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UWE Nerdcast
Senor Coconut and his Orchestra - Yellow Fever! Interview with Uwe Schmidt
Senor Coconut and his Orchestra release a new album called Yellow Fever!
Dj Pug's Mix, Trax and Sounds
This podcast is aimed to share dj mixes of different electronic styles played in French free parties, underground events and gigs -(Drum&Bass, Minimal, Hardcore, Industrial, Breakcore, Electronica and Technoid sounds)Dj acts made by Dj Pug (Yb70 - UWe - Dezakore)
Musings of a German physicist and missionary
3-5 minute thoughts.
Afterhour Sounds
➲ premiere requests and offers only via mail ✉➲ next dates11.11.2o17 | Mensch Meier, Berlin / Family Tour meets Gedankenklang ➲ membersMartin Saupe (@msaupe)Elektro-Uwe (@elektro-uwe)Arkadiusz (@arkadiusz-dmytrow)Tony Casanova (➲➲
Hub Radio
Hub Radio is the sound of UWE, representing students across UWE Bristol. We broadcast a wide variety of shows 7 days a week online at ( and on 1449AM in Bristol
This Man Thing: Confidence | Success | Freedom | Self-Mastery | Health | Wealth | Leadership | Relationships | Style
Because my brother died by suicide, my mission at THIS MAN THING is to help men truly live and become their truest, best badass selves. We help you increase your confidence, freedom, and success. We know there are real issues affecting men. We don’t believe you must adhere to the status quo or other people’s expectations. We believe in you being your true self, whatever that looks like for you. We do not subscribe to the notion that one type of man makes a real man, but yet every man is amaz ...
BOOKING CONTACT:booking.domanski@mail.de___________UPCOMING GIGS:OCT 20'Sonic Recordings @ BU'@ Beate Uwe/w Hashimizu [DJ](Berlin, GER)NOV 03'Sound Kitchen'@ Emma Pea(Berlin, GER)NOV 09''@ - 10pm CEST)DEC 16'deep:dive Showcase'@ Geheimclub(Magdeburg, GER)DEC 24'Schlafentzug - Goldenes Fest'@ Golden Gate(Berlin, GER)DEC 31'tba.'@ tba.___________* one half of @hashimizu_official
Tranceparency Podcast
Tranceparency Radioshow with Andrew G. and Hayden. Tune in on, or or get the podcast!Enjoy everything from Techno and Minimal to Trance and House!Photo: © Uwe Dreßler
My Super X 4 U
My Super X 4 U we play your favorites from the 50's through the 80's. Sit back and be entertained by the GREATEST music of all time right here on My Super X 4 U
One God, Two Kingdoms, Many Callings
Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto presents the doctrines of God's twofold reign in the world and the Christian's divine calling to service in the secular realm, focusing especially on vocations in politics and in the media, including voters, readers, listeners and television viewers. A seven week course at Grimm Hall on the campus of Concordia University Irvine, Monday and Thursday evenings January 21 - March 6, 2008; 6:30 to 9:15 pm or so. taught by Dr. Siemon-Netto, Director Center for Lutheran Theolog ...
F News
Monthly news of tracks distributed by feiyr.comJayC Ft. Nathan Thomas, Slavaki vs Hara K, dj shop, feiyr, Swen Weber, Basti Grub, David Amani ft. John Davis, Mr. Jay & T, Gil Dagan, Heerhorst & Meissner, Ronald van Norden, Torben Boswich, Afrilounge & Der Thal, Hanz S., Rekardo Rivalo, Matt & Ale, The Therapists, Peter Brown, Mikalogic, Martijn Kuilema, Andrea Belluzzi, Supergalva, Timmo, Pierre Deutschmann, Pierre Deutschmann, Andreja Z, Pierre Deutschmann, Rick Siron, Andy Tau, Lollo, Reza ...
