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Radio-like reports on various facets of transportation. Most reports are interviews with transportation newsmakers with an emphasis on transportation communications. Hosted by Bernie Wagenblast.
This video series will pull back the curtain on how auto transport really works. John Costelac, founder of Direct Connect Auto Transport, takes us on a journey through the growth of his company and how different customers needs have to be met with expertise and professionalism.Working with private owners, auto dealers and military families, you will learn about how this business comes to touch the lives of everyday Americans, every day!
The Institute of Transportation Engineers will bring you conversations with thought leaders in transportation on the future of the industry on the 4th Tuesday of each month.
Beam in to TR3 for fun, incisive, and sometimes deep (space nine) conversations about all things Star Trek -- from the Original Series to the new movies, TV show... and beyond!
An IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society sponsored publication
Combined Transport's weekly roundtable discussions.
In this podcast, two brothers openly discuss the world of transport medicine. HLTH touches on critically ill and injured patients in addition to the controversies surrounding their management. Though tailored to the transport environment, our information is applicable to any discipline working in an emergency and/or intensive care setting. We utilize the most recent evidence to provide applicable and accurate information that can assist in improving your clinical practice and your program’s ...
In-depth interviews and analysis of the engineering, politics and history of rail and transport systems across the UK and the world. Presented by Nicole Badstuber and John Bull from London Reconnections, each episode focuses on a single transport topic and features experts drawn from across the industry, academic and political spectrum.
Get to know the people, products and policies that are redefining how we move ourselves and stuff around the world. Leading individuals from aerospace, automotive and other mobility industries share insights into the future of transportation. Find out what is behind their innovations and how they are keeping the wheels of innovation in motion. Entrepreneurs, airline executives, mobility CEOs and influential designers all are key players in how our future as passengers will be defined. I will ...
Alexandria podcast programs feature interviews with City officials and staff, news about upcoming events in Alexandria, and general information about City services.
Transport Studies Unit Podcasts
Alaska is a last frontier and in our show we share details on how to avoid common pitfalls and scams. Not all transporation equal - listen to learn.
Transportation Insight.
Providing leading insight into key transport issues both in the UK and internationally.
Weekly reviews of the continuing mission of the USS Discovery
Audio from the 2012 Charlotte Chamber Transportation Summit held on April 13, 2012, in Charlotte, N.C. How does transportation infrastructure affect your daily life and community? Do you have ideas for improvements? How can we fund critical projects? At this summit, we addressed transportation issues with transportation experts from public and private entities. We discussed development of transportation infrastructure that will lead to an improved community with additional lifestyle choices. ...
Transport Podcast
Podcast by Paul Hutton
Cell Transport
Kai and Collins magnificent podcast that will go viral on any site possible
An informed, humorous and irreverent look at motoring and transport from Australia and overseas. Featuring motoring & transport news, road tests, feature interviews & quirky stories. Overdrive is not just for 'rev heads' but covers subjects in a manner that reflects on our everyday transport experiences as well as our dreams and aspirations for more exotic transport. Presented by motoring broadcaster David Brown with regular contributors Errol Smith, David Campbell, Brian Smith and Paul Murr ...
Transport Safely
Transport Safely is a 100% online learning platform for transportation drivers and safety directors. Our platform is affordable, the results are trackable, and the courses can be accessed from any mobile or desktop device. We are committed to making the transportation industry safer for everyone.
Transport Magazine
Avec Marie St Lo, Stéphane Roy et William Vachon
FTR is a leader in providing market intelligence to the freight transportation industry. Our Experts are able to delve into the various aspects of the U.S. domestic market and give you insights by connecting the dots and giving you a clearer picture of the future. To find out more about our services go to
This collection is a survey of the innovative automotive and transportation community within Stanford. Stanford University has become one of the best universities on earth to to change the future of transportation and this collection is a 'who's who' of that world. The videos will feature talks from Stanford experts in focus areas as varied as autonomous vehicles, entrepreneurship, design, ethics, aerodynamics, neuroscience, communications and security. At the end of this video collection, a ...
Soundcloud page of Transport World Africa editor, Tristan Wiggill. Topics covered include intermodal transport in Africa, logistics, distribution and supply chain.
