APCS Episode 2 - The Universal Sign for Fingerbanging


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Episode 2 of Another Prank Call Show. Hosted by King Richard and Queen Olga.

In this episode our comedic aspirations are destroyed, we get medical advice from a diner employee, frog people run an escape room, and iregretjumping makes a cameo!

Thanks to simplex, dragonmere, and iregretjumping for a few of the prank ideas we used in this episode. Very special thanks to Henrik for toiling away in his studio for ten whole entire minutes producing (what he calls) music for the show. Thanks, buddy. In all seriousness, it means the world to me.

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APCS would not exist without the decades of inspiration from the PLA, and couldn't possibly continue without the support of Olga.

Opening song is Burn by Room For A Ghost, closing song is Zephyr by Silicon Transmitter, all other "music" by Henrik.

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