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The Giant Bomb East team gathers to talk about the week in video games, their lives, and basically anything that interests them. All from New York City!
Giant Bombcast
Giant Bomb discusses the latest video game news and new releases, taste-test questionable beverages, and get wildly off-topic in this weekly podcast.
The Show Radio
Andrew Alliance and Daniella Manansala share the biggest stories in Technology, Video Games, and Entertainment.
Giant Bomb Presents is's home for interviews, previews, and more.
Radio Free Nintendo is Nintendo World Report's official weekly podcast. Every week, NWR's staff discuss everything Nintendo from the latest releases to classic games.
Ben Pack and Jeff Gerstmann unite after the Giant Bombcast to further expound on the day's events and take your calls and questions, live!
Giant Bomb breaks down the latest news from the world of video games for the radio world, one minute at a time, in this syndicated weekly spot.
All Systems Goku
Anime experts Dan Ryckert and Jeff Gerstmann embark on a quest to watch every episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai.
Geek Legacy presents the Pixelated Podcast, an informative and enlightening podcast that aims to deliver detailed insight on video game news, controversies and updates.
This Nintendo Life
A Nintendo based Video Games podcast with your hosts Nbz and Bally! We bring you three 30 minute segments every 2 weeks, talking about everything from what we've been playing, to the lastest Nintendo Direct news, listener mail, feature topics and more! Hope you enjoy!
That One Video Gamer
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Let's Fight a Boss
We are a Dublin-based group of animator friends who like to talk openly and casually about video games and the video game industry. Join us as we take on a new adventure each episode and fight that boss!
Grab a cup of coffee, and catch up on the day's headlines with Giant Bomb guys that aren't in San Francisco.
Giant Bombcast
Giant Bomb discusses the latest video game news and new releases, taste-test questionable beverages, and get wildly off-topic in this weekly podcast.
Sean and Vinnk take to their microphones about the latest video game news, review Future Retro titles, and lament their growing Pile of Shame. Produced by That's Orange, LLC. Updated Fridays.
Often uniformed but well meaning gaming and life discussion. The podcast features Aaron(@Ind1fference), Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Dave(@Tiny415)
The TK Podcast is a podcast started by KingsHaki and RoronoaTrey. We discuss One Piece but also all anime/manga/nintendo games and sometimes other things. The hosts are KingsHaki, RoronoaTrey and Bluefirecrashdown.Contact us here, or on twitter at Kings_Haki, RoronoaTrey15 or Azure_Ursus
Each week we discuss all things Nintendo! Be it the 3DS or Wii U, past or present, good or bad.With Matt (The Devil's Advocate), Mike (The Angry Passionate), Eli (The Journalist), and Unoclay (The Retro) we cover topics from many perspectives!YouTube:
NWR Connectivity
NWR Connectivity is a weekly podcast that is focused on connecting the listeners to the going-ons at Nintendo World Report. It highlights key stories and features from the site while also pulling in a variety of staff members to talk about different topics, such as new releases and important news stories. This is your ticket into the minds behind Nintendo World Report, for better or worse.
NWR Contributors Perry and Casey come together every other week to do what they do best, Talk Nintendo. Each episode the boys talk about what they've been playing, Nintendo news, Craigslist finds and have a rotating Topic of the Show segment.
Years ago, John Davison and Garnett Lee were half of the lineup of the popular 1UP Yours podcast. Now, they live hundreds of miles apart - but still get together to talk about videogames whenever possible.John lives in the Bay Area while Garnett lives in Los Angeles, and has his own weekly podcast called Garnett on Games. Every Wednesday they get together for a live Google Hangout to chat about games, and then they post the audio as a podcast the following day. Each show they talk about gami ...