These online audio resources consist of lectures, seminars and interviews from the Transport Studies Unit at the University of Oxford.
Advanced Transportation Technologies Seminars
Description of these podcasts.
Transport Studies Unit Podcasts
Transport Lesson Plan Playlist of Mini Minstrels Songs - for use alongside the Mini Minstrels book 'All Aboard - First Stop for Mini Minstrels' available to purchase from
The Motor Transport Podcast is an easily digestible look at the week in road transport.Category: Business News© Copyright DVV Media International Ltd.Production music courtesy of Epidemic Sound.Clean Lyrics
Intracellular transport - for iBooks
Dundee Museum of Transport's weekly look at events the museum is running in Dundee.
Austroads latest webinars. Sharing transport research and trends.
Occasional interviews, presentations, and general discussion on clean transportation policy issues worldwide. Topics covered will range from climate change to public health, fuel efficiency to pollutant emissions, vehicle standards to fiscal policies, advanced technologies to biofuels, indirect land use change to electric vehicle infrastructure.
Transport Phenomena in the Biosphere
wissenschaft und technik im kopfhoerer / science and engineering in your headphones
A weekly conversation on the Strong Towns movement hosted by Charles Marohn. The podcast blends fiscal prudence with good urban design to highlight how America can financially strengthen its cities, towns and neighborhoods and, in the process, make them better places to live.You can support the podcast and become a member of Strong Towns
A weekly podcast tracking the transition from fossil fuel transportation to electric and the surrounding clean ecosystems. Hosted by Electrek's Frederic Lambert and Seth Weintraub.
A trance selection in 30 minutes dj set...
Iron transport and storage - for iBooks
wissenschaft und technik im kopfhoerer / science and engineering in your headphones
Vertical City
Vertical City is building a foundation for a sustainable urban future. We interview the world's top architects, urban designers, engineers, microbiologists, transportation and sustainability experts to discuss different technologies and ideologies in support of further developing the concept of a Vertical City as a potential solution to many of our world's greatest problems. If you enjoyed this podcast, or you would like to learn more about urbanism, sustainability, innovation and large-scal ...
Talking Headways is a podcast hosted by Streetsblog USA and Jeff Wood of The Overhead Wire. We explore the intersection of transportation, urban planning, city living, and anything else that piques our interest.
The Square One Supply Chain Podcast is to help business and professionals make better decisions when moving their goods across Canada and beyond.
A weekly show discussing the future of transportation with Damon Lavrinc, Alex Roy, and Ed Niedermeyer
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Cities like San Francisco and Austin are struggling to regulate a flood of new transportation options, from electric scooters to dock-less bikes. Residents are angry over sidewalk and safety concerns.
Featured Stories: - MIT student wows ’60 Minutes’ by surfing the internet and ordering pizza — with his mind - Amazon reportedly working on home robots with top-secret ‘Vesta’ project - Testing LimeBike’s scooter in Seattle: New era for transportation, or next menace on the streets? ...…
Host Dab Steadman talks with Julie Wittman about her experience as a “compassionate traveler” and how she helped a local rescue group save a starving street dog in Mexico and then transport her to Portland to find her a loving home in Oregon.Julie is a certified pe...
The Honorable Dr. Bella Dinh Zarr, Board Member, National Transportation Safety Board, talks HB5161, AKA the Rear Seatbelt Bill.
