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Very Bad Wizards
Very Bad Wizards is a podcast featuring a philosopher (Tamler Sommers) and a psychologist (David Pizarro), who share a love for ethics, pop culture, and cognitive science, and who have a marked inability to distinguish sacred from profane. Each podcast includes discussions of moral philosophy, recent work on moral psychology and neuroscience, and the overlap between the two.
Holden McNeely and Jake Young are your guides on a psychotropic journey into the secret origins of nerd culture. Fill your ears with education each week as the hosts tackle subjects from the worlds of comic books, video games, anime and film. Untold stories, bizarre facts and crazed deconstructions will fly at you at dangerous speeds, do not listen if you are pregnant or nursing. Make no mistake, this IS the sweatiest podcast in human history.
Six friends play D&D (Dungeons and Dragons), and do their best as a mercenary company in the Country-City Atla. Will they become the greatest warriors who ever swung a pointed bit of metal? How long can they last uncursed and with all their limbs? You'll probably have to listen to find out.
Wizard on the Wynd
Dungeons and Dragons podcasts from the world of Farrir.
Three friends ready through and discuss the Harry Potter book series
Welcome to the greatest show in the multiverse! Strap yourself in for a rip-roaring rocket ship ride through the Nerd-O-Mania Nebula... Whoosh! From the backroom of Ye Olde Rocket Tavern in Altair City Spaceport, the Captain presents the UK show for the pop culture geek, technology nerd, and creative wizard. He discusses enjoying and creating science fiction, fantasy, and horror entertainment, in the form of books, comics, movies, TV, games, and toys. An inveterate tinkerer (you have to be t ...
Locked on Wizards
Noah Goetzel and the WizardsXTRA team take you inside the Washington Wizards locker room and recap news around the NBA with daily Locked on Wizards podcasts, part of the Locked on Podcast Network.
A podcast about real wizardry
Interviews with the world's best volleyball coaches
In this podiobook: From the Reader, Jason Pomerantz:The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has been called "the first true American fairy tale" and it richly deserves the title. The story of Dorothy's epic journey through a strange land, filled with terrifying enemi
Wizards Tipoff
The Wizards Tipoff podcast is anchored by NBC Sports Washington's Wizards correspondent Chase Hughes and highlights all members of our Wizards coverage team including beat reporter Chris Miller. Hughes will also reach out to a host of outside influencers both in the D.C. media and the national landscape.
Wizard Cops
Wizard Cops is a weekly actual-play RPG podcast set in an American Potterverse of our own creation, emulating the style of, and paying homage to the works of J.K. Rowling. On our website,, we have posted our podcasts, lore we've created, and campaigns so you can play along! Like any Potter nerds, we've been all over Pottermore, studied the extended lore, and fantasized about our Hogwarts affiliations. This would already lend itself to an HP-RPG, but no such thing exists. W ...
We bring you the Wizard of Oz beautifully read by Natasha for Storynory
Podcast for a modern, native, spiritual and shamanic discipline dedicated to the Teutonic deities of Northern Europe.
Writing Wizards
Some fun writing exercises. Sometimes an exercise sheet is needed.
All things Washington Wizards from the squad's digital media team (@WashWizards).
Four idiots discussing everything wrestling! From WWE, Impact, NJPW, ROH, Lucha Underground, SMASH!, WrestlePro, Beyond Wrestling, Tier 1, and more. It's wrestling talk... and talk about wrestling!
One of the greatest American novels and a popular culture sensation, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz depicts the adventures of the young Dorothy Gale, who is swept away from her colorless farm home in Kansas by a cyclone, and winds up in the magical Land of Oz. Trapped in an unknown land, Dorothy must find a way back home and subsequently embarks on an adventure and meets a group of colorful characters along the way. Serving as an inspiration throughout generations, the children’s novel has been ...
