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Vic's Basement
Join TV hosts Victor Lucas and Scott Jones of Reviews on the Run and EP Daily down in Vic’s underground man cave as they discuss the videogames they’re playing, the movies they’re watching, the toys they’re playing with, and all the happenings in the entertainment industry. The dynamic duo will entertain special guests, including fellow EP hosts, down in their 98-percent zombie-proof bunker. Don’t miss it!
Hail Satire! is all about comedy! Hosted by Vic Shuttee, Hail Satire! has gotten interviews with some of the best in the business: stand-ups, screenwriters, directors, actors, improvisers, content creators and more! And then there's the specials: comedy brackets, best of lists, debates and discussion, live improv, original sketches and series recaps. Home of The Daily Show Weekly Podcast, co-hosted with Chandler Dean. Keep laughing, keep crying, keep yourself from dying.
The Vic Lombardi Show
Emily Tresidder and Vicky Hanlon are comedy! Okay okay, these two Australian women enjoy a lot of comedy. They make a lot of comedy! They've found many a Comedy Gem, and now they're going to share these comedic treasures with you! Not only will these two have you in stitches, but their guests will have you rofling like never before (literally - we hope your floors are clean!).
The Young Vic theatre's podcast series, Off Book, features interviews with many of the exciting artists who have visited us recently.Our conversations bring to light people's first experiences with the arts and theatre, how their background has informed the work they produce today and how they have developed throughout their career.At the Young Vic we tell stories that change the way people look at the world.Our shows are created by some of the world's great artists - of this generation and ...
Ahmed Vic
Ahmed Vic
"Digital" Dj VicOriginally from Brooklyn, New York I got started Dj ing in the late 80's at the early age of 13 and by the 90's I was old enough to play in some clubs. I was perfecting my craft when this new sound called HOUSE music came around and that was it I was hooked. I moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1993 and got involved in its club scene and thats where I met Nader. He was an up and coming DJ and reminded me a lot of how I got started and we became friends and started doing some gigs t ...
Podcast by Dick & Vic's Soccer Hour
Vic In A Box
Hang out with Victor DiMattia… and Steve
A series of podcast episodes published by the academic staff from the School of Education (VIC), Australian Catholic University
Vic DiCara answers common questions about astrology with uncommon depth, friendliness, humor, scholarship and experience!
Podcasting to share family friendly entertainment through old time radio, and more.
VIC Radio
Ithaca College
Vic Lindal
Be on your system
Vic Nierva's Podcast features reading of his poetry and other works.
We started this podcast in hopes of relating to anyone out there that shares similar interests. We give our thoughts and opinions on any and all subjects/ situations. We will discuss many topics found all over social media, as well as dive into our personal lives with hilarious, serious, and interesting stories. We're both 23 with a love for podcasting and creating. Join us for some good conversations. TWEET US: VICANDSTEVES
Bigg Jon Vic
Host of BiGG's Golf Talk...The Golfing Talk show for information, advise, golf news, course reviews, and Golf Humor.
Nick and Vic Show
Nick Howell and Vic DaSilva are frustrated with the direction the world is headed (and we're not talking about it revolving) so they decide to rant about it. The show involves two short segments: "Twitter Fingers with Donald Trump" and "Instagram Post of the Week". Nick and Vic will continue to post content every week (or frequently). Enjoy!
We don't know what we're doing, and we're going to tell you about it.New episodes every Sunday!
Hello! I am glad your reading this because that means you have one thing: TIME! I am a youth pastor from Stockton California. I am the following but not limited too: A Christian.Dreamer.Lover of fine foods. Husband.Brother.Son.Uncle.A wannabe comedian posing as a pastor. Youth Ministry is Blaze Student Productions, check us out on
TV, Gaming, News, Sports
Angelos Epithemiou and Barry from Watford are together on their award winning podcast, discussing current events, past events, other things and things we haven't thought of yet.
