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Get your daily Memphis Grizzlies fix, insider news and commentary on the team with the Chris Vernon Show Podcast. Tune in daily, Monday through Friday for in-depth coverage, interviews and more.
The latest podcast feed searching 'Dr. J Vernon McGee' on
This is the weekly sermon podcast of Mount Vernon Baptist Church in Sandy Springs, GA. If you would like to hear these sermons in person, our address is: 850 Mt. Vernon Hwy NW, Sandy Springs, GA 30327; Office Telephone: 404.255.3133
These 13 essays explore the fascinating world of insects all around us. Vernon Kellogg, an eminent entomologist and natural story teller, and his little friend Mary, start by collecting Tarantula Holes and proceed to observe spiders, ant lions, ants, wasps and many other tiny creatures in their daily life. Each creature has a wonderful story and it is told most entertainingly. (Summary by Phil Chenevert)
Dr. R.A. Vernon
Exciting and life changing messages from The Word Church's Dr. R.A. Vernon.
Carl Vernon Podcast
Best-selling Author of Anxiety Rebalance.
Lillian Vernon
Lillian Vernon
Vernon Ross Talks
I’m your host Vernon Ross and author of #MasterYourMessage talking about and giving my opinion on everything from business to family. visit
All Saints Vernon
Listen to the weekly sermons of All Saints Vernon Anglican Church. Located in Vernon, BC.
We hope you enjoy recent messages from Mt. Vernon Baptist Church! Visit us online at
Weekend Sermons from Vernon Alliance Church
Proud History. Promising Future
Please enjoy sermons, videos, and other announcements and lessons on our new podcast channel.
Check out musical selections from Vernon English. Everything from House, to real hip hop, classic soul and rare grooves.
Insights from the world's most talented celebrities, artists, and influencers on The "How To" behind building a brand, raving fans and blueprint for getting famous.
Sermons and Services at Vernon Heights Baptist Church
Each week our Pastor Ron McClung leads us in a better understanding of our faith.
Mount Vernon News
The Mount Vernon News produces video for news and sports stories in Central Ohio.
These messages are the weekly sermons at Mount Vernon Baptist Church in Mount Vernon, Arkansas.
Sermons from the Lord's church in Mount Vernon Washington.
Building relationships, growing in grace, loving Jesus
Sermons from our weekly worship services
Weekly preaching from Grace Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Mount Vernon, WA and Pastors David Klein and Adam Phillips.
A Phantom Lover is a supernatural novella by Vernon Lee (pseudonym of Violet Paget) first published in 1886. Set in a Kentish manor house, the story concerns a portrait painter commissioned by a squire, William Oke, to produce portraits of him and his wife, the eccentric Mrs. Alice Oke, who bears a striking resemblance to a woman in a mysterious, seventeenth century painting. (Summary by Anthony Leslie)
TechMission's and partners present talks and sermons by Vernon Grounds. Please visit for more free ministry resources. Also visit for a listing of ministry and volunteer opportunities in your area.
The sermons of Pastor Sue Beadle of Christ Lutheran Church, Vernon Hills, IL
Kevin Sonney and Ursula Vernon explore the world of cheap, pre-packaged foods. Join them as they sit in their kitchen, prepare the foods, and share their impressions with you.
Discussions between Mark Vernon and Rupert about science as a belief system.
Discussions between Mark Vernon and Rupert about science as a belief system.
Love All That Matters - introduction to new book by Mark Vernon
Clever Trees
A series of five podcasts from around the world on trees that are smart, extraordinary or downright odd.
This is a collection of our weekly sermons primarily by our teaching elder Pastor Kevin Ridder.
Dr. R.A. Vernon is God's "threshing instrument" raised up in the Greater Cleveland area, for "such a time as this." Running with God's vision, he is seizing the Kingdom of God by force. Blessed with a fierce, bold and uncompromising delivery, Dr. Vernon fervently elucidates "THE WORD" of God by his utter dependence on the Lord, a passion for souls, and his determination to hold fast to integrity. For more information log on to
Bestselling author Michael Covel is the host of Trend Following Radio with 7+ million listens. Investments, economics, decision-making, human behavior & entrepreneurship--all passionately explored. Guests include Nobel Prize winners Robert Aumann, Angus Deaton, Daniel Kahneman, Harry Markowitz & Vernon Smith. Also: James Altucher, Dan Ariely, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Kathleen Eisenhardt, Marc Faber, Tim Ferriss, Jason Fried, Gerd Gigerenzer, Larry Hite, Sally Hogshead, Ryan Holiday, Jack Horn ...
Get to know your library. Featuring book recommendations, discussions, interviews, local history stories, and a whole lot more.