Wizards Extra
The Wizards Extra podcast is anchored by NBC Sports Washington's Julie Donaldson and highlights all members of our Wizards Extra postgame crew including analyst Tony Massenburg and Wizards correspondent Chase Hughes. Released the morning after every game, Wizards Extra breaks down the previous night's action and takes a look at the road ahead.
Wizard in the Book
Join ST Harker as he reads through the Dresden Files book series, one chapter at a time, filling you in on all the miscellaneous information from character information to pop culture. Part of the Banned Library.
The Shining Wizards Network is the home to many great shows covering a variety of topics, including pop culture, heavy metal music, sports, relationships, television, movies, and of course, wrestling. Featuring the Shining Wizards, A Drink with Gino, Radioactive Metal, High Spot Podcast, My Unconventional Life, A Genuine Taste of Wrestling, the DumbFellas, Inconclusive Breakdown, Turnbuckle Throwbacks, and Pro Wrestling 101 Revisited with Justin Credible.
The Wizards of Drivel is an independent podcast devoted to Stoke City FC.Every week, we look at everything that's happening at the club with a mix of regular hosts and special guests. We also produce regular special episodes on the weird and wonderful history of The Potters.
Having the conversations you cooler friends won't.
Actual Play recordings of a Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder game featuring all wizards
Competitive Magic: the Gathering players discuss Standard, Modern, Limited and the journey to the Pro Tour circuit.
Pretty Wizard
Join adventurers Ryan, Jonathan, Donovan and a guest as DM Kane brings them along a magical journey. Only one thing is certain. All of it will be Pretty Wizard!
Join host Ryan Ouellette as he discusses the professional body piercing industry with friends and colleagues. Ryan Ouellette is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers with 20 years of experience in the field. He is an international safety and technique instructor and is always up for a good industry talk.
New Wizards
Does Hogwarts accept adults? Join Josh as he reads Harry Potter for the first time with the guidance of his co-host and patronus Aaron. Discover or re-visit all seven books through the eyes of some grown nerds.
Wizard of OHS
Discussing the world of occupational health and safety – in podcast form! Our show will have guests discussing various topics, including safety around the world, technology we use, and various hazards.
Wizard of Ads
Thousands of people are starting their workweeks with smiles of invigoration as they log on to their computers to find their Monday Morning Memo just waiting to be devoured. Straight from the middle-of-the-night keystrokes of the Wizard himself, the MMMemo is an insightful and provocative series of well-crafted thoughts about the life of business and the business of life.
Wizard To Wizard
A podcast for wizards, by wizards, about wizards.
Space Wizards
Join Zainabb and Dziugas on their adventures through space, time, pop culture, and beyond. Throw glitter around! F**k s**t up! We ARE the queerdos, mister!
We discuss board games, card games all things Tabletop.We have guest Game Designers and Kickstarter creators. We are many things. But We're Not Wizards
Wizards of the Cast
A couple wizards hang out and talk about Magic: The Gathering strategy, philosophy, and news.
Carlos Wizard Martins
Podcast by Carlos Wizard
Its publication soon after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake got readers instantly hooked on the story in which Dorothy and her friends sink into the bowels of the earth, following a devastating earthquake in California. Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz is the fourth in the series of books written by American children's author L. Frank Baum. In this novel, Dorothy visits her Uncle Henry in his California ranch. She, her friends, her cousins and a few pets are traveling in a buggy when the earth ...
Discover secrets of Personal Change that lead to a Better Life. A niche set of specialists in the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming have been using some simple and very powerful techniques for transforming lives. And mostly such services have only been available to celebrities and top performers. Solar Voice is a podcast series by the wizard of personal change, Antano Solar John, where he finally explains in simple terms the methods and attitude for creating change in self, that lasts
Everyones favorite wizard, Spooky Wizard, and his Spooky Krew talk about life, love, and whatever else is on their minds.
Broadcasting from the Capital of the Free World, CT Schwink, Dave and Duncan bring you ZardCast, a weekly Washington Wizards show.
