podcast is geared mainly towards the Tekken series but is not limited to it. They discuss strategies that apply to all fighting games.
Churning Butter Podcast
Getting introduced to two lifelong fighting game players and fans.
Ask Dr. Sub-Zero
Weekly discussion about the fighting game scene, Street Fighter tips, and of course, gamer girl nudes. Watch live every Sunday at 3PM Pacific time at - #StayTore
Arcade Replays
Focusin on the Tekken Tag Tournament 3 months on from its release in Japan, Josh Faust and Mr. Diddles chat on the scene, and what we've seen so far.
Rob Hayes
Iv'e been producing and djing for a good few years now , my favourite styles of music are all things House, Garage and Drum and Bass.Over the years i've been lucky enough to get a few releases out there and had the chance to remix some really good tracks , feel free to check out my stuff , i'm frequently adding new tracks , and make tracks that I can available for download.I'm always interested in working on new tracks and if I like a track will often take it on to be remixed ...Best way to ...
Churning Butter Podcast
Getting introduced to two lifelong fighting game players and fans.
Unfocused Podcast
Gamers talking about comic, anime, music and games
Experience the TEKKEN6 trailer!Enjoy the greatest 3D fighting game anywhere, anytime!Armed with the largest character roster ever in TEKKEN history, wireless ad-hoc battle mode, ability to trade ghost data, robust single player game experience and character customization system, the greatest fighting game franchise soars onto the PSP!Visit!
TEKKEN6 Trailer
Power is everything!Witness the revolution of hand-to-hand combat features from TEKKEN 6. This is Your Fight!! With over 34 million units sold worldwide, the NO.1 fighting game franchise of all time soars onto the next generation platform with unbridled vengeance!Visit
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This week on the Gaming Pilgrimage Podcast (Episode 135 - Shameless Self-Promotion (feat. Thor: Ragnarok SPOILERCAST)):- Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Stranger Things - Thor: Ragnarok (SPOILERS 8:50-31:00), World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 3, Death Road to Canada- Star Trek: Discovery, Mr. Robot, Sta ...…
A.C.M.G. presents TALK TIME LIVE
Today on SELECT/START! We have 3 reviews including: CAT QUEST LEGO MARVEL HEROES 2 and ROCKET LEAGUE for the Nintendo Switch Plus we talk about the reveal of FFXV's NOCTIS coming to TEKKEN and the Nominee list for the 2017 VIDEO GAME AWARDS!! All this and more on this edition of A.C.M.G. presents TALK TIME LIVE: SELECT/START…
Corrective Consciousness Podcasts
Reactive Consciousness Podcast 11-16-2017 w/ LotusPrince and Vysethebold! This week the guys discuss the recent character additions of Tekken 7 and Injustice 2 along with a big discussion on the recent Star Wars Battlefront 2 drama!
EA Spending Spree This week we talk about all the upcoming game release dates to warm you up for the big big news.... EA bought Respawn so they could have the Titanfall franchise! Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 3 Reveal Final Fantasy XV's Noctis Comi ...…
Tissuemon represented EU at the Tekken World Tour finals, impressing many, and we spoke to the player about how he felt.
Tissuemon repräsentiert beim Tekken World Tour-Event Europa. In den Finalrunden konnte er viele Spieler von sich überzeugen, wir sprachen mit ihm über seine Leistungen.
Während unserer Zeit auf dem Finale der Tekken World Tour hatten wir die Chance, den US-Wettbewerber Speedkicks zu treffen.
During our time at the Tekken World Tour finals we got the chance to speak with US competitor Speedkicks, who told us a little bit about his views on the event.
Good Games Podcast
Full show notes can be found here: ------------------------------ Frank and Alex try to break down whether high-end specs are needed in gaming, spend time with some mobile games they've been anticipating, continue the moon collecting marathon that is Super Mar ...…
On this episode of the Backlog Battle Podcast, Alex and Anthony talk about a special announcement, the concept of co-op games, Destiny 2, Yakuza Kiwami, Tekken 7, Sonic Forces, and games Anthony’s thinking of picking up for the Nintendo Switch. Use our Amazon link and save 20% on all brand new games if you’re a ...…
Joel went to see Kingsman 2 over the weekend and talks about what he thought about this sequel. Obed went to CEOtaku 2017 and got so hyped he may be back in to fighting games for real. Obed also reviews Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. We talk about the new Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer, Venom movie news, PS5 rumors and speculation and how you don' ...…
Subtweeting is all the rage these days. And no, we don't mean tweeting from a Subway. Rae Sterling, writer and twitter role-player, joins us this week to talk about how (and why) passive-aggressiveness crops up in online gaming spaces. Join us this week to learn more about Twitter roleplay, the benefit and detriment of anonymity on the internet ...…
Here it is! Two and a half years in the making, Jeremy and Hamby finally launch the Casual Gamers podcast here on FM 949. We introduce ourselves, what games do we play, what kind of gamers are we, what do we mean by "Casual" gamers and more! Plus some Destiny 2, XCom 2, Marvel Heroes, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, The Legend of Korra boardgame, an ...…
For our 10th episode – and season finale, Luke, Sam, and John discuss one of the most popular genres of all time; tournament fighters, fighting games, beat ’em ups – however you want to describe them, they all mean one thing – massive arcade fun. The lads look at some of the most popular franchises of all time; Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Te ...…
Mogan reviews Tekken 7, the latest entry into the classic fighting game franchise. Jerrett gives a review in progress of the time he has spent in Destiny 2.
