S07 Episode 24: Unity and Charity


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Unity and Charity

In this last episode of Season 7, we look back at our favorite moments and highlight important conversations from the season. We also talk about unity, using social media wisely, taking a holy pause before we speak, and the invitation to be peacemakers. We must begin with ourselves if we want to be a person of peace and unity. We also check in about how we are doing with our word of the year. Our new season will begin September 14.

Sister Miriam’s one thing - Our benefactors and Patreon supporters

Michelle’s one thing - Our Abiding Together “village,” and everyone who makes our Facebook group such a refuge of graciousness and kindness!

Heather’s one thing - Also our Patreon supporters, and the Abiding Together team.

Discussion questions:

  1. What struck you from the podcast?
  2. What is one area in your life that you need to work on so that you can be a person of unity and peace?
  3. How are you doing with your word of the year?
  4. What will you do this summer to continue on the journey and stay close to Christ?

Journal Questions:

  1. Reflect and journal about this scripture: Matthew 5:9. What does it speak to you personally?
  2. What theme from this season is the Lord inviting you to dive deeper into?
  3. In what way might the Holy Spirit be nudging you to invite him into you, not just a situation?
  4. Where are you sowing seeds of peace and where are you sowing seeds of discord?

Quote to Ponder - Jesus can demand a great deal from us. It is precisely in those instances when He demands a great deal from us that we should give Him a beautiful smile.” St. Mother Teresa

Scripture for Lectio Divina - Matthew 5:9 - “Blessed are the peacemakers"

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