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The Wolverine Beat
Catch the latest analysis on Michigan football and Michigan basketball from beat writers Nick Baumgardner and Brendan F. Quinn.
Talkin' Wolverines
Podcast by Detroit Free Press
The Wolverine Podcast
The best news, views, opinions and analysis of University of Michigan sports
Wolverine Sounds
The unofficial sound of Michigan Athletics.
Michigan Wolverines Podcast
A podcast featuring the Michigan Wolverines interviews, features, and highlights produced by Big Ten Network.
Wolverine and the X-Men: A Look Back and Forward
From Magneto’s coat making it into Ian McKellen’s personal closet to Hugh Jackman’s memorable cameo in X-Men: First Class, cast and filmmakers reminisce about their favorite X-Men moments and how the films have affected them personally.
Wolverine Motivators
There are over 13,000 First-Generation Students at Utah Valley University, and each one has different questions, concerns, and interests. Wolverine Motivators seeks to address students' needs by exploring various resources and opportunities available for students on campus and in the community.
Matter Podcast – Wolverine Farm
Publishing and Bookstore
Matter Podcast – Wolverine Farm
Publishing and Bookstore
Wolverine Berserker Podcast (HAS MOVED)
New Location: up on iTunes!
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In our 107th episode, Midge, Kathi (who has recovered) and Chris discuss stages 10 through 15 of the 2017 Tour de France. Kathi and Midge discuss their hope to see #RougeLanda escape the Skybots on the road while Chris worships at the pedals of Thomas De Gendt. All of us are in agreement, however, over the excitement of this week’s stages. Vive ...…
Welcome to Sunday Comics Podcast a place for comic fans everywhere and joining us today is comic creator Ariela Kristantina to talk about her work on Deep State for Boom Studios , The Death of Wolverine : The legacy of Logan for Marvel and most recently Insexts for Aftershock publishing Twitter: @ARIELAkris You can find ...…
Universal’s Dark Universe has launched its reboot of THE MUMMY. Setting up a launch pad to connect all of Universal’s monsters— Dracula, Wolfman, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Invisible Man. The FM crew comes together to address their thoughts on the remake and where the franchise could be going. Followed by what ...…
Travel Medicine Podcast
In this episode, Dr J and his super-friends return to once again cover medicine in comic books, just in time for the San Diego Comic Convention. Along the way, they discuss a CPR song from the dark side, the curious case of Benjamin Button, Progeria, Terminal Leukodystrophy and reverse mental aging, parallels between Dirk Gently's Pararibulitis ...…
We went to Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in Portland and had a fantastic time. Zombie Panda Cosplay and No Fox Given Cosplay joined us again to talk about our Sunday adventures and we invited Canadian Wolverine to add his thoughts for the first time. I hope you enjoy our final eo for this con Cosing a Problem is a podcast about cosplay, convention ...…
We went to Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in Portland and had a fantastic time. Zombie Panda Cosplay and No Fox Given Cosplay joined us again to talk about our Sunday adventures and we invited Canadian Wolverine to add his thoughts for the first time. I hope you enjoy our final eo for this con Cosing a Problem is a podcast about cosplay, convention ...…
Brandon Brown hosts and introduces Austin Fox to family and then the two discuss a few topics surrounding Michigan football recruiting.
Grant’s Podcast | Finance Expert Jim Grant on Investment, Stock Markets, Real Estate & Federal Reserve
A look back at some good calls, and some-not-so-good ones. Articles mentioned in this #Podcast: Now comes ‘deconvergence’ Inside ACE Securities’ HEL Trust, Series 2005-HE5 Introducing the Grant’s Supermodel Credit Portfolio 2:52 Grant’s 1987 bearish call on #Japan 4:40 Sell common stocks, said #Grant’s in 1995 7:55 #AEM encounters the Wolverine ...…
Have you ever watched a movie and fallen in love with it, while the guy on the couch next to you thinks it's just OK? What separates us out like that? Why does Luke love Tarantino, while Gomer thinks him a coked up 17 year-old? Why does Wes Anderson do nothing for Luke, but the Cohen Brothers get his gears grooving? This conversation revolves a ...…
Hosts Tyler Fenwick and Derek Devine take a look at Karan Higdon, who got 72 carries last season as a sophomore and could be a workload increase with De’Veon Smith gone.