Tales From Tulsa
This week on Tales From Tulsa The guys compare fighting video games from Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken, and Soul Caliber. Ryan watches Amazon's The Tick, Jesse is grossed out by Leatherface and his similarities to Ed Gein, and Jordan has a birthday coming up! Opening song by TheOneC12
Dominating Impulse: The Podcast
Winners win ! Another hard hitting episode with The Knights of the round table. Hot Take coming in all forms in this one , everyone loves a good ol fight movie so we discuss the top Martial Artist in the world . The top fighting games and the effects on children today , and we briefly hit on some sports. Lil Uzi vert is he killing Hip Hop , and ...…
This bonus episode of Binch Bros is part of the recording of our Vanquish podcast but because we talked for an hour before we even started discussing Vanquish we just split it in half. This podcast is a bit more unstructured than normal, listen on to our weird ramblings. Topics discussed: Gamestop Expo, Tekken, Final Fantasy, Assassin's Creed, ...…
Off Target Podcast
This week we sit down for another game club so that Mike can FINALLY play thumper after almost a year of urging from Andrew and James.MAIN TOPIC STARTS AT 63 min.Highlights from the opening:- James gives his final thoughts on Transistor-More Tekken 7 Talk-We argue about how much we collectively like Saints Row 4-Triple H Gaming-Digital > Physic ...…
Quality Show
Key resellers hate them, this game studio stops the endemic with this one weird trick. 21 years since Valve was created, divide that by the amount of franchises they have…7… 3, Oh my gosh, do you know what this means! Twitter’s Xbox app now has 360 support. A Japanese couple were just married in a beautiful ceremonyaaaaaand they are already eng ...…
Episode 2 of the podcast is here! In this episode, I talk about Tekken 7, Persona 5, and about how I used to not like Tommy Tallarico. Don't forget to check me out at my other sites: Check out the main site: http://www.otakugamerspot.comCatch us when we go live on Twitch: us on Facebook: https://www.facebook ...…
The fortress has convened in the wake of eclipse to recant the tales of games they have been playing. Darin and Marq are in the hold handing club as they both talk about their experience with Nier and VR. Jimmy tells us about the new indie triple A hit Hellblade, while Chris holds back his anger while trying to tame Tekken 7's special boss batt ...…
This Week of Portent begins with a new podcast, as prophecy foretold. Dale, Jerod, and Jeremy are here to help you sort out the most relevant gaming news of the past week! Gamescom kicks off with Microsoft, Swery announces a new game, new stuff added to existing games, existing games get no more stuff ever, and a trans-media property that might ...…
So, we've upgraded to seperate microphones (we getting crispier by the episode), things are getting serious now. Better get in here early before we blow. Aside from higher quality audio (and still traffic), we find out about people foolishly using free VPN services, Microsoft is ready to box anyone about their Surface computers, Tekken 7 is att ...…
In the season 3 finale of Old GentleFriends, Migs is joined again by Emile in the Morning at Night and Migoy of The TMG Podcast to talk about sick weeks, Tekken 7 tournaments and hunger, new drugs in the form of Guild Wars 2 and Warframe, woahs, the latest Overwatch update, and our Netflix Picks for this month! And that's it, everyone! We would ...…
Not So Subtle is a podcast about Video Games, Movies, Pop Culture, and our critical opinions about them. Also each week we draw a random popular movie from our “Wacky Film List” and review it the following week. Topics: 4:25 1 gotta go – Pick one of these options to be erased from existence 4:41 1GG – Juices: Apple, grape, cranberry, orange 7:2 ...…
We get some interesting questions and reminisce on mini golf. Suggested talking points: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Tabletop Simulator, Techwars Online 2, Slime Rancher, Tacoma, Pyre, Yakuza 0, Tekken 7, Twitch affiliate status. Recorded live on August 7, 2017. The Lifecast | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Discord | Twitch We accept qu ...…
Side Quest Activated
In this weeks feature length Sidequest Activated, your guides Dave and Reg jump into the ring and discuss their top Beat Em Up characters of all time, from Street Fighter to Tekken, Killer Instinct to Wu Tang Clan, the list as always is diverse and not what you'd expect. Of course along the way we get distracted and go off topic, but hey that's ...…
Special guest: Thanh Truong Topics: 2:21 Laziest habits we have 5:22 Digital vs physical video games 7:58 UberEats and food delivery 20:28 Wall-E chairs 22:44 Dane apologizes for technical problems the last few podcasts. 23:45 Jordan's amazon story 38:55 Getting to know Thanh: Favorite movie? 39:19 Favorit ...…
The Uneducated Podcast
Drew Jenkins joins us for our 75th episode to talk about EVO in Las Vegas. Drew talks about him joining the Tekken tournament at EVO. Ed buys a house and tells stories from his most recent vacation. We also discuss what we thought the best trailer was from San Diego Comic Con. And Ed pulls the plug on the show...…
boosh life and KaiserSoBoosh!