Join the Gutter Geeks every week as our panel of 5 to 10 veteran gamers of all ages talk about the latest AND oldest in video and table top gaming. Whether it’s interviews with indie and established developers, deep dives on classic hardware, or just sitting around the table talking games while throwing back a few beers you are sure to have a great time with the gang from Guys Games and Beer! Contacting Us: If you are a developer and would like us to check out your game or product contact us ...
Tiny Cartridge 3DS
Nintendo Switch, 3DS, DS, Wii U, and PS Vita News, Media, & Retro Junk
Often uniformed but well meaning gaming and life discussion. The podcast features Aaron(@Ind1fference), Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Dave(@Tiny415)
Three old friends talk all things Nintendo. We talk current generation, retro games, Amiibo addiction, and Nintendo Switch!
Party Loaded
Gaming podcasts, videos and reviews.
Nintendo Feed Podcast
Join Nintendo Feed as we discuss the latest Wii U and 3DS News, the latest Nintendo games we've been playing along with the chance to win some awesome prizes...
The TEG Podcast
A podcast about living and gaming in Taiwan.
Lee, Mairead, JJ and Nathan from DS London have a light comical chat about video games including the latest in Nintendo news and all the latest DS London events.They also tend to answer questions from the community and let you know when they're gonna meet up and play games in London.
The Play On Ultra Video Games Podcast is a place where we geek and nerd out about a lot of random stuff, oh and video games too. Hosted by Shar, Jonathan and Sarah.
Quit or Continue - dissecting videogames new and old in the world's first gaming 'book club'. Join Mike, Jack, Andy and Dave and have your say.
We are schmucks in a basement conversing about video games over a few pints, what could go wrong?
Headset Abuse
Welcome to Headset Abuse. We like to talk about Dark Souls, Not Streaming Dark Souls, and matchstick puzzles.
Nintendo News Report is a weekly podcast dedicated to the news and going ons in the world of Nintendo. Hosted by a panel of Nintendo experts from Nintendo World Report. Theme song is Bright and Early by Ben Briggs and Ectogemia from KK and Friends.
Adventure Mode
Adventure Mode is a podcast featuring two friends diving into the world of gaming. Join us every Monday for a new episode! This is a podcast from Handsome Phantom! Check us out at!
Welcome to the Nerds Without Pants podcast! We're here to talk to you about games, comics, movies, and Jason Statham. Listen to our organized chaos, and join in the discussion with your letters. Keep it pantsless, internet!
The DLB-Network Podcast is a gaming podcast were we discuss the latest news from PlayStation Xbox Nintendo PC and much more. If gaming talk is what your looking for then look no more we've got you covered.
Eyes on Nintendo - Reviews, News, Community -
Wildmatt and Stiner talk gaming such as the news, new releases, what we've played and take callers in this weekly live podcast. You can tune in at our site Wednesdays @ 7pm EDT, 23:00 GMT.
Discussions on the latest news in video games including reviews, previews and coverage of the biggest stories in the industry.
Out of Continues
Video game discussions. New episode every Monday!
Join Jeremy, the St. Louis Video Game Console Examiner and as he reviews video games from the Atari 2600 to the Xbox One and Playstation 4!
NWR Connectivity
NWR Connectivity is a weekly podcast that is focused on connecting the listeners to the going-ons at Nintendo World Report. It highlights key stories and features from the site while also pulling in a variety of staff members to talk about different topics, such as new releases and important news stories. This is your ticket into the minds behind Nintendo World Report, for better or worse.
The Balcony, is a podcast hosted by Parris Lilly and featuring various guests and debated topics from around the gaming industry. Whenever there is a topic that is up for discussion, be prepared to take a trip up to The Balcony Voicemail: 786-273-7GTR.
Super Gamecast 64
Welcome to the Super Gamecast 64! Featuring your hosts, Matt, Kevin, and Tyler.This gaming podcast is a weekly show covering multimedia news, game reviews, industry discussion, and general chaos.
