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A witty and intelligent podcast for moms...and some dads. ...keeping parents sane and entertained
Witty Banter
Beer, Friends, News, Goofy Segments, Listener Email, Beer
Witty Banter
Beer, Friends, News, Goofy Segments, Listener Email, Beer
Join Yasmin every week as she chats with female techies about their career, the challenges of the industry, tech news and more. Her guests range from young engineers to top execs; working at the largest tech goliaths to the smallest start ups; hailing from North America to Asia. Contact: Artwork Credit: Danielle Grinberg Heads of Outreach: Synclair Gonzales, Jenna Robinson
Something Witty
Something Witty is a casual, conversational show about life as Christian women. Your hosts, Chelsea and Sadie, are here to create a community for women that is encouraging and allows them to be honest about life. Instead of the highlight reel, you will get honest, behind-the-scenes conversations, insights, and Biblical views of the many things we go through as women. Join us as we seek to show how beautiful real life can be.
The Witty Chat
Good Day and welcome where me and a couple of other delightful gentlemen chat about important things in the world.Here i take a sideline from my usual Youtube antics and do a bit of diving into a Comedy, Gaming and most of all Entertaining podcast with 'The Witty Chat'
Rob Witty's Podcast
2 brown kids bringing unique minority perspectives and an appetite for debate to discuss the intersections of hip-hop and popular culture.
Witty Profiles Top Ten Quotes is a show about hot quotes, jokes and away messages. Each week we count down the ten hottest quotes. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Music Store
Witty, irreverent look at the world through scientists' eyes. With Brian Cox and Robin Ince
Uncensored Live Internet Radio
Good Books, Bad Beer and Witty Banter
A semi-regular, occasionally amusing, and rarely funny series of conversations on a random topic.
Wush & Boon
Two irregular people taking a comedic look at media, technology, and the world in general.
Provocative, up-to-the-minute, alive and witty, KCRW's weekly confrontation over politics, policy and popular culture proves those with impeccable credentials needn't lack personality. This weekly "love-hate relationship of the air" features three of the most insightful news analysts anywhere. Click on the "comments" link below to post your thoughts and comments.
A HuffPost Podcast about The Bachelor, where hosts Emma Gray and Claire Fallon lovingly snark and recap the latest episodes from The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. Whether you love The Bachelor, or love to hate it, you will enjoy their witty discussion about this reality show and what it reveals about the world of dating.
Pomcast is Pom Pom's knitty and witty monthly podcast. Lydia and Sophie talk to all sorts of interesting fibre folk, as well as indulging in knit-chat and plenty of giggles. For more on Pom Pom and the magazine, visit
The Careless Minds podcast brings you up to speed with all the latest topics what's on everyone's minds.So join your host Philip Burford along with co-hosts Ryan Jolley and Darren Turner as they take you on an educational rollercoaster with just a pinch, of witty banter...
My Book of Mormon
Join me, Marie Kent, as I read through Mormon religious texts for the very first time. I'm reading it cover to cover along with Bryce Blankenagel, and add we witty thoughts and comments along the way. Millions of people believe these books and live their lives by them... let's see if we can find out why.
Homeschooling IRL
These witty podcasters like to poke sticks at the conventional and with heaps of grace they will confront a few of the sacred cows that Christian homeschoolers like to worship. Their love for the Gospel will remind their listeners on every episode of the freedom that Christ pours out in generous amounts. Grace Wins!
A weekly baseball podcast about the New York Mets, featuring evidence-based analysis, subjective commentary, and witty repartee.
The podcast for honest and witty love wisdom
Funny Indian
Rajiv Satyal is the small, bespectacled Indian guy from Ohio whose witty, universal, and TV-clean act resonates around the world by covering everything from racial issues to soap bottles to his favorite topic - himself.
TV Sharks
2 chill dudes talkin' bout television.
Company Picnic!
We stunt personal growth.
Nikki and Tine
This podcast broadcasts the lives of two funny, intelligent, semi-psycho girls who enjoy making poor decisions and humiliating themselves publicly.
A simple podcast from two extremely "talented" men from the great city of Orlando!
The Camera-Ready Comedy team invites you to visit Blip TV ( to view a five-minute spec pilot for a series called “Dick Sturgeon: Life Coach.” Our goals are: either to sell the series to a cable and/or broadband channel; or to raise enough funds to produce the series on our own. In the event of the latter, future episodes would be featured on a site we’re developing called (this site is currently dark.)
