APCS Episode 3 - Junk in Your Trunk


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Episode 3 of Another Prank Call Show. Hosted by King Richard and Queen Olga.

In this episode we make a cancer patient sing, ruin a child's yearbook photo, and fertilize a flower bed.

Thank you so much to cody.no.name for creating the awesome new theme song. It really classes up this dumb show, and we absolutely love it! And thanks to Dr Tom servo, LGBTerminator, Chris B, Jimbobtheimpaler, ArbitraryAlex, and iregretjumping for lending their lovely voices to it.

Thanks to iregretjumping for attempting to sabotage the show with a couple of his dumb ideas. Thanks to AdolfNippler for sending us phone numbers. Very special thanks to snappybakes for the jokes!

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APCS would not exist without the decades of inspiration from the PLA, and couldn't possibly continue without the support of Olga.

All music by cody.no.name.

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