World 1-1
A weekly show about video games with two gentlemen and an scoundrel. The latest episodes can be found weekly on Mondays at as well as on iTunes, Google Play Music, and YouTube You can also like us on Facebook for for news, reviews, and features throughout the week at and join the conversation on our forums at and follow us on twitter @World1_1Podcast
We're a lifestyle podcast hosted by adult gamers trying to juggle our hobbies with the increasing demands of the "real world." Join us each week to catch up on what we've been up to lately, whether it's saving the world from space aliens or learning how to change a diaper. Check out our web site for links to connect with us on YouTube, iTunes, Stitcher, and more, at And if you like what you hear, then please leave us a review!
A home of podcasts where a group of friends talk about Life, The Universe, and Video Games... What are we all about?We're about anything and everything related to gaming. Check out our several podcasts relating to Life, The Universe, and Gaming.Do you like video Games?Then Check out our Video Game Podcast, Saturday Morning Arcade, where we talk about the current gaming scene. It is recorded live on Saturday nights (via Mixlr @ and released on Monday Mornings! Do you like Pen ...
We love video games! We love talking about video games! So we made this podcast to let you know about the happenings in the video game industry! Join us each week as we discuss the big topics on Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo. Make sure to follow us on Facebook at: Life of Gaming Podcast and on Twitter @lifeofgamingpod!
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Hey everyone Dr Donna here today Im chatting with David Amador of Upfall Studios about his game Quest of DungeonsWe also chat about roguelikes RPGs game development and so much moreIf you want to check out Quest of Dungeons find it on Switch PS4 Xbox One Steam Wii U 3DS and Mobile If you want to find more about Upfall Studios find it out here u ...…
It's the first secret level of DKCTF but it's no secret it looks better in 1080p. Play on and check it out by yourself.
Hello everyone and welcome to episode fourteen of HCS Pro Talk! In this weeks episode, Will finally starts his Halo journey, we talk about a good amount of news along with some April Fools related pieces. We also have some more shout-outs and we break down the previous weeks Scrim results! Thanks for listening and as always, links to everything ...…
Did the grrouch and the turkey finish their games? What does serge think about his first ever walking simulator? Was it a stimulating simulation or were those boots made for walking on out of there? How about the Turkey? Were his sins punished appropriately? Did he get his waggle on? Was the waggle the punishment and was the WiiU the Sin? Also ...…
Your source for all things Nintendo three days a week! Sponsored By: Audible: Get a free book and directly support the stream by checking out Audible. They have thousands of books from every genre. You're definitely going to find something you like. Just head to Links: Patreon — This episode of SwitchCraft is brought to ...…
It’s your video game industry news update for March 22nd, 2018 – Nintendo schedules a Super Smash Bros. for Switch tournament at E3 2018, GDC 2018 brings about a Nindies Showcase, and Vivendi sells its stake in Ubisoft. The video game industry changes every day and your time is important. Let’s get you caught up, starting right now, on Games in ...…
This is a MAJOR MILESTONE episode! We have been doing so well over the past 2 months, we felt that we were finally ready to expand a little bit, and we got a 3rd person on the show! This week we welcome my long time friend Rob, and he will be our 3rd mic every couple of weeks. We are in the works for a 4th mic to alternate in, stay tuned for de ...…
Every week we invite a special guest to talk with us about life, games, and belief. This week we’re joined by Alan Williamson, the Editor-in-Chief of Five out of Ten, a fantastic digital magazine about videogame culture. Alan talks with us about his own personal beliefs, the Mario/Sonic rivalry, the value of the Wii U’s brand of childlike play, ...…
It’s your video game industry news update for March 8th, 2018 – The confirmation of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch highlights the March 2018 Direct, Microsoft is trying its hand at a live news broadcast with Inside Xbox, and Activision announces Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The video game industry changes every day and your time is importa ...…
