Is Passion Over-Rated?


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Passion does not beget commitment, rather commitment begets passion. When Gabriel Alex Mandossian was a sophomore in high school he decided he was going to get into an ivy league school and he was passionate about attaining this dream. He was a champion rower and received several leadership awards in relation to the sport.

His passion however did not feed any commitment. His schedule was packed with school, rowing, and travel, but his desire was to be admitted into an ivy. He was a stellar rower but needed equally stellar grades to obtain his dream. Unfortunately, he didn’t make the time to study like he should have, and while his grades were good, they weren’t great.

His inability to create a habit of study along with his habit of practice kept Gabriel from being accepted into his school of choice. His story certainly hasn’t ended and he’s doing very well at his junior college, but no matter the level of passion he had, his passion did not create commitment. These same principles apply to your sales habits.

Society focuses heavily on passion and desire without realizing that those things are attained with commitment first. Learn how today’s three key insights help make you better at selling through creating habits and commitments that spur your passions.

  • Why passion doesn’t produce commitment, commitment produces passion.
  • What you do has a greater impact on your destiny than how you feel about it.
  • How your motion (commitment) ultimately causes emotion (passion.)

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In This Episode:

[05:06] - Learn the three key insights for this episode.

[07:11] - Alex shares the inspiration for his story in this episode, his son Gabriel.

[10:01] - Learn what Gabriel was willing to do to be accepted into an ivy league school.

[11:06] - Why passion is not enough to produce commitment or results.

[13:09] - Was Gabriel passionate or committed? How did he show it?

[15:33] - Learn the effect that habits have on your commitments.

[16:27] - How Gabriel’s story applies to sales and life.

[17:51] - Despite the passion he had, Gabriel did not make it into an ivy league school.

[20:51] - Why recidivism applies to this concept.

[21:19] - The three things you need to maintain high commitment and high passion:

  1. Create a new language.
  2. Create a new community.
  3. New leadership.

[23:45] - The Alexism for this episode is, “The most important attitude of a wildly successful entrepreneur is their ability to commit to relaxed intensity.”

[25:27] - Alex shares a quick recap of the three key insights for this episode.

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