The most thought provoking info & commentary in Sports, Entertainment, & the Culture...“Things always sound better in SURROUND SOUND“
Live from Barsaive
Quirky, Witty, Definitely Not Normal
T&A Talk Sex
"Sexy, witty, & smart". T&A Talk Sex is a podcast hosted by a professional cuddler and a sensual bodyworker. T&A (Christina Hepburn & Stephanie Allen), two treasure troves of sensuality and intimate connection, were baffled by how many of their lovers and clients marveled at their sensual capacities, yet fumbled when it came to their own. In service to humanity (and themselves!), T&A share the wisdom from their real life experience with what works and what doesn’t work to create deep, human ...
General witty banter about todays video games, latest films and much more...
Soccer FM
Soccer FM is a new weekly podcast feature for season 2016-2017. The show is a short, sharp and hopefully witty review of the weekend's major talking points across the SPFL and is hosted by Dunfermline fan Steven Mill (of Capital FM fame) and Partick Thistle supporter and comedian Ray Bradshaw.We hope you enjoy it and get involved with the lads as the show takes shape over the coming weeks.
The BS Show
Bob Sansevere, host of "The BS Show," was on the KQ Morning Show with Tom Barnard for 27 years and hosted his own show on Sports Radio 105 the Ticket. Bob also has been a columnist with the St. Paul Pioneer Press for more than 25 years. Bob says "The BS Show" is a lot like him. And he says about himself, "I’m bright, witty, charismatic, incredibly astute and remarkably insightful, and if you’re even a fraction as impressed with me as I am with myself, you’re going to love me afternoons on Th ...
CNET Top 5 (HD)
Each week Iyaz Akhtar scours CNET's sites to see what people are looking at and talking about, and then counts down the most popular trends in tech. From the most popular products to must have gadgets to the most downloaded software, Iyaz brings a witty, informative look at each week's list.
Jazz Inspired
What inspires the people who inspire you? How do creative people create? World-renowned jazz pianist Judy Carmichael explores these questions with her guests every week on her public radio show Judy Carmichael's Jazz Inspired. Celebrated artists discuss their creative process and how their passion for jazz has inspired their work. They share their favorite recordings with the listener as well as insight into their life and art. Witty, anecdotal, informative, Judy Carmichael's Jazz Inspired g ...
Episode 1
you'll be happy, so happy.
Wush & Boon
Two irregular people taking a comedic look at media, technology, and the world in general.
LeVine Intervention offers humor, perspective and advice answering questions you're too afraid to ask your mother.
Chaos Network
There is a few different shows associated with this channel now. From the Mind of Chaos is just a news show with a spin of course with some humor. Footprints the show that gets behind the scenes and talks about the issues with the family court system. Idiots in a Box, yes they are idiots but they will make you laugh and you may learn a thing or 2. Wheels and a Winner your nascar one stop shop. See what one or if all of them do
STORIES TELLING STORIES is a pop-culture podcast that finds unfinished stories in existing media (mainly movies and TV) and fills in the details to make them complete.
spurn (video podcast)
If you're happy, you're not paying attention.
Keith Olbermann ushers fans through the world of sports with a deep and witty dive into all of the latest stories. It's a provocative show presented from a bold perspective.
Your audio guide to everything you need to know about compelling and complex topics, from a variety of The Week's smart and witty writers, editors, and thinkers. Concise and entertaining, Seven-Minute Explainers packs a lot of information in a short amount of time.
The Comic Book Podcast is a weekly talk show discussing the best in current comic books. Ron, Conor and Josh will share what they loved and hated about the week's comics. With a deep, sometimes scary knowledge of the depths and intricacies of pop culture and the geek lifestyle, the conversations can spin off in many directions. While comics, graphic novels and trade paperbacks are the center of the iFanboy universe, the discussion often covers the video games, movies and TV shows ...
The Comedy Podcast that joins hands across the Atlantic Ocean & also has a Chinaman on it. We cover a range of topics from bad movies, weird news stories, plumb the depths of pop culture, and reveal way too much about ourselves. The cast includes Belasco (the resident nerd), Booze (the witty Brit), Dr. P (southern boy/gun enthusiest), and Hiccup (stuttering Chinaman). The SFJ Podcast has on an array of regular guests and friends of the show all dedicated to helping you have a few laughs. Fol ...
Talking The Talk
Talk-show covering everything with sarcasm, charm, and wit. Featuring host Trey Rentz.
Kandas Nesbitt-Rodarte interviews groovy business owners, witty work at home moms and savvy sales professionals who are pursuing their passion.