Jon answers what will and won't happen in the NFL.
Jon answers what will and won't happen in the NFL.
Jon answers what will and won't happen in the NFL.
After a 9-0 start last season, the Wolverines dropped three of their final four games — two on the road and one at a neutral site. If Michigan is looking to take the next step, winning road games is a MUST. 2017 won’t be easy as the Wolverines travel to Penn State and Wisconsin. Can Jim Harbaugh improve his team’s performance on the road in yea ...…
Aardvarks! The Varmints! podcast takes a look at those weird and wonderful aardvarks on today’s show. We “dig” these giant insectivores and we know you will too! Enjoy! “I”m an aardvark, strong and freeeeee… Zzzzz.” But first, your wonderful reviews! Great family friendly podcast: “This is such a fun podcast I have learned a lot of fun facts fr ...…
Juancho and ViBE With special Guest the bean is back GARBANZO are the “GEEK BROS”! Providing their special brand of social commentary on all geek-tasic entertainment news, events, TV shows, movies and so much more! With special Guest the bean is back GARBANZOWeekend Movie standout War for the Planet of the apes.Comic Book news Spider-Men II #1- ...…
College football is right around the corner. It is time to start the Ultimate Sports Network's look around the college football landscape. Geoff Chiles breaks down the Michigan Wolverines defense. And he attempts to convince me to watch some more hockey.
Check out the Business Rockstars interview of co-founders Jeremy Lasky and Danny Gonzalez. You will get interesting insights on how Perception started, stories about the first clients Perception collaborated with and how those collaborations influenced the path of Perception. Learn more about how the goals were set and achieved by the Co-founde ...…
Several Wolverines have found themselves on the watch lists for various football awards for the 2017 season. The Blue Brothers discuss these as well as some thoughts on the biggest games for the 2017 college football season. #GoBlue
In this Cash for Questions!-filled episode, cats, dogs, toads, wolverines, hominids, caseids, tortoises, stupid ratites, nasty honey badgers, and not everything you wanted to know about turtles. Also phylogenetic trees.
Danger Room: The X-men Comics Commentary Podcast
The Uncanny X-Men #205 from May 1986 titled “Wounded Wolf”. Featured are Wolverine, Katie Powers, Spiral, Cole, Reese, Macon, and Lady Deathstrike. Also included in this episode is commentary on New Mutants #40 and X-Factor #4. Theme Music: Lazlo Hollyfeld … Continue reading →
Where No One Can Hear You Snikt; Now with Twice the Wasps!; Curtains for Spider-Man; Growing Pains; Return of the Fighting Kims; The Reverse-Christ; Sisterhood of the Travelling Lantern; The Sweet Reward of Death; Demon Stuff; Jellicle Gods; Piotr’s Performance Problems; New Space Profanity; Magnus Rushes In (All-New Wolverine #22 - 10:22,Unsto ...…
Episode 101 is one for the books, as a wrap up a crazy week- I accepted a new job working overnights, one that should allow me more time to read/write/podcast prep; plus Sunday was a family road trip, where I got to check out a really cool collection of slabbed books AND spend the afternoon in the pool. Plus getting all the reading, writing and ...…
Michigan beat writers Nick Baumgardner and Brendan Quinn take a run through the early expectations for Michigan's 2017 football season. Plus reader questions and more. The Wolverine Beat is a weekly podcast presented by MLive Media Group.
