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X1 Watford Podcasts (mp3)
A Community of people intent upon living like Jesus Christ today. We know that authentic Christianity embraced with passion, lived with vigor and purity can shape a culture. **Serving Watford - Transforming Loves - Shaping Culture**
Geek Show – X1 Radio/X-Jock
Albany's Online Rock!
X minus one
X Minus One was a science fiction radio series on NBC that aired April 1955 through January 1958. The show featured stories written by some of the big names in 1950's science fiction like Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, and Issac Asimov. X Minus One followed another great science fiction series called Dimension X that was broadcast in 1950-51. Some of the X-1 shows were rebroadcasts of Dimension X. X Minus One holds the record for the longest running science fiction radio series ever produced ...
A Thousand Maybe Worlds
Two non-experts work their way through the entire available run of the old time radio anthology X Minus One (X-1) with occasional guests.
IRL-Game Chat - Your friendly neighborhood gaming podcast.
IRL-Game Chat is a conversational podcast brought to you by your die-hard gaming hosts, Joe Finley and Luke Schirmer. Questions/Comments are always appreciated, as you’re not just a fan if you’re listening to us; you’re also our friend! Be a part of the conversation by emailing us at, at or you can hit us up on Twitter @IRLGameChat. Game on!
Christ First Watford
A church who believes in putting 'Christ First', Transforming Lives, and Building Community
KMOX Auto Show
Every Saturday KMOX gives you the chance to have your car questions answered during the Auto Show with Greg Damon. Greg is an ASE certified Master Automobile Technician with an Advanced Level Specialist Certification (L1) in advanced engine performance. He also is an ASE Certified Undercar Specialist (X1) and is a Gateway Clean Air Program Recognized Repair Technician.
Mikey High Jinks
If you love Funky, Vocal House this podcast is for you. Mikey rocks your socks off with his 20 years experience DJing all over the country. Expect the unexpected. Accapellas, and live remixing and re-editing using Traktor Scratch Pro & Kontrol X1. Its a must!! Mikey High Jinks can be booked for international (USA)
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RTÉ - The Ray Darcy Show
We have live music this Tuesday afternoon! Paul Noonan from Bell X1 is here accompanied by Ena Brennan on violin.
Turners Hill Free Church Sermon Podcast
Download Audio Community Group Notes Sermon Outline Share this Post RECENT SERMONS .single .entry-featured{ display:none; } Encouragement January 23, 2018 The Compelling Gospel January 16, 2018 God Over, In and Through The Waters January 7, 2018 Healthy Church January 2, 2018
The Super Bowl is right around the corner. Join us as we preview the NFC and AFC Championship games. Can the Minnesota Vikings become the first team to play in their home stadium? Are the Patriots on their way to a 6th title? After the NFL talk we get into the NBA All Star starters and the new All Star game format. Do you like it? We are on at ...…
Steve Masseth, administrator for Community Christian School in Willmar, MN knows the power of avoiding mission-drift. Steve shares his own testimony of how he and his wife wavered off-course. He gives advice for people looking to develop their own mission statement as well as ways to identify seasons of drift. Learn more about Steve Masseth and ...…
"Just Another Menace Sunday" radio thing. Hour 1: A Conversation with Derv Gordon lead singer of seminal 60's band The Equals and some great soul/ska selectons! Hour 2: A song from every year the show has been on the air (since 2004) and a few extras too! JUST ANOTHER MENACE SUNDAY - #722 December 31, 2017 Just Another Menace ...…
Future Monkeys Podcast
Episode 92 Weekly Update This week is our Christmas spectacular! Los and Beardy are joined by the cultured, and always welcomed, OG Monkey, Vos! We take your Christmas calls and talk Pokémon, Cuphead, and Call of Duty: WWII. Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year, Monkeys! The Primate Weekly Come join our NEW chat over on Discord!! Quand ...…
Santa Clause is our very special XMAS guest this week and we bombard him with a whole lot of personal questions as well as get into some good debate about the christmas critters.
Turners Hill Free Church Sermon Podcast
Mark 1:1-8 Mark opens his gospel with deliberately provocative declaration – Jesus is the one true King, the one who fulfils God’s plans and exceeds everyone’s expectations Photo by Eddie Stigson Download Audio Community Group Notes Sermon Outline Share this Post RECENT SERMONS .single .entry-featured{display:none; } Encouragement January 23, 2 ...…
Pastor Chris Norman is a pivotal influence in Andrew Hager’s recovery. Chris, Andrew, and Dallan talk about how that happened, and how it can happen for others trapped in addiction.
