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Autism Live
Autism Live is an interactive webshow providing support, resources, information, facts, entertainment and inspiration to parents, teachers and practitioners working with children on the Autism Spectrum. Viewers are encouraged to participate by asking questions of experts, offering suggestions for topics to be discussed and sharing progress their children have made
All Autism Talk
"Connecting the Autism Community One Podcast at a Time" Our podcast offers a friendly conversation with inspiring individuals in the autism community. Our aim is to provide valuable insights and information as well as access to support in communities throughout the United States. Join us! Know an inspiring group or individual we should talk to? We would love to hear from you at
Autism 30 Podcast
Your bi-weekly autism podcast "educating, informing and empowering a community, then the world!"
Homebase Hope: All About Autism inspires you to think differently when it comes to autism. Occupational therapist, personal trainer, GAPS practitioner and passionate autism advocate, Rhiannon Crispe interviews leading world experts who aren’t held back by conventional dogmas. She chats to inspirational and courageous parents and people on the spectrum who are part of a grassroots movement for autism awareness, action and inclusion.
Autism Mom
The life of an autism mom bringing awareness to the community one podcast at a time.
Josh Has Autism
Speaker | Comedian | Author | Parent Surviving Autism
Dr. Rob Douk, a licensed educational psychologist and board certified behavior analyst is the founder of Behavioral Health Works (BHW). BHW is a premier provider of Autism services (ABA,speech, & occupational therapy and evaluations).
Working guy with a lot on his mind. Diagnosed with autism at two. I want to create a voice for those with autism! I also want to talk about a variety of topics such as sports, music, politics, philosophy, and casual fun. I intend to talk about these things from a personal perspective and also from the perspective of someone with autism.
Disorderly Blondes
Before our serendipitous meeting in school car line hell a decade ago, we South Florida rubias and accidental autism moms had no idea we were living parallel vidas locas. Together, we're kicking butt and taking names with a little help from sunshine, wine, and #framily time. Does our bleach weaken our wit? Over our tanned bodies!
Brought to you by Gloria Perez-Stewart, divorced (and remarried) parent of a teenager with autism. Gloria is a disability advocate, community organizer and soon-to-be-lawyer (she made it through law school with a teenager!). Perez-Stewart interviews parents, advocates, and attorneys and also includes experts with general areas of interest to parents: special education, special needs planning, divorce, and general disability information.
Our program promotes a solution-based problem solving focus for individuals with disabilities, Parents, family members and professionals living or assisting individuals with exceptional needs. Individuals and families can become stronger together. You’ll feel a validation of the problems, find commonality and universalization with others that have the same challenges and questions and together we’ll find solutions. Topics discussed will include Parenting, School Issues, working with individu ...
Using an innovative combination of SCERTS Model and the Learning Style Profile, RMAC is "Making a Difference" for families and individuals affected by the complex issues surrounding autism.
Autie Talk
Autie Talk shares the stories, thoughts and emotions of people with autism. The ups, downs and everyday's of life on the autistic spectrum. This isn't a guide to autism but a view of life through a neurologically different lens.Features include:The Interview. Someone on or connected to the autistic spectrum.Autie Rant. Louise gets annoyed by everyday things.Mum's Club. Parents talk about supporting children.The Expert. Someone with specialist knowledge pops by.Therapy Corner. No one puts the ...
Spectrum stories
Listen to stories about autism, featuring experts, families and journalists.
St.Elsewhere is a podcast in which two pop-culture obsessed autistic hosts review depictions of autism in the media.
Hey! I'm a Natural promoter of health. Autism mom. Autoimmune thriver. Holistic Badass wanting to share inspiration, support. #healthcoach #RN
Allow some time to change it up with me n let's talk Autism Awareness, beauty n weight lost journey. ...i'm a Grown N Silly women with a positive n silly look in life. So welcome to my vibe 💙
Antigravity - a true story about living with Autism, Asperger and ADHD
Arman Khodaei is a 25-year old on the autism spectrum. His podcasts shares his opinions regarding autism and Asperger's Syndrome. Feel free to call in with any questions.
Maddie Keller
My brother Jordan Keller wrote a book on autism because he has autism the book is called jumbled pieces autism his name is Jordan Keller
Helping Parents Teach Toddlers To Understand and Use Language
A podcast about raising children on the autism spectrum.
Learn priceless tips and first hand experience stories from weekly podcast interviews of successful entrepreneurs who focus their efforts on helping people with disabilities.
You are a on the special needs parent journey. We talk about the ups and downs or our many trails, adventures and how we eventually reach some of those peaks.