So Wizard Podcast
So Wizard Podcast is your weekly home for nerd news, arguing and random tangents! Three friends unite to discuss the world of nerd! Join Markellus, Aubrey and Joey on a podcast that is SO WIZARD!
The timeless story of the Wizard Of Oz. Follow Dorothy as she leaves Kansas for Oz on a cyclone. She meets many strange, and wonderful people and creatures along the way. Enjoy it again with your children and family. (Summary by J. Hall) Characters: Aunt Em: jenny Dorothy: Sibella The Scarecrow: Kaffen The Tin Woodman: DSayers The Cowardly Lion: padraigo The Witch of the North: jenny Munchkin 1: Annoying Twit Munchkin 2: aradlaw Munchkin 3: Iowajones The Wizard of Oz: earthcalling Guardian o ...
When Dorothy is swept away from her home in Kansas by a cyclone, she finds herself in a mysterious land inhabited by equally mysterious people. She is told that only Oz, the great Wizard, can help her get back home, so Dorothy sets off along the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City. Along the way she meets characters such as the brainless Scarecrow, the heartless Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion. (Summary by Rachel)
A weekly comic book podcast, your portal to portly prestidigitation discussing comics, comic news, comic stuff and other magical things. Hosted by Bruce Leslie and Chris Elvins, find more at chubby
Technology Wizard
This is an awesome podcast about blindness technology! I will do interviews, as well as have live discussions on different blindness technology. If you love blindness technology, be sure to listen to this podcast!
Wizardly Wisdom
Liberty, nerdiness and more. What's not to love. Subscribe and follow on facebook and at the website.
Wizard's Sleeve
Recorded in the strange and wonderful world of rainy Bolton; Ste, Daz, John and Lew join forces on a weekly basis to tackle the toughest subjects that the world throws at them. (May contain swearing, comic/pop culture references and utter bo**ocks).
Wizard Opinions
Jesse Backstrom and Alex May are old friends who have opinions about things on the internet.
We are a real play 5e Dungeons and Dragons Podcast. Our hosts are Gavin, Trent, Crisley, Taylor, and Gama
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Come join Gator as he talks about the goings-on in the Seattle shadows! This episode will cover the r/RunnerHub job “Zapunkt” which was also covered in the r/RunnerHub news article “ Home Invasion gone bad! Arson in North Downtown - is your home safe?” The GM of this run is u/SevastapolNights The Players of this run are: u/Detroct as Wizard u/A ...…
We have a very fun 82nd episode of our fun podcast under the MULTI-MEDIA MEN banner called ‘Media-Ocrity‘, where the show is just – okay. Here on the show, we focus strictly on horror/sci-fi, comic books, and video games – basically all the fun stuff that tickles your fancy. In our 82nd episode, titled ‘The Pretentious Predator‘, we discuss ‘De ...…
After a short vacation from the Wizarding World the Peridox gang heads back to tackle Sirius Black, werewolves and most importantly, Hogwarts tuition.
