Panic Then Escape


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WHAT A NERD WANTS: With the Disney + original, Loki, coming to a close this week, it got our hosts thinking about nerd media universes, and the works that push those meta narratives forward. What's better––a standalone series showcasing the nuances of a single character? or a show that pushes that cinematic universe into the next stage of its overall narrative? Andrew and D. Bethel put on their thinking caps and engage with these surprisingly nuanced questions.



  • "Of Underwear Models and Wayward Sons" (11 September 2014): Where Andrew and D. Bethel first discuss the differences between episodic and serialized television.
  • "American Puppy Story" (17 February 2017): Where D. Bethel and Andrew discuss the tension between serialized television narratives versus episodic shows.
  • "The Nature of the Gutter" (12 March 2021): Where Andrew and D. Bethel talk with Taylor about the Disney + show, WandaVision.



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