Fun videos to inspire, intrigue and stir your imagination from some of the world's leading thinkers and doers onstage at the TED conference, TEDx events and partner events around the world. You can also download these and many other videos free on, with an interactive English transcript and subtitles in up to 80 languages. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.
Woman's Hour
The programme that offers a female perspective on the world
Are you an adult fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Do you enjoy browsing the memes on 4chan's /mlp/ board? Then come hang out with other like-minded anons as we talk ponies, fandom drama, and the latest shitposts. A random group of six anons is selected as hosts each week, ensuring only the highest quality banter for you. Together we can persevere as we hope that Celestia will hear our prayers and grant us eternal happiness in the welcoming forelegs of our waifus.
Business Daily
The daily drama of money and work from the BBC.
All in the Mind
Programme exploring the limits and potential of the human mind
Senior Dad
Show about parenting Host Senior Dad Stan Goldberg speaks with parents, educators, experts, and professionals offering cutting edge information about how to raise our children to succeed in the modern world. Hear the latest scandals, disputes, best practices, and food choices from the best sources in the world. Visit the Senior Dad Briefing Rooms that are packed with usable knowledge on teaching methods, homework, Autism, and even a special San Francisco Briefing Room. Listen and learn.
Are You ready to join the Wellness Rebellion? Achieve optimal health and wellness by utilizing the dynamic design of the human body! You are built to be healthy! Don't believe what the "medical model" tells you. Focus on the cause of your symptoms, don't just numb them with a lotion or potion. Dr Bergman reveals natural solutions for chronic conditions in America today. Educate yourself!
Have you ever wondered if there’s a natural way to lower your high blood pressure, guard against Alzheimers, lose weight, and feel better? Well as it turns out there is. Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, founder of, and author of the instant New York Times bestseller “How Not to Die” celebrates evidence-based nutrition to add years to our life and life to our years.
RTÉ - Liveline
Joe Duffy talks to the Irish public about affairs of the day.
Let's look at life through the lens of our ancestors. Our instincts were shaped by their struggles in an environment much different than our current environment. Our instincts haven't changed much but our environment has changed dramatically. We blend the science of evolutionary psychology with the clinical experience of Doug Lisle, PhD to explore common problems and stumbling points in our pursuit of happiness. We are live on Wednesdays at 8:30-9:30pm PST. If you have a question or comment, ...
An examination of Comedy, how it works, and why it sometimes doesn't. Created and Hosted by Comedian/Pianist Owen Benjamin
Trends Like These
Two internet friends talking about internet trends! Travis McElroy (MBMBaM, Adventure Zone, Bunker Buddies) and Brent Black (Brentalfloss, With Lyrics Video Series) bring you all the latest trends from Facebook, Twitter and all over the Internet!
This Week in Virology is a netcast about viruses - the kind that make you sick. Three virology professors and a science writer explain how viruses work and how they cause disease.
Tyler Cowen engages today’s deepest thinkers in wide-ranging explorations of their work, the world, and everything in between. New conversations every other Wednesday. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.
Specialist and mainstream audiences alike rely on the Health Report to bring clarity to health and medical issues from social, scientific and political points of view.
Veteran health podcaster, blogger, and international bestselling author (Keto Clarity and The Ketogenic Cookbook) Jimmy Moore from "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" and Pittsburgh, PA-based functional medicine practitioner Dr. Will Cole from discuss the current health headlines, dissect the latest medical and nutritional health research studies, and answer listener-submitted questions about the low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic diet. Submit your keto questions at
Hi, we're Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase of We've got a microphone and more than the two minutes the Today Show gives us, and we're not afraid to use them. Join us (and some awesome celebrity guests) for candid parenting culture discussions, non-judgy (mostly) tips, and a good dose of humor, if we've had enough coffee. Which is always.Named a top podcast by The Washington Post, Mental Floss, Business Insider and Fatherly; 2016 Iris Award winner for best parenting podcast.
Counselling Tutor
Counselling Study Resources
Doug Kaufmann, the host of the popular TV show, Know The Cause, he became interested in the subject of fungus as it pertains to disease while working in the area of food allergy.Doug was a U.S. Navy Medical Corpsman attached to the 7th Marine Division in 1970. Upon coming home from Vietnam in 1971, he had strange symptoms that until the early 1980’s, he thought were related to food allergies. A research paper in 1980 entitled “Antigenically Intact Food Macromolecules Exiting The Gut Lumen” o ...
Specialist and mainstream audiences alike rely on the Health Report to bring clarity to health and medical issues from social, scientific and political points of view.
