90 Day Fiance S09E10: Due to lack of organization and planning


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Does Emily even know what a budget is?

  • We think Bilal and Shaeeda are just 2 bad actors.
  • While talking about Patrick and Thais, Nadia busted out some lines from a Busta Rhyme song, Touch It (Remix) for no reason, but we both agree…he should have taken her to Target!
  • We see you, Bini. We know this ain’t your first MMA fight.
  • Shame on you Mahala and Brian - you had advance notice and you should not excuse yourselves from Jibri and Miona’s wedding
  • We shared a tiny clip of Kara’s birthday wish via #Cameo to Lan. Take a listen!

Nadia recommends: Obiwan Kenobi on Disney+ , The Umbrella Academy on Netflix and The Boys on Amazon Prime

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