As Vic says, “Vic Cohen’s It’s a Fair Question” really is the show where every question is a “FAIR QUESTION!” Did Vic really just ask Claudia Jordan (“Real Housewives of Atlanta” / “Celebrity Apprentice” / “Deal or No Deal”) exactly how much cash she got paid when she sued “The Price is Right” for sexual harassment as a model? Yep. He did. And after some hesitation, she kinda spilled the beans! Over each one hour episode, Vic goes one-on-one with a different guest, asking the questions you w ...
VICS/IMS Highlights, Verizon IndyCar Series Races
CYC Victoria Australia Lectures and talks Podcast Central Youth Committee
App Story
Vic Hudson talks to other independent developers about bringing their apps from concept to product, and everything in between.
Wang Show
Podcast by Vic
"Nearness to God, Likeness to Christ, Love to Others, Hope to the World"
True Country
This is True Country
Fit & Fearless
Get inspired by Tally, Zanna and Vic – aka the #GirlGains crew - as they talk all things fitness and body confidence.
Sermons from the varying leaders of Oasis Wauseon. Vic Cales, Louie Weber, and others!
Spreading the gospel of Roller Derby by making sweet sweet aural love to your ear holes. Not literally. That's gross.
Vic Sage and the Projectionist take an in depth look at retro horror TV and film.
Weekly Christian news prepared by Vic Campbell. Broadcast on weekly Sunday radio program "Songs of Hope" in Melbourne, Australia. The radio station is Southern FM 88.3
V and A Shipping
V&A Shipping What happens when Star Wars crashes head long into Smokey and the Bandit? An Intergalatic Beer run! Vic and Argmon are just trying to make a simple delivery, albeit while being chased by the local fuzz. They pick up an unexpected stowaway on their planet to planet run. Joey, the unwitting stowaway, is thrust into space and must deal with not only being in space, but with all the alien creatures aboard the SS Acid Rat. Once the delivery is complete, Vic, Argmon, and their new cre ...
A podcast in which friends Gooey and Vic watch a piece of pro wrestling related media and determine if it is truly "Required Viewing".
Lift Church meets in the Town of Vic Park, Wa. Our mission is to bring a lift to the community through pursuing, renewing and strengthening people
BN Blitz
Vic Carucci and Jay Skurski, Bills beat reporters for The Buffalo News, discuss the latest with the Bills and NFL on a weekly basis with national guests.
Pocket Sized Podcast is about Apple devices, iOS, apps. Ronnie, Scott, and Vic talk about the practical and philosophical sides of being an Apple user.
Nathan Richardson [Coalesce, The Appleseed Cast, The Casket Lottery] and Jason Trabue [Hopesfall] discuss all things drums and percussion. From the playing to education to the drumming business world, GDY tackles it all.
Crosstalk America
Crosstalk America is heard each weekday on over 100 radio outlets across America and worldwide on the Internet. Crosstalk covers the issues that affect our world, our nation, our families and the Christian church from a perspective centered in the Word of God. Whether we discuss the economy, the political scene, the continuing moral collapse of our nation, legislation that affects the family, or the state of evangelicalism, our authority is found in the unchanging standard of the Holy Script ...
Wasted Time is a weekly podcast recorded at the World Famous Comic Strip Live in NYC. Every week we will have comedians drinking and laughing and just hanging out..Hosted by Comedian Tom-E and Jesse..
Live Uncensored Radio Covering Local Areas from Illinois and Michigan all the way to Alaska.
A show about and featuring full old Old Time Radio episode hosted by Vic Sage and The Projectionist.
F Cubed Podcast
The secret to life is F Cubed. Food, Friends, Fun. That is what this podcast is all about.
National Spinning Premier League presents spin sesssions with Vic Pardel discussing all you need to know on spinning.