We know what you like! Ben generously invites Isa for an exciting game of poker with his buddies. Be careful when playing with Ben though cause he always collects, especially from friends and family. To Ben's dismay he is also compelled to collect puns that are far beneath his regard. Don't worry we've got exactly what you like. Spoilers: Tetri ...…
Welcome to Episode 248 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast In this episode the Meeples crew get together and catch up with what they have been up to in the past few weeks, including games they have played and miniatures they have painted. Following that, join them in the confessional as they unburden their souls about what they've been buying r ...…
This week Matt and Matt Talk about: Wizard of Legend, PS Vita, Recurring hamstring injuries, HGH, COD WWII, Local Game Store Closes, Matt and Matt played some MTG, COD Black Ops 4, Megacon in Orlando This Weekend!!! and lots more! VCR Gaming Podcast can be found at: Facebook: Twitter: @VCRGaming Butler’s Twitter: @Killabe ...…
Okay, okay—we were trying to stick to the "Getting to Know You" series this week, but felt it was important to sneak this one in prior to dropping our first actual play session. We hope you find it, uh, rewarding. One of the things you may notice when we start releasing actual play episodes is that our experience point awards may seem rather pa ...…
Many weeks ago, an episode was recorded. The most magnificent guest of all time joined us. The Juan and Only! And he helped entertain us with his charm and sexy voice. There was talk of Streaming. Twitch. Cosplay. And Yu-Gi-Oh. We love love loved him coming to join us. But a mistake happened. The mystic energies aligned against us and the audio ...…
It's time for us to return to the Harry Potter movies and our long-running side series of podcasts. Tune in for a discussion between a Potter superfan and a regular Joe over the movie adaptation. We touch on whether the narrative survives the book being split into two movies and how it compares to another Part One in cinemas now, how JK Rowling ...…
This week, the Fate’s Fools gang sets off for the mountain city of Mormut, home to the world-famous Mormut College of Magic and Boat-smithing! However, the party parts ways at the town gate when the city guard takes exception to their menagerie of “pets.” In retaliation, Walter and T’Mek decide to stalk the commander of the city guard and ruin ...…
Baba Lysaga is prepared this time as the party confronts her in Berez. Then later, a strange discovery is made in the Wachter House. Muriel causes a distraction as the party closes in on Baba Lysaga, however, the hut is revealed to be an illusion and Baba Lysaga springs her trap. [00:19:00] We dissolved her hooptie. [00:45:30] Now you’re all fu ...…
Joel Zimba is back to talk with us all about the Latest with KnFB Reader. One topic we discuss is the recently released KNFB Reader Version 3.0. Enjoy!By (Kevin Andrews and Shaun Williams).
Seeing Beneath The Surface EP 33 Guest Author Mark TiernoA full-time author and ghostwriter, Southern California native Mark Anthony Tierno has crafted a truly epic fantasy novel that will take you to the ends of a world of magic, alien vistas, and ultimate evil. He holds a Master’s Degree in Physics, which often plays well in his creation of o ...…
Chamberlain, Chance and Alex pass the time as best they can in the days before E3. Leaks are few but there is always Overwatch news. Chance struggles to enjoy the Switch version of Banner Saga, opting instead for Battle Chasers again and the new pixel art rouge-like, Wizard of Legend. Chamberlain bounces hard off of Kingdom Come Deliverance and ...…
The guys hit up Studio A, and the big news is lots of money. One billion dollars from FOX to the WWE for SmackDown Live rights over five years. What does this mean for the business? We analyze possibilities for the future, all while watching WWE stock skyrocket! We check in on Matt Cappotelli and Tom Magee. Tony watches Lou Thesz vs Ray Gunkel ...…
Earache Radio No 30 Playlist L7 - "Scrap" The Hardons - "Busted" Urge Overkill - "Effigy" Davie Allan &/the Arrows - "The Shape of Things to Come" The Jet Boys - "Time Bomb" The Vivian Girls - "I Heard You Say" The Lyres - "How Do You Know" PopDefect - "Cold Shoulder" Husker Du - "Love Is All Around" Game For Vultures - "Going My Way" The Dicta ...…
Aaron & Spencer discuss Contingent99's Wizard of Legend. Along the way Spencer laments the loss of Christian, Aaron invites you to his audio secret, and the boys learn that cracking necks on a podcast sounds wildly sexual out of context.Our intro music is a remix of "Corridors of Time" from Chrono Trigger made by our guest, Aaron Ewing. Aaron m ...…
Its time to grab your wand and jump in the flying car with Clay and Bryan as they review the sequel to the beloved wizard franchise for the GBC!
The throwdown showdown! What will become of our adventurers this time around? Brangelo chooses a highly practical animal transformation, Paulette gets bogarted by some wizard bullshit, Marcus doesn't know how not to kill and Anton knows a lot about hookshots.