NFL obsessives Darren Fletcher and Vernon Kay have a uniquely British take on the NFL
MVGB Sermons
Relive the sermons of Mount Vernon General Baptist each week through podcasting!
These sermons were delivered at First Presbyterian Church of Mt. Vernon, IL. They are offered as a resource for continuing reflection and conversations of faith. To God be the glory. Hallelujah! Amen!
What is friendship? by Mark Vernon, based on Aristotle's Lyceum friendship lectures
MVBC Sermons
Relive the sermons of Mount Vernon Baptist each week through podcasting!
THE EDTECH PODCAST with Amy Moore and Bill Stein.A lighthearted podcast focused on a variety of issues in the world of EDTECH in the K12 classroom.
The MS Mobile Show is a podcast which follows the journey of the WinPhan community. Vernon E. L. Smith hosts the show that enjoys a light-hearted view of what Microsoft is doing with their mobile devices and services.
The weekly message for Lighthouse Community Church in Vernon, Alabama.
These Sunday Sermon messages form a collection of the most effective and fruitful sermons given by Dr. J. Vernon McGee during his 21-year pastorate (1949-1970) at the historic Church of the Open Door when it was located in downtown Los Angeles.OtherThru the BiblePrograms:Thru the BibleThru the Bible - Questions AnswersThru the Bible InternationalA Travs de la Biblia
The MS Mobile Show is a podcast which follows the journey of the WinPhan community. Vernon E. L. Smith hosts the show that enjoys a light-hearted view of what Microsoft is doing with their mobile devices and services.
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It’s Pentecost! The day according to tradition, the Spirit of God came down on the disciples. We love this story, but what about when the same Spirit of God, calls us to do things which we do not know the future, or how it will turn out? Paul’s story, and his later letter to Ephesus, gives us a clue. I also go into detail about what God is doin ...…
"The way that I look at things, anything, even this big storm brewing outside, I feel like my eyes aren’t acknowledging it enough. I feel almost restless that I’m not able to look at it and be satisfied. I want to capture it again. I want to hold the moment again through my hand or a gesture of that big tree blowing in the wind. I want to recyc ...…
So why is the Order of the Phoenix my favorite Harry Potter novel? The rich, imaginative descriptions of new places in the Wizarding World are part of it, sure, but it’s more. It’s the delicious, immensely satisfying way that evil gets its comeuppance by the end of the book. This chapter gives a little foreshadowing of that. At the hearing, Har ...…
I’m heading up to Washington D.C. this morning and I was thinking of a trip for some meetings that I took there with my son several years ago. After our meeting we visited the home of George Washington at Mt. Vernon. I didn’t realize that George was so tall, standing over six feet two inches. Somehow, I had always pictured him as short like Nap ...…
The latest on the best in New York Tri State high school sports, including an awesome comeback win for Vernon Township Softball.
REVELATION Behold, the days come. Will You Be Ready? Is the unseen now visible, is the unrealized now taking place? In 1947 the nation of Israel was born. On December 6th did President Trump fulfill scripture with his words shook the world. For the first time in over 2000 years, Jerusalem was recognized as the capital of Israel. To my knowledge ...…
Rev Stone preaches on John 17:6-19 talking about Mother's Day and the mission of the church.
God is building up the church, across the world and here at home. Click through to hear Sunday’s sermon.
Jesus didn’t leave His disciples to their own devices. He gave them final instructions before ascending to heaven, instructions that made an impact on His mother, and Christians today! Sermon text: Luke 24:44-53.
A message given at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church by Pastor Chris Creswell
A message given at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church by Pastor Chris Creswell
When you find happiness it allows you to live a fulfilled life.We all know what it feels like to feel strong emotions. For example, anger. We know when we are feeling it and how it affects our body. Do you know what it feels like to feel all levels of happiness? Today, do a good deed for someone and see how your body feels. This will create a h ...…
So the big question is this, how do you become financially free in today's world where you can do what you love doing and spend time with the ones you love and provide for your family without being chained and selling your soul to a nine to five corporate America job without having to sacrifice going out to eat so you can pay off the debt faste ...…
Lastest episode of Shoot The Jay featuring interviews from Del State Alum and avid basketball fan and player Vernon Williams, former professional basketball player and my frat brother Alex "Dj A Will" Williams we talk about basketball playoffs and free agency
Dr. Pernessa Seele talks about fitness physically and spiritually with Pastor Vernon Gordon from The Life Church in Richmond, VA.
We talk about pretending to not be racist, god and his best seller, peace and how to spread it, germans, Justin Vernon AGAIN, and Music Festivals. ALSO…Justin can’t say a last name, Luke makes a fog horn sound, Kurt asks a question and Austin tells the news. Music-Robert Johnson “Crossroads”Theme Music-Flamingosis "Sunset"…
The vendors have so much knowledge and experience to help you navigate holistic treatments. Sample products and services and be inspired to make a shift in 2018! While the event is held in Kelowna on May 27th, vendors come from all over the Okanagan including Pentiction, Vernon, and Kamloops.