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Vic and Em chat to Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss, about why Melbourne isn’t the best city, why Edinburgh is and ask what really is a sociopath. Follow him on Twitter @Daniel_Sloss and like his Facebook page. Like our Facebook page, Em’s Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @ourcomedygems or individually at @vickyhanlon & @EmilyTresidder.…
PUT YOUR PHONE BACK IN YOUR POCKET! Your minutemorselhavinass friends are back on and poppin' for episode ****teen. Soosh & Sean revisit Sean's instant karma case at Golden One Center, Vanilla Ice intros, Cheating for M's and Tristan Thompson, Sabrina Claudio's old Twitter and "the word," Cardi Baby, Raves R' Us, China meets Black Mirror S3E1, ...…
Greg Gallant and Vic Michaelis practice some self love and take care of themesles while high. I’m Too Effing High is produced by James Mastreani, Mike McLendon, Matt Newell, Dhruv Uday Singh, and Andrew Steven. Special thanks to Jacob Wysocki and Dynasty Typewriter At The Hayworth.
This week on the Sensory Matters Show we chat to the lovely Hannah from Stickman Communications. Here's a preview into some of what we chatted about but as always for the full version you will need to be in our VIC Group. Sign up here 👇 It was lovely chatting to Hannah and finding out how Stickm ...…
Vic must travel to another plane in order to save the live of another. Will she make it back in one piece?By (Ghost Ship Radio Network).
Transforming tradition with vigour, curiosity, humour and spark, this trio from Prince Edward Island wielding bodhrán, acoustic guitar and violin plays seamless, polished, barrel-drum-tight, rhythmically innovative and wildly entertaining music. Singing both French and English, they were awarded “World Music Recording of the Year” (2015) by Eas ...…
They annouced the dates for the 2018 Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. Which clearly means we need to start talking about one of the most exciting seasons. The Brookhart Project 2017 vlog: Patreon: The Brookhart Project: Dom and ...…
This episode is much more lighthearted, fun, and nerdy. We dove right back into nerd news with upcoming movies and seasons of shows. Who's going to die in Infinity War? Agent Coulson is finally back - officially. Sky's excited about West World....and Santa Clarita Diet. Vic shares his love for the Power Rangers universe. Plus - Why you should w ...…
Lots of singing on this, the second Stitch Gang grab bag; you have to wait till the end to hear Tyrone sing though. Listen to the tracks on our Youtube playlist. [ 3:30 ] // "Trust Issues" - Rico Nasty p. Kenny Beats [ 10:45 ] // "BBC" -Bbymutha p. Rock Floyd [ 15:50 ] // "Juice & Gin" - Valee p. Rio Mac + "Dim Sum" - Valee and Vic Mensa p. Ape ...…
Time is one resource that once it is gone, it can never be restored or gained back. We only have 24 hours in a day and what we do in those 24 hours, truly dictates our reality. The term we use often in this current time is, "BUSY." Someone asks, "How are you doing?" I am good, just busy. We use that term so much but are we truly busy? When we l ...…
Abi and Noah always talk about the MCU a lot, but this time they do it for like half the episode, which I think is a new record. They talk about other things though, like their 8th grade math teacher and William Shatner's dog.