A show discussing the important academic and other research in the field of Psychedelics. We discuss how psychedelics relate to human potential and healing.
A series of talks and lectures from Oxford Mathematicians exploring the power and beauty of their subject. These talks would appeal to anyone interested in mathematics and its ever-growing range of applications from medicine to economics and beyond.
Spokesperson, Professional Speaker, Parenting Expert
Healthy Children
Produced in conjunction with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and their consumer site,, Healthy Children is hosted by our favorite Mom: Melanie Cole, MS. Join Melanie as she interviews expert pediatricians and discusses all aspects of your children’s health and well-being. From infants to teens, potty training to bullying, to prom safety – this is your ultimate audio parenting guide available On Demand 24/7!
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Götz Frittrangs Bühnenkarriere begann als Poetry-Slam-Moderator in Bamberg. Heute tourt er als Stand-Up Kabarettist durch ganz Deutschland.
Diane Gill Morris moved her whole family, including her two young adult sons who have autism, into a house she thought they'd live in forever. Then one of her sons had a violent outburst, throwing everything into question. Have you been laid off? Text "laid off" to 70101 to get our listeners' best post-layoff advice delivered straight to you. A ...…
On February 20th, 1939, 20,000 people streamed into Madison Square Garden in New York City. Outside, the marquee was lit up with the evening's main event: a "Pro-American rally." Inside, on the stage, there was a 30-foot tall banner of George Washington, sandwiched between American flags...and two huge swastikas. *** This episode is sponsored b ...…
Zweieinhalb Jahre in Gefangenschaft von Piraten in Somalia - eine unvorstellbare Zeit. Der Journalist Michael Scott Moore hat es erlebt und berichtet in seinem Buch "Wir werden Dich töten" von seiner "mentalen Achterbahnfahrt" zwischen Überlebenswillen, Hoffnungslosigkeit und Todesangst. Moderation: Achim Bogdahn…
Reverend Stephen Coles is a vicar in the London neighbourhood of Finsbury Park. In 2001 he met extremist Abu Hamza al-Masri, who back then was an imam at the local mosque. Abu Hamza is currently serving a life sentence in the US on terrorism-related charges. Reverend Coles has been corresponding with the radical cleric since his arrest in 2004. ...…
In today’s episode I’m chatting with Leasa, who is not only a fellow autism mom but is also the author behind the blog Cody Speaks. Leasa shares openly about her journey with her son, Cody, and what it’s like for them now that he’s getting older. We have a very honest discussion about the uncomfortable things that come along with age (puberty a ...…
Er ist nicht nur ein virtuoser Blockflötist, sondern gehört auch zu den profiliertesten Dirigenten im Bereich der Barockmusik und Frühklassik. Seit rund 35 Jahren ist Michael Schneider auf dem Gebiet der Historischen Aufführungspraxis in vielfältigen Funktionen aktiv und wegweisend.
More Family Secret, today we hear from Prue who's niece brought her a DNA kit for her 70th Birthday. When she found out that she could find people with matched DNA, she was shocked to discover that the man who brought her up was in fact NOT her biological father. Since then she's been trying to find him. Reporter Jo Morris meets her at her home ...…
故事FM ❜ 第 182 期 故事 FM 曾播出过一个故事,叫「我是色盲,我分不清蜡笔但我可以看到狙击手」,那期故事里有一位叫小雷的医生,他讲述了自己如何为失明以后的生活做准备。 今天故事的主人公叫王臻,他得的病和小雷医生一模一样,叫「视网膜色素变性」,这种病确诊之后,只能眼睁睁地等着自己的视力逐渐变差,直到失明。 他讲述的,是失明之后重建自己生活的故事。 /讲述者/ 王臻 /主播/ @寇爱哲 /制作人/ @寇爱哲 /声音设计/ @杨帆_LiYangFan /BGM List/ 01. Story FM Main Theme ( Melodica version ) (未发布)-YangFan 02. The sound of light (未发布) -YangFan (失明确诊) ...…
How bogus stats can get repeated again and again until they end up influencing policy at governments and major multilateral institutions.Ed Butler speaks to three people who claim they are struggling to slay these zombies. Ivan Macquisten is an adviser to the UK's Antiquities Dealers Association who actually wrote into Business Daily to complai ...…
How bogus stats can get repeated again and again until they end up influencing policy at governments and major multilateral institutions.Ed Butler speaks to three people who claim they are struggling to slay these zombies. Ivan Macquisten is an adviser to the UK's Antiquities Dealers Association who actually wrote into Business Daily to complai ...…
This is a story of love over politics. A story of a husband and wife who have to fight for the next three years (IF everything goes well) just to live under the same roof and start their lives. Jessica is an American woman in Maryland who is married to an Iranian man in Spain. It’s not the distance that’s keeping them apart, it’s the ban. If af ...…
