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The Bright Side with Tekneshia interviews people who help advise others to a better and brighter way of life.
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Taking back old school to new school. No turning down today. If you have any suggestions to make the show better, please hit me up via Facebook at Tekneshia Day, Twitter brightsidetk, SnapChat @tkday4, Instagram @tday60.
Spend time with your host, Tekneshia, as we discuss news and a little gossip. Oh yes! The beginning of a new day for the show. It is dearly noted the love that you all have given me during my time away. I am back and ready to give you more.
Remember Edward Brownlee from three months ago? We discussed about the rapture factor on America. Well, Edward is back again to talk about the Bible prophecy and other world events that are affecting us today. Edward L. Brownlee lives in Illinois and has known the Lord since his childhood. He loves the Lord and has served the church in a number ...…
BlogTalkRadio is the perfect forum for people with a passion and who have something to say. On tonight's show, we'll talk to two show host about their passions and their shows. BlogTalkRadio Show host Tekneshia Day of The Brightside with Tekneshia drops by for a candid discussion about moving towards your goals. When the proven road isn't worki ...…
June is the month to celebrate our most memorable black artists from jazz, blues, cabaret, pop, rap, etc. Don't hesitate to let me know what artist you want to hear. When I am on the air you can call in at 347-426-3751. You can even email at, tweet @tday60, Facebook @The Bright Side with Tekneshia.…
Tekneshia Day talks with Wendy Dolber about how we can know ourselves, the true meaning of compassion, beliefs that cause unhappiness, what a happy person is like, as well as what The Option Method is and how it is done.
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