Welcome to the Sol One Podcast. Let me just explain what this is all about first. I was employed at The Audio Development Laboratory in Houston, Texas that consisted of acoustic test facilities and supporting equipment for testing and development of audio communications and elector-acoustic systems and equipment. Our main contractor was NASA an ...…
This week, Vic talks about the history of LGBTQIA+ political representation and the implication of the 2017 local elections.Want a chance to hear Vic answer your question on air? Fill out our form: for this week's episode:
On this latest episode, the Substandard discusses the Tomb Raider reboot and video games that become movies—are they ever any good? Sonny ranks the good ones. JVL gets mistaken for a grandfather and Vic thinks his blood test results are fake news. The Substandard is sponsored by quip, the new electric toothbrush. quip starts at just $25, and wh ...…
Dalai Lama stated, "If we teach our children how to meditate, we would end violence within one generation." Powerful statement but there is a lot of truth here. When it comes to meditation, many people think of Buddhist monks who chant and sit for hours at a time. The truth is, you don't need to meditate for that long. I practice meditation on ...…
A half-century later, 1968 remains etched in our collective memory, a year of tremendous hope and utter tragedy. This week we take the first of three looks at that iconic year. Gary Eichten, a longtime reporter and host for Minnesota Public Radio, talks about Eugene McCarthy, his lonely challenge to President Johnson, his strong showing in the ...…
Casey StengelSeptember 17, 1912, for the Brooklyn DodgersLast MLB appearanceMay 19, 1925, for the Boston BravesMLB statisticsOnly manager to win ... Major League Baseball right fielder manager New York Yankees New York Mets Baseball Hall of Fame 1966 Kansas City, Missouri minor leagues Brooklyn Dodger ...…
***WARNING***VERY strong language and descriptions of graphic violence.This week…James meets Barry Neville, Eddie kisses a ring, Vic hangs shirts, Lord H remembers erections and we discuss all the rest of this week’s SWFC including Nando’s return, Atdhe’s international exploits, 25th anniversary of the FA Cup semi-final and an amazing interview ...…
Another TeamTalk Episode Discussing:- England's World Cup Forecast- Englands best 11- "The Bully" Mourinho- Elneny and Wilshere's contract Deals- Zlatans' LegacyThe Front 5 for this episode are:Simi - @simi_oremzVic - @victor_nyambeVash - @vashish_sAdil - @admogh & Rav. Follow us on Twitter @teamtalkldnWe are available on Itunes, Soundcloud and ...…
Before most new apartment projects are completed an architect sat down with a developer about 5 years before that to plan the new apartment development. So if you want to know what is going to be happening in 5 years time from now an architect is a great person to ask.Shane Rothe is the Founding Principal and Director of RotheLowman and with hi ...…
Hump day! Another episode of World Hip ­Hop. Provided by me and! April is a couple of days away. Shout out to everybody making their Easter plans and spring break getaways. I'm getting away, too. I'll be doing my Latin Hip­ Hop show straight outta Tampa which is my second home. Saturday I'm in Miami hanging with my peeps Smif & Wes ...…
Captain Dan is back in the saddle this week, after a tiring 12 days of travel and golf! We give away our first Weekly Effort Award, discuss the upcoming Trey Trio tour and marvel at Trey the child-whisperer and Lincoln Log builder. Next week The Vic will take this show on the road to interview a special guest, so please tune in and enjoy the sh ...…
After a hookup with a New York ad exec, Brian announces to the gang that he's leaving Pittsburgh for NYC. Vic's indecent exposure case continues to wind through the courts. Dr David announces that he's moving to Portland and starts packing Michael's things. Ted keeps trying to fix Blake.
Rosecrans Radio with Cypress Moreno had talented LA producer/rapper Polyester in Hollywood Rosecrans Vic and Giggles Irene and spoke about his beginnings in music, his new project "American Muscle 5.0", his brand of new funk music, the artists he's collaborated with such as G Perico, shares an interesting story about Stevie Wonder and more. Plu ...…
MSU Insider Will Sammon joins the show. Will is in Columbus Ohio for the Women's Final Four. Will tells us the feeling with Vic Schaefer and the team throughout the tournament. Will they be able to bring home the hardware? Will previews the MSU men's hoops game tonight between MSU and Penn State NIT final four game. Great interview with Will, b ...…
Welcome to the first episode of The MIndful Experient where we share podcast episodes to help you disocver your infintte potential. This first episode is about sharing how all the experiments, knowledge, experiences and people I have met who have helped me live an empowered life and how I want to share this information with you to do the same t ...…
Tim McArthur & Nathan Matthews chat to Lisa Howard, currently starring in 'Escape To Margaritaville' at the Marquis Theatre on Broadway. The Curtain Up Show is a theatre podcast featuring stars of the West End and Broadway. Tim McArthur, Nathan Matthews and guests discuss London and New York's thriving theatre scenes. Tim and Nathan have years ...…
(0:00) Marc hosts Texans All Access from the NFL meetings with a special visit from Vic Carucci of Sirius XM NFL Radio. (14:57) Marc talks with Dave Zangaro of NBC Sports on the Eagles and Houston vs. Philly as sports town. (27:02) Marc visits with voice of the Chicago Bears Jeff Joniak on QB development and Bears fans reaction to not having Wa ...…
On the first hour of the show we recap the great weekend in basketball and who made the men's final four. Vic Schaefer and the women's team is headed to the final four again. Can they win it all this year? Ole Miss baseball is off to a hot start with a big road series win over Texas A&M. Can the MSU men's hoops team make it to the NIT Finals? W ...…
MSU Insider Steve Robertson joins the show. Steve recaps MSU women's big win over UCLA and Vic Schaefer advances to his second straight final four. Steve gives us his insight on how he thinks they will do against Louisville. Steve also previews MSU men's hoops in the NIT Final Four and how impressed he is with this team. Awesome interview with ...…
In this episode: The difference between physical and emotional hunger Are you truly hungry, or just bored? How to stop emotional eating – the five minute rule! Alternatives to emotional eating How to eat more mindfully My plan for the week to stop emotional eating Don’t forget: share your story with me by sending an email to me at wendaliciousr ...…
Some dates are better than others. Join Vic and Linds as they reminisce on some of their more memorable romantic outings.