Measles cases in Europe have tripled between 2017 and 2018. It's the highest number recorded this decade, according to the World Health Organisation and in America, two states are experiencing an outbreak of measles. Jane is joined by Helen Bedford, Professor of Children’s Health at UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health and Samantha ...…
В гостях Laowaicast Фан Фэй, который с 16 лет живет в Москве. Работает в сфере медиа и ведёт подкаст "Серый Мокко" о жизни китайцев в России (на китайском). С ним мы поговорили о китайском сообществе в Москве, взаимных стереотипах, русской кухне и российских китаистах. Пожертвования выпуска: выпуск вышел преимущественно благодаря нашим спонсора ...…
Anthony grew up in Pennsylvania in a gambling-free household. One day, while, in college, the family was invited to an Atlantic City casino hotel for a holiday getaway. While there, Anthony met up with other people who took him to the gambling floor. Anthony fronted one of these men a small amount of cash, and when this man finished his gamblin ...…
If I want to be scared I can turn on the news. I don't need to pay for that. Trisha Hope is a realtor from League City, Texas. She's also published a book titled "Just the Tweets: President Donald J. Trump's Historical Collection of Tweets, Vol. 1". You can find out more about that here: or @JustTheTweets17. Join the " ...…
There’s one month to go before Jason is set to perform his new special and the pressure is on. It’s a mad dash to sell tickets, finalize his set, and get everything in order to film and shoot the special. Will Jason make it to the special or will the pressure of putting on the show derail him?
Nos dias 1 e 2 de Julho de 1992, cinco pessoas foram presas em Guaratuba. O grupo ÁGUIA, da polícia militar, gravou as confissões de algumas delas em vídeo. Enciclopédia do caso Evandro:
Gary grew up in an abusive home which he thinks contributes to his drinking. He was forced as a child to sample wine at Christmas, and while he didn’t like it then, he would later as a teen sneak drinks from his father’s liquor. By his early twenties, Gary was drinking full time. He enjoyed how it lowered his inhibition and gave him confidence ...…
Would you tell an over-the-top obnoxious and drunk house guest to get out? What if he was your best friend's husband? You will not believe what happened to Roxy. TEAM Production support: Susie Lark Street Secrets: Bobbi Jo Valdez Digital Marketing: Tassja Cadoch The Sound Engineer: Chet PICTURES See Roxy at her wedding. Maude, her best friend a ...…
Award-winning novelist Ann Cleeves lived many lives before her career as an author took off (R)
We still don’t get time off for Valentines Day. But that doesn’t get in the way of us facing our fears or forking out, for a connection. — Swipe Right, Think Twice by Hongnan Guo Can dating apps help with social anxiety and the search for true love? Special thanks to Gretchen Miller and Tina Matolov for production guidance and feedback. Additio ...…
Stefan and Paul celebrate the 100th episode of the podcast by going back in time and re-visiting the past. With beers in hand, your humble hosts re-listen to episode one to see how far they’ve come. Spoiler alert: not very far (but for good reasons). We recommend that you have a listen to that first episode and for your convenience, we re-poste ...…
While laying in an empty bathtub in a Motel 6 in Vermont, Mike takes a handful of OxyContin and waits for the heart palpitations to kill him. As he starts to fade he reads a text on his phone, “Son, I love you and I need to know that you’re OK.” Struggling to understand why anyone would care about him because of his years of drug abuse, he resp ...…
For the 100th episode of the podcast, Stefan and Paul listen to and reflect on the very first episode. We talked about such specific things about the first episode that we decided to bump it up the feed so it would be right next to the 100th. So, enjoy! Paul, Brianne and Stefan talk about how Stories We Don't Tell got started. Brianne tells the ...…
Every wedding has a at least a little bit of drama. For Mai Neng Moua and her mother, Yer Vu, their mother/daughter wedding drama was about who they were, and who they wanted to be. You can catch up with TTFA on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using @ttfapodcast. Nora's Instagram is @noraborealis. You can pre-order Nora's new book - No Happy En ...…
A mother monitors her teen’s internet use; a preacher’s husband feels the love of community; and a deep sea fisherman navigates a deadly storm at sea. Live in Martha’s Vineyard, hosted by Adam Gopnik. Storytellers: Jenny Allen, Bill Eville, Buddy Vanderhoop Originally aired: 1/28/14
Dear Sugars wants to tell you about another great advice show: Dear Hank & John.