It's been almost a decade since a passenger died in an accident involving one of the American commercial airlines; the last time it happened was in 2009. But tragically, that streak ended yesterday. A Southwest flight had just taken off from LaGuardia in New York and was headed for Dallas yesterday morning when the left engine BLEW OUT. A piece ...…
Woman jailed after leaving kids home alone to go to Applebee's where she was arrested for dancing drunk on table tops, 12-yr-old boy steals his mom's credit card and booking flight to Bali and a luxury hotel, Greyhound bus travels 114 miles in the wrong direction and spends seven hours 'going in circles', NYC charter bus driver fired for watchi ...…
The Rundown: Empowering a biking community through education and affordability. What’s a bike co-op? Community programs. An example to not follow. The personal touch. Summary: Christian Myers is the co-founder of VeloCity Bicycle Co-op. Their mission is to grow and empower an inclusive biking community through education and affordability. Chris ...…
CLASSIC EPISODE FROM FEBRUARY 14, 2018 –On the Show: –Viveca Novak, investigative editor for McClatchy Washington Bureau, joins David to discuss suspected Russian funneling of money to the Trump campaign through the National Rifle Association (NRA) –The White House insisted that it knew nothing about sexual assault allegations made against Staf ...…
On our first Street Talk podcast, Laura Laker interviews New York City’s former Deputy Director of Transport, and the current Communications and Advocacy Director for the U.S. based Transit Center, Jon Orcutt.Find out more about Jon’s work at, or follow him on twitter @jonorcutt.Laura is on twitter @LakerLikes.Music by audiona ...…
Ciaran Cuffe, Chairman Transport Committee Dublin City Council, Conor Faughnan, AA Director of Consumer Affairs
SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance Levels of Review- There are three basic levels of review. A review by CorpFin can be a “full review” in which CorpFin will review a filing from cover to cover, including both legal and accounting aspects and basic form for compliance with the federal securities laws. A partial review may include either lega ...…
Can Philip have a sadder face? He outdoes himself this week! Plus, Elizabeth gets to kill someone. Wha? And the Oleg-Stan bromance recommences! It awaits us in The Americans Season 6 Episode 3 “Urban Transport Planning” which aired April 11, 2018. It was written by Tracey Scott Wilson and directed by Dan Attias. This is Episode 112 and contains ...…
East Coast Radio — The national bus drivers' strike has begun. Commuters in parts of KZN have had to make alternative transport arrangements to get to work and school. More local and international news with Newswatch at 6am.
State Rep. Tony Guerrera, D-Rocky Hill, and Sen. Len Suzio, R-Meriden, join the Morning Record to debate whether or not Connecticut should reimplement tolls. Guerrera is co-chairman of the legislature’s Transportation Committee, while Suzio is a vice chairman.Credit for the music.
Fox News host Sean Hannity is defending his relationship with President Trump's fixer and personal lawyer. A judge forced Michael Cohen to reveal Hannity as one of his clients. We'll talk to Rikki Klieman about how the judge also denied Cohen's request to review material seized by the FBI. The president overrules advisers and scraps new sanctio ...…
Journalist and author Sathnam Sanghera returns to his home town of Wolverhampton where a battle raged over the right to wear the turban on the buses in Enoch Powell's constituency at the time he made his Rivers of Blood speech.In 1967 Sikh bus driver Tarsem Singh Sandhu returns from his holidays wearing a turban and a beard, both against the un ...…
On this episode we sit down with Rich Roll. Rich Roll is a fellow podcaster, author, and ultra-endurance athlete. Rich hosts the wildly popular podcast The Rich Roll Podcast. On this episode we really cover a wide spectrum of topics ranging from resilience, mental strength, the benefits of a plant based diet, and the keys to a healthy relations ...…
Connecthings is in the business of enabling public transport solutions for Smart Cities using a combination of Beacons, NFC and QR Code technologies. We talk to their CEO, Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, about how her company has achieved success in an area where few have survived. For more interviews and articles from the author of Beacon Technologie ...…
Welcome to Hammer Down Radio! Hosted by Jonathan Keane and Travis Baskin from KeepTruckin, covering any and all things current today in the transportation industry.0:00 - Homebase update2:00 - Travis on the road at the #CVSA and #Comdata show5:30 - ERODs down! What to do now?8:25 - In-flight conversations11:00 - Not all birds can fly13:00 - Wha ...…
Join us as we visit the Yardinit Baptismal site at the Jordan River in Israel. Take in Hans Weichbrodt's message about Jesus's baptism and our position in Christ as our group gathers by the Jordan River to be renewed in faith. These are the recordings from our trips: Break Forth Journeys- Spiritual Journeys to the Lands of the Bible. These mess ...…