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Home Church Fellowship
Mark 6:7-13 A few weeks ago we read about how the whole city gathered at the door… the next morning Jesus arose early to pray, Peter found Him and said, “Everyone is looking for you.” Jesus response was, “Let’s go to the next towns that I may preach there, for that is why I came out.” Jesus is still stirring the hearts of His followers with the ...…
The Law of Christ pt. 3 – Wiping the Slate 2 Cor 5:14-21 – the ministry of reconciliation Proverbs 19:11 A man’s discretion makes him slow to anger, And it is his glory to overlook a transgression. Christians who are easily offended… VIDEO Romans 5:13 … but sin is not imputed when there is no law. Forgiveness is first about expectations. If our ...…
Anthem Watch Returns this week on Bear U. We heard the fans asking for it, so we talk all about this weeks anthem issues we saw in both the NFL and College. Listen to this sure-to-be controversial episode.
On this episode of Energy Matters 2 U we have the Vice President of Sales of Taylor Consulting and Contracting, Jon Hartnett. Taylor Consulting and Contracting works with companies to get the most out of their energy dollars. As we will discuss they use their own proprietary systems to analyze how to optimize your energy pricing options. To lea ...…
What if suppressing your homosexuality created a ghost? It's not beyond the realm of possibility... Heavenly father works in mysterious ways. Also, we talked about a mutilated penis and what it would be like for two guys to share one penis, plus so much more. We love you, thanks for listening!!!! Download HERE!…
Today on Episode 149 of the Cinema Geeks …..we continue the journey through video game films with a review of Hitman. MovieRevolt, OptimusSolo, HardCandiMandi and FridleyCent venture back into the world of video game films to see if Hitman can save us from the Uwe Boll rabbit hole. Listen in to see where Hitman ranks amongst the video game film ...…
Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto of the Center for Lutheran Theology and Public Life The Center for Lutheran Theology and Public Life The Fabricated Luther
Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto of the Center for Lutheran Theology and Public Life The Center for Lutheran Theology and Public Life The Fabricated Luther
Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto of the Center for Lutheran Theology and Public Life The Center for Lutheran Theology and Public Life The Fabricated Luther
Titties, beer, and a Matrix fight scene with zombies! Who says Uwe Boll doesn't know how to make American movies? At the cost of a few lives, we dive in deep on this movie. Two words sum this movie up beautifully. Humpty bumpty! Enjoy! Permalink
Warsong brought a "2d Dark Souls" to the party, so we gave it a look. It is pretty good but you will have to listen to hear our thoughts on this action roguelike. Check out the Demo - Check out the Kickstarter - ...…
The Opal Collective are a group of artists putting on some and parties in Berlin, alongside a superbly curated guest-mix series called Patterns of Perception. I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute, alongside the likes of Refracted and Jamie McCue, from our friends at Silent Season, and many other great artists. The mix focuses on atmosph ...…
Launch Sermon Player Ephesians 2:1–10 – God’s Great Work 1 And you were dead in your trespasses and sins 2 in which you previously lived according to the ways of this world, according to the ruler of the power of the air, the spirit now working in the disobedient. 3 We too all previously lived among them in our fleshly desires, carrying out the ...…
Chocolatiergames and Warsong are taking a look at Gone Wandering, an N64 inspired exploration/puzzle game available on here Check out ChocolatierGames' Shizzle Twitter - Patreon - Check out Warsong's shizzle Twitter - ...…
Bedtime Stories Cozy Corner Podcast
The Chance the cardboard box arrives at his destination. As Chance looks around his new home he wonders what he will do now. What will his new job be? Can you believe our dragon was back so soon in What’s This? We hope you enjoyed discovering our dragon again. Our dragon seems pretty busy. We’ve had another dragon sighting. So here’s your newes ...…
Dennis, James and Nick review the sequel to Uwe Boll's 2007 "In the Name of the King" which manages to be both better and worse than the first.
Acts 16:1-10 1. God is calling us in a certain direction– Verse 6, Verse 7 The Holy Spirit is the one who opens and shuts the doors We learn first, we need to KEEP MOVING Verse 6– “having been forbidden” Verse 7– “the Spirit of Jesus did not allow them” We learn second, we should be in constant prayer Praying for God’s direction 2. God is calli ...…
PRIZE ALERT This is a good one. This week we’re able to offer one of you lucky folk a LIFETIME LICENSE for Power Pack, that’s $249 if you were to buy it right now. Go to to enter the competition, and then share your link to increase your chances of winning! Not only that, but Puneet is also offering a 20% off coup ...…
Nobody Wants to Watch
Dennis, James and Nick join forces to review this off-brand lord of the rings, directed by the greatest video game movie director Uwe Boll.