Join the Big Finish team on their regular adventures through time, space, Victorian London, Mars, the 1960s and Megacity One for witty banter (ahem), free stories, news, interviews and exclusive trailers. We are best known for our Doctor Who ranges of audio plays starring Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, as well as a world of spin off adventures with Jago and Litefoot, UNIT, Captain Jack Harkness among others. We also produce a wide range of audio drama fe ...
The BGR Show
Featuring BGR founder & President Jonathan Geller, The BGR Show is a witty and informative discussion of the most interesting tech and mobile news of the week.
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Female protagonists in peril are the focus of one very silly and one very melancholy production running now in the North Bay. Left Edge Theatre’s “Women in Jeopardy!” is a laugh-out-loud look at the changing dynamic among a group of single friends once one of them begins a relationship. That the friends are middle-aged women makes for a nice ch ...…
In this caregiver spotlight episode, meet Christopher-Charles Chaney from Tennessee. Christopher is the author of the witty and inspirational "Mama Peaches" book series. Learn more about how Christopher coped with caregiving for his grandmother and his mother and how he integrates self-care into his routine. He also has a great idea to make ask ...…
In this caregiver spotlight episode, meet Christopher-Charles Chaney from Tennessee. Christopher is the author of the witty and inspirational "Mama Peaches" book series. Learn more about how Christopher coped with caregiving for his grandmother and his mother and how he integrates self-care into his routine. He also has a great idea to make ask ...…
This is the true story of what happens when two people cut to the chase, and go straight to dessert. What if you decided to be in a "relationship" on day one? No matching on an app, no texting, no first date... you just take a gamble and jump on the next plane to California. This is one story of how it happened... It was St. Patrick's Day and I ...…
ClickUp isn’t your ordinary productivity space. The brainchild of two Virginia natives, Chris Cunningham and Zeb Evans, the two 28-year olds are taking organization to the next level. Unlike tools like Trello, ClickUp takes all your goals, notes, agenda, and even chat messages all in one space. Through their witty marketing and persistent attit ...…
In a very special episode of Witty Banter, Chase hosts an Ok Beast take over as Alex van Aken, Ian Preschel, and Nato Johnston join the show to talk about Google’s new assistant and what makes a modern renaissance man.
Pre-competition favourite Netta Barzilai won the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest for Israel on Saturday with her song Toy.Barzilai beat out competition from 42 other countries' performers to claim the music extravaganza's annual crown at the Grand Final in Lisbon, Portugal.There was a strong field of contestants at this year's event, and the Israe ...…
You all are in for a treat today! I've got Gemma O'Brien on the podcast today, an artist who's wowed me for a while on Instagram and in a fun turn of events, I flew across the country last week to help her paint her latest mural at Google Headquarters in Silicon Valley.It's a funny thing meeting people you've only seen on your Instagram feed - ...…
On this episode Jay and Ash from the Pretty Witty Podcast join me yet again to discuss a myriad of topics in the news lately and as always we hit you with our app suggestions!
Professor Jeremy Dauber(, the Atran Professor of Yiddish Language, Literature, and Culture at Columbia University, presents his Valley Beit Midrash lecture "Jewish Comedy: A Serious History" before an audience at the Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center( in Scottsdale, AZ.Many thanks to the Jew ...…
ITV's Vidar Hjardeng reviews the audio described performance of 'Wicked', which he watched recently at the Birmingham Hippodrome. An ingenious and witty re-imagining of the stories and characters created by L. Frank Baum in ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’, Wicked tells the incredible untold story of an unlikely but profound friendship between two ...…
The one where I talk about video games, wack ass rappers, Walter Scott, Hollywood, and other things.... Intro Music: Swarvy - "Angie" (Stunts, Vol. 1-3)
METRO FM — The show is filled with a mixture of METRO FM’s signature music sounds, listener music selection, Naked DJ mixes and JJ’s witty comments during the popular ‘ask a man’ feature which affords ladies the opportunity to ask men any question they want and seek advice.
METRO FM — The show is filled with a mixture of METRO FM’s signature music sounds, listener music selection, Naked DJ mixes and JJ’s witty comments during the popular ‘ask a man’ feature which affords ladies the opportunity to ask men any question they want and seek advice.