Podcast By The Bay continues their Mayor of the Peninsula series featuring an exclusive interview with the Mayor of Pacifica John Keener. Mayor Keener discusses current state of Pacifica with housing, seabluffs, and budgetary realities, and also his vision regarding transportation, and county regionalization. This episode also includes music pe ...…
In this episode, we speak with special guest Mark Hearn, Strategic Business Development, IoT Security at Irdeto.My name is Robert Decher, Marketing Director, IoT613.From product manager to cybersecurity expert, Mark is currently growing the important security solution, Cloakware by Irdeto, A world-class cybersecurity solution for connected auto ...…
This week your English teacher hosts Jennifer from the US and Dan from England are chatting all about public transport; buses, trains, trams and the metro / subway / underground. What’s the public transport system like in your country? Do you ever use it? Chances are that when you’re in an English speaking country you’ll be taking a ride on pub ...…
Welcome to Hammer Down Radio! Hosted by Jonathan Keane and Travis Baskin from KeepTruckin, covering any and all things current today in the transportation industry.0:00 - Meet Keane & Baskin4:00 - Quick Update on the ELD Mandate8:30 - KeepTruckin Recent News13:00 - What to Expect Next?Visit: www.keeptruckin.comEmail us: support@keeptruckin.comT ...…
Tron is a 1982 American science fiction action-adventure film written and directed by Steven Lisberger, based on a story by Lisberger and Bonnie MacBird and produced by Walt Disney Productions. The film stars Jeff Bridges as a computer programmer who is transported inside the software world of a mainframe computer where he interacts with progra ...…
Labour's ten-year plan for transport had a lot in it for the media to explain, but coverage focused on political claims and counter-claims about tax, and complaints about pain at the pump over the price of petrol.
Speakers Margo Oge Former Director, Office of Transportation and Air Quality, U.S. EPA Alberto Ayala, Ph.D., M.S.E. Executive Director, Air Pollution Control Officer, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District Greg Dalton Founder and Host, Climate One Portions of this program was recorded in front of a live audience at The Commonwe ...…
Recorded on February 27, 2018. In Episode 2, Paula Ebben and Jon Keller debate the relative merits of Boston’s preeminent architecture style, BRUTALISM, child psychologist Michael Thompson on the state of America’s boys, Congressman Steven Lynch on solving Boston’s transportation woes.
Bus and coach passengers should have the same level of protection and assistance as is provided for users of other forms of transport. The EU has adopted specific rules for regular coach services of 250 km or more that start and end in an EU country. Source: © European Union - EP
Few organizations know more about operational dependency than utilities. Electricity is needed to operate water, wastewater, communication, transportation and other criticial infrastructure. In turn, electricity is dependent on natural gas, coal, solar, wind or hydro electric plants. When utilities suffer interruptions, outages can affect manuf ...…
Jason Goldman, VP for External Affairs and Stakeholder Engagement at Intelligent Transportation Systems of America (ITS America), joins Regina Hopper to talk about the legislative and regulatory landscape of ITS. He explains why ITS is stuck both in terms of legislation and regulation, the issues with funding for President Trump's infrastructur ...…
Guests: Rick Velotta, Reporter, Tourism and Transportation, LVRJ Pundits: Marsha Berkbigler, Washoe County Commissioner - Joe Guild, attorney
KCBS Radio, KPIX 5 and Chronicle Insider Phil Matier explains the logistics behind a pilot program by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to fine Bay Area carpool cheaters.
On today’s episode, I am so sorry (not sorry) to remind you all that it is currently wedding season. I mean, is it just me, or are these tortuous months becoming longer and longer every year? There are just so many events! Public question-popping, then the engagement party, not to mention the wedding shower, bachelor or bachelorette parties...t ...…
Bill Hendricks: Well welcome to The Table podcast where we discuss issues of God and culture. I’m Bill Hendricks, Executive Director for Christian Leadership at the Hendricks Center. Today we want to look at really what is the dark side of culture and this is the whole topic of human trafficking. I want to get into this by telling a story. It’s ...…
This is your Beer, Liquor and other beverage news for the week of March 31st 2018: Trump's tariffs, tax top tripel transport tank toolers, Green flash brewery is having a flash sale off, Buffalo trace lets you choose your own whisky adventure, Red Bull Blasts off with a new Organic Soda Line and more this week on have a Drink news This podcast ...…
Featuring Dr. Peter AntevyToday’s show will focus on the evolution in the EMS approach to pediatric resuscitations. Historically these high stress resuscitations focused on rapid transport of these children to the hospital and have resulted in sub par resuscitation efforts and increased stress for both providers and families. There is mounting ...…
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