This Ain't No Podcast
The TANP gang is back with a new episode. On this one we had random conversation on a wide range of topics. Aaron got us hip to the Netflix series "Last Chance U". We also gave our opinions on the current social climate in America.
Blessings by Grace Radio
Prayer nite is tonight we can pray for you immediately..... If you need us to pray for u we will all u have to do is call in for prayer and we will take your prayers to the Horne of grace
Radulich In Broadcasting Network
The boys of summer review the latest Accept album, The Rise of Chaos! The Rise of Chaos is the fifteenth studio album by German heavy metal band Accept, released on August 4, 2017. This is the first Accept album with guitarist Uwe Lulis and drummer Christopher Williams, replacing Herman Frank and Stefan Schwarzmann respectively. Like their prev ...…
Three farming games in one episode! Oh, the excitement! This time we discuss Feast for Odin (aka "Viking Feng Shui") and the recently republished classic At the Gates of Loyang, both by legendary designer Uwe Rosenberg. Then we move on to Inka & Markus Brand's Village (or "How to Strategically Hasten the Demise of Family Members for Fun & Profi ...…
E.g. If f:R to R and g:R to R agree on an open set U, then so do their derivatives.An operator on a vector space is an endomorphism. An operator D on differential forms of M is local if whenever w1= w2 on U then Dw1 = Dw2 on U. E.g. Integration is not a local operator on smooth functions on [a,b].Antiderivation and derivation on diff forms are ...…
By the theory in Rn we know existence and uniqueness of Exterior derivative on coordinate chart. Now to define Dw globally, at every p, take a coordinate neighborhood U and the corresponding Exterior derivative d_U. Simply define Dw at p to be d_U w at p. This is well defined because if V is another chart then both d_U(w) and d_V(w) at p must b ...…
Im letzten Jahr war Uwe-Eric Laufenbergs "Parsifal"-Neuinszenierung verrissen worden. Im Gegenzug hatte Laufenberg seine Kritiker öffentlich als "Schnellvernichter" gebrandmarkt. Aber auch im zweiten Jahr gibt es für die Inszenierung kein Lob - wohl aber für Dirigent Hartmut Haenchen sowie für Klingsor Derek Welton und Gurnemanz Georg Zeppenfeld.…
Package & Sell Your Expertise | You are Sitting on Gold We dive into: Building an online business has such a small overhead You can package your expertise with a fair amount of ease Social Media will help you build your following + help you find hungry buyers Where is there is a vacancy in the online space? What problem can you solve that has y ...…
Trigger Warning: We discuss Teen Vogue’s article attempting to educate teens on anal sex. Every topic needs the light of the gospel and at the same time we don’t want to be crass, so hopefully we address this issue with biblical wisdom. We address this issue in the first segment, so you can fast forward to the second segment where we begin the ...…
All The Bits Board Game Podcast
In episode 2, we decide to ask each other some random questions, Drive By games such as Lorenzo il Magnifico, A Feast for Odin, and Kashgar, look at the BGG thread titled "Strangest Reason for Board Game Night to be Canceled", check out the bits of Manhattan Project: Energy Empire and something to carry them in, get rollin' with the Gen Con hyp ...…
All The Bits Board Game Podcast
In episode 2, we decide to ask each other some random questions, Drive By games such as Lorenzo il Magnifico, A Feast for Odin, and Kashgar, look at the BGG thread titled "Strangest Reason for Board Game Night to be Canceled", check out the bits of Manhattan Project: Energy Empire and something to carry them in, get rollin' with the Gen Con hyp ...…
On today’s episode of Ask Drone U, we address a question that we often hear asked by members of the drone community: is it legal to fly over moving traffic? We use the Drone Pilot Field Kit to outline some of the FAA regulations around flying your drone over moving vehicles. Thanks again for all of your questions! Fly safe!Get your questions an ...…
Clarity Release Connection
Learn more at Creation Formula by Marilyn Uwe Holzmann