“A life lived in fear is a life half lived” — Fay Jackson Welcome to this very special episode with Fay Jackson. I first heard Fay speak on International Women’s Day at an event in Byron Bay. It was a talk that changed my view on life. I was brought to tears by Fay's story and also profoundly motivated to do what I could to help become a leader ...…
How is Sarcasm Camouflaged?“They are Witty”“They are Funny”“Just Joking”“I can’t help it”“Just Sayin’”“It’s my Spiritual Gift”Ephesians 4:29Don’t use foul or abusive language. Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them.Proverbs 18:21The tongue can bring death or life; those who ...…
My new album just dropped today! The podcast is the album and the album is the podcast. Enjoy! Intro: This is a special episode of Somewhat Relatable. It’s the release of my album! This is a compilation of some of my favorite songs I’ve made over the last few years. Some have been created within the last year or two, and a few were done from th ...…
Stream episodes on demand from (mobile friendly). Stomp ‘18 The New York, West End and international sensation STOMP is back, and it’s better than ever! Following sell-out previous seasons, STOMP heads to Australia with its unstoppable energy and ‘pure stage magic’. Wordless, witty and fun, STOMP has become a global phenomenon ov ...…
YEEZYGATE 2018 Soooo Ye be wildin yall In this episode we break down some of Kanyes recent behavior the internets reaction and the merits amp potential limits of empathy and forgiveness Comments and pushback are strongly encouragedRECORDED prior to the release of the Charlemagne amp TMZ interviews
This episode focuses on the topic of personality, which is under the Timbre section of our “Marriage as a Love Song” series. In this first part, we give an overview of the Enneagram personality typing system. We provide a brief description of each number on the Enneagram, and we talk about each number’s deadly sin. 013: The Timbre of Marriage—P ...…
Andrew Revkin has spent his professional career covering environmental issues and writing about them contemporaneously. However, his most recent book, just published in May 2018, tracks climate change by looking at 100 historical events that help explain today’s climate debate. The book is “Weather: An Illustrated History: From Cloud Atlases to ...…
I wear many hats, this is where it all comes together. Episode 9 of my podcast, #TitiTalks, a chill, fun, witty show with great music and edutainment. Sit back and enjoy as I continue sharing about my recent trip to Ghana and chop it up with artist Anwan Glover of Backyard Band and organizer Diallo Sumbry of The Adinkra Group.…
Loaded with roaring laughter, heartfelt tears and audience participation, Naptime Radio's final episode is filled with helpful information about facing your parenting fears and nostalgic memories of our last eight years that you won't want to miss. Recorded at Sanity Check 2018 in Pheonix, Arizona.
Ever have one of those days? With a broken mic, a flimsy chair, pink headphones, a sleepy wife, stress and some other factors, we finally manage to pull a podcast out from the grave but this isn't one of those well maintained, thought provoking episodes. It's a punch drunk, 3 in the morning type of episode, so buckle up. Get this podcast commer ...…
Effekt Radio Episode 029: Presented by Nicky K In this months show ill be presenting selections from the likes of under_score, Solardo, Supernova, Hollen, plus remixes by Rene Amesz and Ben Remember. Track of the month goes to Dennis Cruz! Tweet @NICKYKmusic your favorite track or interact with the #EffektRadio hashtag. Subscribe on iTunes, Mix ...…
Therapy in the 310 Beverly Hills Zip Code – How Writing is MY THERAPY Therapy, that time of the week when you get to unload all of your feelings, your anger, your hurt and your pain of the past seven days; or time to deal with the trauma that has built up from a lifetime of chaos having lived—and survived—in a city like Los Angeles. I never tho ...…
From the coauthor of Dork Diaries series, Erin Danielle Russell, comes HOW TO TRICK THE TOOTH FAIRY, a witty and engaging picture book about a prankster who wants to pull off the best prank of all—pranking the Tooth Fairy!It looks like the Tooth Fairy, Princess of Pranks, has finally met her match. What could possibly go wrong?…
The entire Witty Banter crew delivers a fun 150th episode this week by reviewing the first episodes of Megalobox and ranking our top 3 wishes for the future.
