Angelina Jolie - 'First They Killed My Father'


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One of the most famous, accomplished, beautiful and enigmatic women in the world opens up about her love-hate relationship with acting (and how her choice of roles has been impacted by her rollercoaster of a personal life), her gravitation toward directing (her fourth directorial effort, a Khmer-language drama, is Cambodia's entry in this season's best foreign-language film Oscar race) and why being a mom — of six — and a humanitarian means more to her than anything else.

But first: 91-year-old Marcia Nasatir, who, in 1974, became the first female VP at a Hollywood studio, reflects on the progress that women in film have made since then, the causes and effects of sexual abuse in the business and why she urged United Artists to make 'The Star Wars' years before Fox did.

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