On today's show: Olivia Milch wrote and directed the Netflix film, "Dude," and she co-wrote the much anticipated "Ocean's 8"; GLAAD's annual report says movie studios have regressed when it comes to LGBTQ representation; music producer Sebastian Krys' path from lowly intern to studio wizard.
On today's show: Olivia Milch wrote and directed the Netflix film, "Dude," and she co-wrote the much anticipated "Ocean's 8"; GLAAD's annual report says movie studios have regressed when it comes to LGBTQ representation; music producer Sebastian Krys' path from lowly intern to studio wizard.
We start the pod by addressing some listener feedback (0:00) before diving into, and grading parts of, the Nets rebuild (4:40). We touch on things such as Paul Pierce signing with the Wizards (6:25), the KG for Thad Young trade (10:35), the Rondae Hollis Jefferson trade (12:35), Sean Marks becoming GM (19:35), Kenny Atkinson becoming the coach ...…
Yanik Silver redefines how business is played in the 21st century at the intersection of more profits, more fun, and more impact. He is the founder of Maverick1000, a private, invitation-only global network of top entrepreneurs and industry leaders. This group periodically assembles for breakthrough retreats, rejuvenating experiences, and impac ...…
Dan, Don, and Jeff talk about the Phillipsburg Comic Con, Deadpool 2 being released, some updates on games they have been playing, and Wizard World Philadelphia.
The latest packed edition of the Best in Leeds podcast is now available for you to enjoy. It features an exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peek at a massive new shopping centre coming to Yorkshire, an interview with X Factor winner James Arthur ahead of his huge outdoor show, a preview of musical Wicked and we meet the team behind popular Hyde ...…
Stream podcast episodes on demand from (mobile friendly). The Wizard of Oz (Regent Theatre, Melbourne, Australia) Starring Anthony Warlow, WICKED’s leading ladies Lucy Durack and Jemma Rix and rising star Samantha Dodemaide as Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz is an enchanting revision of the all-time classic. Developed from the ever-pop ...…
Our villains salvage what they can from the devastation of the Ashfell knight attack and head for the town of Southbend to cross the Black River. They get funny looks in the the peaceful village as a heavily armed and armored party. Juliet disguises herself as a priestess of Erathis and the take a room. The barkeep offers his condolences as he ...…
After rummaging through some garbage, Toof, Piccle, and Belwar head out to find a missing wizard Twitter: @GnomesPod @Xerferin @mittyzz @Titcomb_RD Music: Matt O'Leary Music Discord:
Around The 412 - The Wizard of Baz - Episode 40 by AroundThe412
5/21/18 Update: we spoke with Nivendra Uduman who you'll hear during the introduction. Nivendra is a psychologist from Sri Lanka who's walked across that country twice to raise awareness for suicide and mental illness. Grace described him as a beacon of light in Sri Lanka and we're so happy to have him introduce Grace's reposted episode. This w ...…
5/21/18 Update: we spoke with Nivendra Uduman who you'll hear during the introduction. Nivendra is a psychologist from Sri Lanka who's walked across that country twice to raise awareness for suicide and mental illness. Grace described him as a beacon of light in Sri Lanka and we're so happy to have him introduce Grace's reposted episode. This w ...…
Competition Name, Paso Robles California, Great Wine?, Wrong Wine, Wizard of Oz, What Did He Sound Like, WHAT IS HAPPENING?, Then Shut Your..., Carrie RECOMMENDS!, AND THE WINNER IS........