The most common type of arthritis is called "Degenerative Disc Disease" however it is Not a Disease or degeneration! This episode we will cover some of the causes of the most common type of arthritis and the type of joint destruction from immune system challenges! You will learn what types of immune system challenges that we are facing today an ...…
Thomas Sheil, CEO and Founder of Uneepi which sponsors the podcasts of Loving With Autism is interviewed by Shannon Penrod of Autism-Live.
Die Intendantin und ihr Star: Luisa Wöllisch, Schauspielerin mit Down-Syndrom, und Angelica Fell, Gründerin des ersten inklusiven Theaters in Deutschland, saßen zusammen auf der Blauen Couch. Inklusion funktioniert, sagen beide.
Wenn Jugendliche und junge Erwachsene unbeschulbar sind oder Straftaten begehen, hilft die WERKstattSCHULE Heidelberg wieder Vertrauen zu finden in ihre eigenen Kräfte, verbindlich und pünktlich zu werden und in ihre eigenen Stärken zu investieren.
When we posted an article on Facebook about deciding to have children, Diane Gill Morris told us, "If someone had told me this is what it’d be like, I never would have had kids." Look out for an update from Diane tomorrow, about what's happened since her sons have become young adults and she's faced new challenges as a caregiver. Did you know w ...…
Michael Rosen talks to Eddy Canfor-Dumas and Peter Osborn about how improving our dialogue is good for everything, from helping excluded children to resolving conflict. Producer Sally Heaven.
A look at the issues raised by the case of Shamima Begum the 19 year old former east London schoolgirl who travelled to Syria back in 2015 to join the Islamic State group. We hear from Huda Jawad a Muslim feminist, Nimra Tahir who's a lawyer and Saiqa Ali from WARN - Women Against Radicalisation Network.As we approach this year's Oscars which h ...…
My latest special Conspiracy Queries is now FREE on youtube!! Limited Edition Skull Caps and Beanies!! Support: / / Specials: Merch: Instagram: @OwenBenjam Twitter: @OwenComedy (News and Updates) Also follow me at Stream.Me/Owen ...…
In ihrem entrückten Blick liegt etwas Wahrhaftiges. Dabei ist die Liedermacherin Uta Köbernick nie ironisch kalt, sondern blickt stets voller Wärme auf unsere Welt. 2019 tourt sie mit ihrem Soloprogramm "Ich bin noch nicht fertig". Moderation: Norbert Joa
Composer Nigel Osborne teaches children in warzones to play instruments. Nigel was a star composer in the 1970 and 1980s. He was passionate about human rights and ended up traveling to Bosnia-Herzegovina where he set up a music school for children affected by conflict. He’s since become a pioneer in music therapy. Image: Nigel OsborneCredit: Bo ...…
My latest special Conspiracy Queries is now FREE on youtube!! Limited Edition Skull Caps and Beanies!! Support: / / Specials: Merch: Instagram: @OwenBenjam Twitter: @OwenComedy (News and Updates) Also follow me at Stream.Me/Owen ...…
Life looks a little different...when you’re thousands of feet in the air! Author and speaker Gaye Martin, compares piloting a small plane to the Christian walk, with lots of humour along the journey. Enjoy the trip!
Should the viewing of the UFC be technically considered sodomy? I analyze the complicated issue. Also, the nation mourns a mustache. My latest special Conspiracy Queries is now FREE on youtube!! Limited Edition Skull Caps and Beanies!! Support: / / Specials: ...…
Der berühmteste Modemacher der Welt ist tot: Karl Lagerfeld starb mit 85 Jahren in Paris. Kurz vor seinem Tod hat das radioFeature untersucht, wie Lagerfelds Mode-Imperium funktionierte - eine Traumwelt aus Stil, Macht und Geld.
Новый выпуск подкаста «Про людей» с создателями проекта Кружок. Для меня этот выпуск один из самых волнительных. Во-первых, потому что я впервые брал интервью сразу у 3 человек. Во-вторых, потому что ребята делают настолько крутую штуку, что у меня дух захватывает.Кружок — это образовательный проект для подростков. Саша Братчиков, Сережа Нугаев ...…
Growing up Jehovah’s Witness and then setting out to form an identity of her own, a woman reconciles the silences of her loving and devoted family with an unthinkable act that throws everything into question. “If there was a note…or just anything that would give us a single clue about it…but ultimately I don’t know like I’m never going to know ...…
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