hello mr. president – is the office respecting you? are you respecting the office?


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what would you do if you were able to have a one on one conversation with any of the 43 presidents of the united states of america? patriotism may come up at sometime in the conversation. what does it mean? the president, no matter what his policies are or if you even voted for him or not, should still be referred to with respect for the title. or is that respect as a leader earned? in the last 12 years, what have we seen change? the world was disconnected and very technologically expensive as we now have information (literally) at our fingertips. in today's podcast, wes states that we've taken advantage of the american spirit. ryan loves the American spirit, but sees the lawmakers destroying the nation. links to check out: the pledge of allegiance patriotism for millienials, patriotism does not mean compliance article history behind mr. president title A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on how america is not the greatest country top 100 influential american figures throughout history jfk scandals watergate Scandals bill clinton and monica lewinsky scandal between two ferns episode with barack obama teddy roosevelt's opinion on patriotism and standing by one's country leaders the 8 worst american presidents of all time cheney on obama the worst president in history declaration of independence history constitution history opinions on america's popularity according to its own citizens america's electoral process A HUMAN PODCAST on baking until you're 25 american housing market crash american spirit concept david crockett, tennessee politician and american hero united states of america constitution (including preamble) modules from superhuman.life other interesting links & references by natalie in john adams, a television series based off of david mccullough's prize-winning book under the same title, john adams explains what the finer arts in america means to him while an ambassador in France. i recently watched the incredible documentary america: imagine a world without her and it was SO eye-opening in which america is more of an idea than an actuality. it's the concept of the american dream that we are all striving to achieve. an absolute must-see!

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