Magic! Friendship! Gratitude! Tom Petty! We may have thought fantasy wasn't our thing, but it turns out... we were wrong. (First time for everything!) Read the show notes here: Book Minimum:Human Acts by Han KangNo Time To Spare by Ursula K. LeGuin ("The direction of escape is toward ...…
In this first special content episode, we take some time to get to know a little about our first player, Michael, and we go over the highlights as we create his mystic character, Womberbash Bensonmum. The mystic is a new-ish class in 5e; it was introduced last year in Wizards of the Coast's officially unofficial Unearthed Arcana, and we thought ...…
Ozman The Wizard and Na'imah have been doing this podcast for about one year, and they have some good conversation on this episode. They talk about the NBA Draft Lottery, the top NBA Draft prospects, who the Chicago Bulls may draft, the NBA MVP finalists, the latest on the NBA Playoffs, and some NBA rumors. They also talk about the Royal Weddin ...…
Featuring: Michael “Boston” Hannon and Paul “Moonpir” Carver-Smith Running Time: 2:08:19 Music by MusiM: Spotify | Bandcamp | iTunes Livestream Archive: YouTube This week we chat about Shovel Knight, Sea Of Thieves, The Division, Wizard Of Legend, Destiny 2, Owlboy, Yakuza 6. Prey gets some new secret achivements Best Buy ends the CGU program N ...…
Take a deep breath: We can't get better unless we were bad. In this episode, Ty (the DM/host) and Lexie realize that playing D&D is easier when you, uh, know how to play D&D. Annie the botany-centric wizard (played by Lexie) leaves on a fetch quest to get some spell components, because, hey, not every adventure is an epic one. Other topics incl ...…
Let's go head to head with with Abstract Games! These games minimize luck and favor simple visual designs over thematic content. This episode we are joined by special guest Tyler, a professional chess teacher who shares his perspective on the genre with us. Listen to hear about what makes Halo similar to Chess, and the crucial differences betwe ...…
In this Episode, we interview very cowardly guest (only joking) he is playing the Lion in Lochgelly and District Amateur Musical Association's (LADAMA) production of The Wizard of Oz, running from 29th May to 2nd June 2018. *Drum roll please* Mr Andrew Gardiner. We talk to him about The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the transition from Kansas to O ...…
Welcome to the fifth episode of Under the Lid, a biweekly HippoCampus Games podcast! In today's episode, Adam and Gimo will be discussing games from the BoardGameGeek top 100 all time! This episode we'll be looking at our favorites and least favorites from 81-90. For today's main topic, we will be discussing the designer Richard Garfield throug ...…
Royal wedding facts and random shlitz!Watch the video on youtube:
KORRI'S TRIALS (or how to be a good person): Who left Cezzaria all alone with the sharp objects?! What will come of the Dragon Cultists Korri discovered while performing medicine without a license? This week's episode is a doozy as the Diecast crew take the low road out of Carnath Roadhouse and showcase some seriously bad judgement. Ready to ra ...…
The Shaman and Wizard have a conversation about all things live streaming.Periscope - Meerkat - Facebook live -Busker - Livit
Pastor Micheal Oxentenko - May 19, 2018
On this week's edition of The Weekly Podioplex, Thanos gets turkey status as Infinity War reigns supreme, but this week sees another Josh Brolin baddie in another Marvel release vying for audience wallets with Deadpool 2. Marvel on Marvel, Brolin on Brolin... Deadpool is one happy (and filthy) anti-hero. On the home entertainment front, Marvel ...…
Clip show of some of the best clips from April 2018
So why is the Order of the Phoenix my favorite Harry Potter novel? The rich, imaginative descriptions of new places in the Wizarding World are part of it, sure, but it’s more. It’s the delicious, immensely satisfying way that evil gets its comeuppance by the end of the book. This chapter gives a little foreshadowing of that. At the hearing, Har ...…
Hey guys its the last of our time at Garycon and i got to chat with Chris Lindsay the product manager at Wizards of the Coast as well as the maker of the Adventurers guild and Dungeon Masters Guild
Tez appears in the city of Cairn, a bit........ behind the times. He talks with a familliar old wizard, and attempts to teach a minotaur about style and geography. That word you're using, I don't think it means what you think it means. We have launched a Patreon! To check out the tiers and help us grow click here to pledge! We're growing on Twi ...…
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