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A collection of interviews originally published in Moving Picture World that aims to give the movie-mad public "intimate pen pictures of the stars of the screen." Weitzel interviews some of the most renowned film stars of the 1920s: Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Lillian and Dorothy Gish, Gloria Swanson, Pearl White, and more! (Summary by ChuckW)
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We've got never-before-heard roundtable interviews with:* Danny DeVito (Sid Hudgens)* Co-Writer/Director Curtis Hanson* Kim Basinger (Lynn Bracken)* Guy Pearce (Ed Exley)* Russell Crowe (Bud White)This junket took place on September 15, 1997
Never-before-heard roundtable interviews with:* Joe Morton (Miles Dyson)* Robert Patrick (T-1000)* Edward Furlong (John Connor)* Writer/Director James Cameron* Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor)* Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator)This junket took place on June 24, 1991
Interviews:Parker Posey (Libby Mae Brown)Catherine O'Hara (Sheila Albertson)Bob Balaban (Lloyd Miller)Fred Willard (Ron Albertson)Press Conference - Catherine O'Hara, Parker Posey, Eugene Levy (Dr. Allan Pearl), Director Christopher Guest (Corky St. Clair)
We’re back! Spotlighting never-before heard roundtable interviews with music superstars Madonna and 2Pac, plus Antonio Banderas, “Evita” director Alan Parker, Regina King and “Poetic Justice” writer/director John Singleton.“Evita” interviews took place on December 12, 1996.“Poetic Justice” interviews took place on July 12, 1993.…
Unique never-before-heard interviews provide rare insights into two Coen Brothers classics!Fargo:* Writer/Director Joel Coen and Writer Ethan Coen* Frances McDormond (Marge Gunderson)This junket took place on February 3, 1996The Big Lebowski:* Julianne Moore (Maude Lebowski)* Jeff Bridges (The Dude)* Writer/Director Joel Coen and Writer Ethan C ...…
Bonnie Hunt (Sarah Whittle)David Alan Grier (Carl Bentley)Director Joe JohnstonKirsten Dunst (Judy Shepherd)Robin Williams (Alan Parrish)This junket took place on November 4, 1995
We conclude our Apollo 13 coverage with more unique never-before-heard interviews:* Ed Harris (Gene Kranz)* Director Ron Howard* Tom Hanks (Jim Lovell)This junket took place on June 10, 1995
We begin our Apollo 13 coverage with unique never-before-heard interviews:* Producer Brian Grazer* Kathleen Quinlan (Marilyn Lovell)* Gary Sinise (Ken Mattingly)* Kevin Bacon (Jack Swigert)This junket took place on June 10, 1995
Never-before-heard interviews with:* the Cryptkeeper (performed by John Kassir)Tales from the Crypt Presents Demon Knight(December 11, 1994)* Barney (voiced by Bob West / embodied by David Joyner)Barney's Great Adventure(March 22, 1998)* Brian Henson (Director)* Miss Piggy (performed by Frank Oz)* Kermit the Frog (performed by Steve Whitmore)* ...…
In this episode, we present interviews with:* Chris Elliott (Larry)* Andie MacDowell (Rita)* Director Harold Ramis* Bill Murray (Phil Connors)This junket took place on January 29, 1993
In this episode, we present interviews with:* Producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli* Director Martin Campbell* Izabella Scorupco (Natalya Simonova)* Famke Janssen (Xenia Onatopp)* Pierce Brosnan (James Bond)This junket took place on October 27, 1995
In this episode, we present interviews with:* James Whitmore* Screenwriter/Director Frank Darabont* Morgan Freeman* Tim RobbinsThis junket took place on September 11, 1994
We finish our Little Mermaid coverage with:* Animators Glen Keane and David Stephan* Animators Andreas Deja and Mark Henn* Buddy Hackett (Scuttle)* Jodi Benson (Ariel)This episode draws from two junkets.The first took place on November 4, 1989. The second took place on October 30, 1997.
In the first half of our Little Mermaid coverage, we interview:* Directors Ron Clements and John Musker* Pat Carroll (Ursula)* Songwriters Howard Ashman (lyrics) and Alan Menken (music)* Jeffrey Katzenberg* Roy Disney* Jodi Benson (Ariel)This junket took place on November 4, 1989
We finish our True Romance coverage with:* Michael Rapaport* Christopher Walken* Writer Quentin Tarantino* Christian SlaterThis junket took place on August 15, 1993
In the first half of our True Romance coverage, we interview:* Patricia Arquette* Dennis Hopper* Bronson Pinchot* Director Tony ScottThis junket took place on August 15, 1993
In our inaugural episode, we explain what a junket is, and present interviews with:* Vincent D'Onofrio* Director Barry Sonnenfeld* Linda Fiorentino* Producers Steven Spielberg, Walter Parks, Laurie MacDonald* Will SmithThis junket took place on June 8, 1997
Theme song recorded by Venice, at“Matt and Greg Used to Interview Movie Stars” takes you back to the '90s, and places you at roundtable junket interviews with the biggest movie stars in the world. You’ll hear fantastic stories from these stars and directors, many of whom are no longer with us, to learn all about t ...…
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