90 Day Fiance S09EP11: Little Island Girl on a Banana Boat


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On this episode of #90dayfiancewtf:

  • Dear Patrick, strippers are people too, what’s wrong with them having chapel weddings
  • Nadia took offense as to how Mahala never considered that it is not ok to postpone Jibri and Miona getting married, though on second thought, they are both married in Serbia, so technically Miona probably already has her green card by the time she entered the US
  • Lan thinks Bilal may be a nice guy in real life and he should tone down on acting villainous
  • Nadia thinks the real villain is Emily’s dad
  • Leandro has no man-code, point blank period

Lan recommends watching Top Gun Maverick and Dr Strange Multiverse of Universe
Nadia recommends watching The Umbrella Academy Season 3 and Obiwan Kenobi

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