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With London Fashion Week only a few days away attracting visitors and business opportunities from all over the world, we have to ask; What will the fashion industry look like post-Brexit? How do we make our fashion industry sustainable?

One in 74 people in the UK work in the fashion industry, employing over 800,000.

The creative industries contributed a record £91.8bn to the UK economy in 2016. The largest component of the creative industries is fashion, which makes over £28bn annually for the UK economy. The contribution of the UK creative industries rose more than twice as fast as the average growth rate across the UK economy, outpacing even the purely digital sector.

If fashion was a nation state, it would rank as the seventh richest global economy.

From that stats we can see the UK fashion industry is making money and growing. So what’s the problem? The problem is thanks to Brexit we have a perfect storm coming our way. The main issue is that the fashion industry isn’t fully represented within Government.

Thankfully Tamara Cincik founded Fashion Roundtable to make our voices heard.
In this podcast I speak with Tamara Cincik to find out why an accomplished fashion stylist created Fashion Roundtable, is the secretariat for All-Party Parliamentary Group for Textiles and Fashion and we discuss how we can all get involved to make a difference.


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