aLr boosh sits down with JKNODIC and talk how he got in the beat game, Tekken lore, life goals, and what's next for him!Video of the podcast here: can follow aLr boosh at: on youtube ...…
Pop culture nerds Akhil Arora, Gagan Gupta, and Roydon Cerejo join host Pranay Parab to talk about Game of Thrones season 7 episode 1. Then we talk about games such as Call of Duty, Destiny 2, and Splatoon 2 with regulars Rishi Alwani and Mikhail Madnani joining the host. Game of Thrones (SPOILERS GALORE) Season 7 episode 1 Arya Stark’s part in ...…
With Kevin gone to Vegas, Dave holds down the fort solo to review Tekken 7 as only Fighting Words can. To complete the package, Dave goes over the SFV patch and the new character, Ed. Enjoy the sonic goodness.
Super Best Friendcast!
Hoo? Omoshiroi. Saa, misete... omae no G O U G I da. You can watch us record the podcast live on DBFZ Trunks Trailer - manga comparisons Dragon Ball FighterZ adds Krillin and Piccolo Kingdom Hearts III launches in 2018, Toy Story world unveil trailer Kingdom Hearts III has less Disney worlds than Kingdom Hearts II ...…
Off Target Podcast
This week we return to Mike's garage to talk about why we love movies, games, T.V. and books that deal with time travel. We delve into some obscure time travel media for you to check out and have a surprisingly deep conversation about Adam Sandler's Click.MAIN TOPIC STARTS AT 59 min.Highlights from the show:-Erin talks about the latest Manchest ...…
Topics: 0:00 Editor’s Note: Dane deleted the audio from his mic. 0:53 Start of the podcast 1:42 Taste test: Cheese Its vs Cheese Nips 8:00 Taste test: Darigold vs Nesquik Chocolate milk 11:39 Results: Chocolate Milk 16:41 Results: Cheese Its/Nips 20:49 Spider-Man Homecoming Review (No-Spoiler Section) 42:01 SPOILER Section 50:45 Wacky Film Revi ...…
عماني جيمرز
حياكم في أول فقرة تجارب الألعاب، هذه الفقرة رح تنزل بين فترة وفترة لما نكون لعبنا عدة ألعاب نقدر نتكلم عنها ونقيمها، في هذا الأسبوع محمد يعطينا تقييمه للعبة Tekken 7 وهل الجزء هذا يستاهل كل هذا الإنتظار؟ حاتم يعطينا تجربته في What Remains of Edith Finch وويش الي يميزها عن غيرها من الألعاب … Continue reading "Omani Gamerz 178: Now Playing"…
Full show notes can be found here: ------------------------------------- Frank and Alex spin up the ol' hype machine in anticipation of the biggest fighting game tournament of the year, but also get into the usual business of playing games. This ...…
Gaming Pilgrimage Podcast
This week on the Gaming Pilgrimage Podcast (Episode 122 - Waifu Equality):- Morrowind, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Pillars of Eternity, Netflix's Castlevania, Castlevania III- PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Boku no Hero Academia, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Karate Kid Part 1 & 2- World of Warcraft: Legion, Crash Bandicoot NSane Trilogy, Star T ...…
Tuesday Show 6.25, 2017-07-116.25.1: Evo 2017 Preview Special! -Introduction-6.25.2: King Of Fighters XIV Preview w/ Giby ( @ManChest )6.25.3: Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2 Preview w/ Steve ( @Tasty_Steve )6.25.4: Injustice 2 Preview6.25.5: Super Smash Bros. Melee Preview w/ D'Ron ( @xD1x )6.25.6: Super Smash Bros. Wii U Preview w/ D'Ron ( @xD1x ...…
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