Happy 30th Birthday, Mega Man! The Blue Bomber returns in style! Capcom did a livestream which announced Mega Man X 1-8 for all current generation consoles, including Nintendo Switch, as well as the Mega Man Legacy Collections coming to the system, but most importantly, MEGA MAN 11. Plus, Jim has a dilemma on his hands! #capcom #megaman #ea #ba ...…
SHOW NOTES / LINKS Giants fire head coach and GM This is all Rob Avengers Infinity War trailer House of Cards to wrap up with Season 6, Robin Wright flying solo Mega Man X 1-8 coming to all gaming platforms Retro gaming trend - classic console redux (NES/SNES Classic, virtual console, backwards compatibility Are we out of good ideas? The Winkle ...…
This week, Eric and Grant talk more about comic book TV shows!Table of Contents:3:21: Runaways and The Gifted25:31: Punisher32:44: Punisher (with Spoilers)1:06:41: Flarrowverse Crisis on Planet-X1:44:15: This Is Straight Fire DrakeRelated Links:Mighty Block: @GrantPDesign and @MxEricJohnE on Twitter ...…
Good Morning, Cybertron!
TRIGGER WARNING: Everything, just everything. We will make fun of every bad thing that has ever happened. You have been warned.Support us on Patreon: us on Facebook: out our Twitter:'s Youtube Channel: http ...…
The Gamer Stand
Welcome to our 100th episode! Jeremy and Stone celebrate this episode with feature guests Richard Taplin and Caleb Masters about everything about gaming and more. Mario Oydessy, Cuphead, Golf Story, Sonic Mania, Overall thoughts of Nintendo this year and more with the sound of awesome 80s music! So come listen and enjoy the celebration Also, be ...…
Turners Hill Free Church Sermon Podcast
Matthew 25:1-13 In the previous chapter Jesus has been talking about his second coming, telling the disciples that no-one knows when it will be, and therefore that they should keep watch. In this parable he is explaining how we can do that. Keeping watch doesn’t mean we should live apprehensively or without any long-term goals, that kind of wat ...…
Respawn Entertainment is officially a cog in EA's "games as a service" machine and we haven't seen the last of Rian Johnson in the Star Wars universe! CONNECT WITH US: ► Subscribe:► Discord Channel:► Twitter:► Instagram: https:// ...…
And so it begins. I’ve been full time on afternoon radio with KCLR almost two years and in that time, there’s been an awful lot of talk of food. In rebooting food writings for Ken On Food, I’ll be bringing some of the on air conversations to podcast, beginning with a catchup of a conversation I had with Francis Nesbitt in September. Note, there ...…
One Thing Audio - United Faith Church Podcast
The post The Victorious Christian – Episode #06 appeared first on United Faith Church.
A skimpy selection of weights, a broken treadmill and a crowded room of conference goers -- hotel gyms often lack the allure of your regular routine and can make you want to hit snooze instead of lacing up your sneakers. But don't let a bad hotel gym sideline your good intentions. With a few smart tips you can make the most of in-room options a ...…
This Arab guy is super overprotective over his wife and LOSES IT on Abdo. Send out the new FREE prank of the week right now! (over 80 different countries supported!)Subscribe: more ABDO pranks: called up this Arab gu ...…
This guy hilariously rages when Tyrone calls about being a sex offender. Send this same prank out FOR FREE right now - (over 80 different countries supported!)Subscribe: more TYRONE pranks: Ownage Pranks:Facebook: http://facebo ...…
I called this guy over the course of several weeks to make a confession and see if we could become friends, his reactions are AMAZING lol.Send out the FREE prank of the week! | Subscribe: more TYRONE pranks: viewer sent in a request ...…
“If you’re trying to put these structures into orbit, every gram counts. Not just every pound but every gram…So you are making structures that are operating at their margins.” — Dr Chauncey Wu, NASA Langley Research Center Today’s conversation features Dr Chauncey Wu, who is a research engineer at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virgin ...…
The way this guys screams and curses on the phone kills me, can't his customers hear him?!! Send out the FREE PRANK of the week right now! Watch more RAKESH pranks: called up an Indian restaurant whose owner frequently yells at ...…
Grab some SUPER SUPER cheap new merch - (link includes 15% off!Send out the FREE prank of the week on my app! (it's amazing) fast can the #OPCREW get this video 10k likes? preciate you guys.Subscribe: whole situation has been stressing me out immensely, I wanted to give you guys ...…
This week’s show we are talking about my experience and a broad overview of cross-border e-commerce more on the export side. I did this as a presentation at our Global From Asia Shanghai meetup. I share some of the insights and the history of how cross-border e-commerce came to be and some perspectives being involved in the industry and watchin ...…
This superstitious mom GENUINELY thinks she was visited by a black ghost, check out what happens when that 'ghost' finally gets in touch with her.Call your friends as RAKESH & TYRONE! New FREE script is now live | Subscribe: viewer sent in to request his mom, who is convinced that she is being haunted by ...…
I didn't want to have to post this video, but I figured it was time to put things out there so you guys know what's going on.Download my automatic prank calling app, and listen to prank calls done automatically, LIVE, with the press of a button - Ownage Pranks:Facebook: http://twi ...…
This episode not only gives you the tools for a new and powerful paradigm of leadership, it is also a lived experience of us exploring surrendered leadership with each other, as we co-facilitated this conversation. Show notes: In this episode we cover: The 5 principle ...…
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