This year Mount Vernon received more inquiries, more visitors, and more applications than any year in its history. In this episode of MV Stories, Chief of External Affairs Allison Toller sits down with the members of the Admissions Team to talk about this extraordinary year and the reasons why families choose Mount Vernon. MV stories is a podca ...…
Harry’s first-hand knowledge of the Wizarding world was pretty limited up to this time. Basically, he had spent all of his life in three places: Diagon Alley in London (and Little Whinging is part of greater London, being in the vicinity of Heathrow Airport), the Burrow which is in south Devon, and Hogwarts, which is in the Highlands of Scotlan ...…
A message given at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church by Pastor Chris Creswell
LibriVox recording of The Spider by Fergus Hume. Read in English by Don W. Jenkins Arthur Vernon, member of the Athenian club and member of “society,” has a secret. His father has died and left him destitute, so he has begun a private investigation agency under the name “Nemo.” It would be d.... This item belongs to: audio/librivoxaudio. This i ...…
Rev Stone preaches on the parable of the tenants and the completion of our Sure Foundation Project.
Discussion Questions: 1. One definition of pride is taking credit for God’s gifts. Where are some areas where you are committing “cosmic plaigarism”? What are some concrete ways that you can turn from boasting to thankfulness and praise? 2. No one likes to be humbled. It is a painful, stripping experience. Yet only the humble have experienced G ...…
The grace of God through Jesus has saved you, Has He ever suprised you? Listen in as Peter’s group is Suprised at what happens with Cornelius, and why that matters. Have a blessed week! Last hymn: Amazing Grace. We included the joining of some folks to church, and a prayer concern.
A message given at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church by Pastor Chris Creswell
A message given at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church by Pastor Chris Creswell
Action movies are always fun to discuss, and after the last two episodes we could use a little joy on this show. Harry and Ryan talk Arnold movies particularly Predator (which Harry considers one of the greatest movie ever made). We'll discuss other gems like Conan, Terminator etc. We also create and pitch our own action movies to each other, p ...…
Did you know that muggles are not held to the statute of secrecy? A muggle that knows about the wizarding world can share that information with other muggles. We find this out by the fact that Petunia at some point tells Vernon about her sister being a witch; I wonder when she decided to drop that bomb on him. How far does the family link of kn ...…
Yo Wasteoid, you think The Breakfast Club is beyond reconsideration? Improviser and repeat guest, Chris Esperance (ep# 20– Bad Boys), thinks this quintessential piece of ’80s cinema might not be able to hold its smoke in 2018. Was he right? Do you approve of this? The KG crew hashes it out, and discuss which Club members they would have been fr ...…
A message given at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church by Pastor Chris Creswell
Michelle Mumm-Neola-Morningside ©Jim Kirby 2018 On this edition of the Next Level Iowa Podcast we look back at last weekend’s Drake Relays and talk to a variety of athletes such as Olympian Brenda Martinez, now professional Alex Wilson-Mt. Vernon Lisbon-UNI, Brette Corey-W. Dubuque-UNI and Michelle Mumm-Neola-Morningside. Feature photo: Olympia ...…
Jeremy Vernon continues to share in detail on the final part of the delivery component in ecommerce, which affects customer services, looking into the packaging, where it plays an important role for brands to make the transition from the past retail relationship into this new world of e-commerce; the integrations with the couriers for best deli ...…
Discussion Questions: 1. Many people think that faith is a confidence that God will work things out in a certain way. They have a faith in faith — faith will eventually bring a particular outcome. Where are some places in your own life where you might be falling into this trap? 2. We discussed four parts of faith: acknowledging God’s power, aff ...…
Jen and Vernon from the Podbean team, co-host this episode, and delve into the reasons people may be unsubscribing to your show based on unscientific data from a Reddit thread. After that they discuss more scientific data derived from the 2018 Podcast Consumer Report by Edison Research. Podcasting Smarter Tips For Not Losing Listeners: Make sur ...…
This week's challenge: Interview your Co-host. Camp Becket. Attributes. Ms. Winkel. Professor Kline. The Myth of Sisyphus. Process Metaphysics. Funko: Pop Yourself! Red Vines. Runner-up titles: More Dexterous Than the Common Man, Falsely Diagnosed with Asthma, Hooch-isms. Music credits: Car Seat Headrest.…
On today’s show: Tons on the NFL Draft plus @mawallace joins in-studio to talk about JB Bickerstaff’s new contract with the Grizzlies.
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