Paper Creatures TAKE 2!


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Nathan and Jon from Paper Creatures chat to me for the second time about the creation of their company and the development of their debut show FLOOD. It's a few weeks after their first production hit the stage... What was it like? What were the steps they took to get an Idea from their heads to the page to the stage?! If you're interested in creating your own work in any way this is a great podcast for you. The passion, dedication and enthusiasm these lads have is just brilliant and I imagine plays a huge role in why they have been as successful as they have. The ups (loads) the downs (minimal) top tips and advice and just lovely to hear and give you a real creative boost. ALSO... they need another project to work on! So if you are a playwright and you have an idea that you haven't let out of the box and you want to see come to life, I would urge you to send it into these guys at Make sure you keep up with Nathan and Jon "The Original Paper Creatures" on social media to find out about all their exciting news! Let's help these dudes build a following and watch them flourish! @papercreaturestheatre on FaceBook @paper_creatures on Twitter and Instagram @jon_tozzi and @NathanJCoenen

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