When I was 16 year old, living in Wichita, Kansas, freshman year in high school, I got a chance to join a group of teen leaders, call The Wichita’s Promise Youth Council. Each high school had 2 representatives throughout the city and about 20 of us were brought together to tackle issues that adolescents faced in our city. We arranged a focus st ...…
We have a WITty guest join us this week! She bring an interesting story about Jigsaw, some great podcast recos, and she was not the one who caused this episode to have an explicit rating (surprise!). The effervescent Kristi Guzman is our special guest this week! Links Salesforce Acquisitions: ...…
This week we have a special double feature review so count your blessings! We review Isle Of Dogs, A Quiet Place, and talk some news along with some witty banter and a lil' dash of pixie dust! Also feel free to email us at or tweet us at with any comments or thoughts about the movies.…
SO this week we have a racing car driver/ TV show host/ executive at BitCar and surely the youngest person (to date) to appear on Crypto Clothesline. Yay Millenials: a rocking generation, Daniel Woodroof lives life to the max! KL born and bred (to a Malaysian mum and English dad) Daniel is both witty and very very smart. He explains the intrica ...…
Weekly talk and music show presented by The SloaneRanger on Redefine Radio. This show was first broadcast on 4 April 2018.Featuring various genres of House Music with some witty banter and snippets of information about the music played.The first half is quite dance focussed while the second hour contains a proper DJ mix so that you can really g ...…
Bob Owen is the tech guy. As Chief Information Officer and Vice Provost, Owen oversees all forms of technology at the university, from the internet to phones to special research equipment. Around campus, Owen is known for his creative and witty emails. In this interview, we cover how Owen found a career path combining his passions for technolog ...…
Our inaugural episode of PD Connect features one of the most recognized faces in the Parkinson's community - the always charming and witty Emma Lawton. Emma reflects on her amazing experiences over the past year, including her PD 365 vlogging project, sharing the stage with the Prime Minister of Great Britain, and her first attempt at stand-up ...…
In Episode Four, Vidalotry explores the 1968 televised debates between Gore Vidal and William F Buckley, Jr. Host Ryan Breegle looks at how Gore prepared his witty remarks in advance, the speed at which the debate became nothing more than a war of words, and how both men were greatly affected by the aftermath. SOURCES: Books: On Experiencing Go ...…
I try to talk about the podcast but Jani seems to have other plans. Eventually we talk about our trip to Seattle, a new favorite movie of mine The Last Movie Star, Taylor helps parents with another segment of S'Language, 3 things I learned this week, Christie Tiegan gets our the "Burn of the Week", take a visit to my favorite Twitter @ScanBC an ...…
Welcome to episode #167. After a long witty banter (or just banter) section we discuss the upcoming Bill Gross sale of the greatest stamps in US Philately (19 minute marker). After that it is all about Mister Zip. Yes this eclectic fellow of old is discussed from origins to a possible evil twin. (31 minute marker). Enjoy or Mister Zip will come ...…
Weekly talk and music show presented by The SloaneRanger on Redefine Radio. This show was first broadcast on 28 March 2018.Featuring various genres of House Music with some witty banter and snippets of information about the music played.The first half is quite dance focussed while the second hour contains a proper DJ mix so that you can really ...…
Hey everyone, welcome back to the best podcast on wheels! this time, Rik and Johnny take you into space in search of the the pathetic Star Crystal from 1986. Filled with laughs, and wittiness, this episode will please you in ways not know to this Earth. Jump on while you can, cause this bus is rollin! ...…
This episode, a special guest and Sadie take a break from the WIFE series to discuss suffering and how we should respond to it. With a short interview, there are several things discussed (like the ultimate superhero). We hope you find encouragement and joy as you listen this week! Favorite Things: Brad – Reformation Study Bible – ESV Study Bibl ...…
Jennifer is a Virginia-based graphic designer, visual storyteller, and type nerd. A lifelong fan of a good story - and shaping the words and letters that tell it - she specializes in creating uniquely-tailored brand experiences for creative entrepreneurs, and in building online spaces that people love to explore. In 2013, Jen and fellow designe ...…
To mark the publication of his new book, Year of the Mad King: The Lear Diaries, Antony Sher will be discussing his experiences of returning to Shakespeare’s King Lear after more than 30 years to perform the title role. Sher kept a diary, capturing every step of his personal and creative journey to opening night. Year of the Mad King: The Lear ...…
So what is the best thing about this podcast? Some people might say the witty banter and the friendship that Nate and Mike share. Well actually no one is saying that but if you are like me it is getting to hear new music/bands/albums. Episode 35 is dedicated to bringing new music to the table. So Nate and Mike sat down and tried to find 5 songs ...…
What is going on with OrcaCon 2019 you ask? Well check out our interview with Donna Prior, Executive Director of OrcaCon. Later Kelly and Doug do a game review of Dinosaur Island!01:01 Intro, con news, and witty banter05:07 Donna Prior, OrcaCon 2019 update13:28 Some more witty banter15:00 Dinosaur Island game review34:38 Some final Dinosaur Isl ...…
Sakita Holley definitely blessed up with this one. Her witty down-to earth personality just brightened up the show! She talked to us about her entrepreneur journey, as well as why self love is so important to your success. Guest: Sakita Holley @MissSuccess Podcast: Hashtags & Stilletos Host: Dei Lake @DeiLake FB G ...…
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