The weekly all-things-geek-podcast strikes back! 0:01- Intros where we chat Dom dying on us again, us being off the air in February cause we were at the Winter Olympics, the new Secret of Mana for PS4, the One Punch Man manga by One and Murata, animes Darling in the Franxx and Dragon Ball Super, expose some truths about 1977's Laff-A-Lympics, n ...…
Welcome everyone to episode 3 of the Grown-Up Pixels Podcast! On this week’s episode of the Grown-Up Pixels Podcast: I go over the community question response from Episode 2 What am I currently playing Bayonetta 1 on the Nintendo Switch Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Nintendo Switch Yakuza 0 on the PlayStation News Yakuza 6 releases full game on ...…
We're taking a look back at the little Nintendo console that just couldn't. In the first segment, Jason Arriola is joined by Vanessa Cahill and Franky Ordaz to talk about the development history of the Wii U, some of our favorite things about it, and some of the things we wish it did better (or at all). Then in the second segment, Jason is join ...…
Aired on October 19, 2015This week, the imbecile duo take on the subjects of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Remaster on Wii U...EA Want to make a GTA game...DICE acknowledge the balancing issues of Star Wars Batlefront...and WE WERE RIGHT (maybe) about the Nintendo NX. Possibly. We don't know.…
Aired on June 15, 2015E3 2015 is merely hours away, and as ever, the weekend was home of accidental leaks and rumours, with Bethesda being high on the list thanks to the open mic incident broadcasting on their live Twitch stream, where they're heard discussing their Dishonored 2 announcement to be had at E3. Whoops!Plus, Christopher Lee has Die ...…
Aired on March 30, 2015This weeks podcast is a little shorter than usual, but the reason is a good one! And all shall be revealed in the podcast! Speaking of reveals, Ryan Reynolds too to Twitter this week to reveal the awesome Deadpool costume for the movie; what do we think?(We love it)Also, Batman: Arkham Knight delayed...Zelda Wii U delayed ...…
Aired on March 22, 2015Before this weeks podcast commenced, Cal was struck by the shit Lords at TalkTalk and his internet was broken. Well, his router at least, so we wasn't sure if we'd be able to do the podcast on time.Turned out we were able to. Salutations!This week: God of War III Remastered heading to Playstation 4!New Conker content head ...…
Aired on December 30, 2014It's the last podcast of 2014, and with it comes seasons greetings and a breakdown of the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Wii U. Who won? Who deserves your money? And just what did Cal and Dan eat that caused them to spend money at this dreadful time of year! Find all this out and MORE on the last Podcast vs Player podcast ...…
In this mid-week show, we finally stretch the limits of Jeremy's feeble memory as he tries to remember the games he's been playing! He finally lands on a "duo" of games with an unlikely connection! First, Starfox Zero on the Wii U spreads its wings and goes into all-range mode as we explore what makes the game similar to and different from its ...…
Aired on November 17, 2014Assassins Creed Unity is out this week, and Cal and Dan take on the topic of broken code, glitches and bugs and turn it into a magical podcast.Also, Just Cause 3, Far Cry 4, Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Galaxy Note 4 and an insight into Dan being snapped by paparazzi and Cal's beard being stroked.…
Here we are. Cracking open a fresh new can of podcast. Get to know the show as we trail off into nonsense raving about everything from the Wii U to the 21st DICE Awards.
This week Gaming of the Noob takes a deep dive into the Action RPG genre. How did western game developers take a traditional slow pace gameplay of RPGs and "Michael Bay-ify" them. More Action, More Speed, and More Explosions.We are partnering with Jump Discover & Play: Unlimited On-Demand Indie Gaming. Check them out at: ...…
Today’s broadcast is Episode 24 for TwoFer Tuesday, February 27th, 2018, on a program we're calling "TwoFer Tuesday - vol. 3" ---NOTE--- There is a mistake in the tracklist. I was unable to catch it in time to fix it in the episode itself, but have fixed it in the show notes. The track list is corrected with an asterisk. See the asterisk at the ...…
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