Lisa Erickson talks about the Art and Science of Meditation


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Lisa Erickson is an energy worker, writer, and meditation teacher specializing in women’s energetics and sexual trauma healing. She has trained in multiple contemplative traditions and energy healing modalities, and is certified in mindfulness meditation instruction, kundalini activation, and trauma sensitivity.

I found Lisa's new book ‘The Art and Science of Meditation’ as such a powerful resource. It guides you through ways to overcome common obstacles, easy-to-understand explanations of classic spiritual texts, guidance on choosing meditation teachers and retreats, and much more. In our conversation we explore how to build a sustainable meditation practice, how to find a style that suits you, the health benefits, walking habits – and doing nothing for 60 seconds.

Talking Points

  • Why meditation is such a valuable practice
  • Setting realistic goals and the power of micro-meditation
  • The parallels with diet and nutrition
  • The role of consistency when building new habits
  • Mixing up your meditation styles
  • Overcoming the myth of ‘conquering’ meditation
  • Why chakra meditation is Lisa’s go-to practice
  • Guided meditations and apps
  • The role of supplements


"Trust that change is happening."

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