On today's episode, Paul Aitken apologizes for his sometimes insensitive approach toward answering your questions. Here at Drone U, we appreciate your inquiries and thrive on the conversations we're able to have with all of you. It is our goal to foster a welcoming community and facilitate discussions that benefit the drone industry as a whole. ...…
On today's episode of Ask Drone U, we take a question from Brady, a drone pilot working in the hot city of Las Vegas who wants to know what kind of temperatures the Phantom 4 Pro is capable of flying in. We talk about flying in hot weather and give some tips for keeping your drone cool. We also refer to our Flying Over Water Course, which provi ...…
This week, Anthony and Chris dig into euro-mega-designers Uwe Rosenberg and Stefan Feld to determine once and for all, who does it better. In this special designer edition of our VS. feature, we'll look at the games of both designer, as well as their impact on gaming and overall fun-factor for us to determine which comes out ahead. We also ask ...…
Magician On Duty Podcast Series
Welcome back to the Magician On Duty Podcast Series!On this week's episode, we welcome Montreal based Dj: Mike Haddad.Because of his eclectic selection of music and his seamless transitions, Mike has been a regular on numerous podcast channels like Deep House Moscow, Deepist, Elektro Uwe and Deep House Toronto. We hope you enjoy this episode as ...…
Uwe Horstmann is truly one of the big names of the German startup scene. In 2012, he founded Project A Ventures, an operational VC firm that invests in tech startups in Europe and around the world. In his function as a Partner, he is responsible for dealflow, product and IT. Before founding Project A Ventures, he was a senior manager at well-kn ...…
Ben Shapiro, syndicated columnist, host of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” National Review, NYT bestseller, joins us to discuss why he makes such a big deal of traditional family, faith, and freedom. We also get into the challenges of arguing with liberals and even modern conservatives. We end the interview with a brief discussion on why Ben does not b ...…
BJPENN.COM Radio is back at 8PM ET/5PM PT with another great guest! 8:20PM ET- We kick things off with UFC Welterweight Champ, Tyron Woodley. "The Chosen One" announced last week on UFC Tonight that he would be defending his title against Demian Maia at UFC 214 in Anaheim on July 29th. The champ joins us to discuss the matchup and give us his t ...…
BJPENN.COM Radio returns at 8PM ET/5PM PT with a stacked guest lineup! 8:15PM ET- We kick things off with featherweight prospect and a big winner from UFC Auckland, Alexander "The Great" Volkanovski. We'll be recapping his win over Mizuto Hirota and getting the details of the his condition going in. From professional rugby to MMA, we'll hear ab ...…
BJPENN.COM Radio returns at 8PM ET/5PM PT for your weekly MMA fix! 8:15PM ET- We kick things off with Bellator lightweight, Ryan Couture. With Bellator 180 just around the corner, we catch up with Ryan and breakdown his scheduled scrap with Haim Gozali. Under the guidance of his pioneer father, Randy Couture, Ryan is ready to get back in the wi ...…
BJPENN.COM Radio is live at 8PM ET/5PM PT with more great guests for your MMA fix! 8:15PM ET- We kick things off with one of the hottest prospects in MMA, AJ McKee. The Bellator featherweight has yet to taste defeat and has rediscovered a deep passion for the sport, which was evident in his most recent KO victory. We'll be catching up with the ...…
BJPENN.COM Radio is live at 8PM ET/5PM PT with another streamlined show for your MMA fix! 8:15PM ET- We kick things off with the number 3 ranked light-heavyweight and knockout artist, Jimi Manuwa. Jimi has been campaigning for a shot at the strap and while his recent performances certainly warrant a title fight, the "Poster Boy" has just been b ...…
It was supposed to be a normal episode until United sprung a big surprise on everyone. It looks like, despite what Ryan may think, that Romelu Lukaku will be joining Man U. We discuss the very recent turn of events, along with other transfer activity from the past week.Plus, we go over the lackluster Confederations Cup and preview the even more ...…
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