EPISODE #10 10th Episode Anniversary Special: The Marvel Madness Comics Podcast is back for a tenth week ... the haters said we'd never make it but B.Mur, Carl, and Trevitt bring you FOUR new releases this week from the Marvel Comics release schedule of 7/5. We kick off July with B.Mur behind on life, by keeping Carl up late, and preventing Tre ...…
This week on Good Nerd Bad Nerd it is another versus battle! This time between two comic book brawlers, the Savage Wolverine in Logan and the Immortal Iron Fist. Which fighter will reign supreme and are either worthy of the Nerd Lounge Praise? Join Brian, Stephanie, Steve and me as we break down these two properties!…
Serious Issues: A Comic Book Podcast
Every new episode we record might be the episode that Siobhan goes into labour during! Does she end this episode a proud mother? Or just someone who read too many comics last week? SUPPORT US ON PATREON FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK JOIN THE SERIOUS ISSUES FACEBOOK GROUP FOLLOW US ON TWITTER TWITTER: LEVINS / SIOBHAN INSTAGRAM: LEVINS / SIOBHAN Comics ...…
AB Conversation
Anthony and Brent talk non-spoilers for...MOVIES: Spider-Man: Homecoming, Okja, The Big Sick, Zookeeper's Wife, War for the Planet of the Apes, Wish Upon, To the Bone.TV: I'm Sorry, Salvation, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, Friends From College, Game of Thrones.COMICS: Joan Lee, Star Wars #33, Snotgirl #6, All-New Wolverine #22.FOOD: Cocoa Puffs Ice C ...…
Breaking Waves
Show #59Breaking Waves 7-6-2017Sbles3plex - Tot Es IrealRocko Rainoldi - DesgasteEtilicoWolverines Dream - For our love of bacon (Feat Sylwia Jarosz)Unique 3 - Minus SineMorphology - Floating PointChris Baumann - LaFayette Ride (Carsten Rausch's Nu Alliance Mix)DJ Hell - Car Car Car (Betonkust Remix)Austen - GuiltyISISIS - VOICODIN 2 (ghostwerk ...…
Working Dogs for Conservation trains and deploys the world’s best conservation detection dogs, finding everything from invasive beetle larvae, to reptiles, to invasive and endangered plants, and of course, elusive carnivores like wolverine, cheetah, and Amur Tiger. WDC dogs work non-invasively and without harming or harassing the target species ...…
Slaughterhouse of M
Slaughterhouse of M is back! Season 2 kicks off with an all new team of X-Men, the introduction of the Wolverine (applause), Cyclops' nipples, and unnecessary Jean Grey heroics. This episode we cover Giant Size X-Men and Uncanny X-Men 94-100, learning that casual racism is cool, it's really easy to get into outer space and the Phoenix saga need ...…
Michigan sideline reporter and radio host Doug Karsch joins senior editor John Borton to talk Wolverines football.
Episode 61 - Poster Artist Marc Schoenbach and Writer Bobby Lisse pitch an alien invasion through our technology, body snatch, sci-fi thriller called "IT KNOWS". Originally released July 10th, 2017.We have become comfortable, as a society, having devices in our homes, in our cars, in our back pockets - influencing our taste, our opinions, and o ...…
Steve Fisher's Wolverines with Glen Rice and Rumeal Robinson face off against Guy Lewis' Cougars with Clyde Drexler, Mr. Mean and the crew. And much more talent like a guy named Olajuwon. Fear not, sensual listeners. Bored Shenanigans storytime has returned to do more character breakdowns. This week we offer more of Cody’s atrocious high school era writings and Brewer’s hair brained setting ideas. Morgan Luscious Vhraiden: a forgotten warrior of a forgotte ...…
After the Hype
After a fun month of ORIGINS episodes we're back with new content AND A NEW HOST. We welcome Emily Blake ( @TheEmilyBlake on twitter) as the newest member of After The Hype. Say hi! This week we talk about the final film of the Hugh Jackman Wolverine saga - LOGAN. We're joined by special guests Elvis Kunesh and Jason Blagman, who give us insigh ...…
On the latest installment of Conversation: Comics! Todd & Tim once again dig out their longboxes to re-examine the famed Chris Claremont & John Byrne run of Uncanny X-Men. This time they’re rising up from the sewers of the Hellfire Club as they dissect issues #132 & #133, which feature the iconic ascension of Wolverine! We're also knee-deep in ...…'s Scott Merkin joined Laurence in studio to talk about the White Sox, Michigan Wolverines and Homewood Flossmoor with Laurence.'s Scott Merkin joined Laurence in studio to talk about the White Sox, Michigan Wolverines and Homewood Flossmoor with Laurence.
The Nerd Chronic: NerdCast
This week’s episode we Recast the X-men. No one asked us to do this… we just thought it might be fun, and you know what? It was! Are you interested in finding out who we thought would be the best to play these characters in a movie that will never be made? Yeah… we knew you would be. Enjoy! Intro 00:33 : New Mutants Casting News 05:29 : Recasti ...…
In this episode, we tackle the review of “Logan” the third movie in the stand alone Wolverine series. We’ll also give a couple of recommendations for recent flix that we liked and some we didn’t. senior editor John Borton joins Jack Ebling and Tom Crawford to talk Michigan football.
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