Welcome to the Sol One Podcast. Let me just explain what this is all about first. I was employed at The Audio Development Laboratory in Houston, Texas that consisted of acoustic test facilities and supporting equipment for testing and development of audio communications and elector-acoustic systems and equipment. Our main contractor was NASA an ...…
What are your favorite resort pools? Today we disuss our top 5 pools of Walt Disney World Resort. Patreon: The Brookhart Project: Dom and Vic Eats:
Absolutely no discounts - things get tense this week. What Katy Perry did was wrong, why isn't anyone talking about it? Ever wondered what a director feels after their movie release? How much does bootlegging/leaking take away from the full experience of a movie? Vic goes in about breaking boundaries and not following the "rules". Sky goes in o ...…
Melbourne City Council is looking for a new mayor. Councillor Rohan Leppert @RohanLeppert chairs the Arts, Culture and Heritage portfolio and has thrown his hat in the ring. 33 years old and a member of […] ...…
Brian Pierce speaks with Vic Lanzotti, owner of Public House, Lake Pointe Grill and Pie's The Limit in today's episode of Springfield Business First, sponsored by Town & Country Bank.
Welcome to the Sol One Podcast. Let me just explain what this is all about first. I was employed at The Audio Development Laboratory in Houston, Texas that consisted of acoustic test facilities and supporting equipment for testing and development of audio communications and elector-acoustic systems and equipment. Our main contractor was NASA an ...…
In this episode, Dr. Vic Reasoner will continue his discussion on Christology.
Hilarious comedian Vic Henley joins host Matt Flynn to talk about the wild s#*t he's seen in bars and comedy clubs from coast-to-coast in his thirty-plus year career working alongside Ron White, Kathleen Madigan, David Spade, Jeff Foxworthy, and many more!
The first time was so dope we had to give you a part 2. The latest episode of Club Kings Radio brought to you by Vic B & DJ Blaire... turn this up...
This week, The Generic Live Show gets a little face lift as we shake up the format slightly! We hope you like it! This hour on The Generic Live Show, we discuss; Stephen Hawking dies aged 76, Vladimir Putin gets elected a fourth term as president of Russia, Same As You Remember / Same As It Ever Was finally gets an intro and we take a trip back ...…
Cognac & Roses - our first guest ever stops by to give us all of the details behind his long-awaited project. Sky's knowledge of audio production and song composition shines bright while Vic shares his inside perspective since he worked on this project as well. This episode taught us a lot - about Cognac & Roses - but also challenged our equipm ...…
In today's episode, I talk to my lovely friend and actor Indra Ové. You may know Indra from the small or big screen; her credits include; Interview with the Vampire, Resident Evil, Marcella, The National Theatre, The Young Vic, The West End...these are just a few.
Listen to all of the new summer events coming to Walt Disney World in prepartaion for the new Incredibles movie and the opening of Toy Story Land. Patreon: The Brookhart Project: ...…
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