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Ways To Market Your Counseling Practice
1. Schedule Lunch dates

Who doesn’t enjoy a free meal with an awesome conversation? One of my favorite marketing strategies is to have lunch with a referral partner. Get to know them and learn all of the amazing things that they are doing. This space helps to build a relationship while also showing that you genuinely want to get to know the other person.
2. Spend time in meetings and networking organizations

A clear way to build your marketing efforts is by going to meetings that directly put you in a space where you are able to build relationships with professionals in the area. An example of this is to join your local commerce organization or attend a conference of your interest. Take time to attend and work to build relationships.

3. Come from a place of authenticity

Coming from a place of authenticity versus trying to be a salesperson is a marketing shift that goes a long way in creating success. Before marketing consider your style and how you want to get your message across. I often recommend clinicians to market with what feels comfortable versus copying another person’s style. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t find guides. Instead, ensure that you are comfortable and connected to the process.
4. Nurture relationships
When engaging in marketing strategies takes time to build and sustain relationships. The relationships you create, and nurture should in a way resemble the relationships you have in your life with peers. For instance, with your peers, I assume that you take the time to call them and check up on how they are doing. This practice is done to nurture the relationship. Utilize the same practice with the persons you connect within your business, such as referral partners.
5. Create a YouTube channel

I love getting behind the camera and sharing insight, tips, or personal stories with an emphasis on helping others. If video is your cup of tea, consider creating a YouTube channel as a means to build brand awareness, help others, and convert potential clients to actual clients. As a reference check out
Take time to interview people that you can meet face to face. This is a great way to engage in live (face to face) marketing.
6. Join Meetup Groups

There are varying types of meet-up groups, which gives you the flexibility to find what fits your style. Take time to identify which group you would like to join. My encouragement is that you find a group you like.

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